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  • About Kind


    Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized movement, documentary and school program based upon the powerful belief in KINDness that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime.”


    In February 2009, while attending Pepperdine University, two young girls recognized a problem and decided to do something about it. Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, both affected by female bullying, decided to create a documentary and non-profit that would ultimately change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across America. The girls have gone on three national tours, spreading their school assembly program and documentary film in hundreds of schools and communities across the country.

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    The Movement


    Every single female has encountered an experience in which they become aggressors or victims of girl-against-girl “crime”. Physical fighting, name-calling, threats, power struggles, competition, manipulation, secrets, rumors, and ostracizing other girls all fall under the category of girl-against-girl “crime.”


    We all want to be liked. It’s already hard enough to accept ourselves for who we are, let alone accept the perceptions and judgments that other girls have of us. Over the years, the vicious ways in which females treat each other have become societal norms, with various media outlets that mock and even glamorize the issue. What we often choose to ignore is the fact that these experiences very often lead to depression, anxiety, loss of self worth, eating disorders, drug abuse, alcoholism, attempted suicide and actual suicide in millions of girls lives.


    By participating within the interactive facets of this website, joining our social networks, and supporting our documentary, Finding Kind, you are choosing to take a stand.

    Look, we know it’s hard to be a girl sometimes. We aren’t asking for everyone to become best friends…that’s simply unrealistic. However, we are suggesting something very simple: to STOP the competition, STOP the cattiness, STOP the hate, and to BE KIND.

    Meet The Founders

    Lauren Parsekian

    Hi! I am so happy that you are here checking out what Kind Campaign is all about! I grew up in Orange County California but came to Los Angeles to attend Pepperdine University where I studied Film/Television production. lauren

    Finding a way to stop girl-against-girl “crime” from happening is something that has been on my heart since I was twelve years old. For me, the hardest time was middle school, when a group of my girl friends turned on me. I can still vividly recall every torturous experience they put me through throughout 7th and 8th grade. I think the most important part of my story is how those experiences affected me as a young girl. I became scared to go to school, my grades started to drop, I was scared to answer the phone, and finding places to hide on campus became a daily routine. Through this time I battled depression and got to the point where I tried to take my own life in seventh grade. I know first hand how much it hurts to be called names, to be threatened and to feel like you are all alone.

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    5 Random facts about Lauren from Molly

    Molly Thompson


    Hey y’all! I am a true Texan at heart, having grown up there my entire life, before moving to California to attend Pepperdine University where I met my partner in KIND, Lauren. While at Pepperdine I studied acting and film/television production, joined Delta Gamma Fraternity, and studied abroad in Florence and London. During that time, mutual friends introduced me to the most wonderful man in the world, who now also happens to be my husband, Chris!

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    5 random facts about Molly from Lauren: