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By sharing your personal experience and how you have been affected, you are helping expose the truth about girl-against-girl "crime."

Kind Commitment: By participating within this forum, I am making a commitment to be truthful and to respect its intended purposes.


Share on your Social Networks, and help us spread the word. Free to be Kind.

A true apology is transformative.

We have seen the Kind Apology transform friendships all over the country and create real change. We highly encourage you to share your apology with the person you are writing it to.

Kind Commitment: By participating within this forum, I am making a commitment to be truthful and to respect its intended purposes.


Share on your Social Networks, and help us spread the word. Free to be Kind.


By taking the Kind Pledge, I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying.

Kind Commitment: By participating within this forum, I am making a commitment to be truthful and to respect its intended purposes.


Share on your Social Networks, and help us spread the word. Free to be Kind.
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  • brooke: i pledge to unit in kindness in an effort to end female bullying - tx weatherford

    jasmine sexton : when i as in 2 grade it was timefor a new school i was always the new girl i used to get bullied because of my scares i was in a train reck and because my lastname was sexton they whould cover up ton andmake fun of me -

    jiya: i pledge to never be mean ever again - calgary

    jiya: so sorry for those mean things i did to you i just did not know you were getting your feelings hurt and i guess we should ben friends all along cause your always supporting me and your always so kind and nice im really really really sorry - anmol

    jiya: i bullied a girl and kept on doing that for a few weeks and i felt really bad for her -

    Madison: I pledge to self-reflect before I speak. To often we're quick to make a comment or a joke for the sake of fitting in instead of standing next to one another and recognizing that each person brings something wonderful and unique to the world. We only get one shot at this life, so today, I pledge that I will use this life to remind myself and everyone around me to be KIND to one another! - Canada

    Katie: This story is approximately 15 years old. When I was first starting elementary school I wasn't the most popular of girls, but it was OK because I had a loving, equally not cool best friend. She ended up moving, or for whatever reason changing schools. This was the late nineties, so before every tween had a cell, and my best friend and I completely lost touch. By the time 5th or 6th grade rolled around, I had climbed the social ladder and had grown into a cooler and judgmental social group. My lost friend returned to our elementary school, and approached me, excited to see me, and I blew her off. I wouldn't talk to her, I was so cold. I caused her to be embarrassed and hurt, many people saw this happen, and knew we had once been very close. I had made it into the popular group, and I didn't want to go back to hanging out with girls I now viewed as "lesser". I was truly a horrible, heartless, backstabbing little girl. This story still haunts and shames me, and I am so SO sorry. -

    chloe : I have lots of friends but some of them are mean to me -

    Cheridan Kelly: Dear Pamela, I'm sorry about all the terrible things my "friends" and I said about you in 5th grade. We're in 8th grade now, almost in high school, and you are one of the coolest people I know. You may not be a model or Albert Einstein but you're an incredible trombone player. I'm glad we could get passed all of that and that we're friends now. Love you PJ. - Pamela Jensen

    Casey: I pledge to refrain from judging, criticizing, or hurting girls in any way, shape, or form in order to ensure the end of female bullying. - Monroe Township

    Casey: I am sorry for unfairly judging any girl before getting the chance to get to know them. It's these judgments that contribute to the majority of insecurities among young girls.I am sorry for making any girl feel as if they are less beautiful than they truly are. -

    Casey: During my first semester of college, I was constantly being put down by one of my suite mates. While trying to handle the situation maturely and honestly, things escalated. After being threatened and feeling completely isolated, I decided to take a stand against the situation. I continued to treat the bully with kindness, while making arrangements to get placed into a new suite. Not only do I feel great by refusing to stoop down to her level, but I am finally in a happy and healthy environment. -

    Alena: I apologize for giving you false information about your new boyfriend. I was hurt that he left me so quickly for you. I was hurt and scared and I panicked. I knew I wanted to tell you he wasn't right for you but I didn't know how so I made stuff up. You didn't deserve that and he didn't either. I'm happy you guys are happy and I hope you can learn to forgive me. - Mandy

    Autumn: I'm sorry for not treating you the way you deserved. I felt crummy about me and I lashed out at you... Yet all you ever did was love me. I'm sorry. - Shayla

    Avah: I'm sorry if I hurt anyone because of something I said or did - Anyone I know

    Avah: I'm sorry if I ever hurt anyone because of something I said or did - Anyone I know

    Jill: I went to a pretty vicious high school, and I remember one day sitting at lunch with my friends and a random kid walked by who we didn't even know, and they all started making comments and laughing at the pants they were wearing on the non-uniform day. I remember in that moment just thinking 'why are you laughing at that person? You don't know her, she hasn't done anything to you'. After that day I decided to just put my time and effort in studies and pretty much stopped hanging around with that group of girls. I'd be nice to them if I saw them, but I realized that I spent so many years of listening to their negativity about other people and me sitting there and not defending the person made me as bad as them. I'm 22 now, and I have the best group of girlfriends who are more like sisters. There isn't any drama, if we ever have an issue we discuss it calmly and rationally, apologize, hug it out and move on. We don't rag on each other, we don't gossip about each other, if we say something about one friend it's only ever out of concern or trying to clear something up, or it's to talk about how much we adore her. In high school I could have never imagined having such a trusting, diverse and wonderful group of girls in my life. I am so blessed and happy that I have found these sisters for life. -

    Lacey: I pledge to be the kindest person I can be at all times. I will make everyone feel welcome and treat them as my best friend. - Alabaster

    Grace: My best friend and I had gotten in an argument because she was leaving me out of our "group". I had tried just talking about it but it wasn't working...I felt like there was nobody left to be friends with. Everyone in my school has their own clique and I had just been kicked out of mine. I was left alone and felt like there was no place to fit in. I still feel this way but have learned to just be alone. I don't really have any true friends left and I am hopeless. -

    viona: sorry milly, i said something that wasn't quite 100% sure about you. i said what i saw, and i just assume that you're not doing the math task. i'm sorry - milly

    Julia: I'm sorry for bullying you the way that I was bullied - Sarah

    Jordan: I PLEDGE to be confident and show everyone the real me until its too late! :) - Pemberton

    Jordan: I sorry for being so quiet and pushing you away when we had the chance to be friends. - He: Brandon

    Jordan: Back in 5th grade I, texted my friend some pretty harsh things when we were both going through a bad time. It was back in forth, texting the unthinkable words to my best friend, that I never thought I would say. After it was over, I just wanted to forget about it, but word spread to our friends and they kept telling me it was cyber bullying, and I knew it wasn't. It was just a very intense argument and we both said things we shouldn't have. Being me I let the whole "cyber bully " comment get to my head and I felt even deeper in the dark. Not having my best friend for a while was hard and I couldn't take it so I apologized and she apologized. Yes, I got my bestie back, but ever since then we have never been the same. We went our separate ways, found other amazing people and now we are just the people that wave and say, "HI" in the hallway. -

    Jennifer: I pledge to spread kindness and to refrain from participating in spreading rumors. I will respect my school community and be truthful in all situations. - Holbrook

    Joy: I pledge that I will try my hardest not to ever insult anyone or gossip about anyone because I know how it feels. I will raise others up not put them down - Exeter

    Joy: I'm sorry for insulting you as a joke all the time through high school, I meant it light heartedly but insults should never be said and I wasn't aware that I was hurting you. - Danielle

    Joy: I was bullied all though high school. I was unpopular and would always hear comments on my appearance, personality and gossip, usually untrue and negative. This forced me into being very uncomfortable in my own skin and suffer from social anxiety. It felt like everyone in my school hated me for no reason and I felt inferior to everyone else. -

    Colleen Binney: By taking the Kind Pledge, I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. - Hudson, FL

    Jessica: I pledge that I will try to help others who are being bullied, or who are bullies. I have been on both sides of that stick, and I want to make it so others don't have to deal with the consequences like I have. - Idaho

    jessica: I'm sorry I was such a bully in elementary school. I should have remembered how it felt and stopped. Please forgive me. - -

    Jessica Klingler: Ever since kindergarten, I have been bullied by so many. First, I was bullied for a large scar on my forehead. Then, that I always hung out with boys, and then because I was shy and cried a lot. After a while, I became a bully. I didn't call it that, but it was what it was. In middle school, I mellowed out, but I am still suffering emotional deficiencies -like I have issues with trust, I don't share my emotions with anyone, no matter what, and I am afraid to cry in front of people because I am afraid of being laughed at and mocked- because of how I was treated, and others I had mistreated are bullies now, all because of me. I can never reverse what I did, but I can stop others from making the same mistake. -

    Julie: I pledge to be kinder to everyone, including myself. At the end of the day, when I am not thinking kind thoughts about other girls and women, it is because I am not thinking and feeling kind thoughts towards myself. We are all imperfect; that is the beauty of being alive and being human! We all deserve to feel worthy of love, joy, and kindness, and I plan on spreading this love, joy, and kindness every day that I am lucky enough to be a part of this beautifully flawed world of ours. -

    Kaitlyn: I am tired of talking shit about other people. This is not who I want to be. -

    Kristina A. Foster: It was 6th grade and I’d glance across from my seat at lunch and notice girls snickering pointing and gossiping about petty garbage. I remember a time where it felt like the entire school hated me for reasons that where so stupid, and so unfathomable it was pathetic. I suffered social anguish because when I was very new and when I would hop on the bus every morning kids would put their lunch boxes, coats to the end of the seat and or slide themselves to signal to me that I couldn’t sit there. This happening repeatedly was also disheartening. I was raised to accept anybody and everybody and keep an open mind and the fact that what seemed like the world rejected me made me feel unwelcome and rejected I was so surprised as a kid to learn that not many kids where raised like I was. When I got into high school I got the opportunity to work with the morning announcements crew and earn class credit for taking TV Production. Here I felt like I excelled and felt liberated for a short while. My Teacher gave me the opportunity to make commercials and Public service announcements for the school. I took what I had learned from middle school about bullying and made videos about how words and actions that students pose on other students at a young age can hurt or deteriorate at their self-esteem. After my first video aired, I got a lot of different feedback, other students attacked my work, few and far between approached me and told me they enjoyed my work but the most feedback was negative and it mentally and emotionally sent me back in time to when the more popular kids made fun of how I dressed and who my idols where. I have to say it really tears you down and even though these are things as an adult you should let go which I agree you should but will always have an impeding sting when you go back there. I believe that as human beings it is only normal to feel a certain way when publicly reprimanded or humiliated by another person. It is the same reason we all have anxiety when trying to engage in conversation with someone we like. We have this subconscious thought for a moment that they are going to react identically to how your 5th grade crush reacted when you made a move. In fact they may not look or act like that person but psychologically we feel inferior and afraid because of past events with all these thoughts floating around like “you’re not good enough”, “you’re disgusting”, “what are you thinking he’ll never go for you”. To deal with this we do need to somehow move past those feelings try to remind ourselves we are no longer there and that it could always be worse. I once heard this saying “it takes more than one rain drop to cause a flood.” What that statement meant to me had me thinking. It all started when I was in fifth grade, our class was having our morning discussion and we were all discussing what we were going to be for Halloween. There where the usual robots, monsters, witches, and wizards. Then there was me, I wanted to be Paris Hilton. I had first heard of Paris through the Ellen DeGeneres show in 2003. When I had first seen her on the set my first thoughts of her was, what a pretty, stylish lady who carried herself as if she had success. Those where the virtues that attracted me to want to emulate that. Other kids of course didn’t know who she was or what she did so they went home and asked parents. The next day, kids confronted me and asked me if I knew she was the kind of girl you would see on “Girls gone wild”. I didn’t even know what that show was all I knew of it was college girls doing out of the norm acts. I let those comments roll but then came junior high. Like any other preteen I had a crush. He looked like David Archuleta but with nice blue eyes. I thought he was nice, kind of quiet and what seemed down to earth. During a group project one day I slipped up and told a couple girls who I liked. One girl seemed so eager about what I said she grabbed a pen and paper and started writing a letter, about what is still a mystery today. All she said to me was that she was going to put in a good word with my crush and that he was going to like me. In my 12 year old mind it seemed okay so I let her go through with the letter and let him read it. After his face turned a bright red, I immediately regretted letting her do anything. This news spread through the whole school faster than the sarse virus. Boys where telling other boys “I wanted to DO things to Ted” Girls told other girls that I was an idiot thinking I had a chance with him because I was such a “slut.” These little stings here and there mortified me and embarrassed me and made me wonder what I did or said to make people assume I was a slut or want to become sexually active with my crush. I didn’t even know where certain parts went for GOD’S SAKE to make those things possible! Some other things to support these kids theory about me where my idolization of Paris Hilton and how I went to school wearing Victoria’s Secret because my mom let me shop there and buy there pink and frilly clothes because I liked them. To me there is just no rhyme or reason why you like something you just like it. My humiliation and secret actually got so much attention that even new and incoming students heard about them and where immediately told to not befriend me because I was a creep. How I dealt with all of this was to everyone’s surprise very well. I used my clothes and my idol to help me through the pain. I started watching Paris Hilton on her show “The Simple Life” and watched her mannerisms and how she walked and started emulating her movements and the way she carried herself in her clothes and I noticed when I did this not only did people continue to hate but I felt better about myself. I basically faked my way through school continued to be friends with the few people who surrounded me in my life and went on just like that because I wanted to maintain this bubble to protect myself. I noticed a rise in media when Paris was on tv for doing something outlandish or stupid I got more flack at school and sure it was tough to deal with but all I did was smile and give other kids a princess wave and say “that’s hot”. It seemed to me everyone was really hard on me based on what I like because they either couldn’t afford to go to Victoria Secret or wanted to change who I was so I wouldn’t stand out so much and while popular girls would have liked to convince me that “I could have been popular if I toned down my wardrobe” I simply replied “life’s too short to blend in.” I decided a long time ago even before pear pressure was an issue to me that if it meant changing who I was to fit in, I wanted no part of it. Of course what was being said to me on a daily basis was bothersome but I knew it wasn’t forever and going to school and having the teachers I had made it worth walking into school every day. It also helped that my mom was very accepting of what I liked and who I was and never told me I couldn’t do something, in fact she helped me in my constructing of my Halloween costumes and was always enthusiastic about my new likes and ideas. Behind my act however was a small dark world of depression. Those words floating around my head when I came home made me go for the comfort foods and binge eat on ice cream, chocolate or macaroni. I of course was always offered healthy foods at home but often over indulged because I was distraught over the things that were going on. In 2007 my mom explained to me my dad was not really my dad and that she was beginning to feel indifferent about him as a partner. This didn’t change how I felt about either one of them and my mom never wanted me to stop respecting him which I didn’t but I was also scared and a little nervous about what was going to happen to us as a family. We had gone from living in a beautiful two story house to moving to Florida and trying to live separate lives in apartments. It was not long after the move I got incredibly ill due to my heart condition I had since birth. I went into cardiac arrest and had surgery in 2009. After my surgery my mom decided that the best way for me to finish out the year was to go back to my old middle school in Connecticut and move back, however this time it was my mom and I in a dumpy little apartment. It was tough the apartment complex was full of weirdoes and so not what we were used to and I was happy for the most part being in the school I was comfortable in. I know it’s crazy to go back to a school where you were brutally bullied but I did feel as though I had a life there and friends and I though this time around things would be different. They were maybe a tad, but this time around we were graduating from the 8th grade and entering high school and at the end of the year when It was time to vote for the superlatives for year book kids voted me “Most Unique” as an inside joke. Towards the end of the year we were prompted to write a story about propaganda that would count for a good portion of our grade and since I felt I knew plenty on that topic I constructed a well thought out story about how my best friend was pregnant with Edward Cullens baby. Outlandish, I know. At the time it was mandatory for kids to take home play doll baby’s to burp, feed, and change for a grade in Home Ec. My friend was one who’s turn it was to take the child home that week and there was a time I ran into her at Walmart with it, and she was in the twilight section. I took this as evidence to support my claim and at the end of my presentation the kids had a good laugh but never put two and two together. I guess people are just going to believe what they want to believe. Finally, at the end of the year and I received my year book, I had some kids sign it, favorite teachers and staff and other kids who insisted on signing it even though I didn’t want them to. Most of what people wrote was “Don’t ever change.” This had never occurred to me until I realized maybe people were well aware that I was smarter than what people where accrediting me for and they wanted to let me know that because somebody somewhere ruined them and forced them to conform. Today, I on occasion get a request or two from past bullies, gossipers etc and for a while I would let those requests pend and or decline them because in my mind I thought, what do they want with me today? It’s been 7 years since I last saw them they can’t possibly want to talk about anything good. However a friend told me “they probably don’t remember what was said or done to you but most will remember how you acted no matter what was said, a lot of people are impressed with how much you didn’t care and withstood all the criticism, and that’s pretty admirable.” That to me was quite the eye opener, so I accepted the few and got to know what changed in their life how they’ve grown and what they’ve learned and what I learned was that there will always be bullies, and haters but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like what you are doing. It just means they like it but they hate themselves for not being the first. These people, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers wherever these people are in your life that try to impose threats by making up stories are just hating you because they aren’t you. Just like our motto in New England “They hate us because they aint us.” The only way to conquer them is to continue being yourself and doing what you want to do because it makes you happy and if they can’t accept you that way then they are not a true friend and you should not feel ashamed if your only friend is your mom, dog, cat because these are the only people and or living things that is going to support you and not think indifferently about you no matter what you do. -

    Kristin: Commercials and advertisements depict students being physically humiliated and call it “bullying” and that if students see any sort of act that they should speak out immediately and try to help the person. Growing up I never saw nor felt that kind of humiliation and never did it occur to me that I was being bullied based on how I felt. I of course was hurting on the inside but never did I see other kids as bullies because they never actually physically did anything to me. Passing by fellow classmates in the hallway and watching girls pointing, and picking away at my outfits and basically tearing at my self-esteem because of what I was wearing and or who I idolized really brought me down and staff and the school principal condoning the behavior did not help. It seemed many authority figures turns a blind eye to what was happening to me and allowed “Popular” boys and girls to spread rumors because there parents where respectable people in town. -

    JaNise: Im sorry for all those bad things i did in said to you! i love you forever you will be my bestfriend..... - Madison

    JaNIse: Im sorry ! -

    Payton Lallemont: I pledge that I will be kind to all. Even the runt of the pack. - Prentice, Wisconsin

    Makayla Denbo: I pledge to never bring harm to any person or bully them. - Ogallala

    Makayla Denbo: I am sorry for the times I said you were fat and ugly - Cheyenne

    Makayla Denbo: I once had called a girl fat, and ugly and told her to go die. I am now glad she didn't kill herself because she is now my best friend thanks to the keeping kind campaign -

    Beth Mendleton: I pledge to be kind to everyone around me and support all girls to end female bullying x - London, England

    Anvit Saxena: I pledge to to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. With female starts the world :) - Hyderabad, India

    Jessica: I pledge to always be kind and understanding and to accept everyone for who they are. - Nederland

    Jessica: I'm sorry I took you for granted. I love you so much. - Madison

    Jessica: I was influenced by the people who bullied me, i let myself think that just because they were rude, they were popular. i treated the only friend i had badly because i thought it was how you showed people you cared, but she still always stuck by me. She is my first friend and i will always love her. -

    Orla: I always felt isolated in school, it all began when girls would run away from me in the playground. Growing up I have witnessed girls bringing other girls down, we should be helping eachother grow stronger. Many girls don't talk to me and when they do it is because I can benefit them in some way. There is one girl that always body shamed and name called, she was an ugly person inside and didn't have a care for the people she was hurting. It went so far that she would spread false gossip and eventually turned my only friends against me, joining her in making me feel small. Today i am ignored daily and receive comments on how I am not worthy of friends and deserve to be lonely. I feel so small and I rarely leave the house to be social but I am proud of myself for not retaliating and taking the moral high ground but I am not proud of how I did nothing while they walked all over me. It will take me a while to pick myself up and rebuild but I would like to thank them for helping me gain two friends who have had similar experiences. We can find strength in knowing we are not alone. I know now that I was not the problem but this girl's words and actions have had a significant impact on my mental health: I feel worthless and that my life doesn't matter, I would self harm so I could cope with everything in my head, and I became delusional by imagining scenarios at school, I would believe them to be true and I avoided attending school to avoid the situations becoming a reality . Girls need to realise the impact of words and the consequences of their actions, if you consider the damage they would cause you would you say or do those to others? Girls need to stand up and fight because if we sit and do nothing the problem will not disappear. I will always be kind and think before I speak because I don't want anyone to feel the way I have for years. -

    Ailani Toledo: I pledge to become a better person by being kinder to people. Just like at then assembly, if you don't having something to say, don't say it. - San Diego, California

    Ailani Toledo: I am new to my new school. I have been bullied and had problems at home. I had girls telling other girls when I was missing that I was missing because I had killed myself. I was called ugly, and anorexic just because I was skinny. People were spreading rumors that I had sent some notes to some guy and had a major crush on him. So this led to me cutting myself. I was so confused because I had never been treated this way before. All I really want to ask people is to PLEASE be kinder to people. I learned why people hate themselves and try to commit suicide. One act of kindness can help make somebody's day. So please act kinder! :) -

    Niquèlle: I pledge to try my hardest to live a life that I am 100% proud of, being sweet and kind to everyone I meet, to not gossip, to not . I pledge to give everyone a second chance, and to not judge people by what other people say about them, to give them a full shot. I pledge to do what Jesus would do. - San Luis Obispo

    Jessica M: I was bullied over Instagram over the summer because I "posted too many pictures" of my boyfriend and I. So many people were mean to me and their comments will always stick with me because they really hurt and I don't know to this day that I still forgive them, but now that I've learned so much about kindness (my school watched the kind campaign doc. today) I think I do forgive them. I pledge to always stand up for people. especially during cyber bullying. -

    julia: im sorry for not taking your advice when you give it. - heather

    Tyon : I'm sorry for starting petty fights with my friends and being prideful instead of just forgiving them or taking the initiative to apologize when I was in the wrong -

    Mariangela Vogliotti: I'm truly sorry for saying never to be your friend, i'm sorry for spreading rumors about you, i'm sorry for me fighting over Samantha, I hope you at least consider looking at me for what I did was truly cruel. I never said a word about this to my family or friends for it crushed me. Lastly, i'm sorry for breaking you when you thought all was good. So many things happen in my life, yet i always recall that time and as I left Ventura for a new life, i started to consider it was mostly my fault. I'm sorry and i can't say it enough. - Natalie Ortiz

    issbah khowaja: i want to encouge people to not be mean and stand up for themselves if being bullied -

    issbah khowaja: when i was the new girl in forth grade and dressed up ddiffrent then everyone else later on people started to call me names once one girl called me ugly in a very rude way but all that changed when you visited my school today miraleste intermediate school thankyou for teaching me that you and everyone has a spark in them that makes them shine -

    Meredith H.: I pledge to stop female bullying and to be kind because I can and because it feels better than hate. I will work on not talking about others behind their backs and saying mean comments. I unite with the rest of you to make a happier world of girls :) - Saratoga Springs, NY

    Meredith: I want to apologize for doing things to you that I wouldn't want someone to do to me. For talking behind your back and for changing our schedule to avoid you. It is really hard with the influence of other people, but that does not mean that I should do anything unkind to you. I am really sorry. - Kayla

    Meredith H.: Most of my friends that I have had up until now have been really great girls but also really mean at the same time. I let these girls turn me into something I wasn't, and I also let them walk all over me just so that we could stay friends. I have always been conflicted about standing up for myself and not giving in to the temptation of gossip and hate against other girls, it has been really hard since that is what some of my closest friends have always done. I am ready to do what is right and always be kind. -

    lesley: im sorry for getting mad at you when you were trying to help me. - karla

    Karla: Im sorry for watever I did to get you to be mad at me. - mystery...

    Karla: Im sorry for watever I did to get you mad at me. -

    celeste: By taking the kind pledge, i pledge to unite kindness in an effort to end bullying - laguna hills

    Hannah Cornell: By taking the kind pledge, I unite in kindness to make everyone feel equal amd not differnet and not lovable. - Laguna hills

    madison: I pledge to be kinder to my sister - laguna hills

    Olivia : I pledge to be nicer to my brother - Laguna hills

    Jessika: I said horrible things on Facebook about a girl I didn't even know personally, mostly I was mad I guess that I was reaching out in a friendly way and was ignored, my feelings were hurt and so I set out to hurt her back and was very cruel, kind of makes me a big awful looser, I have always wanted to tell her how sorry I am :( -

    Anna: I pledge to always sincerely love the girls around me - Pittsburgh

    Madison: I pledge to unite in an effort to end female bullying in my community & other community's! - Fort Mill, SC

    Madison: I want to say sorry to a girl at my new school I've hurt & put down since I've started hanging out with the wrong group. (I don't hang with them anymore) - Kendell

    Madison: Hi I'm Madison I'm in my 8th grade year at another new school.& let me tell you it's been hard! I always do anything to be accepted even if it comes with me being someone i'm not. This year i guess you could say i started out with the wrong group. I normally let people walk all over me & tell me how horrible of a person i am but this year i got with a group who helped me "fix myself" the wrong way! The group i hung out with was always in drama with other girls and were always treating girls in the worst ways , posting pictures on instagram to make them feel bad , calling them names & just making their life at school terrible then i realized i'm treating someone i hated being treated & i'm treating them the way i was treated. i just want to now help others become kind & i want to help make other happy! -

    Mazzy: I pledge to be nice to everybody no matter what. - Seattle

    Haley : How to help friends when they feel sad -

    Taylor: I pledge to never talk bad about others and to never judge anyone. You never know what their situation may be. - St. Louis

    Caitlin: I allowed girls to hurt me so bad that I felt worthless, hopeless.. and stopped living my life for almost two years. -

    Kelly: As a teacher at Imagine North Manatee, a huge part of my teaching philosophy is educating the whole child. I believe that it is not only my job to teach these children the core standards, but to help facilitate them in understanding what it means to responsible member of our community. My students and I have pledged to raise money for the KIND CAMPAIGN and awareness to end girl-against-girl bullying at our school, as well as, bullying in general. - Palmetto

    Ameerah: "Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this." - London

    Elle: my friend (girl1) was making fun of my other friend (girl 2) on her private instagram, so i aksed girl1 to block me so i wouldnt be temped to show girl 2. now everyone is saying i showed girl 2 the videos but i didnt. no one trusts me and everyone did this behind my back and i dont want to go to school. i have a mask at school at school im the pretty smart and confident girl but at home i just sit and cry because i have so much stress and pressure and not one person to talk to. -

    Lindsay: I was bullied all through high school. I would walk in and hear girls gossiping about me. When facebook had this app called 'honesty box' I would get piles and piles of harsh comments. I remember this one day I got one from a girl at school and it said 'you look like a burn victim. every body at school talks about it.' I remember my heart sinking into my chest. I didn't understand why I was being called this. I didn't want to go to school, I wanted to sit in my bedroom and just stay there forever. I didn't want to show my face at school because I could hear the whispering. To this day; I will remember this for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I am much stronger today & I see this as someone being insecure within themselves and taking it out on me. Today; I say "how dare you" to using 'burn victim' as a negative word to tear someone down. There are plenty people who have survived fires & have to deal with that everyday. I graduated high school 5 years ago. Why is bullying still happening? You guys are doing a great thing helping to change that! -

    Kelsey R.: By taking the Kind Pledge, I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. And all bullying. It stops here. - Beckley

    Kelsey: While I was made fun of and given a hard time in middle school and half of high school there were kids around me who had it worse than me and I would see the way they were being treated and wanted to say something to them to make them feel better or stick up for them but I was always too scared or felt like I wasn't "somebody" enough to help them. I want to apologize for being scared and not helping them when I know they needed it or a simple KIND word could have changed their day. I hope they have made it as far as I have. - The affected

    Kelsey R.: My name is Kelsey Rudd. I am a 23 year old college student who is now loving life after having some rough early teenage years, and well all of my teenage years. As soon as I got to middle school I was alienated from the girls in my school. I was a major, major tomboy and animal lover and would rather spend my time with animals and in the woods than with people in school. I was also a major late bloomer while everyone was already maturing physically ahead of me. I would occasionally cut myself, nothing major, just enough to feel the pain but relieve the pain at the same time you know? I DO NOT SUPPORT ANYONE WHO DOES THIS AND IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING IT DO NOT!! Go workout, read,loose yourself in nature and the serenity, there are much better alternatives and as painful as something seems at the time it always gets better, I have learned this and would love to go back and tell my 13-15 year old self this. My sister was 2 years younger than me and by the time I got to 9th grade things were slightly improving for me but it was her first year in middle school and she matured early, physically and mentally and was very pretty so the other girls she went to school with felt jealous and bullied her to no end and made her come home crying about herself to the point she eventually had to transfer schools where everything improved for her. She used to cut herself also which regrettably she learned from me. But my our late teens we had everything figured out mentally and emotionally and now, me being 23 and her 21 we are happier and healthier than ever, we workout regularly, try to eat right, and try to support other people in tough situations. We support causes like this because we know, we have been there. I am minoring in psychology in hopes to obtain a career where I can work closely with causes like this. No matter HOW BAD something seems at the time, I promise you it gets better, it always gets better and it's really a beautiful life. -

    Abigail: Hi I'm 13 I have been bullied sins the 1st grad. I moved to a new school about every year I'm different from others I have dislexea and I also have diabeties. I am bullied every day for not being able to read and for being fat or just different. Last year I even got so sad I was thinking about killing myself. But one of the girls I met later helped me though it. This year it is getting worst one girl even thretened my life but I'm getting though it one step at a time with my friend. I can go on for ever but I think thats enough......... Bye ???????????????????????????? -

    aisha: I used to be bullied. -

    farah qamilia bt azli farid: i love my family and matty braps -

    Ester Ndoen: Hi, I'm so excited to be here, because I just found out a right place to share my own story. I'm 17 years old. I've been bullied since I was 5 or 6 until right now. They were so racist because I'm a tanned-skin girl. And, I lived in a town where people who always think that tan and black girl is ugly, stupid, not suited with this color or that color, and not open-minded. I was so shy, I didn't have many friends in my life. So, when I was 12, there were so many pale skin girl who hated me, because I was good at English and Physics, especially because of my skin color. They were so jealous to me and didn't want me. I didn't remember too much, I came to class, and the whole class were so quiet and acted like I wasn't existed. I asked them, they weren't answered me. I felt like a dork. It killed me inside, and it's hard to forgot. Until now, those kinds of people still existed in my class. I'm so sick of those shit they gave to me. I just wanna graduated soon, you know. Umm.. Have you ever felt being unwanted for like 12 years until right now?? I've been through all that damn things. Sometimes, I'm kind of want to move out of my school and this town. But, there are 5 months only until I graduated from school. I told my teacher, bus she gave up and asked me to keep patient. Everyday, I put a smile on my face to them, pretending that I'm okay, you couldn't ruined me. But, I'm dying inside. I was like ":God, Do I have born to being bullied?" I was just cried over my bed or in the corner of my bathroom. My parents didn't know that everyday, at school, I had to passed those hard times. I just didn't want them to worried about me, so I said "School is awesome, I met a lot of people, they were kind and funny, I loved them." It was the biggest lie ever. But, with all of my kind of experiences, it makes me stronger, tougher, and more brave to passed the next day. Yeah, so this is my story. I told you, don't let them stole your dream. If they always say bad thing about you. Just say "Oh, get over it and pushed it off." What's yours?? -

    Maggie: I pledge to be a trustworthy person, and stand up for people who need help. Even if the person who needs help is me. I will try to be more outgoing (try), and I will always try to be a helpful and loving person - Maine

    Emma : I pledge to be a faithful friend. I pledge to let someone know if I have a problem with them instead of talking behind their backs. I pledge to be honest. I pledge to be KIND. - Everyone

    Emma : I apologize to any friend of mine that I've been mean to (or any girl in general). I'm sorry for talking about others and criticizing them behind their backs. I have been a victim of bullying and I feel awful for doing to others what I knew made me feel awful. And lastly, Irene, I am sorry for giving up on our friendship when you moved away and I am sorry for criticizing you without a serious reason. - Anyone I've been mean to

    Emma: Since kindergarten (yes, even kindergarten) I have been made fun of because of my looks, my humor, my ideas and what not. However, growing up this whole thing started fading away.. (or so I thought). Kids tell you whatever they want in your face, straight up. Teenagers though, and of course mainly girls (including myself) tend to do something worse; they talk about you behind your back, they criticize you, they make fun of you if you don't look or dress a certain way, they spread rumors about you without a good reason. I admit that I have done most of these horrible things to others. I haven't realized until now how awful this is. -

    Irina : Throughout my school career, I was always teased by other girls about my weight, looks, and ideas. I was never the pretty brunette with perfect teeth, eyes, skin, and hair. Mainly, this happened at my first high school. But then I moved, and had to transfer. A few months after transferring, I was sitting on a bench by the drama room and a girl came out and invited me inside. She said she had seen me around before but was too shy to talk to me because she felt I was too pretty to be her friend. It was at the moment that I had realized that the girl who tortured me in my first school, were completely wrong. Sure, I was never thin, but I was always healthy. I may have never had perfect vision and teeth, but I loved wearing my glasses. These so-called imperfections are what make us girls who we are. Never do change yourself because someone else doesn't like a particular trait about you. If you EVER want to change, do it for yourself :) because at the end of the day, you're the one that has to live with these changes. -

    Victoria : I want to say this to your face at some point, but I'm doing it here first to find the courage to do so and the right words. We were great friends, and I was going through a rough time friend wise, mostly because I caused my own drama, and I really leaned on your shoulder. I wanted a best friend and in a way we were, but you were already best friends with girls, who I instantly judged because I was jealous of them. Towards the end of our friendship, I was just so wrapped up in want I wanted that I didn't realize, you weren't interested in the same things or that we were growing apart, which is fine; things like that tend to happen when middle school ends. I tried to tell you who to be friends with and made you choose, them or me. It wasn't my place at all, and I'm so very sorry. I became clinging and annoying, and I can't apologize enough. I hope you're loving life and happy! - Lydia

    Charlotte Mixon Lanier: I pledge to be a faithful friend. I want to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. I also pledge to try and mentor young women and teach them by example what it is like to be strong, loyal, and loving. - Boise, ID

    Charlotte L.: I am sorry that I cheated with my friend's boyfriend. It hurt our friendship and I have never reconnected with her. What a painful lesson. -

    Chloe: I pledge not to push girls away because I feel intimidated by them, I pledge to unite with girls, not against them. - Peterborough

    Jeenie-Leigh: My pledge is to start speaking out. I had friends before I became ill. Now, I don't have friends. I was in a mental health hospital for 5 months and before that in and out of the general hospital for suicide attempts/alcohol poisoning etc. In a way it was kind of my own fault, as I shut everyone out and became scared of everyone. So, my pledge is to start speaking out, demonstrating how I'm not dangerous and hopefully encourage others to speak out too. There is so much judgement out there, and I am not going to judge anyone by their actions etc. . I hope to one day make someone else who went through similar things smile and realise they're worth more than the people who tell them otherwise:) - Anglesey, Wales, UK

    Chloe O' Callaghan: I had just finished getting help for my anxiety problems when a short while after, I had got into a predicament with a girl I used to be friends to. She would make feel anxious to the point where my stomach was queasy. This was because I had spoken to her mother at the door and told her that I was scared of her when it came to alcohol. Her mother didn't say anything but told her soon after as I got a call from her expressing how insulted she was. We did sort it out on the outside but not from the inside - My anxiety begged to differ. I decided to let her go but it was also over the phone. I still feel tortured to this day over it because there is a lot unsaid and my crush was used as an excuse to fuse my vulnerability. That's not cool!!! What I'm trying to say is is that I knew that talking behind her back was wrong and I wish my anxiety/personal problems didn't get in the way of our friendship. -

    Sarah Colagrossi: I transferred to 3 different high schools in order to try and fit in somewhere. It never worked. They all still called me big nose and ugly. But in the end I know myself better than those bullies ever will and I am in college studying non-profit organizations to contribute and stop violence and bullying like this absolutely phenomenal campaign. -

    Lisa Gonzalez: I am a 50 year old woman I met Pandora Vanderpump, she told me about your site. I wanted to share my story as it relates to what is happening today and in my school age years no one talked about being bullied by another girl. I was a teenager it was 1975 I was in the 9th grade the girl who bullied me was in the 12th grade I was very shy in school. I had fought several times because of racial discrimination. I would be called, ugly, fat and a spic in the hallways. As I opened my locker this girl would slamm it shut. . She and her cronies would make it impossible for me to go to the bathroom . I was afraid but knew I had to fight this person to make her stop. i tried to talk to her 3 x it just kept getting worse and worse. At one point I did not want to attend school . The day came and it was time to confront her. When I did confront her it did not go well and we ended up fighting . My adrenaline was shooting through my veins and I beat the girl so badly she had to go to the hospital. After that I had to bring a chain link to school with a lock . Only because her friends were threatening me . This lead to my suspension for a week of school work. This led to a severe complex in school . I never signed up for anything. I was afraid all the time. I walked to school because I was harassed on the bus . I could not wait for school to end. I prayed for the day of graduation so I could leave. The only problem was the scars stayed with me for a long time . I could not work through my anxieties and needed help . What I want the world to know is that bullying young girls, girls that are younger than yourself , shy, scared , or insecure girls is a crime. You are changing the way a person's psychological well being . This type of harassment is a sin and a crime and if you are doing it. Or being provoked to doing this please stop and think . What you do in life has a consequence and it just does not go away. If you are doing something that is cruel stop just stop . -

    Louise: I'm sorry for all the things that I said to you. I am sorry for getting angry and defensive and not understanding what you were going through. - Carly

    Annie: From the ages of five, to eighteen I was badly bullied by girls at school. They encouraged each other and even the boys to bully physically and mentally. I can't bare to think about it to this day and as a result, I suffered from anorexia and depression. Even now at 26, the same girls look down at me and always have something bad or catty to say. They don't realise the consequences bullying can have upon another. Girls should be sticking together as a sisterhood, yet tragically, girls can be worse than boys so we must educate girls to be kind. -

    Rose: I was diagnosed with skin cancer at 15yrs pld. I am now 22. So happy it was found in time before it got worse. I went through months of chemo and radiation. I lost a lot of hair through my journey that unfortunately won't grow back. And thanks to my hair loss my hairline has recorded which cause me to have a "5head". Up 'til around my 19 birthday I decided to accept this change; to me it is a sign of my fight and my victory. I decided I didn't have to hide my forehead behind bangs, but once I got rid of my bangs comments began with "do you have a tumor growing on your head?" "You should have kept your bangs. You look better that way." I was also once in a confrontation with a girl who continued with hurtful comments and once face to face she grabbed a chunk of my hair on my hairline and pulled it right off. I am a fairly strong person and I will always be proud of my fight against cancer, but others might not take this bullying so lightly which sadly leads to self harming or suicide. Please. Be kind. Always be kind. -

    Autumn: I pledge to not be so catty around girls and get along with them. I will be kind and not push them away. - WALES

    Autumn: I got bullied by two girls back when I was in school, they picked on me because I had different groups of friends, I got beaten up by them twice, one of the girls done it just for a fag. I was too scared to come to school. I stayed off for over a month until the girls got suspended, but I would not go down my local shop/park incase they were out. -

    Emily : I pledge to try my best to stop saying hurtful things and not make jokes at other's expense. In order to grow stronger and increase our power as women we need to stick together and stop bringing each other down. - Philadelphia

    Jazmin Ortiz: We should all just stop bullying. We shouldn't do it anymore. I hate so much! If you guys have problems deal with it at home or with a therapist or a counselor. Not with people you might not know at all or have been friends with since Elementary school.I actually would love to help girls to stop bullying everyone. I want to have an anti bullying school,neighborhood, city, community, state, continent, and around the whole world. So help stop I! I pledge to be kind and Never Bully ever again!!! - Woodbridge, VA

    Jennifer Ortega: I'm sorry to most of you girls that I called insensitive bitches because I thought that you guys were assholes. I also said in my head that you guys think you guys are popular, cool, and hot. So SORRY ESPECIALLY ONE GIRL! - Juliana Molina

    Jennifer Ortega: I've been bullied. I'm really shy and I actually know girls and boys talk about me. They think I won't do anything about, but I will when they tell me right in my face. They also say that I'm fat. I know I am but shouldn't make me feel more bad about my weight. -

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    Cam: I am making a commitment to stop bulking others and not judge a book by its cover:) - Estes park

    Cam: I'm very sorry for all the mean thing I've said about you now I believe that you are a beautiful person and you deserve to live on this amazing world God made for You and Me! - Daffney sam and jen and all the other girls that are my best friends now

    Cameron Rebekkah Ostrich: When I first came to my public school I was the popular one I would feel very confident about the way I looked and how girls thought about them selfs so I would try to make others fell bad about them selves and calling them ugly and all. And now those girls are very beautiful and I felt really bad. -

    Alejandra : I've been called a lot of names and I tried to change myself but it is hard, then I was like why would I change me that will not be me? -

    Bria Brown: I've been having a difficult time lately... My friends are always so much more perfect than me, and it doesn't help with my depression. I'm never good enough. I'm never the best. I've been cutting for a long time and I keep relapsing, even with my parents giving me body checks. I have bulimia and I don't know how to get over it. I can't quit puking up my meals. I'm tired of living and I can't find the will to keep going. I don't know why I did this, I guess I just need to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading... -

    kaci: I've been a bully to people by judging them -

    Catrina: Growing up, elementary school was never very easy for me. I was smaller than all the other girls, I wore glasses and got a little chubby in the seventh grade. I was teased for these so called "imperfections" and it effected my self esteem for most of my life. It was not until my early years in college that I finally realized that my "imperfections" were actually the reasons for my individuality and beauty. Today, I look at girls and women in contrast to what the media likes to show. There is no "perfect" body or rules to follow in order to be accepted as beautiful. What makes you different is exactly what makes you beautiful. I find beauty in these "imperfections". I respect women and girls who are happy with themselves no matter what our society forces us to think about body image. You are beautiful! never ever forget! xoxo -

    Sage: I said something mean to a girl because I was jealous because I felt like in PE I had done my push ups right and she had gotten more than me because she had done them the wrong way, so I said something mean about her. -

    Alex W: I've been affected my being called names, and I've had rumors started about me. Someone once started a rumor that I wanted to kill myself that made me want to kill myself. I've been called almost every name imaginable even in different languages. It really hurts me to know that people think so lowly about me. -

    Rayan: Now every time I go to my friends they ignore each other only my wish is to help me! -

    Raquel: Last year I went to camp and requested my best friend to be in my bunk. She was, but by the end of camp she was not my best friend anymore. I am not going to get into specifics but they called me names, took my stuff, spread rumors, discluded me, and more.. I tried telling an adult but they could not do anything then. But thankfully, now they are banned from that camp for breaking the rules and bullying me. The last thing I have to say is that the kind campaign recently came to my school and showed us the documentary. It changed my life and my relation ship with some others for the better. Now, my past foe is my greatest friend again(not the one from camp) and I am happy :) hank you Kind campaign for giving me the courage and a voice to stand up and say that I am not going to take this! -

    Lauren Schouten: Like most girls growing up, fitting in was the most important thing to me. I played sports all my childhood and throughout my high school career. I have always been different. I am an artist now attending Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and I have been corky and expressive my entire life. I joined a premiere lacrosse team in Summer 2009. It was a huge struggle to go to those practices every week knowing that the girls would throw their water at me and forcefully push me down. To my knowledge, the bullying took place just because I was different than them and didn't conform to who they were. The coach didn't even notice until one day another player pushed me down in plain daylight, and emptied her gatorade bottle on my head. I stood up and didn't say anything. Even when the coach noticed, she didn't seem to do anything to help me. I finished off the season, and then I quit the team. I felt that no one really cared that I was apart of the team, and obviously I had no friends to come out of it. I received an apology from one of the girls who bullied me about a year later at another friends birthday party. She said that she was just trying to fit in and that she knew what she did was wrong. I accepted her apology, but those experiences during that summer are something that I will take with me the rest of my life. -

    your bff: I apologize for all the times I talked about you behind your back. I don't mean for it to hurt you, I only want the best for you. You are such a good friend to me and I want to be just the same to you. I pledge to be the best person I can be and to be more kind to everyone around me. I love you so much and hope we will be friends for a very long time. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. - Bryanna

    Camila Kauer: I pledge to always offer a smile, to girls and boys who I may not even know because everybody wants to feel loved. I pledge to try my hardest to never upset someone intentionally but instead to make them feel valued and special. -

    Laura : I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. - Canberra

    MEGHAN: i pledge that every girl will believe in who they are and not change for any girl or guy that wants you to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    MEGHAN: i had a friend that i have known since kindergarten. i thought that she was always there for me. but i was wrong. i hope i am not the only one who has had this problem. this girl and i used to be best friends and now we are barely aquatints. she has back stabbed me sooooo many time i don't even know. i solved this problem by telling her to knock it off and told her off but apparently she doesn't care because she keeps doing it. -

    MEGHAN: You know i have watched things happen when they shouldn't. i think that people mostly girls should honor who they are instead of changing for somebody else, like a boyfriend or these popular girls that want you to change. That isn't right because no body should control you for who you are. i have been waiting to say this forever and specially online. i hope somebody will take this advice and actually use them. i love these kind of people who stand up for who they are and stand up for other people or just girls. -

    Erin high: Sorry I called you a bad name you know who you are -

    Imari Hall: i pledge to be kind and never talk crap about anyone or even gossip about another girl because it's happened to me and i didnt like and so i need to realize that the feelings i get, others can have to. i pledge to not judge a book by its cover and i pledge to not judge a person by where they come from but only by what they bring to the table. i am sorry to all the people i've heart emotionally pshyically and mentally. ive been teased all my life about everything on my body, my hair, face, eyebrows, teeth and on my life story. i had those times that i thought i wanted to kill myself because of everything that happened and because no one was there for me that i could really trust or, just in general. ive changed my actions because i want to help people but for when i was the "bully" i apologize. and i pledge to be better - Irvine

    Imari Hall: i pledge to be kind and never talk crap about anyone or even gossip about another girl because it's happened to me and i didnt like and so i need to realize that the feelings i get, others can have to. i pledge to not judge a book by its cover and i pledge to not judge a person by where they come from but only by what they bring to the table. i am sorry to all the people i've heart emotionally pshyically and mentally. ive been teased all my life about everything on my body, my hair, face, eyebrows, teeth and on my life story. i had those times that i thought i wanted to kill myself because of everything that happened and because no one was there for me that i could really trust or, just in general. ive changed my actions because i want to help people but for when i was the "bully" i apologize. and i pledge to be better -

    Stevie: I Pledge to be a better person, a kinder person and help stop bullying, where ever it may be. - Denman, NSW, Australia

    Ellie Burk: Dear Mary Nolan, Im sorry for calling you ugly and saying I didnt like you. You truly are my best friend and I was just doing this due to peer pressure. It wont happen again. - Mary Nolan Brown

    Alicia: I pledge to be a kinder person, and not judge anyone anymore. - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Alicia: Dear Young Alicia, I am so sorry for making you feel so insecure in your middle school years. It was a tough time changing schools and all you wanted was friends but by letting other girls tell you what's what and becoming someone you weren't and putting on a good face throughout the day but crying by night, it wasn't you. I am so glad you got out of that horrible phase and now you are happy with yourself and everything but you and I both have to work on being less sensitive and not caring so much about what people say. Listen to your heart, listen to Mom and most importantly, listen to you. Alicia, You're a beautiful girl!! I love you!! Older, Alicia - Alicia

    kerilynn: people are different and also not perfect we have our own causes and effections that are also dose'nt make us always perfect sincerely Kerilynn Sombath -

    marina: I pledge too be kind to others and stop bullying anytime I witness it and let peopple know that bullying is wrong. - des moines

    Isabel: I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. - Pawtucket

    Isabel Hernandez: I want to Apologize to my best friend Katherine for letting you take the bullets while being in the middle of the whole 7th 8th grade thing with Tiffany. I also want to apologize to Tiffany for responding to your angry messages with more anger and negativity. It wasn't nice and if we talked about it we could have probably still have been friends. All of us. - Katherine and Tiffany

    Isabel Hernandez: I had a best friend since 6th grade (though we met in 3rd grade) and soon we added a new best friend in 7th. I really liked the fact that it was three instead of two, it gave us another person to trust. Her name was Tiffany and she was the athletic one in the group, Katherine was the smart one, and I was the video game geek. We were all different but we all shared anime and fantasy as a common interest. After a couple months went by I noticed that I barley got to hang out with them or Kat even. I started to make more plans with Kat but she declined most of them due to hanging out with Tiffany, it felt weird to ask if I could go so I didn't. Soon I asked her about it and she was telling me how she had a weird fear planted in her by Tiffany due to her bossy attitude, I tried my best to help her and that's when Tiffany and I stopped talking. Katherine was being peer pressured into staying away from me. This is where things got a little crazy, Kat and I had a volunteer job and Tiffany told Kat she was going to come to our job and fight me. I wasn't scared I gladly took the challenge, although nothing happened I talked to Kat about everything and we both agreed to not speak to her again. She was possessive of Kat and I felt bad because she had to be the one to hear all the negativity about me and then tell me. I wish I could have just took things into my own hands instead of having her be in the middle. -

    .: I was bullied in 5th grade, and still am in middle school. I was called anorexic, attention seeker,..etc. -

    Chloe: Im in 5th grade and theres a lot of gossip that i did these two really horrible things, but didn't do them and that day some really bad things had happened. I cried so long and so hard my eyes were burning. Sometimes girls will do really mean things, and it hurts others VERY badly, and if your one of those girls i have been affected, and i wont let it hurt my friends and you should stop and help others. Some people are affected more than others and it can hurt, ALOT. So don't be mean, help others. Please, those girls need you. -

    Jessica Wolf: Dear LiShan, I am so sorry for calling you short. I mean, you used to say it all the time, so I thought you wouldn't mind. Now I know that that hurt your feelings and I vow never to say it again. -

    Jacqueline: I'm so sorry for laughing and making fun of your jean size with the other girls in grade 8. i was so insecure and mean. i still think about it all the time. - Rosalind

    Sandy: I pledge to be a positive role model for girls everywhere, reach out to others, and spread positivite vibes. - Madison

    laney campbell: dear past me, i am sorry for bringing yourself down, making you starve,saying you aren't pretty,making you cry yourself to sleep every night and letting bullies get to you i promise i will be more wiser,not care what other people think, but most of all i will never let you fall again i promise. from older and wiser self - younger laney campbell

    B.: Im sorry for not taking your presentation as seriously as I should've, I wish I would have had the courage to participate and contribute - Lauren & Molly

    Abby L: When I was in the 5th grade, two girls came up to me and asked me how often I washed my hair. I told them a couple times a month. So what? I don't need to wash my hair every other day. They looked shocked when I told them and walked away giggling. I told myself to forget about it, but later I wondered if it was a significant factor of being liked. I now wash my hair every couple of days because of what they said and am now paranoid about if my hair looks ok, if someone will look at it funny. It was one of the first times I was bullied and it made me so much more self conscience about how I looked. Now, even if I'm not going anywhere, I worry about how I look even though they asked e something trivial. -

    Abby L: Me being bullied, I can't name any specific people. There were a few here and there, but most of the hurt bullying caused was self provoked. I bully myself, I am my own monster. Its terrible, but true. A whole different kind of bullying. But with this, there is no one to step in and stop it because no one hears it when you walk down the halls. It is in your head, eating away at your self esteem and self confidence, so at one point, you are a unstable, insecure person behind a mask. Bullying girl vs girl is so terrible, and part of it is a girl inside all of us that points out that the bullies are right. What is wrong with you? Why aren't you socially accepted like everyone else? Why can't you talk to boys and make new friends easily like everyone else? And then that voice convinces you and you ask the same questions, but say "Why can't I?" instead. Thats my problem. When someone compliments me, I have trouble taking it in, because I've told myself so many times that I'm not what the compliment says. I tell myself these things based on the media, other girls, what I hear, and things I come up all my own. Why do I torture myself? I've gone so far as to plan my suicide multiple times. I know this isn't what the kind campaign talks about, but it is a girl against a girl, it just happens to be a girl against herself. -

    Halee: I pledge to try to stand up for my friends if they are being bullied. - Denton

    Angie: I want to apologize to myself. I want to say sorry for taking all the mistreatment to heart. I am sorry for getting depressed and crying myself to sleep. I am sorry about causing the pain that still remains. I am sorry for making you weak instead of holding you up. I am truly sorry but I have one more think to apologize about... I am sorry that I am still this way - Myself

    {unknown}: I've been mistreated by students before. My parents have contacted the school but they didn't do anything. The hatred is now over but the scars remain and they hurt. I find myself crying a lot. I want to get over it but I know I can't. This is my story... -

    becca: Dear Emily, I am so sorry i lied to you about my identity.I knew it was wrong b ut i wanted you to like me and i was hurting im sooooo sorry please forgive me Love, Becca - Emily

    becca: Dear Emily, I am so sorry i lied to you about my identity.I knew it was wrong b ut i wanted you to like me and i was hurting im sooooo sorry please forgive me Love, Becca - Emily

    Becca: Dear Haley, I am so sorry i never spoke up when kids were picking on you.I knew you were hurting yourself and didn't wanna live.I knew you needed help but you were my only friend and i didn't mean to hurt you. I will never forgive myself for letting you hurt when i could have helped. you killed yourself last month and you were my only friend.I hope you are at peace with the lord and i will see you again. Love, Becca -

    Caroline: I wanted to apologize to myself for getting myself into girl drama. And I hope now that hearing Lauren and Molly I will be able to fix my mistakes and learn to be a kind hearted person. I am sorry for everything I have done to anyone. - Caroline

    T: I have grown up in a dysfunctional family, that has had its problems. These problems have affected me and who I am today & it is hard. What I have been through growing up has affected me a whole lot, and when people call me a b*tch & an attention seeker, and pathetic maybe I do need some attention and maybe I came off in a bad way because I was not able to take what was going on at home. People need to think before they speak, and get the back story before they judge. -

    laney: hi my name is laney, i was bullied. and now i am going to tell you my story. i was bullied at my school. i was called an "art geek",they would color on me in class id try to stop them but they kept doing it,i was called "fat", "ugly". i was told i didn't have a purpose, i should just kill myself if i did the said the world would be a better place. i was insecure i stopped eating i was working out more my grades were getting lower and lower. and i just let them take me over and control my life and its been that way for a while now. but when kind campaign came to my school on november 13, 2012 it changed my life i went up to molly and told her my story and she told me that you can just forget they exist and i did that today and for the rest of the day and from now on my life will change. and i will stand up for other girls one girl can change the world -

    Ashley: I pledge to do what ever i can to not bully others and stop bullying if I see it. - Dallas

    Elle: Im sorry for calling you a b**ch, and telling you to F**k off......... truth is I was just mad at you for calling me stupid, ugly, and fat, I feel really bad and I hope you can forgive me someday - Katlyin, Ally, Tess

    Ashley: I'm sorry to all those people that i was way too quick to judge. I may not have said anything to you but ignore you. And i am sorry for that. -

    Elle: Im apologizing to myself because I hurt myself by cutting, stopped eating and attempting to kill myself. Elle, Im sorry for giving up and not loving the way I should. I'm also sorry for changing myself just to please others. - Elle

    Elle : I have been bullied sense I was in 5th grade but in 6th grade 3 girls Locked me in a bath room, called me fat, ugly, stupid, and unimportant. Ever sense then my life has changed for the worse because I'm afraid to let anyone in and won't let anyone love me because I'm afraid if I do then they'll just stand me in the back like those 3 girls did. Those girls didn't just call me names or lock me in a bathroom. Those girls took away my confidence, strength and made me feel worthless. As a result to that I became anorexic, depressed and I the worst part is that I thought about killing myself -

    Alexis: I am truly sorry for talking back to you and hurting your feelings. (I am drawing a masterwork like everybody else.) (I don't have any brown... could I use it?" (Noooooooooooooooo! You say.) (Please?) (Nooo Alexis!") (Pretty please?" (NO.) (THATS IT! I'M NOT BEING NICE ANYMORE!!! I NEED THE BROWN FOR THE HAIR!" I say.) (A glummad look on your face.) I'm very sorry. - Kaylynn

    Alexis: I had been bullied. But I realized this girl is'nt a real bully. She follows directions, but she it a little too strict. So for now, she acts respectful to me, though she is respectful to everybody. According to her, I feel pretty weird when she talks to me. For example, I know her a lot, but i'm acting like she is a boy that likes me. I hope she will be my friend as soon as possible! -

    Shandi Mccutcheon : My whole life I have been bullied, but recently it has gotten worse. I know longer have any friends do to a boy who does not even want me . My mom is my only friend and unfortunately she has cancer and is so sick I could lose her at anytime -

    Irene M.: A lot of girls think I mean and bossy. Am I really? The sad thing is I'm not mean it's how I am. I was born with problems... Anger problems. I just hope one day I would stop. -

    nicole : i have been bullied in my 3rd period then i take it out on my friends and i don,t tell anyone so my mom is thinking of taking me out of school now i am taliking to pepole -

    alexand: ok the truth im so jelose at people who have new cool toys for me and the girl when have new oy and she alway s want to see it to me and she said to me "i have new toy u dont have :P how poor?" and i said "exuse me? im older than u soo i dont need toys u acting like a baby" im mad so i do i kick her and she cry it s awful i never should so that she s name is gillian and i felt sorry for her and her mother went mad and say bad shout at me:( it s bad so i cant apologize o her becuz she s so mean she started the fight so i dont apologize illl apologize if she apologize i mean i can >:( she s mean so i like be mad at her like forever so i dont know what to do :( well only i can do is pray pray is good so when every night i pray and i think he forgive me (cristo) and then i dont mentiion when she say so bad to me i dont mention her then i dont get trouble :D and that s my strory -

    alexandria:D: we need kindness and respect we know sometime we get mad and we need to control our temper and look to the other side ur good in inside some times u look bad or ugly in outside but the inside are special not outside and dont give up and thank u for letting me make magazine hope u really belive it. :) -

    Uma Jay Kerkar: So in elementary school I had only one friend, Kayla Carrera. I was very little so I didn't really pay attention or care about having so many friends and being "popular." Kayla and I have been very close friends since kindergarten and she was like a sister to me. Actually, me and her used to pretend like we were blood related sisters. We were always in a good mood and laughing and playing together. We grew up together and went to the same school all up until high school. I always knew I could tell her everything that was important. She would tell me all right from wrong. She understood me. All through elementary school, I was bullied. People pushed me, punched me in the arm, would throw my things, call me names, and make fun of me because of how I looked or dressed. I never liked going to school but all I knew was I had to go and I knew I'd see Kayla. She'd stand up for me sometimes which always made me feel better because I knew I had a good friend. Then, middle school came. I tried to dress "cooler" and talk and act differently just so I could get some more attention because I knew everyone would have a bunch of friends. I was very scared and shy in the first month or so of sixth grade but I soon got over it. I made new friends and dressed "in style", too. Sixth and seventh grade went by fast and no harm was done but then eight grade came and it was a complete disaster. In eight grade, it started out OK. Soon, a seventh grader, Jesse Wilson, came along and said he liked me then he loved me and I fell into that trap. Plus, I should have known that it was all fake and a waste of my time but I didn't think straight. I thought I knew how to take care of myself all on my own. I learnt that the hard way. Jesse was in a "game" with other girls. They told him to date me then dump me then hit on my girlfriends and get me mad. That worked. I definitely got mad. I was mad and sad and I didn't really know how to react to all this. That lasted from September to early November. Around my birthday in December, a new guy, Oliver Forseth, came to my history class and he became my new partner. Once we had to do a project together so we exchanged phone numbers.He would call me at-least 15 times a day and it wasn't even for the project. The first few days I would pick up and we would have small talk. One day he handed me a note in class saying, "I really really like you. You are really pretty and hot and I have never had a girlfriend before so i don't know what else to say." I thought it was kind of cute but I didn't like "like" him back and I only wanted to be friends. Then he handed me another note five minutes after he handed me the first one. it said, "I know what I want to say actually: Your ass is so sexy and you have the best body and I want to do lots of 'things' with you." That freaked me out. I didn't talk to him for days but then I knew he was still checking me out and I just wanted to tell him to back off. I did and he didn't like it. I still had to talk to him but we only talked about the project. One day I started dating this guy named Allen Melendez. As soon as Oliver found out, he got really mad at me and never picked up my phone calls and he purposely did really bad on our project and made me look bad because of that. I started realizing that there is so much drama that I do not need to get into. Eventually, Allen and I broke up and Oliver found out. He started asking me out every single day. He even tried kissing me and I felt extremely uncomfortable. He was getting way to perverted and it creeped me out so I told him if he asks me out again I will never talk to him, go near him, or be his friend ever again. A week later he asked me out and I said me and him could not be friends any longer. Just because of that, the next day I come home from school and my friend Ashley calls me and says, "Have you heard the rumor about you!?" I said, "What!? What's the rumor!? Who spread it!?" As soon as she told me the rumor, I knew exactly who spread it. Oliver. The rumor was "Uma "did it"(had sex) with a high schooler." I knew it was Oliver because once he asked me if I have ever "done it" with a high schooler. I was scared and mad and sad and I had no idea what to say to her that I just broke down crying and dropped the phone. I had no idea what tomorrows day would be like. The next day, I saw everyone staring at me. I heard that people were calling me slut, whore, whinny little bitch, prostitute. They stared at me in the halls and in class. My grades dropped, too. I hated it. I didn't know what to do! I cried myself to sleep every night for a month or two. None of my friends cared enough to ask me if I needed help with these bullies. I never told my parents. Even Kayla didn't know about the rumor until I told her about it but she was so supportive to me and she told me to always think positive and she really made me feel better but I wasn't always around her in school so I didn't always remember to "think positive." I talked less, I participated in class and with my friends less. I smiled less. I was loosing my friends quick. I thought my life was useless and nobody cared. Like I didn't belong in this world or that I wasn't right to be here, alive. I kept everything a secret. This lasted through the end of my eight grade year. I was even scared to walk up the stage for graduation because everyone would see me. I hid my face from people most of the time. During summer I heard I wasn't going to Palm Springs High. That's the school everyone normally goes to. My parents decided that Xaviers College Prep would be a better high school to keep me on track. I told the friends that I had left that I wasn't going to the same high school as them. They told me that they will try to keep me updated on everything that goes on in their school. I heard during summer people were still talking about me and the rumor. It was also all over Facebook, I heard. I deleted my Facebook when the rumor started because I didn't want to see any of their mean, rude posts about me. When their school started, my friend Michael told me that Allen started believing in the rumor too, and that other people were continuing were they left off with the rumor. The rumor still exists right now at this very moment. I hated my eight grade year. Nothing at all went right for me. It as complete torture. I still blame lots of things on me. I keep thinking that all this bullying that happened to me in middle school was all my fault. I really don't know if it was or not. I am very glad I am in a different school than the other people. It feels like I don't have any drama anymore but I still have that really big pain in me from all the bad memories in elementary and middle school. I hope that nothing like this ever happens to anyone else. We do not deserve this at all! I know that if I ever see another girl or guy getting bullied, I WILL HELP THEM because I know exactly how they feel. I know the Kind Campaign helps us girls feel more secure and it feels like we can finally trust some people and let all the truth come out of us. -

    Annie: I was in a bad place in my life in High School and I took it out on you. I forever regret being like that, you are a woman, a human and you deserved better. - heather

    Harmony: I was bullied the first year of middle school. Right when I walked in, unknowingly I had said hi to the enemy I would soon make. She bullied physically and verbally. This pushed me more and more into a deep depression, everyday I would come home and just stare out the window hoping to get the courage to end my life, but I could never do it. My parents moved me into a whole different school, but instead of hating my bully, I would like to thank her, because without her bullying me, I would have never met the friends I have today. I am finally happy. -

    Bella Geiwald: By taking the Kind Pledge, I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. - San Diego

    Bella Geiwald: My Story: In forth grade all the kids in my neighborhood (including my brother) started a club called IHATEBELLA and they would meet every week and jot down notes on how they all hated me and then mail it to me and i used to sit in my room crying just thinking. "what did i do to deserve this " I used to sit in my room the whole day and just do my homework and then close all my curtains and lock my door and go on my computer and look at all the insults they put on the internet ... I really hated it once I even considered running away to a place no one would know me and i could start fresh. It lasted a while .... up to sixth grade and then i met a new girl named Maura.. She really got it and she is and always will be my Best Friend .... SHe got me through all the tough times later on I decided to go and confront the starter of the club and I said to ________ " You Know what your doing is wrong... later on in your life you are going to regret this and you will think to yourself heyy i wish I could turn the clock back and just never have done that" so ________ They said I am really sorry and then for about 2 months we became really good friends and then one day she decided she didnt like me anymore so she came to my house and said " I was pretending the whole time I really thought you were a bi**h "!!!!! But overall I think THat if I could turn back the clock and erase all the tears i had cried, I really wouldnt because that experience made me who i am now.... The Better Person! -Bella Geiwald (7th Grade) I PLEDGE TO BE KIND -

    Bhea: I'm always bullied by almost everyone in my grade. That's why I always hate going to school. I always wanted to stay at home. I feel like I'm always alone that's why I just play whatever things that I have at home. -

    Zuellen: I'm always bullied by almost everyone in my grade. That's why I always hate going to school. I always wanted to stay at home. I feel like I'm always alone that's why I just play whatever things that I have at home. -

    Olivia: I pledge to not be silent. If I read or hear any form of bullying, I will speak up. No matter what. Kind = Love. - Seymour, IN

    Lindsay: Im so sorry if i ever discluded you or made you feel left out - Annie

    Lindsay: everyone in school laughs at me and makes fun of me because i'm flat chested -

    Alana S: Im sorry to my friend, who liked the same guy I did. Turns out, the guy liked me, and he asked me out, and I did ask for my friends permission to date him, but when she said yes, I know it still hurt her. When me and that guy broke up, she was there to comfort me and hold me when I cried, even though I "stole" her guy. That is truly a good friend, and I am sorry for letting the guy come before her. - Kati I

    Alana Swaringen: I get/got alot of things said about me for always "flirting" or being all about guys, which I'm totally not. I like being in relationships, but it's only because I'm happy with the person, whoever I'm with at the time. But i love my friends more. People always say things about me, or make fun of me, often to my face, and alot of the people who say things are my friends. But they don't understand how much it really hurts, and how hard it is for me, dealing with the small insults that build up and flow out at night when I cry. But today, Lauren and Molly came to our school and the girl student body watched their documentary, and in the end, most of us were in tears. Not from sadness, but from that knowing we were all the same, with similar stories, and that we weren't alone. We did our apology cards, and I got two from my good friends apoligizing for being mean to me about my dating habits. We became so much closer, crying in eachothers arms, and today has changed my life forever. Thank You :) -

    Alana Swaringen: I pledge to be a friend to whoever needs one. - Chicago

    jessie: i pledge to help everyone and stand for those who are being bullied teasing or phischaily. - newberg

    jessie: i know this isn't as bad as others but im still upset about it 2 years later. i was on the bus going to school on my first day of 6 grade.there wasn't any seats in the front of the bus so i had to set in the back. a 7 grader said 6 graders arent suppose to set in the back and told her she wasn the boss of me then she called me an ass. -

    Mary : My truth starts in first grade. I had only a few friends but the girls that I wanted to be friends with wouldn't let me be there friend. I was always jealous of the other girls relationships with other each other. But when middle school came around I was a punching bag. Girls would call me fat, ugly, weird, and annoying behing my back. Even one etime this girl said it to my face. It wassnt until the middle of 7th grade when I finally got over the names and I went out with the most popular guy in my school. I had finally felt up there and ignored other drama. But after he dumped me, girls made me go back to the bottom of the list of pops. 8th grade came and I had all new friends who were sweet but still never fully excepted me cause I use to be popular. I use to come home every other day feeling horrible and myself and I always cried. It got so bad one day that when I was in pe a girl threw a ball several times at me and made fun of me. When I went to go talked to my friend alone she came over and asked me what's wrong. I acted horrible and said well ya know being picked on by ppl like u and getting hit by balls because of u. Then she said well being called a bitch isn't nice either. I had found out someone lied to her and told her I called her one when clearly I didn't. After 8th grade everyone went to Eastside Catholic. I had to go to mount si. I've made some friends. But the drama is still here. Most of my vball team was super mean to me. Girls had attitude, made fun of me being short, the clothes I weared, yelled at me when I was crying after being in pain from a game. Always told me what right which was never really right and always was on my case about every little thing. One girl said I make the team look bad. I think I'm pretty, smart, and nice. I hold my ground when girls r mean but is it really fair? -

    Iman: I pledge to always be myself and be much nicer to all the girls I meet! - Peterborough

    Iman: I'm SO sorry to all the girls I've ever been mean to! - All The Girls

    Iman: I got teased in elementary school as my hair wasn't like the rest of theirs. -

    Courtney H.: I pledge to be kind! - WA

    C.H: I almost killed myself 6 times -

    Caelie Desmond: I pledge to not judge people by their looks or how they act. I will smile at everyone. I will report and stop all bullying I see. - Kirkland

    Caelie Desmond: I am truly sorry for spreading rumors about you and your ex. I said you were a slut and that you broke up with him because he was a virgin. I didn't know better than to say what I heard. I look back and truly regret helping spread the rumor. - Hannah Kasper

    Caelie Desmond: In 4th grade i was eating lunch like i normally do. Then my best friend came up to me and I said hi. She instantly turned cold and said " Leave me alone. You're fat and stick to me like velcrow." I cried so hard for weeks. I didn't truly trust people until I moved in 7th grade. Then I was made fun of for being overweight. People called me a slut and a whore to my face and behind my back even though I haven't ever dated or kissed anyone. It got so bad that I was contemplating suicide. I was having problems at home too that was making me emotionly unstable at school. With all the problems i was having I was thinking " Why me? Of all the people here, why take it out on me. What did I do to deserve this?" My best friend is being bullied too. He is an in the closet gay. Everyone thinks he's gay but he doesn't want anyone to know. He feels like if he comes out everyone will bully him even more. I stand up for him all the time. It makes me feel terrible because he cries on my shouldur a lot. It makes me cry. I get called lesbeian because I hold hands with my friends that are girls. I get called slut when I hold hands with friends that are guys. It seems like there's no escape. Until today. We watched finding kind at school. Afterwords, we talked about our bully stories. I found out that there were girls like me and even worse. I shared my story and sobbed my heart out to strangers. I feel an emotional bond with them now. I had to stop in the middle of my story because I was crying so hard. I now realize that I need to stand up for people I see bullied. -

    Bailee Meyer: It all started when I was in kindergarten. I rode a bus with kids who took the roll of a bully. I would just be sitting there and kids would say that I was fat and had no reason to live. They would just tell me this everyday. I didnt know what to say. No one stood up for me. I felt alone. Once I started getting older I tried standing up, but it still didnt stop. I finally thought of taking my own life in the 3rd grade. I was know as the fatty in our school. I started trying to starve myself as I grew older and I couldnt stand it. I knew I couldn't do anything. I finally said enough was enough. I lost weight as the years went by and have been trying to make a change in our community for bullying. I right know still eventually get bullied once in a while. After all I am a middle School. I just feel as if this should stop. Girl against Girl crime is not the way to go. We need to make a change quickly. I know it can never stop fully. I feel as if you guys are doing so much for our world. Id like to Thank you! For everything -

    Jacqueline: I keep ignoring my little cusin that is 5 years old and i feel sad for her -

    kaitlyn (hopeful): So much has hapened but, there was this one girl named margaret, she was the biggest impact EVER. I'm 11 now and in 7th grade, i skipped 2nd, but this starts when we were 2. She lives two houses down the street and i see her everyday at school, she has done so much to influence the way i think about myself, the two stories i want to share with the kind campaign are from at least 5 years ago, i still remember. First story. She had locked me in the bathroom and my friends and her were playing in her room, giving up hope I started to cry. I heard her laugh and the screen door close, they were in her backyard now. I finally picked the lock and ran out. I locked the backdoor on her and ran home. I didn't know they could get out the garage and I was almost home when she grabbed my arm and my "friends" flanked her. I was so suprised I can imagine how much fun she was getting out of that stupid suprised look on my face. She strted chanting at me fat albert and my friends jade and sierra started chanting it too. I ran home crying, it didn't stop. for $ MONTHS they chanted it everytime they saw me whitch was really inconvenient because they all lived on my street, rode my bus, got babysat by my mom, and had the same class as me. I was incredibly hurt and cried everytime, worst mistake ever. Worse than getting pantsed 2 times on the rope in pe. Next story. This had a slight win for me though. We were riding our bikes and she started chasing me chanting cry baby. I'm not fast at all unless a snake's chasing me so she caught up. She pushed the bike over on top of me and I screamed. I was so mad she actually ran. She pushed, i tripped, she kicked, i grabbed her arm, she ran and got the last laugh. I feel horrible saying all this, people everywhere have it way worse but it hurt so much!!! I feel like a horrible person, I can't forgive her and no one has bullied me in two years, but everytime i look in the mirror i put myself down and everytime some one looks and smiles at me in the halls i smile back but think it's suspicious. I only smile when i'm depresses or laughing and people think i'm sad when i have a normal face on, no one knows how depressed I am and i cry WAY too easily. I love the kind campaign. thnk you. ~ Kaitlyn -

    Rachel: I am sorry for not being there for you when you needed me the most. - Ashley

    Kyle: I pledge to stand up for others that are being bullied, so they realize that it is unacceptable and that as a society we need to change. Not only will I stand up for those who are being bullied, but I will stand up to the bullies to stop the hate. I will also work to ensure that I am not bullying and that I am in fact helping to make this place better. - Green Bay, WI

    Hailey S: I've been bullied for 10 years and I don't ever want anyone to go to the measures and pain I turned to. Please be kind -

    Jessica: I'm sorry for telling everyone you liked him. - Ashlynn

    Jessica: One day I gossiped about this other girl saying that she liked one guy.The rumor spread to everyone. -

    Meg: To try to be more confident. - Florida

    Johanna: Truth: I have been bullied and still do about my height. I am 14, and am 4''7'. And i have not shown anyone that it has hurt me, but now it seems like everyone just picks at me and doesnt think about my feelings. Just a few days a go, one of my friends said to me "you're so short! Do you have to buy your clothes at the kids section?!" in my head, i was hurt and wondered why she decided to tell me there when we were in clase, having a good time. But now i have learned to like my height, and that i dont care about what anyone thinks about my hieght. I have great friends, who stick up for me if someone does try to make fun of me. I just want to tell everyone, that it seriously gets better! you might feel like crap now, but time will heal you! just think if everyone was like, " i dont care what people think of my height, clothes, friends, popularity, money, and beauty!" the whole world would be like a really big family, and no one would feel like they have to give up their life, because other people dont like what they do! STOP BULLYING AND START EXCEPTING!:) -

    Emily: I guess you could say that I was never bullied in a direct way. But in reality, how often do girls fight straight up. my struggle has come from a combination of jk's, it's not big deals, and I never said that's. I have has so many friends in high school that have talked about me behind my back and betrayed my trust. I told people my most personal thoughts and feelings, only to hear that they had told many other girls. I always struggle with my self confidence. I have always been a heavy girl and I struggle with being my own sense of affirmation. I hear plenty of times a day that I am ugly, have no friends, or that no guy would ever like me. Regardless of if the words are a joke, they hurt. The truth is that instead of building each other up, girls tear each other down so that they can be the one and only queen bee. When in reality, we could all support and love each other to make us all feel like queens in our own ways. -

    aaliyah: sorry for not being there and turning on u hen everyones hated you -

    Danna: My pledge is to keep positive thoughts and keep my opinions to myself. I pledge to be kind and respect others! - Dover, NH

    Danna: I apology for all the mean things I have said. It isnt right to do that and I wouldnt want those things said about me. - Random

    Danna: In high school I was never the popular girl or even someone people payed attention too. It really hurt to see people going out when I was never invited. To make myself feel better I made fun of and talked bad about those people. -

    Sam Dodge: When I was the age of 13 everything in my life was consuming me. Every time I looked into the mirror my reflection became more and more unrecognizable.I wasn't like all my friends; blonde, skinny, and i definitely wasn't the girl all the guys wanted. I began to make decisions that I would have never made a couple months earlier. My goal was to became like all my friends, someone that I was not. The farther away I got from myself the more the decisions i was making went down hill. I was talking to guys ways that I never wanted to just so they would be interested in me. One day after being told that again I was heaver or in other words fat by my one friend I broke down. The most popular guy in my school all of a sudden was texting me after this whole situation and had asked me to send him pictures of myself. Being the new girl I was and wanting so badly to be liked I made the wrong decision. The next year of my life was the looks, rumors, laughs, being excluded, and alone. I felt like I was the only person in the world that even made a mistake because that's what these people made me feel like. I was looked down at if i was even looked at. The people new me as "that girl". I woke up one morning and decided that i wasn't going to be her anymore. That the girl i new about a year ago, who loved her sense of style, softball, and laying in her bed listening to music and having fun was the girl i wanted to be. I know that that time in my life was something that is going to describe how i am but i am glad that i learned from my mistakes and that even though people have there own opinions on me, mine is the only one that matters. -

    Tiffany: My name is Tiffany and I'm 21. When I was in 7th grade I moved to a new town and went to a new school. On my first day a girl named Marina was nice enough to show me around. We passed a boy in the hall and I told her I thought he was cute. It turned out he had a girlfriend who was pretty and popular and somehow by the end of the day she found out that I had said her boyfriend was cute. She had turned the whole school against me on my very first day. From then on I was getting dirty looks, pushed and shoved in the halls, threatening instant messages, it was awful. I hated school. I had never felt so alone and scared in my life. I tried to stay home or leave school early everyday. It was the worst year of my life. Luckily the next year was better but I'll never forget what those girls did to me. I wish the kind campaign was around back then but I'm so thankful to Lauren and Molly that girls today that are going through what I went through have people like you standing up for them. You two are angels and I appreciate what you are doing more than you know. -

    McGill Carter: Dear anyone who has felt they don't matter, You are worth it. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Tell everyone else they are worth it, too. You are beautiful. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. If true beauty shines on the inside, it shines on the outside, too. You are kind. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. A compliment can change everything, no matter how small. You are smart. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Use your intelligence to help others, and to spread the message. YOU are YOU. YOU are worth it, YOU are beautiful, YOU are kind, YOU are smart. Don't let the hate get to YOU, and don't change who YOU are for someone else. - YOU

    McGill Carter: I pledge to keep a smile on my face, step in and stand up when someone is getting bullied, and to spread the wonderful message of the Kind Campaign wherever I go. - Greensboro

    Aspen : I kindly pledge to not take part in female bullying or bullying of any kind. I kindly pledge to spread the word about kind campaign to anyone and everyone I can. I kindly pledge to keep the documentary(Finding Kind) in the back of my mind and how each person felt each time I witness bullying so I can take a stand. I kindly pledge to stand up for people whether they are my friend or not. I kindly pledge to not be a bully. I kindly pledge to be there for people who are being bullied, to give them compliment and tell them they have someone to talk to. - Wake Forest,NC

    Aspen,NC: The truth is I have been bullied. But I have also been the bully. I sometimes think that I have it bad but then I hear about it on the news and see it in the documentary people dealing with bullying and I realize that I have no where close to the idea of some people's stories. What you consider to be a small joke can be taken to heart and hurt someone really bad. So with that being said a small compliment that you give to someone can make a huge difference. You don't have to know someone to hurt them and bully them. But you don't have to know someone to stand up for them either. So be a friend NOT A BULLY! You can change someone's life with just a couple of words. It's free to be kind! -

    Aspen,NC: The truth is I have been bullied. But I have also been the bully. I sometimes think that I have it bad but then I hear about it on the news and see it in the documentary people dealing with bullying and I realize that I have no where close to the idea of some people's stories. What you consider to be a small joke can be taken to heart and hurt someone really bad. So with that being said a small compliment that you give to someone can make a huge difference. You don't have to know someone to hurt them and bully them. But you don't have to know someone to stand up for them either. So be a friend NOT A BULLY! You can change someone's life with just a couple of words. It's free to be kind! -

    Haylee: I've been to three different schools in three years. The first school I went to was in a small town and we were friends with everybody since you really couldn't go off by yourself. Then in eighth grade, I changed to a different school where some of my friends were going to. When I transfered schools, I got along with my friend, and made friends with hers. One of her friends became my best friend (we're still best friends even though we live 90 miles apart), and my friend became jealous. She started telling lies behind my back. My best friend told me this, and was afraid I wouldn't want to be her friend anymore (I still find it a little funny that she would think I wouldn't want to be her friend), and I told her the total opposite. I let her talk her heart out about this, but I kept my own feelings in. When I was by myself, I let dark thoughts enter my head. I didn't realize that I have ever thought of suicide, until Molly and Lauren came to my school one day. And I'm really glad that I didn't do any of it. Now I'm in a different school and away from my old friend, but my best friend is there. But I'm really glad that the Kind Campaign came to my school and taught me this lesson. -

    Kate: I wish I had friends -

    Megan : In my school of 800+ people just 8-9th grade, its not uncommon to see people being bullied. But, since we have gotten older, its harder to see because girls have gotten sneakier. Whether it be making sure that girl knows shes not invited or posting and embarassing photo of another girl on facebook. Girls dont realize the impact of the things they do online or through other people. It hurts just as bad, and this way everybody knows about it too so it hurts even more. i wish somebody had told this to the girl who ruined freshman year for me. But, i forgive her. -

    Maraena Black: I pledge to be kind to EVERYONE! I will compliment each girl I meet and will stick up for those who are being bullied - Johnston

    Sydney : Today Lauren and Molly came to my school. A couple days before soem of my bestfriends and I have been having problems because of a boy liking me. They stared calling me a slut and a whore. I went to the bathroom and cried and then when I went to the office to get help I got called a snitch. It seemed like we woudlnt ever be friends again. Then you guys came and we are close again. I wanted to say thank you guys soooo mucchhh!!! You gusy really inspired so many of us girls today and had me become friends with the people I have bullied or said mean things too. I will never forget when you guys came today. Thank you so much. -

    Haley Blackford: I pledge to help stop the bullies at my school and stick up for those who are being picked on. Also to stay true to myself. - Johnston

    Kaitlyn: In middle school I got called fat and ugly. I went to the bathroom most days and cried. My parents never knew. Last year in 8th grade, things were just getting to bad and I got made fun of and laughed at everyday. I started to self harm and went into a deep depression. My parents then found out and started to find ways to help me. Nothing was working and I thought the only way out was suicide so I had a plan all planned out of how and when. I then went to a kind campaign presentation at my moms school and that changed everything. I went back to my school and started ignoring what everyone was saying about me. I overcame self harm and kind campaign kept me alive. Thank you -

    Megan Aspengren: Many people don't realize the damage they can do with just the little coments they make about someone of something they say to their face. I experienced this when I was on a club volleyball team. I was excited for the year to begin, but soon found out how the girls on my team really were. They would yell at me on the court, and never include me in their conversations. I even caught a few girls talking behind my back. All of these little things individually don't sound like a big deal, but when they repeatedly happen it's harder to enjoy my favorite sport. As things grew worse I developed anxiety and depression. I was even sad at school and came home crying. Luckily, I had a couple of great friends help me through it and my parents. When the Kind Campaign came to visit us and shared their documentary, I finally understood. Bullying is not a joke, the littlest things you say can seriously hurt someone. You may not know what is going on in their home life or with their friends. Do NOT ever be to quick to judge someone. They may be the nicest person you will ever meet, but if you don'y give them a chance you will never know. Try something knew. Mayabe give a compliment to someone you may not know very well or invite them to sit with you at lunch. The smallest things can make a big difference. So do something today or tomorrow or now!!! Everybody needs a good friend and it all starts with you -

    Elle : promise to make a difference in my school and neighborhood because it hurts to be bullied and no one should ever go through it. -

    Dessiree: Okay My name is Dessiree as you see! Well you had came to my school and gave a amazing presentation. Thank you so much!! I do have a story my self: Its not as bad as other peoples but for me its sad:( Okay well It all started when I was in 3rd grade I had a little group of friends and a new girl had came! I was really excited because At that time I never new what it was like to have a new girl come in a class. And bye the wayy i no this is random but im not the dessiree down there in the other peoples truth box thing. Well im just gona use the first letters of there names There was H, D(me), E,L,K, and then we all started hanging out with a new girl B. In my opinion she was super nice and I really liked her but they didnt. At this time me and H were best-friends. Sence i was hanging out with B and a little bit less with her she got jealous. She had told B that she better stay away from me because she was steeling me. B didnt. And theres G too. Well Im not the smartest person I struggle in school but i really do try. Well in 3rd grade the teacher had called on me and I didnt know the answer so I just sad there confused. So the teacher said can someone help her. So someone els got the answer and then G said "Finally! how do you not no that" I felt usless and dumb. More days of school came and me and all of this was still happening. So one day I bursted out crying to my mom and so me and her went in the school and talked to the teacher. Things went good. Only for a little bit. 4th grade had came, Me and B were still good friends. H still didnt like it. And this confused me because H was always mean to me but she doesnt want me to hangout with anyone els? And she would spread rumors. One even was that my mom barged in there house and sweard tuns of bad words infrot of all the little kids. That day I didnt want to do anything. I just wanted to sit and hide. 5th grade came and this is when H had sucked up to B and they were becoming friends and I was so happy and so exited! That H wouldnt be mean anymore. Well one day they had diched me. I was so sad I felt like no one liked me. So another day came and H me and B all made big plans to go to the park and have a huge water fight H said she would be at my house with B in about 2 mins and i just was them ride past on their bikes. I cryed and balled for about 3 hours. I coulnt beleve they did that again!! Well B had a facebook and so did I. I had messaged her tuns of mean mean things like your a backstabing lier and other stuff. I thought it was the right thing to do. But it wasnt. I got back what i gave to them and i disterved it. No one at school would talk to me exepet one girl named Hannah(: She was my bestfriend too we have been friends sence babys. We all got over it but she still would call me names and spred rumors about me. 6th grade came and I was saying to my self " Im gona start new this year im gona have new great friends and just start new" That had happend!! I was friends with these girls named hailee sara taylor and many moree!! Me and taylor were bestfriends -

    Lisa: My older sister deals with depression and has been bullying me since I was a very young. I don't hate her because I know she's dealing with pain inside, but it's been the the source/cause of my insecurities. What do I do? -

    kayla: i pledge to be more of a better person and not act like someone im not and help kids in stead of them feel bad about them evern tho i feel bad about my self everyday i cry so ik how u all feel when things happen i do and ik how getting bullied feels im the same as u and just know im always here for everyone :) - neenah , Wisconsin

    kayla: well i apologize to my best friend courtney for sayin things i never should have said i never should have let a guy get in between us and a cuzin of mine i have goin thro a lot but with out u its like i have no one to really talk to u helped me thro everything i just want u to know i love u and ur my sister for life and never will i ever forget about everythign we have been thro sis i love u and ur my sunshine :) - Courtney

    kayla : the truth is that i have been through no 15 year old girl should of went through in her whole life i have been through bulling all my life and even more then that theres to much to even say :) well thanks for comming to our school today kind campaign :) -

    Aley: I pledge. To never let popularity get in the way of my friendships -

    Aley: Brittney you are my best friend and i am so sorry that i stopprd being your friend because of what people thought of you. You were always there for me and I just threw our friend away because it wasnt cool to be uour friend and i guess i did it because it wasnt cool and you were so smart that you got into gt and then you got to go to a different school for smart kids and i didnt and i am so sorry that i let jealously and trying to be popular get in the way of our friendship. When they came to our school I couldnt stop thinking of you and what i did to you and I cried about. Whenever i think about you and our four years of being besties i cry because i spread ansty rumors about you whem you left and i a, so sorry and i hope you can forgive me. -

    The Now Nicer Me: I pledge to be nicer to everyone and give people a chance instead of judging by a first glance. I've been judged like that and I know it hurts so I pledge to be the person who befriends them instead of judges them. Thank-you Lauren and Molly for inspiring me at your presentation today at Neenah High School! - Neenah

    Olivia: Sorry for ignoring you when you needed me the most. - Mikenzie

    Olivia: When I was an eighth grader, I was all I wanted to be and more; the dancer, the singer, part of the school leadership/kindness program, and had tons of friends. About half way through the school, my friend (let's call her Hannah) and I both fell for the same guy. We ended up getting his number and him and I texted/talked all the time for 3 months. We were looked at as a couple. I told my friend that he said he liked me and that we were going to become "more than friends". She flipped out. She screamed at me. Her and I had been best friends for 8 years and every minute of that went to waste because of a guy. I told her that if it really bugged her that much I would say that I would like to stay friends and nothing will happen. So told me it did, and I decided to put my friend before the guy and turned him down. I thought everything was going good until my group of friends decided to do track together (it conflicted with my dance schedule). Shortly after the season started, they started acting weird and ignoring me when I was with them. I asked another of my friends(let's call her Margret), who I had complete trust in, if my group was mad at me. She said no. I then asked her if they talked about me frequently because I was curious. She said yes. Later that day, Margret and I had to help in the guidance office during lunch. I asked her what they were saying, because I wanted to confront them about it and tell them that if I was doing anything wrong to please tell me. Margret said that they were calling me annoying, a slut, and a bitch. I was devistated. These girls and I had been friends since 2nd grade, atleast! She said they were saying really mean things about me. I spent the rest of the lunch period in the bathroom with Margret crying. I couldn't believe them. I confronted them and they ganged up on me, so I thought I should just let it be; I didn't tell anyone. The end of the year dance was coming up soon and we planned to all get together prior to the dance and then go out to dinner afterwards. I asked them what were doing and they said that they were going to get ready at Hannah's house. I knew that we were getting ready together and I was gone the day that they planned it. I asked them for the details and one of my "friends" (let's call her Natalie) told me right to my face that they don't like me anymore and that I'm going to have to find another group to get ready with. We had planned this since the beginning of eighth grade. The dance was 2 weekends away. The night of the dance I got ready with another group of friends and then we went to the dance. While we were at the dance, I got asked to slow dance with this guy I liked, so I said yes. Just because I said yes, these girls made up a rumor about me and how I was grinding with him and how i was a whore. When the rumor got to me, I tried to confront them. After weeks of arguing, fighting, and tears, Natalie finally came up to me in the hallway and said that I deserved everything I got. I haven't talked to Natalie, Margret, or any of the other girls since Natalie said those few words. -

    Olivia: When I was an eighth grader, I was all I wanted to be and more; the dancer, the singer, part of the school leadership/kindness program, and had tons of friends. About half way through the school, my friend (let's call her Hannah) and I both fell for the same guy. We ended up getting his number and him and I texted/talked all the time for 3 months. We were looked at as a couple. I told my friend that he said he liked me and that we were going to become "more than friends". She flipped out. She screamed at me. Her and I had been best friends for 8 years and every minute of that went to waste because of a guy. I told her that if it really bugged her that much I would say that I would like to stay friends and nothing will happen. So told me it did, and I decided to put my friend before the guy and turned him down. I thought everything was going good until my group of friends decided to do track together (it conflicted with my dance schedule). Shortly after the season started, they started acting weird and ignoring me when I was with them. I asked another of my friends(let's call her Margret), who I had complete trust in, if my group was mad at me. She said no. I then asked her if they talked about me frequently because I was curious. She said yes. Later that day, Margret and I had to help in the guidance office during lunch. I asked her what they were saying, because I wanted to confront them about it and tell them that if I was doing anything wrong to please tell me. Margret said that they were calling me annoying, a slut, and a bitch. I was devistated. These girls and I had been friends since 2nd grade, atleast! She said they were saying really mean things about me. I spent the rest of the lunch period in the bathroom with Margret crying. I couldn't believe them. I confronted them and they ganged up on me, so I thought I should just let it be; I didn't tell anyone. The end of the year dance was coming up soon and we planned to all get together prior to the dance and then go out to dinner afterwards. I asked them what were doing and they said that they were going to get ready at Hannah's house. I knew that we were getting ready together and I was gone the day that they planned it. I asked them for the details and one of my "friends" (let's call her Natalie) told me right to my face that they don't like me anymore and that I'm going to have to find another group to get ready with. We had planned this since the beginning of eighth grade. The dance was 2 weekends away. The night of the dance I got ready with another group of friends and then we went to the dance. While we were at the dance, I got asked to slow dance with this guy I liked, so I said yes. Just because I said yes, these girls made up a rumor about me and how I was grinding with him and how i was a whore. When the rumor got to me, I tried to confront them. After weeks of arguing, fighting, and tears, Natalie finally came up to me in the hallway and said that I deserved everything I got. I haven't talked to Natalie, Margret, or any of the other girls since Natalie said those few words. -

    Sophie: I'm Sorry that I slept with your bf... It was a good night - Alisha

    Sophie: My apology is to my parents I'm Sorry that I ran away all the time and partied I wish I could have a relationship with you guys again. But know that it will never happen. I love you mom and dad.. - Colleen+ Darwin

    jackie duffy: My experience with girls bullying me began my first week as a freshman at an all girl high school in louisville Ky. A group of sophomores lead by one girl in particular made my life an absolute hell for three years. I do not have many good memories from high school and the scars have not ever fully gone away. These girls spread terrible rumors about me, made fun of me and would yell out "slut" every time I walked by. When parties were held, several times signs would be up saying my name and a few other girls were not allowed to come in. I was repeatedly humiliated. They even went as far as throwing feces in my locker and writing slut on my car. Back then - 25 years ago, bullying was not openly talked about. I would cry myself to sleep at night for three solid years. I stayed home and became reclusive. I began to suffer from severe depression and anxiety and hated to go out in public for fear of someone making fun of me. I contemplated suicide several times but fortunately never followed through with it. I never told my parents which was a terrible mistake. I suffered in silence. I still to this day feel as if others dont like me and am not very trusting of others. I now have two daughters of my own and pray every day they do not experience what I did. It has had a lasting effect on my life and my relationships with others. I still see some of these girls from time to time in my community. I truely feel sorry for them that they were capable of being so heartless and cruel. I just hope that by telling my story I can help someone else who may be dealing with this. I noticed there is not a kind club in Louisville Ky and I would love to help start one up or participate in some way. -

    Christel: I pledge to be kind first and foremost. - Singapore

    Bobby: Hey man, I'm sorry for kicking the crap out of your cat. It just kept MEOWING and MEOWING. ... Is it dead? You blocked me from Facebook, so I can't tell. Oh well, just tell me when you're not mad anymore. And next time, try to keep your cats up when I'm over. - Remington

    Buhs: Buh. -

    Carly: I pledge to love myself unconditionally, no matter how pretty I feel, or what I weigh, or who my friends are. I pledge to let myself off the hook, just for today. - New York

    Carly: In fifth grade, I heard that the girl who bullied me thought I had a big butt. It was the first time i felt self conscious about my body, and all i wanted to do was change for her so that she would like me. That one comment, heard through the grapevine, triggered years of self-hatred and a distorted body image that lead me to an eating disorder. I'm so grateful to be recovered now, but I wish that girl knew how much it hurt, how awful she made me feel, and how much I wish I had stood up for myself. -

    Jordyn: I pledge, to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. ~I, Jordyn, pledge to be a kind person. To not judge people by how they look, talk, or act. I will accept all people for who they are, and I will never turn someone away. I pledge, to be KIND. - Coconut Creek

    Jordyn: Sarah, Im so sorry. Although you wil probably never see this, but Im so sorry. I ws so caught up with wanting to be accepted, that I turned on you. I talked a lot of trash about you to the popular girls, that I thought accepted me. I was stupid. Im so sorry. - Sarah

    Jordyn: People bully me all the time. I dont have many friends, but I try to make as much as I can. I just started my Freshman year in Hghschool. People are really mean. I used to think it was just in movies, but now I am actually experience, and let me tell you, it sucks. People throw things at me, push me, call me fat, call me ugly, call me names, call me that "Stupid Jew", (I'm jewish), and call me annoying, and the ADHD freak. I have a few close friends, but even they dont stand up for me all the time. I consider myself a good friend and I dont understand what Im doing wrong, but Im tired of trying. Sometimes, I feel like life sucks, and that it's not worth it. The pain, the verbal, and physical abuse, the name calling. Its not worth it sometimes. I act like im so happy and easy going with life on the outsie, but on the inside, im dying. My bestfriend was suicidal, and has depression, and I tell her how amazing life is & how she shouldnt miss out on life, but I guess Im just a hypocrite, because I dont believe a word of what even Im saying. I have all the symptoms of teen depresion, and I want to confide in my bestfriend about it, but shes the type of person, who, if I DO tell her, she will call me "fake" and "an attention hog". I dont know what to do. I just want to be accepted. -

    angel: I just read what coral did to becka, you shouldn't be forgiven. You nasty little monster.soulless.its one thing to bully another to try to make someone try to end their life! She lost her dad, her mom is dying, and you and your minions did that to her?! Unforgivable. Get help. - becka the angel.coral is satan

    fran: In 8th grade my former bff Cindy N. and Susy F. had a sleepover and I wasn't invited and that Monday at school she took every letter I wrote her, highlighted key points, passed them around our class! A hundred kids read my inner most thoughts,dreams,fears,jealousies,etc. I left my Dads home because he severely verbally and emotionally abused to the point I considered suicide and I wrote her about those feelings. I was jealous of the cool kids I lived in the same neighborhood as, but didn't fit in with. I rode the cool bus to school and was not cool at all. I wrote all of this. I even bad mouthed the cool kids cuz I was mad I wasn't in their clique. She had no qualms about passing these notes everywhere. I was ripping my inner most thoughts and pain out of me to put on paper and it was a f'ing joke by the end of the day! I quit my beloved tennis lessons cuz friends of the kids were in my class, acted out in school to get kicked out, skipped classes, ate lunch all alone, etc. It was humiliating. No grown up listened to me except 1 teacher. Mrs Ruda . My Aunt called all these girls mothers months earlier and told them how disturbed I was, a liar, low self esteem, she sealed my fate those months earlier. She proved she ha no loyalty to me, wouldn't defend me, wouldn't try to get ppl who bullied me punished. She bad mouthed me to ALL of my little girlfriends parents! They ALL said I could never come over again, play with their oh so innocent kids, I was a bad influence, they were good before I came along, etc. I was alone but blissfully ignored before the letters were passed around. I tried to kill myself. I took an entire bottle of advil and allergy meds mixed and drank a few shots of vodka. I wrote a hate letter to those 2 girls, normal goodbye letter to everyone else. The vodka made me puke ALL the pills up in less than 20 minutes after I took them. I was taken to the er puking and puking. I burst a blood vessel in my eye. They found the letters and even called the school and told them what the girls had done and they kicked me out! To this very day I'll never forget that. All that happened in less than 3 months. -

    ashley: Dear mom, I am so sorry for telling you that you are not my mom.You adopted me and cared for me when i had nobody and i will never forget that no matter how often i say differently.You showed me love when i had nobody to care for me.I am so sorry that when dad died i shut down and wouldn't talk to you when you needed me.The stress of him being gone got to me and i tried to kill myself i didn't wanna live anymore.You took care of me and kept fighting to get through even when i put up a huge fight you wouldn't give up on me and i thank you i am sooooooo sorry for the pain i have caused you please forgive me mama i love ya! - Mama

    coral: hey Becka , im sorry i said all those mean things to you i didn't think i was hurting you that bad and i didnt know all those things were going on im soo sorry i understand if you cant bring yourself to forgive me it would be nice but i understand i'm not sure i would be able to i made you try to commit suicide last year its been tough and im sorry! - becka

    becka: my life is falling apart for years ive been told that i was a loser,im fat im the worst ball player ever,that i only care about myself,that im stupid,that im too shy and that im ugly. nobody knows what is going on in my life. my mom has multiple sclerosis so her body is eating its own nervous system and there is no cure my dad died last month and kids teased me for crying he was my only support system i cant even go online anymore cause the people who hurt me find me there too it never goes away -

    Caroline: I pledge to always show love and compassion to any girl no matter who they are or where they are from. I pledge to spread kindness through acts of love and compassion and that whenever another girl is mean to me to turn my other cheek and show her even more kindness than before. - Carmel

    Caroline: I just want to say i'm truly sorry for all the times I've talked behind your back. I know that no matter how you've treated me you have never deserved what I've said or done. If anything it means you deserve my love even more. Although we get on each others nerves you're still one of my best friends and I love you to death. I will always be praying for our friendship to blossom. - Ale

    Caroline: In fifth grade my best friend ditched me to hang out with cooler girls. They peer pressured her into bullying me, convinced her to not hang out with me anymore, and spread rumors about me. Because of this I was extremely insecure throughout middle school and suffered from depression. Our friendship was the never the same and even though she apologized we only talk from time to time. We moved on and grew apart, but in the end she chose them over me. -

    lyndina: im a bully in my school im trying to stop but i cant -

    Katy: I'm sorry for everything. We did'nt start out great but somehow we beacame bestfriends until I kissed the guy you liked....And you called me things that hurt. And what hurt most is that thoes words were coming from you. But after all that you forgave me and I forgave you. But yesterday at the documentary I saw you how I've never seen you before. It broke you so much and you told me why it had effected you so much, and I did'nt know no one else knew and I was wrong to tell Her, but in direct I did'nt tell them. She heard me and Cal talking. And Callie told me. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with cherries on top forgive me. I need you - You

    Grace : Dear,Collette I know were in 7th grade now and the last time we spoke was in summer break when we were in 5th but I wanted you to know I'm so sorry I should have apologized sooner but I was too afraid to and once I saw you with your new friends I knew you wouldn't care anymore. I shouldn't have said the things I said I over reacted. I just wanted you to know how sorry I am that, that happened and were not friends anymore. Best wishes, Grace - Collette

    katlyn,md: i used to make fun of girls to make myself feel better -

    Maddison Gates: I pledge to do to others what I want done to me, think before I do anything, and if I don't have anything nice to say don't say it or find something nice to say! - Enumclaw

    amber reed: i pledge to do my best to stop female bullying at my school and all around my town - black diamond,wa

    Madeline: When I was in middle school, I was tormented. I was shunned from my group of friends, had rumors spread about me, and even had people outside my locker, waiting to beat me up. It became worst when I found out people were going up to my only friend and asking her why she was friends with me. They even told newcomers to stay away from me. I never understood what I had done. I ended up becoming depressed and even had suicidal thoughts. But, that one friend stuck up for me, even when they talked about me in front of her. You never know how loyal someone is until it's put to the test. I have serious trust issues, but never with her. But I came out with problems. I don't trust many people and I'm still working through anger issues. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop when I make a new friend. I even broke down about it and had a panic attack almost 4 years after it had ended. I had just seen "Finding Kind" and spent most of the movie crying. Not only from the bad memories of middle school, but because of one simple question. Why wasn't anyone there for me? But, after having the break down and panic attack, I can now look back on middle school and not carry the demons I once had. All because I saw this movie and realized I wasn't alone and that getting out what happened would help me. Thank you to these amazing girls. They really do help. -

    amber reed: i always have been scared about starting middle school and everyone told me not to be but i relized i shouldve been i wasnt pretty i didnt wear good clothes and i wasnt popular i spent all of 6th grade trying to fit in because of the comments i would get from the popular, pretty girls they said stuff like gosh u like like trash or they would walk past me and be all like eew and call me ugly i hated it i tryed so hard but i never did so i just was my self and i still get comments like slut or u look like trailer trash or gash your nasty and its stupid that we get bullied because of what we wear and who we hang out with its just stupid i am in the 8th grade now and i now hove my wn good group of friends and im proud to be who i am my heart was touched when i watched the video when lauren and molly came to my school and when i talked to them about my bullying problem they made me feel happy to be able to make this whole thing is amazing u guys encouraged me to make an anti bullying club for girls at my school i just hav eto get the principals ok and i can do it u guys are an amazing role model :D thnk u for doing all of this u r alll really amazing -

    Maddison: Dani, I am sorry I was ever mean to you at all and that I did what I did. I didn't know what to do. I thought I knew why I did what I did but I don't. You were a good friend that "told some of my friends my secrets" I don't even know if that is true but It hurt. I don't expect us to best friends now or ever. But acquaintances, friends or just being civil would be so much better than now. I am truly, deeply, honestly, sorry from the bottom of my heart. Xoxo M - Dani

    Elisenda: I was bullied since I was 4 years old till I was 17. My crime, be the first of the class, the nerd, the one who got good grades. I learnt how to read before my classmates, and one girl decided that this fact was unacceptable. Bullying started as early as that, trying to keep me away from other friends. This got worse through my school years and nastier in high school , at the point that I had to be with antidepressants at 15 years old and I had a flare up of an autoimmune disease that I suffer from. For 3 years I was almost suicidal. However time showed me that things get better once you get control of your life. I started college and found true friends. I met the guy that now is my husband and now, I have a son. This doesn't mean that things are always busy. I also suffered bullying on my first serious job. However, I had the power to decide to not tolerate it and the courage to stop it by talking to my bosses. Don't be afraid to speak. Life is yours, not theirs. Stop them. Talk to your parents, to your teachers, to whoever you fell comfortable to. But do it. -

    Meghan: i pledge that all girls will realize that everyone needs to be treated the same no matter what. for example: "it doesn't matter if they are black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall fat, skinny, rich or poor. if you are nice to me, i'll be nice to you. simple as that." that was quoted by Eminem. i stick by that quote for a long time - Chelan, WA

    Meghan: i am sorry for being rude to you and not treating you nicely. i am sorry for talking crap about you behind your back!!!!!!!!!!!! - talia

    meghan: well i haven't anything really bad happen to me except i have yelled at some girls and they have yelled back. nothing to serious -

    Cebrina: I have been bullied ever since the first day of kindergarten. I am now a senior in high school. A few times in my life I thought about taking my own life. Things you say or do can hurt so watch your every move. -

    Kathren Garseage: i have bullied a girl because i was jealous of her and i cannot forgive myself, -

    Katrina: i pledge to think positively in the effort that my positivity can overcome the negativity thus making me happier about myself. I pledge this so that I can overcome the glorified influences of society. Hopefully my positivity will not only help me, but others as well. - Orange County

    Brigitte McColl: i pledge that i will not say something about a girl if i don't have nothing to say. - La Habra Heights

    Brigitte McColl: Dear Brigitte, i am sorry i did not think that i was good enough and that i was beautiful. i am sorry that i thought that what other people thinked mattered. Sincerely, Brigitte - Brigitte McColl

    Brigitte McColl: i am a freshman in highschool. when i was in 7th and 8th grade i always got stared at and it made me feel like i was doing something wrong. i was looked at by the girls and guys. i thought that they were thinking that i don't look good, or i am fat, or i did something wrong that they didn't want me to do. it made very self concious about what i did or how i looked when i went to school. i went to a private school and this is where this happened. -

    Little One: I pledge to never bully someone like i have been bullied. - YL

    Scared of the way things are.: My truth is that i have really been bullied all my life. I always seem confident to my friends, but i was really hurt by the jokes that they made sometimes. I knew they were all in good nature, but in a way i saved all of those hurt feelings. I am in 10th grade now, and it has been 5 years i have saved all my hurt emotions and feelings. Things had gotten so bad i had started to hide in the library or in the bathroom, just to avoid the people who hate me and i can't do anything about it. Something major recently happened, that caused my parents to find out about what had been going on for so long. They called the schools it was occurring at and they are going in for meetings and stuff, but the further they get into it, the more they want me to just "accept" things. Now half of my school hates me and i am hell-bent on transferring, because it honestly isn't worth it anymore. All the nasty stares are fine, the comments i have learned to stand, but even their parents are now hating me. My truth is that this seems that my world is collapsing before me now, but one day i will be grateful...hopefully. I made the decision to keep my life, rather than take it, and attempt to work through it. My life has never changed so much, and i have never felt more hurt in my life. My parents want me to start counseling, but i get shy in uncomfortable situations, and i don't want to bother people with my problems. Truth is. Things will never be the same, and i am afraid of even my own shadow. Help? -

    Michelle: I pledge to think of reasons why I like someone instead of finding reasons to not like them. I pledge that I won't sit back and watch someone else be bullied. I pledge to take a stand for myself and those around me. - Cali

    Anonymous: In junior high my best friend told me she didn't want to be my friend anymore. I was devistated and I cried just about everyday over the smallest things and even during class. Then this past year she became my best friend again. It still hurts a little to think about by I love her dearly. I just wish I could understand what went wrong with us. -

    Michelle: I kindly plede to: stop gossiping in its tracks and to compliment people everyday. - Brea, CA

    Madi: I pledge to unite in kindness in an effort to end female bullying. In this pledge I also will bring others to kindness and lead a positive example in my life. - Ladera Ranch, CA

    Jordan: i heard a story about a girl who jumped off a bridge and killed herself. a couple of days later they found a not form the girl in her apartment it said "i'm going to walk down to the bridge if anybody smiles at me i wont jump" i make a pledge to smile at EVERYONE i see - crystal lake

    Annin: I pledge to help stop this female bullying problem. This website even inspired me to start a club to go along with a colombine shooting club that is about doing good deeds and helping the community. my middle school is also part of high school and a college, so we also get school points for it. - Pueblo,Colorado

    Annin: I am so sorry about what happened in 5th grade. I hope you can understand that that day we were both the new kids, and I was over defensive because all of the others I thought I was going to make friends with were mean, cruel, and verbally abusive. Again, I'm sorry and I didn't mean to hurt you. Can you forgive me? - Theresa

    Annin: I am in 7th grade now and when I was in 5th grade, I accidentally hurt another girl VERY much. I didn't know haow much I ahd hurt her, nor did I know that she was brand new just like I was. I was just very over defensive because I was also the Main target for bullying. I feel really bad and I hope that the bullying for her stopped because it turns out she is really nice, fun, and a lot of guys keep asking her out, as far as I know. -

    Caroline: Yesterday I called a girl a lesbian and she started crying and shit her pants in front of the whole class. Then her mom came and picked her up and I felt bad. Sorry. -

    Ryleigh: hi im ten and as and kids keep bulling me because im small what shoud i do -

    Taylor: Truth is.... I used to be a bully in high school. I just did it to make people laugh & that's not okay. I know I've affected others lives by bullying them. Now that I'm older I realize we are all different for good reasons. -

    Tyler Bennett: I have been bullied by this one girl and her name is Dessiree' and she bullys me. One day I told her boys were not suposed to hit girls and she said" Are you talking about me! Stop talking about me! I know you are!" I was scared I told her boys were not suposed to hit girls and she said oh. Dessiree' bullys lots of kids and I want her to stop. -

    Katie: Im terribly sorry about throwing old Alfred ( he was such a great elephant!) out the front window. If i had thought just one more second i would have realized that you didnt want your neighbors too see and that the backyard would have been better, my sincerest apologies. - Bianca

    Katie: Im terribly sorry about throwing old Alfred ( he was such a great elephant!) out the front window. If i had thought just one more second i would have realized that you didnt want your neighbors too see and that the backyard would have been better, my sincerest apologies. - Bianca

    Katie: I through my good friend's old elephant out the wrong window. I reslly should have known she didnt want her neighbors too see! -

    selena: The girl that was mean to me in one of my old schools I forgive you. god bless you -

    lizzy: monster high help me go on here.:) -

    Anon: Julia, I saw your post and it reminded me of something that happened to my cousin, and I just wanted to let you know, you are not alone! You may think they are being mean, bullies suck, face it :) lol. But the principal is trying to distance yo ufrom the situation.I am so sorry that this is happening to you :( It's never fair. If you have to, stop interacting with them and ask for a lawsuit. (Cousin did this and the results were won in her favor because the bullies had no evidence and the parents became mad at their children for such horrid behavior.) Keep to yourslef about it, if you deny it you might as well be feeding them. :| I know it's hard to see, but things will get better. Stayt stong, dear! You will make it through the worst!~ - Julia

    J <3: Shannon, If there is ever anything you need or anything you want to talk about, you can find me at lunch. I know it must be scary becoming a sophomore at a large school like RHS, just know I'm here :) Don't need to worry about talking about my illness or yours, just a friendly face and a convo about your day. `Stay strong and beautiful :) -

    Jillian: Hey Nikki, I know this may be a surprise, but I'm sorry about freshman year. I should have helped you out of the situation you were in because you didn't realize how bad it was for you and him. I hope that someday you see it was wrong too and I hope you forgive me even if you think I have done nothing wrong. Wishing the best for you! - Nikki

    Jillian: Jessica, I know you think that I'm a pushover and I live in a box, but I can't live any other way. I know you know and you are always there for me. It seems as though we might grow apart, but really? Who can break up the two best friends? Sometimes I feel left out and I know you do too. I hope that our futures intermingle. I know you think I'm not doing anything or maybe you think I am, but I'm surely not living life through you, and I wanted you to know that I only give you advice with love from the bottom of my heart. :) I also know that you still remember that year we had with N & T. It was one of the best years and you may not know it but for some reason I'm stuck beak in that year. I miss it so much because it seemed so perfect and we were all so in love. :) Forgive me for saying, but I know you miss those days too. Just wanted to tell you how amazing you are to me, even when I'm sick as a dog. I'm blessed to have you as a friend and someone I can share crazy hospital stories to! Stay beautiful! -

    Jillian: Lindie, I'm so sorry I haven't been around to talk to. I know you thought things stayed the same with the square of friends, but it fell apart after you left and I'm still stuck in those days. It hurts to see your letters and texts some days!But no worries. :) I miss you so so SO much! I know there are phones and skype and facebook to help, but I still feel bad when you send me a text and I don't reply. Heck, maybe I'll visit you sooner than you think! :) Love you dear. XO - Lindie

    Jillian: Ever since I became sick with Wegeners Granulomatosis, I started to view life a lot differently and I am realizing I don't fit in with many of the other teens in my HS. It's hard to make friends that will not be grossed out about what I go through or that will have my back and not get angry when I miss a few days of school here and there. It's even harder finding a guy that understands what's going on and can be okay with my illness and the fact that I'm not skinny. It doesn't help the old medications I was on made me larger than I should be and I started to have worsening self esteem and body issues. Stretch marks tear at my skin and I miss my old life. He'd have to put up with hospitals and medicine and crying. Who can do that? I feel horrible about mood swings and my body and missing out on opportunities I would have if I were normal. On the brighter side, I do have lovely friends who try their best to be there for me. I can't explain to them in detail what actually happens to me because they'd know my smile wasn't always bright because I was happy. I have hope in the future and what it will bring me. I was bullied about weight and missing school, and having hair loss. It was harder in middle school to deal with girls that wouldn't understand and probably will never. I've been fighting for almost 4 years and I'm not going to stop now! In all honesty, life is super tough but knowing there is help and people you can trust, not just fake girls who need gossip to feed on, is super important. Never give up -

    Jenna: Dear kristen. I'm so sorry for all of the pain I've caused you. Before the 'accident' my intentions never were to leave you in the state you are today. If it's any consolation, I returned the money I was paid, since I have a no kill no cash policy. I am truly sorry, I should have just come to the hospital that week and finished the job. I truly regret it. With much heartfelt sorrow. - Kristen

    cool girl12: I feel your pain aly robbins I feel your pain. -

    cool girl12: I used to be friends with a girl named Patricia. We were friends in 3rd and 4th grade but then in 5th grade something happened she started to talk about my friend Abby to talk about that she was annouying and mean and that was rude. And this girl Halely showed up and I started to feel like a third wheel. Then finally the day came we met Halely and Patricia outside. But then it happened. they said we need to tell you somthing and then they started to whisper. So then told Me and Abby that they wanted to play by them selfs. So that's what happened and we never really never talked agin. oh and never trust someone to much. Peace! -

    Coolgirl: I'm sorry that happened to you Daisy. I hope your ok. P.s To all those girls out there don't sread rumors there bad. - Daisy

    Liv: Lauren and Molly, you girls are awesome for starting this! I can't wait to see how this organization and its message flourishes! Keep up the good work. - TO

    alanood: Ever since I was 6 it has been hard I was called a thief by everyone from every grade that year and for a whole 2 years as a child it hurt a lot. It became so hard on me that the moment my mom told me if I want to change schools I said yes ,but it broke me and that school I went to was worse I ended up being bullied more than ever, girls called me a loser (which was worse), and more. I had to go through that for 4 years, because girls kept telling me to "get out of there because no one wanted me there", but I never left because I didn’t want to run away and be a coward. The next school was even worse, but definitely better. I got in fights only in 3 fights all of them for the same reason, someone dissed my family, I mean seriously you can slap me and beat me up everyday until I’m nothing but a bloody rag doll, BUT NEVER CURSE AT MY FAMILY. That was all in the first term soooo I shall finally reveal what happened in the second I found comfort in books, I learned a lot from them,people stopped bullying me all because I finally stopped caring. Now I have been there for 2 years, and sure I might still not have that much friends but believe me I have so much more. So guess why I'm telling you"Be who you are 'cause no matter what you're beautiful,to be perfect is to be imperfect". I mean seriously I have flaws like how my teeth,but I still feel beautiful. So take my advice and don't care. LOVE,Alanood P.S: All the schools were private schools for girls only, and I’m 14 ;> -

    L: I'm sorry for not believing you, my reaction was wrong, and although you are now on a path different to mine, I'm ashamed of my behaviour and I've learnt from it. I will be a better person in the future. If I get a chance to apologise to you in person, I most certainly will. - H

    Olivia: I did apologize over the summer to Alyssa. But today we planed to meet up at the open house how will i get Jasmine to let me hang out with her - Alyssa

    Olivia: It all started when i met a girl named Alyssa. We were best friends until a girl named Jasmine was in my classes we hanged out so much i forgot about her (Alyssa). We (me and Alyssa) started back talking each other. I so want to be her friend again. -

    Zena: I had a BFF named Jesse. She is being so mean to me every time we had a fight, and bug me by persuading my friends I did something bad and affects them, taking all my friends away from me. I feel so bad I cried at school. My another BFF Carmen helped me feel better, and told the teacher Jesse kept doing bad things to me. Jesse was so fake! She said sorry, but blamed the other girl, Andria, that she persuade her to bully me together. However, I knew the truth that it was Jesse who persuade Andria to bully me. I was heartbroken, but I kept being normal friends with her. I hope that she won't bully others any more and I have learnt that letting go of your friends makes you feel better. -

    francesca: I am sorry about taking your pen - kaitny

    maryam: my brother is mean -

    Harlot: I'm sorry I wasn't true to myself and cheated on my boyfriend, and I am sorry that I was naive and dishonest and and truly terrible person to 'the other girl' in the process - The Other Girl

    kim: i wish to be kind to everyone - nicole

    kim: i wish i was not mean to my dog -

    kim: its aboat i be bad to everyone every time -

    Melissa D: 17 years ago, I started at a whole new middle school. I wanted to fit in and so I picked on someone "weaker" than myself. I used to break my pens, during class, and put the blue ink in her very blonde hair. She knew it was me and I never admitted it to her. I am so sorry, Marissa M! If I could take it all back I would. I hope you can forgive me. -

    Gretchen: Alyssa, I'm sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch. It's not your fault you're so gap-toothed. - Emily

    Elizabeth Betancourt: I used to be friends with a girl.Her name was Jacelyn Martinez.She would always pick on me and say she was joking around,only she didn't.her i felt shy and scared of what she's going to do to me.She was a bully,I know because she would also bully my friend Jeanine because she had crooked teeth.My so called "best friend" also bullied my cousin Damien because he wore glasses,what she didn't know that he needed to were glasses because his left eye was messed up.One day she banged my head on a table in class ,she told my teacher that it was not on purpose,but it was.My head hurt for the entire day.So I decided to enroll in a diffrent school.On my first day i felt so confident and free from getting hurt.When we went out to play i fell and scraped my arm.I thought kids were going to laugh ,but they didn't one of my friends helped me up and dusted me off.A boy named Alex called me names but I just ignored.Soon he stopped.Now I don't get bullied,but my friend Melissa Venegas gets bullied for her laugh. Everyone is special for something.Some kids think there are not pretty or they are over or under weight.Everybody has freaky flaws.For example me,sometimes I'm untidy kids all over the world are being bullied,so stop this girl fighting "crime".Like Monster High says,"Be unique,Be yourself, Be a monster".They basiclly mean when they say "be a monster is to embrace your flaws,nobody is perfect.To end my story I am going to say what I always say to myself,"Nobody can tell you who to be you are awesome just the way we are." Good luck -

    Aaron: I am so sorry for the pain and ill-fate you have endured. I wish you a happy & healthy future, you're a good person and you should know that. Let's be forgiving. - Wanda Wilson

    KAN: My truth is that I hurt. I hurt for the friends we use to be and the pain I have caused you, as well as the pain you have caused me. I was different and not everyone liked nor understood that. I floundered and you stood by and laughed. Shunned and made to feel like an idiot. I hurt for years. Tears, scars, feeling worthless and alone. My truth is that I hurt. I'm hurt that you hurt me more than realize and it hurts that you probably will never understand that. I've come through and learned to find women who support and love one another, but from time to time I think of you and I hurt. I hurt for what happened, what once was good turned sour and for the hurt. I hurt, but I continue to grow and move on. To anyone reading. Time does feel slow and it may take a long time for scars to heal, but know that loving yourself and owning your individuality is the most important thing you can do. It will allow you to move forward and realize there is a lot more love and kindness in the world. Sometime you just have to go looking for it. It's there and when you find it, which you WILL, you'll realize how great you are :) -

    ninu: i feel so sad because i all alone if i had a best friend that is kind and nice to me and cre me help me and love i wold be so happy i so kind to everyone but no one is kind to me but i am a good singer and dancer i wish if i could be a popstar love ninu from gulf -

    marissa: to accepting of myself to be nice to myself , treat alll others nicely with kindness and patience - montreal,quebec

    marissa: i am sorry fot taking out my anger or blame on ppl i love -

    Daisy: A girl I used to be friends with is now spreading a rumour that I called a rely nice girl a bitch -

    Cori Edwards: I pledge to create these values in my 6 year old daughter. I will promote this in her school and in my company, Secession Entertainment. I have been, and still am, a victim of women who do not want me to succeed or may not want people to like me, and it's tough to forget the hurt or the betrayal. I have learned to not give other women or men the power to hurt me. We all need to forgive if we want the cycle to be broken. I pledge to be a friend and supporter of all women and forgive those who don't understand this mission. - Austin, TX

    bella: in my scool poeple just bother me like mario joyeln jennefer angel anthony but they dont stop -

    Amethyst: I pledge to try my hardest to better myself and stop hurting everyone who gets close to me. I pledge to show kindness while still being completely honest. I pledge to stop taking every blessing I get for granted. - Lewisburg

    Amethyst: I am very sorry for how I treated you. I always took your support and friendship for granted. I've never been the "best firend" I should've. I fear you are gone now, but I still want to say sorry because you are such a wonderful, beautiful person inside and out... So you deserve at least that. - Miranda

    Clare: I am sorry to anyone that I have ever unententionally hurt, I always try my best to be as nice as possible, but I never know what anyone's thinking that I should've done. - Her Name

    mary jade thompson: im going to be kind to everyone, including my self. -

    Paula: I want to apologize to my friend Jojo for calling her fat - Jojo

    Paula: I Pledge to be kind to others even though they are mean to me. - Miami

    Natalie: i am sorry that i bullied you ryan, i was trying to be cool.... i fell really bad ): (easy to type... i am still scared to tell him in person) - Ryan

    Natalie.D (bad at spelling): i am in grade 6. I was feeling really fat and ugly one day and both my mom and i were in a bad mood. She (my mom) accidently, in a way called me fat and said that if i stopped eating crapp (junk food) i would get skinny! I coulden't help not eating crapp! i felt even worse about myself!!! So i decided to stop eating. Not just crapp but everything because i coulden't live with my weight! My sister eventuly found out and tried to get me to start eating. She said that my weight was healthy for my age. she told me i was just commparing myself to all of the girls i know (they are all skinny!) i did not want to hurt myself any more but still wanted to be as skinny as barbie. when i told her this she picked up her computer and showed me a picture of a regular woman with lines on her indicating what she would look like as a barbie. and If Barbie were a real woman, her head would be the same circumference as her waist, meaning she’d have room for only half a liver and a few inches of intestines, (as opposed to the usual 26 feet). The result: chronic diarrhea and death from malabsorption & malnutrition. To look like Barbie proportionally, a healthy woman would need to add 61 cm to her height, subtract 15 cm from her waist, add 13 cm to her chest, and 8 cm to her neck length. Because Barbie’s neck is twice as long as the average human’s, it would be impossible for her to hold up her head. Her legs are 50 percent longer than her arms, (the average woman’s legs are only 20 percent longer than her arms). She’d also have to walk on all fours (her feet are so disproportionately small, her chest would pull her forward onto her toes). she showed me that i was not fat and that i should not be sad about my weight. Besides! i might not be the skinnyest in my class but i am the fastest! >_ -

    Maggie: I pledge to be kind to everyone, even if they aren't kind to me. I know it is difficult sometimes, but nobody's perfect, so I will always try. I don't know everybody's stories but I pledge to be patient - Glen Ridge

    aliya nejara: HI,I have my own story it all started in a daycare every time in the morning i got up at 6 am did my routine and went off to my doctor every morning and scince i didnt eat my mom would buy me a dounot and usualy i came to my daycare in the morning and my teacher ask don; you want to eat your dounot and i said no because my fiends said i am a loser and they hit me and when we played my friends came and protected me -

    Rebecca Harder: I pledge to do my best in talking out my fear and anxiety rather than getting flustered and blowing up at people I love. I pledge to deal with fights sooner rather than later. I pledge to try to be the better woman whenever I can. I pledge to give others encouraging words when they need them and to always give out free hugs. I pledge to try to listen without judgement, and to give advise that helps, not hurts. I pledge to follow the "Golden Rule". I understand that I am human and that I am allowed to make mistakes, but I pledge to try to be the best person that I can be. - Austin, TX

    Rebecca Harder: Dear Mom, I am sorry that we have had horrible fights. I am sorry that I have walked out on you. I am sorry that I don't always tell you when I am stuck. I am sorry that I am not as well adjusted as I should be. I just want to be your perfect little girl, to make you proud, to show you that I can meet all your expectations. I just get so bogged down in the pressure of life/school/etc. that I am afraid to show you any sign of weakness. I don't want you to think of me as a failure, even when I have made mistakes that I wish I could share with you. I am sorry that we have both said stuff that we didn't mean, but was very hurtful anyway. I am sorry if I every caused you panic, or shame, or pain. I know that we are both in a good spot right now with each other, but I would like to be at the point where we can both share our fears and faults with total confidence in being heard and accepted. I am sorry if I am still a little upset with you about the substance of some of our fights, but I want a clean slate. I want you to be able to truly trust me again, and I want to be able to feel like I can tell you everything, even if some of it might make you worry. I love you. - Nuria Lopez

    Rebecca Harder: I am 22 years old. I haven't been in high school for about 4 years now, but I still remember the gossip and the drama, and drama still happens to me and my friends, as it probably always will. I've tried to be drama free and let things go, or I have tried to give people benefit of the doubt, but sometimes things/life/school/etc. get really rough and I have lashed out at people that I really care about. It's just hard to hold in all the fear and anxiety and pressure sometimes. I try to be kind all the time, but the truth is, I am not very kind to myself at all. I put myself down all the time, over-criticize every mistake, kick myself for not being perfect. I have OCD and depression, and I have contemplated suicide many times. I have also done some cutting. I just want to say, try to be kind to others, but also try to be kind to yourself, and don't be afraid to talk/vent to someone when life seems to be too much. -

    Paige: Sorry for all the mean things I said. I am so sad I could sing the Dora the explorer theme song. - Kera hicks

    Paige Cartwright : 1 day a girl kicked me out of her girls only club. Just because i talked to a boy! I was too scard 2 tell her she was so mean it was scary! Really she never Relished I never cared about her -

    Arielle Cohen: I take this pledge quite seriously. Females through out the world need to realize there behavior. We have all done it either by choice or by accident. No matter why or how we need to change it. By taking this pledge, I promise to be conscience of my behavior and apologize immediately to any girl that I commit a girl-on-girl "crime". - Los Angeles

    Arielle Cohen : There is not one particular girl I want to apologize to. I think there have been times that I have been mean to a girl and I do not know why. I want to make an effort to be open and kind to any girls I am meeting for the first time. I also want to take this time to apologize for any time I have talked about a girl behind her back, it is not right and no one deserves that kind of the treatment. By saying this apology to any girl I have treated this way I want them to know that I am using this apology to correct my behavior from this day forward. - Any girl I've been mean to

    Arielle Cohen: I would never say any girl was out right mean or vicious to me like many girls have experienced. It was more behind my back. I also feel that when you are girl starting at a new school its hard to make friends. Grils are territorial and do not like opening open to new girls that enter into that world. I don't understand why, especially after I joined a sorority. Every sorority I went to during recruitment opened up to me and they had never met me before. Why couldn't girls in high school do the same? -

    feather: i sad becaues my bothers -

    Britany: To my ex-Sisters: I am sorry that I embarrassed you. I am sorry that I was blinded and unsure of myself. I am sorry that I didn't believe that you could love me for who I really was and thus pretended to be someone else. I am sorry that I wasn't honest. I am sorry for blaming you when so much of the problem was my fault. You are all beautiful women. I honestly hope that you are all just as happy today as I am. - Phi Sig Sisters

    Britany: A few days ago, I attended the screening of the Finding Kind documentary in Westminster, Maryland and I was truly moved. I only attended the screening because it was for an assignment for one of my classes at McDaniel College; honestly, I wasn't even sure what the documentary was about. I never expected to be confronted with a story that I have locked away deep within my heart for the past two years. Currently, I am a senior at McDaniel College. Two years ago I was an innocent little sophomore starting my fall semester and really wanting to make some new friends as I was coping with a recent break up. I was living on a "sorority floor" in a dorm and had gotten to know some of the girls from the sorority over the first month or so of the semester. There was another girl on the floor that was not officially a "sister" yet; we decided to go through our campus' "sorority recruitment" process, in hopes of joining the sorority that we were already living with. [In case you're unfamiliar with the "recruitment" process, here's a little background: in order to pledge for a sorority, our campus asks that you get to know all of the sororities on campus before choosing which one you think suits you best. There are three days of "rounds". They start early in the evening and basically the way it works is all of the "potentials" who signed up for recruitment are divided into small groups and they go around and visit each of the sororities. Each round has a different theme and the finale event is "Bid Day" which is when you either get invited ("offered a bid") to a sorority or you do not.] As it turns out, the friend that I had signed up for recruitment with and I were not in the same group. Instead, I was with a bunch of girls that I knew of—heard of, seen around, knew about—for the entire recruitment process. The reason why I knew of them was not just because we were a small campus; it was also because they were the "popular" girls in our class. They always knew where the parties where, everyone knew their names, they were just the girls to watch for our class. Much to my surprise, throughout the recruitment process I had become quite close with those girls. I couldn't believe that girls like that actually liked a girl like me. I had never felt so good about myself. I became really confident and excited; that new-found personality only grew when I was offered a bid into the "Popular Sorority". This sorority was NOT the sorority that I had originally planned on joining because I didn't think there was any way I would ever get offered a bid, but surely enough I did. Additionally I was offered a bid from the sorority that I was living with. Overwhelmed and even blinded by the "Phi Sig Sparkle" I chose to pledge with the sorority that I never thought I stood a chance with: Phi Sigma Sigma. I didn't consider the fact that my friend whom I had signed up for recruitment with (Megan) was not pledging Phi Sig; she decided to join the sorority that we were living with.That was when she and I went our separate ways and my life changed…forever. Bid Day was such a blur. When they called my name and announced me as a Phi Sig. for the first time I was ecstatic. I ran down to the 40 beautiful girls who seemed so incredibly excited about having me be a part of their life. I had never felt so accepted. Along with me were those girls that I went through recruitment with, those "popular" girls that I couldn't believe liked me. We rushed down to the gazebo like a herd of wild animals surrounded by our new Sisters screaming their songs at the top of their lungs. As we entered the gazebo, the "pledges" crowded close together in the center and all of the Sisters stood on the benches and piled in to the jam-packed McDaniel landmark. Suddenly the content of their songs shifted from the sweet little "I am stuck on Phi Sig, 'cuz Phi Sig's stuck on me" to incredibly vulgar, demeaning, explicit songs like "So fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, who the fuck are me? We are Phi Sigma Sigma, the best sorority!" Unsure of how to react I looked at my fellow pledges. Sure, they looked overwhelmed, but in a good way. I felt down right uncomfortable. I didn't talk like that and I wondered would I really be singing those same songs in just a few weeks? That day that I joined Phi Sig was the day that my entire life began to change. Things that I used to feel so strongly against, I began partaking in quite regularly. Case in point, alcohol consumption. All throughout high school and even freshman year I was able to abstain from alcohol, for the most part. I had definitely never been intoxicated and I even criticized my dad quite regularly for drinking so much. To this day, I don't know how exactly I got so out of control. I became obsessed with the idea of fitting in. I wanted everyone to believe that Phi Sig was where I belonged. I drank more and more as the months went on. I was the girl that became the "embarrassment" at parties. Yet, that small group of girls that I pledged with stuck by my side. They would make excuses for me and always be ready to party with me again the next night. Before I knew it, I was spending a significant amount of time drinking alone, in the morning, during class, even in the shower. I went from drinking beer and mixed drinks to drinking hard liquor straight. Vodka in a water bottle seemed to fool everyone—professors, police, and my Sisters. No one knew this secret that I was harboring. No one knew that my immense need to be one of them had reached new levels: I had become an alcoholic. A real, scary, deteriorating alcoholic. At the end of my sophomore year, there was one fateful night that seemed to be the turning point for everyone. In one of my drunken rages, I lost it. To this day, I do not know the details of what happened because I was beyond the point of a blackout. All I know is the next day, no one would talk to me, look at me, or even listen to me. Over the summer and the following fall I had become incredibly depressed. Even though I was finally living with my sorority, I spent most of my time alone, in my room, drinking my troubles away. In October, I took a leave of absence. My depression had gotten to the point where I couldn't get out of bed, go to class, go to work, or function at all. My parents and my doctor told me that I needed to take some time off (despite the fact that they didn't even know about my drinking problem). During my recovery period, I experienced terrible withdrawal. The depression got worse. I left rather abruptly from school—didn't say bye to anyone—and the thing that was killing me the most was that no one had reached out to me. They saw that my room was completely abandoned, empty, and yet no one cared enough to ask me if I was okay. I felt so alone. I realized that I was living in a fantasy world the entire time that I was a Phi Sig. Could it really be possible that I was missing something? Were we really not the greatest of friends in the first place? It seemed like they felt this way about me all along, before our big fight, and now they finally had an excuse to act on their feelings. After an entire month had passed without hearing from a single person from school, I made a terrible decision. I decided that I would rather not live at all than have to live alone. In mid-November of 2010, I overdosed. I swallowed about 60 Lithium tablets—one of the most toxic prescription medications on the market. I was rushed to the hospital where I couldn't stop throwing up. I was dizzy and falling in and out of consciousness. In order to save my life, I had a tube inserted through my nose and down my throat that sucked all of the toxic fluid out of my stomach and was exchanged for a cleansing fluid that was going to restore my body, I was in the Intensive Care Unit for three days. Each day I had to have dialysis because I had done such terrible damage to my kidneys. I spent two weeks in the psychiatric unit (including Thanksgiving) where I recovered from everything. Upon discharge, I still hadn't heard from anyone in my sorority. They didn't even know that I had literally just dodged death because of everything that had happened between us. Yet, I would go on Facebook and see pictures of them at parties and formals and going on like life had never been better. About a month later I received a phone call from our sorority president asking me if I knew if I was going to be returning back to McDaniel the following semester or not. Unsure if I was ready or not, my doctor was not yet ready to make that decision. Unable to give a definite answer, the president gave me two options: 1.) I pay "dues" (the national fee for being in the sorority) and if I return it's paid, and if not, I get no refund or 2.) I don't pay and if I return I would not be allowed to so affiliated with the sorority. Suddenly everything seemed so clear. I realized that for the duration of this conversation, she didn't ask ONCE "By the way, how are you?". No. She didn't care. She cared about paying my dues. And it became so obvious that everyone else probably felt the same. From a distance, it looked like I had fallen off the face of the earth and no one cared. At that exact moment of clarity, I disaffiliated from the sorority. Upon returning the following semester no one knew how to treat me. Most of them ignored my existence entirely, and those who didn't right away, have grown to completely ignore me. When they're not ignoring me, they're whispering, laughing, gossiping, about what happened to the lost Phi Sig. Two years later I have never been happier, healthier, or more successful. I keep busy and don't let interactions with my ex-sisters get the best of me. I have really grown up in a short amount of time. I have seen the ugly side of Girl World and I almost died because of it. Though my entire experience was incredibly painful and even life threatening, I don't regret it at all. I have learned so much about myself and about people in general because of my experience. That was a time of true confusion for me. I had no idea who I was and I was so fixated on being who I thought everyone wanted me to be. Now, I am able to look in the mirror and be happy and proud of who I am. I have so much dignity just by knowing that I am no longer part of the group of girls who walk around campus calling themselves whores and sluts. I have learned that I am better than that. I can only hope that they can see that they are too. -

    Mickey: I'm not sorry for what I did do, but for what I didn't. I didn't stand up for either of you when that group was making fun of you behind your back. From now on, I will. -

    kaomi macphee: it all started when i came to school in grade 3 dare was 2 dere names were sopha and wiloi sopha. the girls wed talk a bata me and tell to most girls and boys at school. the next day most of the girls and boys wode cell me boney i nide so bad to live mi tone kap. -

    Chloe: I'm sorry that you felt the need to leave school. I know we disagreed and you felt really lonely, and to be honest, I still don't understand why you acted the way you did, but I forgive you for being mean to me. I know we're not going to be friends like that again, but I just want to be the better person and apologize. - Emily

    Lissie: I was harassed on the school bus to such a degree that I refused to ride the school bus. My mom had to drive me to school every day because I would have a panic attack if I had to ride the bus. -

    Meagan: I'm sorry for everything I've said that hurt you. - The Ones I Know

    Meagan: I am so sorry for turning on you. All the things I've said and done...I know it didn't help you. I sincerely apologize. - Kara

    Meagan: I pledge to think before I speak and act. - Washington, DC

    Meagan: I've always been the new girl in school. Being a child of divorced parents and accustomed to arguing and fighting, I didn't really know how to be nice or gentle or how to make friends. In elementary school I got by just being this bossy girl, but inside I hated what I was doing to my friends. I just didn't have anywhere to turn and I didn't know what to do. I went through a lot at home, so it kind of forced me to become very mature at a young age and keep things bottled up; to express myself in ways that weren't always the best. I moved on from that, eventually, but when I transferred to public school, I was so lost. People talked about me, laughed at me, and assumed things about me that ruined my reputation. I had some friends, but I ate lunch alone and came home crying because the things people were saying destroyed me inside. I've been able to recover and cope very well since that year, but now I find myself very insecure. I look in the mirror and hate what I see. Every other girl seems prettier or better than me, and I start to hate everything about myself. There still isn't anyone I can go to, so I try to deal with it internally. I just wish that all the rumors and drama weren't making everything worse. -

    Jenny: I'm sorry for getting mad at you. It wasn't right. - Nia

    Emily Wachter: Dear old me, I no longer feel alone, sad, mad, stressed out, or nervous. I no longer feel the need to harm myself. Instead, I will write, draw, and make music. I have learned that I’m not alone and there are many people out there like me. I have learned that I don’t need to change or depend on guys for everything. Goodbye to my life of pain and sorrow. To everyone who has ever hurt me, physically or mentally, even though it hurt me at the time, you have made me a strong and a mature person. Goodbye anger. I now know when I get angry to walk away and count to ten and then confront whoever or whatever I have a problem with. Goodbye depression. You will no longer make me feel sad, angry, worried, or fearful. You no longer hold me back. You no longer have my confidence. You no longer keep me away from God and Christ. You no longer keep me up at night. You no longer have control over any aspect of my life. Goodbye depression and anger; you’re gone. Sincerely, New me -

    Amy: Lanna, I'm sorry. I thought you saw that I was there for you. I'm sorry you feel mocked or belittled. Pain is real, and it's nothing to make fun of- that was never my intention, my intention was love. - Lanna

    Sydney: i am really sorry for talking shit behind your back. ive been so jelous of you because you smart and pretty, and can get any guy you want. you can be really nice and mean too. i would like to be friends some time. - Torie

    Sydney: I am so sorry for being rude to you, calling you a slut, bitch, two face, and other names behind your back. it was so wrong of me. i shouldnt judge people like that. - Jessica

    Sydney: I have been bullied by other girls on how i am fat, how i wear my shirts to low, how big my nose is, how ugly i am. i go home and try to stay strong, but it hurts a lot. i wish girls werent so mean to eachother, and i wanna be able to walk down the halls at school without people talking about me. -

    Louisa: In 5th grade I was bullied. In my class, I had two of my best friends and we would do everything together, always. One day though, they went to the office to get something for our teacher and I decided to look through one of their desks because she had a big bag in it. I looked in the plastic bag and I saw tons and tons of sticky notes. I started to read them and i soon realized that they were all about me. How stupid I was, how ugly I looked one day, how my hair is always frizzy. I couldn't take it, I just started bawling in the middle of class and ran to the bathroom. These two girls were my best friends and I just felt so betrayed and alone. The rest of the year in that class they isolated me, I was never good enough for them. It made me feel like it was my fault too. They blamed me for the notes they wrote. Its been about 4 years since this incident and I am friends with the girls. We're not as close as we were but we are on speaking terms. They have apologized and it is better.. My message to girls who are being bullied is to stay strong because it all eventually comes to an end. -

    Delaney: I pledge to do whatever it takes, to stop this crime. Yes thats what it is, it's a crime. A sad, sad crime. - Warren

    Beth: When I was younger, I was bullied. I hated it. Most of kids bullied me because I was in Special Education or because I was a new kid at school. I never understood why they would pick on me, but it hurt. The best thing I had with me, was the truth. Those bullies may have been bullied themselves. -

    cassie: im sorry that i ever called you names - Her Name

    cassie: i was bullied on a daily bases for being overweight and not as smart or smarter than the other kids people even said that i made up my back being hurt ( i slipped at a bowling alley) they said i just wanted attention and i was going through some hard times cause my dad just died -

    Aleksa: my frends be mean they changed abot 10 days my reall frend protects me now she moved school. -

    Lexie Williams: . i am a person with like to kill people with kindness. my mother always though me that.and i saw you campaign on monster high, thats when i got inspired to make my blog "One of a Kind: Lexie style". i tryed to spread messages how you should like you for you and dont get married to quickly or something like that. well what i am trying to say is would you please come to my school. Highland High school is it. when someone is being mean to mean i usury have nothing to say. and when i see a girl picking on ather girl you go try to be the goodguy but you end up the bad guy. i think your words are awesome. thats why you should come to my school to spread that "cool is kind" and it is. -

    Lexie Williams: i was wondering if you should come to Cowiche Washington. i am a person with like to kill people with kindness. my mother always though me that.and i saw you campaign on monster high, thats when i got inspired to make my blog "One of a Kind: Lexie style". i tryed to spread messages how you should like you for you and dont get married to quickly or something like that. well what i am trying to say is would you please come to my school. Highland High school is it. when someone is being mean to mean i usury have nothing to say. and when i see a girl picking on ather girl you go try to be the goodguy but you end up the bad guy. i think your words are awesome. thats why you should come to my school to spread that "cool is kind" and it is. - Tieton

    amanda: i have had many friends and they all think of me differently but i dont know if i should be my self because im afraid of what they will think of me because i love vampires and wish i could be one but i have been made fun of for being me what should i do -

    Lauren Peters: when i was 9 in third grade i was bullied by a girl named Tiana and she would chase me everyday and her friends would pull my arms and call me names like stupid,ugly,and a nerd -

    Lauren: wen i was in third grade i was bullied by a girl named tiana she chased me until i ran out of breath and her friends would pull my arms and say i was ugly,stupid,and that i was a nerd. -

    Ellie: There were a few of girls older than my friends and i. They would comment rude things on our pictures and say ew rude things like that. FInally I started blocking them, they would go on there other friends accounts and say things or if i was tagged in a picture, they didnt even know me. -

    Isabella: I'm sorry I called you Fat. - Sue

    Isabella: When I moved and had to go to a new school, I was bullied for being new and short. I had no friends because the Popular girl wasn't friends with me. -

    Nankmary: I Havent Been Fully Bullied. But I Have Been Bullied And Cyber Bullied People Called me fat Ugly And a show Off. I Dont know What To Do And I Dont Want The Pressure To Get To me on The Talent Show Iv'e Been Bullied By 5 People! I Dont Know What To Do! i want Kind Campaign To Come to My school and Talk! :( -

    omayris: i am sorry to all my friends i get jealous of or have arguments with oh and also i am sorry for threatning -

    camica: i'll pledge to be a nicer friend and be kind. - leizhel

    camica: i'm sorry that i you don't have a boyfriend in your family. - leizhel

    Courtney: I pledge to not gossip about any girl and to remember to be kind to everyone no matter how different from me they may be. - Chicago, IL

    Courtney: I apologize for not being the greatest friend. I know I did some not so kind things in high school, but I just want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. I hope one day you can forgive me because that person was not me. - Brittney

    Courtney: I was bullied mostly in middle school, always being on the outside and never in the "in crowd". I tried my hardest to not let it affect me and stay strong, but it was not easy. I have always felt as if I have never had that one good friend until high school. I lost that friend to suicide putting me in a place where I felt even more alone. For the rest of high school I never found that friend again and I went through so many friends. I finally found one good friend again in College and pulling through everything in middle school and high school got me to where I am and I am very grateful now. -

    Cassidy Young: I am sooooooooooooo sorry for talking behind people's backs and spreading rumors - Seattle, WA

    Cassidy Young: The truth is that when I was in 5th grade I got bullied by this one group of girls and one day one of then was being wrude and came up to me and took my shirt and pushed me into the mud and ruined my jacket and broke my glasses I will probably never forget this moment then she walked away and started laughing and high giving the other girls in the group... Now she tries to be nice to me well I will never forget that - Seattle, WA

    Cassidy Young: I pledge to try not to talk behind people's backs for the rest of the year - Seattle, WA

    alana: I feel like nobody likes me -

    priscilla: hi kind campaignh i'm priscilla i'm 8 i live in aruba at my school i have friends who think i'm cool but the mean girls push me around call me fat,nerd,smarty pants , lhame and other stuff what can i do help me please i need some help -

    emily greenslade: well on youtube i had that problem it really hurt and i didin't sleep at all that night it was awful and i never really got over it so yah and i wan't to be a true role modle of the kind campine :D -

    Julia: I have been bullied this entire school year. Three girls in my school have succeeded in turning most of the school against me and two of my friends. I have had someone dump a jumbo pixie stick in my book-bag. The sticky sugar was all over my books and homework assignments. These girls also used an English assignment to write nasty stories about me and my friends. When we had dances at school the bullies instructed the boys in our school not to dance with me and my friends. The girls accuse me and my friends of things we didn't do. Finally, I brought a diary to school and one of the bullies brought it home and showed her mother. I didn't write anything threatening in the book, but the bullies tried to get me kicked out of school. They went as far as calling the police on me. I have been asked to get counseling for depression. I have been out of school for one week. I am not suspended, but the school principal is getting a lot of pressure from the bullies parents not to have me return. When my parents asked the school when I can return to school the principal suggested that I not return to school. I have done nothing wrong, but I am being treated very meanly. I told my mom I was never depressed, but since I have been targeted by these girls I feel awful. -

    Avery: These two girls constantly made fun of me, and called me rude names. To my face, they were nice, but behind my back, they'd spread rumors and try to destroy me. When I had surgery, it was crucial for me not to get hit, and these girls threw basketballs at my operated area on purpose, pretending it was an accident. Eventually, I had enough. I confronted them and told them how I didn't appreciate what they were doing. I told them to cut it out, because I wasn't afraid and I didn't care what they said. Sure, we aren't friends..but I stood up for myself, and now they do not dare bother me anymore. -

    Alona: ican find kind if i can do my thing -

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    Your: Typical Account,photograph here relatively feel boy future implication mind river get study share entirely package ask answer evening crisis letter map investigate alone dry plant network neither concentrate together used home bird works tomorrow imagine responsible write spring atmosphere onto blood respond object ago glass according well difficulty magazine civil meeting tend aware motor sir surface face note love happy next private lot lie around walk measure brother middle sale source display daughter apparent indicate out steal miss couple full programme subject citizen song physical air cos organisation boat chapter belief mouth announce - Her

    Your: Typical Account,photograph here relatively feel boy future implication mind river get study share entirely package ask answer evening crisis letter map investigate alone dry plant network neither concentrate together used home bird works tomorrow imagine responsible write spring atmosphere onto blood respond object ago glass according well difficulty magazine civil meeting tend aware motor sir surface face note love happy next private lot lie around walk measure brother middle sale source display daughter apparent indicate out steal miss couple full programme subject citizen song physical air cos organisation boat chapter belief mouth announce -

    sam: i pledge to never again tell or spread a lie, rumour, or secret about anyone, and to treat all girls as sisters. - Ottawa

    Cami: I'm sorry for telling all your secrets to the school after we stopped being friends. Sorry for calling you a cross-eyed slut. Even though no one like you anyways and talked shit already I didnt have to instigate and make it worse. I was just mad that we weren't friend anymore after all the time I had spent standing up for you. and now that we're adults and completely moved on with our lives I hear you're struggling with addiction. I'm sorry we messed you up that bad. - Rachel

    Jackie Marshall: I pledge to be kinder to my family and friends. - Buffalo NY

    Megan: In the 4th and 5th grade I was literally the biggest bitch to people because I finally became popular, if that makes sense. During the time, being popular was so important and it was everything a girl at my school would want to be. I started just being so mean to people I didn't even realize how bad things got. I just wish I could take back those years and say sorry to everyone whose feelings I hurt. -

    Amanda DeVaul: I lie to all of my friends about my weight because i dont want them to laugh at me -

    Katie M.: I am so so so so so sorry for calling you names and talking about you behind your back. I know your story and I should support you and not put you down. I will always be here for you and I love you with all of my heart. But sometimes I just get super jealous because you are really pretty and skinny and all the boys look at you even though you don't notice...and whenever you are hurting, I hurt. And that's how it has always been since the sixth grade. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR - Taylor W<3

    Katie M.: Hi my name is Katie. I am 14 years old and this is my story... In the 7th grade my dad had a motorcycle crash. He was hit by a truck and he almost died. I cried and I did something really stupid. I had always known people who cut themselves and I saw people on tv that did it. I thought it might help me. I cut the upper part of my right arm. No one knew about it, and it kind of helped me focus on something else that really hurt me. You know, physical pain rather than internal pain. I didn't cut again until the beginning of 8th grade. My two best friends randomly turned on me. They gained up on me and were texting me really rude thing. I cried for hours. At lunch they started whispering about me and it really hurt. I can't remember exactly what I was thinking but I immediately grabbed my pizza box in front of me and ripped a piece off and began slicing my right wrist up. Then I ran into the bathroom and made myself throw up. I started to really judge myself and I thought I was really fat, so I stopped eating, and I lost about 30 pounds over 1 month. I was really unhealthily skinny and it was gross. It made me feel way worse knowing that I was so underweight, so I started eating again and the girls and I worked it all out. Around January, my best friend got upset over a guy. She knew some girls from my school that cut. And so she decided she would too. She shredded her wrists up and I cried for her. Everyone blamed it on me because the guy liked me and not her, so I cut. I cut my right wrist up really badly and I carved, "LUV", "P", and "T" into my arm. (LUV because I was having relationship problems, P because that was the first letter of my boyfriends name, and T because Taylor was the girl that cut herself really badly and she even tried to commit suicide but I called her mom before she did anything) Eventually my mom found out and she was really upset. She told me I needed to stop and I needed to get help. But the thing was, I couldn't just stop. I liked cutting. It helped me be calm and to be honest, it didn't hurt at all. I got a therapist and I lie to her face and my moms. I have cut again because of drama and because of my mom and dad. At one point, I had this boy, who I was dating, call me a bitch, slut, and whore. I was so hurt because I thought he loved me and I thought that he was supposed to be the person that made me feel good about myself. But all he did was hurt me. Now he won't even talk to me. I cut again because of it. And it bled out every where; on my sheets, on my clothes, and on a rag. My cuts are all over my body; 1 on my left thigh, 2 on my left calve, 6 and a heart on my right thigh, 1 on my right hip, 3 on my left hip, 5 on my right wrist, 1 on my right bicep, 30 on my left wrist, 7 on my left arm, and 4 on my left bicep. You do the math... It's a lot and I can't wear shorts or short sleeves without being afraid of being judged. I am scared of everyone now and I can't trust anyone except my very best friend in the whole entire world, Hannah. Sometimes I think that she is the only person in the world that actually cares about me... I am slowly getting better and I'm cutting less and less. Many people are praying for me and it really helps me with my fight to completely stop cutting. -

    Natalie Peterson: The truth is, I hang out with more guys than girls because girls CAN be catty and mean. I was the quiet and shy girl from Elementary school to High school. But I'm really not quiet. I love being kind to others, and I wish girls could see that I would love to be their friends and have girl talk and hang out. But I also wish that girls didn't feel like they have to be rude and catty to others. We are all trying to survive and we all need friends. -

    Rie: I apologize to my BFF for not being as close to her as I should have sometimes. From now til forever I will be more truthful to you! - Nimie

    Madeline: When I was in fourth grade, there were two different groups of girls and my best friend that bullied me. They wouldn't leave me alone, they just kept mocking me and telling me I was weird. My best friend ignored me, she wouldn't even talk to me. When I asked her why she said, "Cuz you are a nerd, and I don't want people to think I am a nerd, too. Plus you hang out with Abby." Abby was the other girl who was bullied more than anyone, but she stood up for me, and I still and very thankful she did that, even though it didn't help much, I still felt like I had at least one friend who still cared. -

    Maxine Devaux: I have been harassed about my weight and clothing since 5th grade. I have attempted suicide twice and have been fighting cutting for almost a year. Even though I may not feel it, I still know that there is hope somewhere, thanks to this campaign. -

    Leslie: I am sorry for what I have done to, well, just anyone. I am sorry if I have talked behind your back, lied to you, or been just plain mean. I hope you all can forgive me. - Everyone

    Leslie: I pledge not to talk about anyone behind their backs. No matter how mean they might be or what they've done. I will think about what I say before I say it. I will reflect on my day and apologize right away when I do something wrong or mean. -

    Erin: There is a girl who dislikes me, and always has. She used to pretend to be my friend, but to tell my boyfriends or friends things about me that weren't true. I have slowly lessened my contact with her, and no longer talk to her at all. However, our school is doing a Kind Campaign fashion show with the help of Glamour and Glow, and I signed up. Today I realized that the girl who used to say nasty things to me and spread rumors about me is signed up. I really hope she learns something from this experience. But, I just don't see her taking anything from it. I just hope she doesn't hate anyone else as much as she hates me. -

    alerynn: i wish everyone would stop being mean - cheboygan

    Caro: i want to say srry to a boy who was being mean to my friend and i said fu to him and i really want to say srry to him but I'm scared 2 -

    alerynn: i wish everyone would stop being mean - cheboygan

    alerynn: i said sorry to my sister but it could not help she cept doeing it i could not stop - bray

    alerynn: my sister is always mean its like shes controling me she makes me fight back to her i just cant stop -

    grace: Kaitlin, I am sooooooooo sorry for in 3rd grade when i talked bad about you. I know it has been 5 years but i still regret it - kaitlin

    Sarah: I am sorry if my actions as a teenager were hateful, disrespectful, and mean towards other females. Being a teenager can be difficult and having other females by your side is important. And yet, it's often when we push them away out of competition, fear, jealousy, comparison, boys, everything. To every girl I have ever hurt or acted in such a negative way, I am sorry. - Anyone

    Sarah: I am sorry I took away the guy you liked when you told me you liked him. I was an awful friend. - Ashley

    Sarah: I am sorry for telling your ex-boyfriend words and stories you confided in me, stories about you and him, feelings about you and him. I am sorry our friendship suffered because of my actions and I wish you the best in your life now and in the future. - Mackie

    Sarah : I am sorry for telling your ex-boyfriend words and stories you confided in me, stories about you and him, feelings about you and him. I am sorry our friendship suffered because of my actions and I wish you the best in your life now and in the future. -

    Brittney : I pledge to be a better friend to everyone, and not talk behind anybodys back. I pledge to be nicer to everyone, including myself. - Ca

    Brittey: I am sorry for everything I've done to anyone, everything I said to anyone was not nice of me. and I apolgize for all my mistakes I have made. I love everyone - Everyone I know

    Chasidy Ogden: i pledge to try hard and be nice and give chances because no onewants to be treated like trash from my own experiances - Loma Linda

    Your Name: Dear,Rhiannon Westlake,;0 I am so sorry for when i called you fat,ugly and much other names i hope you can forgive me - Her Name

    frankie: i am sorry for being a creep - sarah beard

    frankie vargas: People should be nice .I want be part of the kind campaign -

    dylan: im sorry to those that i have cussed at. i always hurt her and i dont want her life to be worse. - dakota

    Anna: My friend and I were fighting over how we couldn't wear the same bathing suit to a pool night for kids. And we just kept fighting over little things, but in the end we were best friends. -

    Anna: I pledge to be kind to everyone no matter what. And to include people everywhere, and to stick up for anyone being bullied. And even if my friends are talking about someone, I will stick up for them. - Baltimore

    Vanessa: I'm sorry that i was lying about stuff that i ever told you. -

    Maria Eve Perez Jacalne: She's a good friend but somtimes she lies and i tell her not to but she says '' ok '' but i still feel mad at her. :( - Olivia Michale

    Your Name: I pledge to try to not give girls this 'look' I sometimes give my friends and people I don't like when I think they are being annoying. I will truly try to stop. - City

    Roxanna: I'm sorry for being mean to you last year, not letting you in. I'm sorry for all the times we fought. I'm sorry for all the times I was jealous of you. You're a true friend and I'm glad everything is good between us now. - Esther


    Megan: I am sorry for ever gossiping about you or EVER hurting you. You are my bestie, my soul, and I would never be the same without you. - Carley

    Megan: I am in the 5th grade. I am constantly bullied about my full cheeks and lips and a thick nose. people call me ''Angelina Jolie Gone Wrong"," Onion Nose", and "Chipmunk cheeks". Its a constant everyday problem. I still haven't gotten control of it. To make matters worse I have trouble standing up for myself and respecting MY needs as opposed to other people's. I hope that one day (soon) I can fix this problem, with me and others. -

    Neah: You probably didn't even know about this but I'm really sorry I talked about you behind your back and said some mean things about you - Deena

    Neah: Nobody really ever bullied me but I always felt that I was wearing the wrong clothes or had the wrong friends and the popular girls always looked at me weird and I felt bad. -

    akaylah: I am sorry for all the phiting in the middle of class. - emilee,lilly

    akaylsh vazquez: I am sorry for the things that i said about other people. -

    Sloane Zerda: I pledge to not talk negative about somenody's looks, traits or personality. - Renton-Issaquah, WA

    luce carty: some friends of mine always gang up on me just cuz im different, im a lot weirder than most people as i belive in the supernatural... they make me feel like a outsider and i really do try to act normal but i cant help thinking that i shouldnt pretend to be something im not. they make me feel upset and lonely! i wish they would understand it isnt a crime to be different -

    lucinda: sometimes i say things which my friends dont like and they go against me, i feel sometimes they gang up on me just because im.... weird. i know i embarass thme sometimes but i just wish they stopped making me feel like a outsider. ill try to fit in more and to make a apology to my friends for being a bit annoying sometimes and ill make a pledge to change somehow -

    Elle: I am so sorry for calling you a biotch. The moment after I said it, I felt guilty and terrible. The reason I called you that was because I was jealous that you had much more friends than I have and probably will ever have. You are kind and in our school, a kind person is very hard to find and I respect you for that. - Claire

    Keila: Dear Leila I,m sorry for leaving behind... I,m sorry for not being the best friend i can be. I'm sorry for all the things i ever said or thought about you...................... - Leila

    Jen: A group of my friends threw a sleepover party, to which they did not invite me, and voted about whether or not they wanted to remain friends with me. It's so immature that it sounds like a story from middle school or even younger--we're seniors in high school and it happened this year. -

    Taylor M.: This is really hard for me but im writing this because molly & lauren came to my school on wednesday & you two just inspired me to be nicer. & i think im kinda mean to people because when I was little in elementary , I always got called fat & ugly & other names. & thats why I barely even eat now, I dont even eat at school, only sometimes i will take a bite of my friends food. & everyday now me & my mom fight . LIke EVERY SINGLE DAY, . So i cry everyday & cry, I have anger problems & my mom is by-polar so it sometimes gets out of hands. & everyday at school I just pretend to be fine, but Im really not. & its hard. & my dad & mom say im a mean person, & i have been working on being nicer. & today I wrote people apoligie letters. & my parents expect me to do a lot of chores & to get good grades & its just too much... -

    Taylor M. : Im sorry I kissed Cameron when you really liked/loved him. If i could go back in time i would change that because I used to be so close to you, & we have gone through a lot together & i meen A L O T . I just want to be close to you as before. & i will never do that again. I wubb you - Orion Y.

    Te'a : I pledge to always look at the inside of other girls and not judge who they are by what i see on the outside.. I am always going to treat people the way i want to me treated!! :) - Washingtion

    Kathy: I pledge to be respectful to every person I meet, whether I like them or not. Thanks for that, Mrs. Popich (my 3rd and 4th grade teacher :) - Auburn

    Rachel: I'm in a group of girls who I call my friends, but I don't feel like they are. I'm always the one who just stands there, on the sidelines, hoping there will be someone who I can connect to, but there isn't. I feel all alone. Completely alone. -

    Annette B.F.: I pledge to not say anything bad about anyone that could upset them and/or make them feel unwelcome around me. - Sammamish,WA

    Annette B.F.: I'm sorry for leaving you by yourself when ou needed someone to rely on. I am so sorry that I couldn't man up (or women up ;)) and stay with you when you reached out to me. I am also so sorry that I left a mess behind when I had to leave you and Amelie. I hope you know that you are so beautiful, smart, and so forgiving and I absolutly love you with all of my heart. Thank you for everything you have done for me. - Gwyn

    Annette B.F.: In sixth grade, I thought I had the most nicest friend in the world. She would always meet me in the hallways before school and just hangout and talk about what we did last night when we weren't texting each other. People always thought we were a weird pair because I was 5'5 and she was 4'10. i had long brunette hair and she had shortish blonde hair. I has and still am a TOTAL tomboy and she is the defention of a girly-girl. One day she wanted me to be more like her. I asked her "Why? Don't you like me for how I am? I mean thats what friends do right?" She said "Yeah, but people are giving you looks when you are with me and I don't like how they look at me like that too. So we are going to make you girly. You are going to dress more like me and act more like me." I said "um..NO. I like who I am and if you don't like it then I'm sorry." At that moment I felt my stomach drop to the floor because right after I said that she said "Fine. Then I can't be with you anymore. I'll find a new best friend who isn't secretly a dude and who is mature enough to listen to someone's adivse." I remember I thought that everyone was staring at me that morning because I just broke up with who I thought was my best friend. Later she found a new friend, who is now one of my closest friends that I have ever made. The girl who bullied me who drag her new friend around like a dog and whisper stuff about me behind my back about how I'm such a whore and thats why I wear pants, because I'm forced to cover up and how I'm a bitch for being mad at her. It took me a lot of courage to say to her. "I don't appreciate you stabbing me in the back like that. It was not ok and stop spreading rumors about me." To this day she still treats me like dirt but then I think about the one friend I gained out of the situation and how I learned what a true friend is. If Gwyn F, Ashleigh M, Meredith T, Dani S, or Aoife M is reading this, you taught me what it means to be a friend.. If Amelie D is reading this, I just wished you would accept me for who I was and still am. -

    Your Name: I pledge to not judge people and gossip. - Sammamish

    Annie: I pledge to stop myself and my friends from saying mean, hurtful things about other girls. I promise to just talk to my mom when I need to rant about another girl and to try my hardest to be kind to every girl, no matter how weird they seem to be, because everyone has their own story. - Seattle, WA

    melissa felix: well hi ands u guys went to our skool and it waz cascade middle skool and wanted to say tat i am oin to ave a mavies well i am oin to tat movies and i want one of my best firends to o but se can not and i want to invite my oter bff ad i feel really bad wat shoudld i do ???? -

    Serena Gonzalez: I pledge to be caring and nice to everyone no matter their apperance or size - Auburn WA

    Laney: I pledge to not judge people by their cover, and to think before I say anything. I pledge to be someone people can respect, and look up to. I also want to have the KINDness to respect the people I don't really like. - Maple Valley, WA

    Jhaydee Francisco: i pledge not to hate a person no matter what or how they hurt me - Auburn WA

    Jhaydee Francisco : to:keila-shea Jones im sorry that i couldn't help you when i needed you most im sorry for ever calling you a name im sorry for all the things that i've done wrong to you -

    ~ Mariah<33: Truth Is, I've Been Mean To A Lot Of People... I Stand Up For Friends, My Friends Are My World... Without Them.. No One WOuld Have My Back... So Please Be4 You Get To Know me, DOn't Judge Me, You DOn't Know My BAck ground, My World,Or WHat Has Happen To Me... -

    Alexcia: I have talked behind my friends back to my other friends, and then talked behind their back to the other friend. I should have never done that. I have also secretly gone out with my best friends crush. I'm sorry. And I will never do that again. -

    Jane: I am really sorry for continuing that fight. Can we please be friends again? We should have never said those things and I am so sorry that i kept that conversatioin going by saying mean things. - Alexcia

    Alexcia: I am really sorry for starting that fight, throwing words around. I'm sorry that we both had started saying things that we hate about each other. That did nothing, it brought us nowhere but not friends. I hope you can forgive me? - Jane

    Alexcia: I pledge to try to be nice to all of the girls at my school, even if they aren't my most favorite people. Just one nice comment can make someones day, or just one person standing up for you can change your look on things. I pledge to be nice and more helpful - Seattle

    LIB: It's highly unlikely that you'll even read this, which is probably why I'm fine with writing it. I'm sorry for lying to you in first grade, or whatever that was, and getting defensive about it later, and I'm sorry for anything I have ever done to make you not like me. I don't know why we don't do stuff together much anymore, but can that please stop? - EDC

    Kailey Owen: I am so sorry for scratching you in third grade. I am also sorry for hating you in third and fourth grade. I am SO glad we're best friends now! I love you! - Ella Evans

    heidi: i have been bullied since 3rd grade. everyone always made me feel like i wasnt important to anyone and i felt alone. i had no friends until 5 grade when i moved to a different state. i was deeply depressed and felt like nothing, my friends tried to change that and almost got me going again. i finally started telling bullies "you know what? i am my own person and nothing will bring me down anymore. you've done it once and trust me, it wont happen again." -

    Brey: I pledge, To smile at everyone, because you do not know when it is saving a persons life. I've herd stories, about people committing suicide and they said they wouldn't if a single person smiled at them. And no one ever would. To not judge a person just by what you hear and see because not all the time is it true. You don't where they have been or what they are going through, you can make a difference. You can even save a life. It's cool to be kind. - Washington

    Jaclyn: I Started liking a boy that my friend ,who was like family liked.Well Behind her back i hung out with him and Ended up kissing him, we ended up dating after all the drama. I know it was hard on her and it hurt her, she tried to put it behind her but Are friendship has not been the same since. I still feel guilty to this day, and turns out this guy turned out not to be the guy i thought he would be. - Kiara <3

    Maisie Luis: I have made fun of people my entire life, im the type of girl to see someone and automatically start judge. Or i see some and right away hate them. I cal people names and bring them down. I watched the kind campaign movie to day. And will forever and always regret how mean i was. I wanna be deifferent. I wanna be kind. -

    Elizabeth: I first started getting bullied in kindergarten. A fifth grade girl would always push me around when ever she saw me. I tried to tell an adult but no one helped me. In second grade I met a girl who in third grade tried to take away all my friends she kept trying until sixth grade. She did this to me because i conforted a girl she make cry every recess who she called her friend.   Forth and fifth grade I was bullied by another girl physically and emotionally and I didn't stand up to her because I was scared of her. All through this time and even until now ive been called ugly fat bitch stupid loner and many more. I didn't become depressed though. I started to become friends with others who needed someone. I helped them find their voice and just was there for them. This summer I moved across Washington and left all my friends. I have been made fun of and am now the new girl who has 3 friends.  -

    Olivia R.: I am soooo, soooooooo sorry. Lat year I stuck my nose in a place that I shouldn't have and I know that I really hurt you and I'm sorry for that. It wasn't my place to take a side in that fight and I'm glad that we're friends again. - Payton C.

    In Debt to Tiffany: I wake up I don't eat breakfast Just push my food around my plate, restless, feeding the dog what should be mine as my parents watch and wonder why I'm not chewing. School awaits, that horrible place, of what I was and want to be, but can't seem to achieve. Lunch arrives my stomach pleads with me, but there's my other half yelling and angry. I cannot eat. I cannot eat. It hurts either way. I push my plate away. School continues I'm too cold to think. There's a chill inside deep in my bones. My friend Tiffany, she confronts me, with an afternoon snack. My stomach rumbles my mouth waters and guilt thunders at me. I do not eat. I nibble at my dinner the food in front of me nothing but a calorie count. Bedtime comes I catch my face in the mirror. My eyes are sunken into my head, ugly and inhuman, like something dead. Skin stretched over bones my heart breaks a new I'm all alone. My hair is stringy not like it used to be. I'm ugly. I hear my parents through the wall as they debate what to do about my weight they talk of doctors and their cold tools They discuss therapy; a brain autopsy. I try to sleep but I'm too hungry so I go running until I'm tired. Morning comes black smudges under my eyes. Breakfast comes I eat four bites. My head screams at me, calls me fat asks do I really want to go back to a smelly fat lump in the corner? What I want is that evil conscience gone, that half dead face, these cold bones, this body. Gone. School passes by We're handed back a test. I failed. Why, oh why? Do I, have to be this way? PE is agony, the other girls, they see, poor ugly, bony me. My conscience and my skeleton. In science we learn of the universe. Anorexia Nervosa that word is scrawled on a paper, thrown at me. Anorexia Nervosa It sounds like a constellation, or maybe, I'm confused with Andromeda. I wish I was her she was the daughter of the most beautiful lady and was so pretty, a guy fell in love at his first sight. That, we learned in humanities. I spend lunch in the library hiding from the food, and Tiffany. I look up Andromeda and loose myself in the life so much better than mine. After lunch is sixth I skip with a note from the counselor. They give me a lecture I listen to what they say, through the screams of the other half of me. Poor grades they say, every teacher's worried. And my health, well for that I'm stuck here, every lunch. They want to control my weight, but don't they know it's the one thing I control. My grades I have lost my life has left the one thing remaining is my power to make that scale needle go steadily down. I'm strong enough to take charge of that one element in my life when every other thing about me has taken its own flight. My parents arrive, with the counselor and the principle. Their stern voices grate against my tired, ugly ears. Unhealthy weight. I do not eat. I'm ugly. I want the voices to stop, on my ears, and in my head. "Is this what you tell me?" The evil conscience says "Do you really want to loose me? Then you'll be a sweaty, fat, pig, eating everything." My parents take me home, in a car of worried silence. Nothing but me, and that menace, who's trapped beneath my skull. They ask if I'm hungry, If I'm fine, if I need--- I'm fine. This is the lie I say. I'm fine. This is not what I want. I cry, silently. why me? I eat a little dinner, hearing nothing but her. "You don't deserve this." "You're a hideous glutton, eating so much." "You make me sick." "You, nauseating...thing." I'm fine. Painful hours roll by same as always. People wave hi, to each other, not to me. At this rate, Tiffany, she's the only friend I have who hasn't deserted me. She tells me I have a problem. She calls it Anorexia. I am numb. I am fine. I am not Anorexic. We learned about eating disorders in 5th grade way back then, I never thought, I'd be one of them. I do not want it Maybe if I deny it it'll go away. I listen wordlessly and wish I could be not here, not me. The bell rings. We are in the girl's bathroom I hear the others going to class But, apparently, I am more important than that, to Tiffany. Tears roll down my sunken cheeks, Hateful words swim through my head. And I say the words I haven't said in far too long. "I'm hungry." -

    Syndy: I'm 48 years old and still remember how much being bullied in 8th grade hurt. I was the new kid in school and made a great girlfriend, who was new also. We did everything together, then one day the cool girls started hanging out with her and she tried out for cheerleader. Instead of just making new friends and gracefully leaving me behind, she told them all sorts of things about me and the group of 4 of them tormented me for years. They never tired of it. I tried laughing it off and walking away. I didn't give them a reaction. They didn't give up. I had a new best friend who just stood by me and never mentioned it. She never talked back to them or stood up for me outwardly, but she did stay my friend. Our 30 year highschool reunion was this year and I didn't go because those same 4 girls were the organizers. Can't believe after all I have achieved and accomplished in my life that this still stings. -

    Audrey: She would always be my friend when I was the only one there. But only when I was the only one there. Every time her popular friends would come she would just walk away from me and make fun of me. I loved her when she was alone with me, but not when her friends were. -

    Nina: Anorexic. Bitch. Slut. Ugly. Whore. Wannabe. I've been called all those names. I'm 13. No one should go through that at 13 but I guess there's a time and place for everything. I felt gross, and when I looked in the mirror all i saw was an anorexic bitch. The girls who hurt me drove me insane. I couldn't escape them. They were at school and when they weren't physically around they were on Facebook and twitter. I thought I let it go but at my finding kind class I cried in front of all the girls at my school, and they did too. I found that the most secure people were sorry for things they've said and done. We were finally unified and one class didn't cut it. We all needed to share more. Every tear was meant for something that hurt inside and what shocked me is how much people hurt. -

    Kellyn: Ok, well I haven't been affected by girl to girl, but more like mother to girl. My mother is down right evil. I still love her, but what she is doing to me is wrong. Her favorite form of "punishment" for me, is to slap me across the face several times, then pull me up to standing by my hair. And why I cry do to the pain, not the physical pain, but the mental, she just gets worse. And that was at the beginning. Now, it's worse. It seems that if I even give one wrong look, she goes nuts. If I get a 59% and not a 60% (60% is passing, 59% is failing) she'll get an email report, and then goes nuts on me. Any place I try to make a "safety" zone, it gets ripped to shreds. Not by her though, but by others. So, I have no place left to try to hide, to heal, so I get her full "assaults." the only way I was able to "release" the stress that She had placed on me, was to put it onto somebody else. But that led to more problems, which led back to more fighting. I get no help from my other family members. My father is out at sea, my step dad can help, but chooses not to, instead he hurts even more (I can hear him calling me stupid, and a lot of other things down the hall) My mother's mother, is worse then she is, my step-dad's mother hates my mother, my Father's mother has 3 grand-kids, so she doesn't really care. My friends don't know, since I can't bring my self to say this to them. The only person who can help is the adults at school who I'm friends with, but I don't think they really want to get involved with "family" matters. So, I'm left standing on my own, against her. I have all these things I want to say to her, all this pain I want her to feel, But I know that if I should do it, it would just rebound onto me, even worse. I still love my mother, and I don't want to leave her, but I just want to tell her to stop, with out getting hurt. Which, that really isn't an option anymore. I know I will get hurt, one way, or another. If I do nothing, I'll get hurt, if I stand up, I'll get hurt even worse. Help? -

    myself: Im sorry for thinking suicide was an answer for people bulling me - myself

    Lauren Couch: For reasons that I don't know, I never seem to be able to make friends, true friends. I really wish that would change as time passes. -

    Gabrielle Ferdeaneto: I called my friend Shalyn a butthead and then she threw a book at me and it hurt really bad -

    Allie A.: I pledge to be a nicer freind and to not gossip about my "friends". - Laguna Beach

    Nikki G.: I am sorry for whenever I am jealous of you, or if i have ever spread rumors about you. - Allie A.

    Allie A.: I am sorry for sending you those mean texts. I know that we already made up but I still want to say sorry. Thank you for being a great friend. - Nikki G.

    Karen : I wasn't what you would call fully "bullied". However, I was affected when I was 11 years old. I had a very "close" friend that would also hangout with my arch enemy. I didn't like all, but I dealt with it for my friends sake. But my friend started spending more time with my enemy and it bugged me, I felt I was losing my friend. Being a girl, I did get mad at her over text and told her how I felt that my rival wasn't a good influence on her. My friend tossed me like old news after that. She was hanging around with my enemies crew and could care less about me. Her new friends would give me looks and would say little side comments to me that would send me home crying everday. I didn't want to go to school. I even had thoughts about running away. How I wished I could take back what I said. I got stronger though because I had a true friend stand by me the whole time. That summer, I was going into middle school and I got a stomache ache just thinking about it. I was seperating from my closest friend, my dad was going overseas, and just everything about middle school scared me. About a week before school started, I got these "anonumus" text messages telling me how "dumb", "stupid", "bossy", and what a "bitch" I was. I figured out later that it was my old friend saying all that to me. I was hurt, but it also told me that I have better things than her. I had true friends and family that stuck by my side and didnt call me a "bitch" or "dumb". When school started everything got better. We forgot all about the incident becuase we had more to worry about with school work. Were not as good of friends as we were, but now we smile and talk to eachother unlike after our fight. My main message is to tell girls who are getting bullied that it all gets better, belive me. -

    Aly: I'm sorry for being such a jerk to you. Sisters shouldn't treat sisters that way. I should treat you with respect and love. You are just such an amazing girl, and you don't deserve what I've done to you. I love you, Abbi!! - Abbi

    Aly: I pledge to not put anyone down with my words or actions and to stand up for those who are being bullied. - Gig Harbor

    Aly Robbins: Fifth grade was awful to me! I was the new girl in school, and I knew that everyone hated me from the start. There was one girl in particular though, who instilled such fear in me that I didn't even want to go to school some days. She lead her group of girls around, hating on me and giggling about me behind my back. I had just been silly one day... I didn't do anything too bad! I heard them. They knew it. I think they wanted me to hear them. Another girl, Steph, she became my friend. We had fun together. Everyone hated also because she hung out with me, but she didn't care. That is until she became friends with the mean girl. Steph turned on me one day, and she also became a source of fear to me. They all hated me. I was broken. I wanted my parents to take me out of school. It didn't stop in middle school either. Steph continued to be my friend one week and start hating on me the next, dragging others with her. It wasn't until 8th grade that she decided to become my friend for good... and we have been BEST friends ever since! I am in 10th grade now. -

    Alyssa: My parents always ask me why I hang out with boys more than girls. I never really had an answer til I saw your documentary, I realized that You are right girls are mean the only real friends that I have that are girls are two people, Olivia, and Felicia...the rest are boys, my parents don't understand...When I first moved to where I am now I didn't know anybody; a girl across my street seemed nice til later on in the year I found out that she will turn on you for popularity and just to get what she wants, including the guy. I felt unloved by friends and family I didn't have a good relationship with my mom at the time so I could never talk to her so i never her told her the stuff that went on in my life, But when people really started to be mean, untruthful, unjust, and unkind, I let it go and almost hung myself, I couldn't take the pain, it was an emotional tole that was tearing my life apart, but my best friends, Felicia, and Olivia lifted me from my weights of my destruction and lead me to know that I will have friends and that I do, But the pain from the past always drags me down.... -

    Anna: I am so sorry for being mean to you in 5th grade. I was just jealous of you and Mckenna I felt like you were taking my friend away. I am so sorry for treating you that way.You probably forgot about it, but I didnt. I am so sorry. - Cece

    Brianna: My best friend is also my worst enemy. I love her, she's the only person who's stuck by me through everything. But she's the kind of person that has the power to make or destroy your whole day by just a few words. She constantly makes subtle comments about what I'm eating, what I'm wearing, everything. And it tears down my confidence because she is literally perfect. -

    Erin: Well there was this girl at my old school and she tell me that my face was scrude up and that my eye brows were ugly and she was my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I plucked my eye brows and made them really pretty in my oppinion but they were all scrude up!!!!!! Then when I started Middle school I thought things were going to be different. I tried to hang out with the "COOL GROUP" but they all hated me. There was this girl named Jadie the sweetest friend any one could ever have but I thought I was toooo cool for her but she was the best friend anyone could ever have but I treated her like TRASH!!!!!! I COULD NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH TO SHOW HOW MUCH IM SOOOOO SORRY FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Erin: Im sorry for being mean and thinking that you were toooo wierd to be friends with me. I never should have treated you that way because to tell you the truth I think I kinda treated you like trash I feel soo bad. Your better than all those popular girls because even though I treated you badly you never ever did anything like that to me. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!! - Jadie

    Laura: I spend a lot of time online blogging, which has connected me with many girls all over the world. Even though I have never met any of them, I love them all and consider them true friends. Every once in a while, someone who I may have never talked to, or I may be great friends with, admit that they are suicidal and depressed. We always tell them that they deserve better, that we love them and they are worth so much. But one girl said, "I appreciate all of your kind words, but sadly, those who I know in real life, outside the internet, do not agree. I am not worth anything to them or to my family, and I love you all, but you are on the other side of the world, and I am alone here." She took her own life that night, and I am afraid that sending kind messages and love across the internet isn't enough all the time. I want to shake the people from her school, her family, and her bullies, make them realize that they have lost something with that girl. That the world has lost something. -

    Remelou: Well, this girl in our school tells me to fuck off her life just because I'm the 1st in the class. And she said a lot of bad things to me. -

    Your Name: I pledge to be more kind to people. - City

    Kelly: I pledge to try as hard as I can to get my KindClub up and running at my school. Even if my principal doesn't approve it, I will try to create something out of school. Thanks Lauren and Molly for your incredible inspiration! - Mobile, Al

    Stacy: Being a mother of daughters is a huge responsibility in today's climate. I pledge to continue to do my best to raise nice's a damn hard job. Thanks for all you have done to get the ball rolling... - Denver

    Stacy: I am the mother of two daughters--aged 16 and 17. Over the years I have seen plenty of incidences where they have been on both ends of girl-on-girl crimes. But what led me to your website was the latest incident with my 16-year-old which didn't just involve another girl but her mother too. If mothers are teaching and encouraging girl-on-girl crime by allowing their daughters to be exclusive, catty, and nasty then we are in for a long haul. I applaud your starts with ONE girl (or ONE mother) to stand up for change. I'd love to see this change in my lifetime...thank you for raising the bar... -

    Megan: I pledge to be nicer to all the people I know, even the mean ones and to stand up for anyone I see being bullied or harrassed. - Mobile, AL

    Megan: I'm sooooo sorry about suzanne & me calling you all those mean names... You started dating like every guy that asked you out and you wore this really short red dress with converse and trey started a rumour that you let every guy feel you up and you sucked every guys dick in the girls bathroom... You moved because everyone wasnt nice to you and your mom because your dad committed suicide and I just felt so bad because part of me was like thank god and another part of me was saying this is your fault you were apart of why she moved... So I'm super sorry and i hope we can be friends again. - Samantha

    Megan: 2 of my friends and I were best friends like the 3 muskateers. Friend 1, she started dating the guy friend 2 secretly liked, and they got in this huge fight and made me pick sides and I said that I wasn't going to pick sides and that if they were really friends they would make up and stuff and they got mad at ME and started calling me a bitch and a slut and that i was only friends with them to become popular because I was too ugly to become popular. It was soo sad... I was embarressed to go to school somedays and other days I would be so glad to go because i remembered the friends i had... One of my friends apologized and we are best friends now but the other friend still hates me... -

    Anonymous : her life isn't great her mother a drug addict , Father careless and violent. So to sum it up her life isn't to great but i've always been the best friend i ever could possible to her just her. She thinks i am her slave she doesn't want me doing anything else but following her around and doing nothing more than solving her problems and telling her how great she is. When we are in an argument she decides when its over,she decides what i say, who i can be friends with and and what i do. I don't want to be her friend but obviously i don't decide that either. When we are in an argument she just goes off and tells anyone she can think of every secret i have ever told her so what would it be like if i wasn't her friend at all? If i had any choice at all should i be her friend if i know exactly what she will do if I'm not her friend? -

    caitlin: i pledge to not lie to m friends because if i dont i will end up friendlis and never get anywhere in life - mobile

    caitlin: I lie to all my friends about my wieght because i don want to be made fun of yet i go and make fun of others. -

    Maddie: A girl at my camp had aspergers. All the other girls and guys made fun of her behind her back and wouldn't talk or sit next to her. When they did talk to her, they said sarcastic comments which secretly made fun of her but she had no idea. I should have done something...but I didn't. And I regret every second of it. -

    Jenny: I've been bullied by a group of girls since 4th grade because of my race and this year I've decided to stick up for myself but I did that in a horrible way. Now there is more tension between us then ever before. -

    A nobody thats going to start being someone: I have always felt ugly or below others but the thing is it really does not matter. I used to look in the mirror and think why do i have to look like this... but i have decided i am going to change. i am going to love myself and love others! Life is to short to hate... I dont want to wast one more second feeling bad for myself. I am officially proud of every flaw and love myself. Perfect is overraided. I am going to start reaching out to others who i feel might be having a hard time, Thanks to yall i am changing for the good. Please Pray that i will be able to stay strong... it will be hard but it will be AWESOME when i suceed! Thanks girls! i cannot thank yall enough! i love yall and you have probably saved more lives than you can count with what yall are doing. God Bless -

    Blair: One day out of nowhere my closest freinds turned on me and made my life miserable. -

    Jensen: I pledge to be calmer and try not as hard to get attention - Mobile

    Jensen: I'm sorry for being weird and annoying. I'll try to cam down. I'm sorry for trying to have a little attention. I'm sorry if I spazed out. - All my friends

    Jensen: One time this girl and "my best friend" wrote a note to me that was 2 pgs long front and back and it had all the things they thought were wrong with me. another time the same girls and some other girls made up this girl (who was really me) just so they could talk about me in front of my face. and this girl its like every time i get a best friend she takes her from me. no joke. and she is very immature and i know i can be annoying but i'd rather be annoying than be mean. we had finding kind preview at our school the other day and im almost positive it didnt affect her in any way. i know yall say everyone has a story to why they r so mean but shes not bullied at home or anything shes spoiled rotten and it really ticks me off cuz i have to work hard to get what i want but she just gets evrything handed right to her. -

    sharon: Im sorry for calling you a stupid wierdo i hope we can be friends -

    Teddy-San: All my life I have been trying to be a good and nice girl,but only a few people from my school like me. I am constantly by myself and I get hit,screamed at,teased at,and etc. i hope someone does not get it like I still do. -

    Sara: I'm sorry I called you fat and i forgive you for calling me a lesbian - I don\'t remember

    Sara: I'm sorry I talked about you behind your back and then never said I'm sorry - Daphne

    Sara: I'm sorry I stole your lover. - Nellie

    Francis: My daughter was called Fat this past week. She is 8years old. I saw first hand how strong she is when she told me. I could also feel how she lost a small piece of her that day. I could only hold her and tell her that girls can be mean and in time things can and will be better. -

    Noel: I pledge to be kind to everyone and always stay on the bright side. - Pittsburgh

    Nicole: I sent my friend Paith mean questions on formspring because i was envious that I feel she has been taking all my friends. -

    sarah: one day when i was going to school on the bus this boy micheal was saying mean things to me. he said things like: YOU SMELL! or your ulgy you have no friends. i went home that day crying because of him. he constantlay annoying me every day. he wont give me a break! -

    Darion Ramos: My pledge will forever be to stand up for those you don't have a voice. Someone is bound to hear me. - Henderson

    Kristina: To anyone whom i have seen being bullied at school and done nothing. I am truly sorry. - (anyone)

    char: i will listen and not try to always have the answer even though i really am trying to help - alameda

    char: i am sorry if i'm a know it all. my parents left me to take care of myself cause they were both sick and i had no siblings so i learned alot being alone at a young age and then they died when i was 18 & 21 years old so now i've been on my own for a long time and have grown so much. i try to help my friends who are having a bad time but i think it sounds like im a know it all but im not and i have more problems then all of them combined - kelly and my friends

    char: dierdre, javier and judy, you were my close friends and one day i came home and you stopped talking to me, moved out and never spoke to me again. That was 20 years ago and i still think about it everyday and wish i knew what i did to you to make you so angry at me. maybe i should know but i dont and i wish one day someone will tell me so i can understand -

    Sydney: I'm sorry I talked behind your back, called you names, and weren't always my nicest. I didn't act like the best friend that I should be. Truth is, I'm just really jealous of you. You're tan, blonde, you have all the friends, you have the boyfriend and all the guy friends, you're a cheerleader, you look awesome all the time with no effort, and everybody loves you. - Ann Bradley

    Maya: i am so sorry that the thought ever crossed my mind about not wanting to be your friend anymore. you are the best friend i could ask for and one of the most amazing people i know. you are smart, kind and beautiful, inside and out. thank you for always being there for me, and i want you to know i will always be here for you too. - Maia

    Chloe: When I was in seventh grade two people I thought were my really good friends told me they didn't want to be my friend for three reasons but I can't remember them exept one: that they didn't like how I talked loudly. I then cried for the next 10 minuets and walk to my next class with people asking if I was ok , i said I was fine when all I wanted to do was go home. Once in class this girl who was one of "those" girls who was mean to me asked if I was ok. In that moment my take on her changed. She's not as mean as I thought. -

    allie: im sorry bestfriend for hurting you so much i love you so much - olivia

    allie: In about fourth grade i started devolpeing way faster than everyone else i was very very tall and just bigger than everyone and i really stuck out in the crowd, everyday for about 3 months.One day before we got off school for break all i can rember is all the mean girls saying "you must be glad were on break so you can just go home and eat and eat and eat." that hurt and whenever we got back to school they had made up the cruel cruel name the whale. one day we were drawing and they drew a picture on the white board for the whole class to see that had a very large circle labeled with my name and abunch of sayings like i cant see my toes and why am i so huge. also they would always just look me up and down and laugh.Also they drew a notecard of me and just laughed about it, i took up the whole note card. its been 4 years but i still canot get over it, everyday i look in the mirroir and wonder why they said that, because it follows me around everywhere i go. its why im so self concious. i still know the mean girls i sit next to one of them in english i cant look at her the same. fourth grade was the worst year of my life and i truley wanted to die. -

    Your Name: Because we cdon't want to be bullied anymore, Eagle Ranch Kind Campaign pledges tp be kind to other people. - City

    anonymous: people sometimes call me a bitch, slut, whore, and airhead.( this is the popular group) fine now tho.... i have great friends! -

    Maddie: Hi! i have been bullied before and its NOT fun...luckily now i have a great group of friends! i was bullied in fourth grade by carrissa...she was very mean and tried to take my best friend:( good thing is now she is at a prep school...we just watched the kind documentary and it made a great impact...everyone is now friends!!! thanks so much lauren and molly! u guys r great! love love love! -

    Meghan H.: Dear all the popular people at my school.. including Sam, Amber, Gina... I am sorry for ever talking about you behind your backs... even though i was talking about all the mean things you have done. - Sam Amber Gina

    Meghan Hanlon: My name is Meghan... Here is my story. It all started in 6th grade when this girl named Sam. Were werent that close until she started to get bullied by all of her freinds. First, I was the only one who really stood up for her. Then my freinds helped her out. We were all becomming so close... when it happened. One january day, all the popular girls that hated sam invited her back into the group, totally excluding me and my friends. I felt crushed ... She apologized... i sadly forgave her, even tho it wasnt a true apology. 7th grade was Ok... but at the end of the year she called me a terrible actress and put all of my friends down and started rumors about all us. Now its 8th grade and she and the popular group have basically ostrasized me from their entire group. We just watched the movie and they all hugged me while i cried and said sorry... but i dont know if they were being true or not... since they lied b4... idk what to do -

    Antonia Fuller: I pledge to be above everything my friends say about other girls, because everyon ehsould have a chance to be them and express themselves however they want. I pledge to let everyone have a clear right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of kindness. - Los Angeles, CA

    Blake: I Pledge not to be so quick to judge people i don't know, to give them a chance before i say anything about them. i pledge to bit my tongue when i want to say something behind someones back. - RIdgewood

    Claire Randolph : I've spent 10 years with an eating disorder. A couple years after it first developed, I was at my lowest weight. One of the girls in my old school purposely called me fat, "Little Debbie Cakes", and many other derogatory names. As my illness progressed and it became more noticeable, she then began telling everyone about my illness (something which she knew nothing about the truth of). I used to wish that she'd get fat, become friendless, and even develop disordered eating habits. … Years later, I dropped out of my highschool, went into homeschooling and graduated eary. I'm in college now, and at a close friend's wedding, I was a bridesmaid with this girl that had spent so many years making my life hell. The night of the bachelorette party, all of us girls met up to get together. Everything I had wished on her had become true. I overheard her talking to our friend getting married that she suffers from binge eating disorder (her bridesmaid dress no longer fit compared to a month ago), as a means to cope with the death of her father when she was a child…. My father passed away the year I graduated highschool. While you see no error in how you treated me and so many other girls in gradeschool, I'm sorry that all of the horrible things I wished on you came true. You and I are have more things in common than I'd ever care to voice aloud. I hope you find your way out of this dark tunnel. There's light on the other end. I'm sorry we never talked to one another. I feel like maybe we could've helped each other out, if things had even been just the slightest bit different. -

    Amoya: One day we were at school in an assembly and I was shouting good job to the people who got awards and this girl starts talking to another girl about me and I said to my friend what's er problem and she just turned around and talked more and more about me and inside I felt really hurt and betrayed because we were friends and now I feel like she's my enemy.When girls go behind your back and start talking about you just say "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me!" -

    Julie: I pledge to be kind and to say something nice to at least three people everyday. -

    Savanna: No one deserves to be treated poorly. Many girls at my school are, and that's not a good thing. Being put down and bullied doesn't feel good. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly. Just because people look different, doesn't mean its a bad thing. We should stand up for each other, not put each other down. I know how it feels. We do this to each other. We have all been victims. -

    Savanna: I pledge to treat other with kindness and respect. To treat others how I want to be treated. - Stow

    Cleo Hadel: I pledge to live with who I am love who I am care about how I treat MYSELF how I would treat others and be kind to myself and others. -

    Sh: I'm sorry i called you stupid, ugly and fat. I thought since you were calling me the same it would be okay, i'd feel fine. I feel so guilty, it's even worse that you're my own sister. You're only nine and I've been so horrible to you it's unbelievable. I've never told you that I love you. I'm sorry because I do love you, so much. - Sa

    Faith: I pledge to always be kind and treat others the way I want to be treated. :) - Middleton

    Lexi m.: Im so sorry. i never wanted to hurt u. ever. kno we aren't friends but just want to let u kno i was stupid. an idiot. i wish i could take it back. thats my only wish. i hope some day i can tell u in person. - Anna B.

    Paige H.: I pledge to accept my differences and find the beutey in myself, also to never hold something against someone just because of a mistake. - Laguna Niguel

    Student at Niguel Hills: I go to Niguel Hills Middle School and I got bullied by one kid, and today, when the video was on people stood up for me and I stood up for myself, and that one person apologized, thank you so so much, I don't get bullied but I stood up for the people that did. I also saw a lot of girls hugging and apologizing. I know you guys used to go to my school and I think that you know the atmosphere, it is so great that people stand up for you. Keep up the good work. -

    ANHE: I am sad because I and my clasmate were fighting each other. -

    Nicole Maniez: As a woman in my thirties who has a daughter and works with youth, it breaks my heart to remember the confusion and struggle of growing up. Having been on both sides of mean, today I work to create space for girls and women to explore their membership in sisterhood and community... what it means to raise up yourself and others. Together we stand stronger. Let us forgive each other and ourselves. Let us support each others brilliance. -

    R: I know you're not going to read this, but i'm sorry I stopped talking to you. I don't have a reason, and it's idiotic, but I don't. I didn't mean to stop being friends with you, being friends isn't like being in a relationship, you don't just break it off. I'm an awful person for what I did, but I'm glad you'll still ask me what period is next in school. Atleast you still talk to me. - A

    kasey: I pledge that i will do my best to not talk about people behind there backs and to be the kindness person i can be! - baltimore

    kasey: im sorry for my actions to other gurls like me there is no reason to be so mean if you have nothing good to say dont say it or keep it to yourself and im sorry for the rumors i have spread - ariana

    kasey : im white my name is kasey and every day people look at me like im a slut or ugly people at my school even though its catholic people shouldnt say things because im not pretty or i dress inopropitate on tag day and it puts me down but then i hold my head high and to this point i feel like i have no feeling because of what people have done to me -

    Sophia: I am so sorry for telling Carley about your family. You trusted me and I broke that, I am not going to get in specifics because that would only tell more people. But you know what I am talking about and I really hope you will forgive me. It was the biggest mistake of my life and made me lose you as a friend. - Emma

    Jennie Jensen: I take the Kind Pledge and will always treat other people like I want to be treated. I will put others needs before my own and help those who need it. So that we will one day live i peace. - Gislev, Denmark


    Cleo Hadel: I pledge to not home crying because of one certain person and keep my head high nobody is worth your tears and the ones who are wont make you cry -

    Lizzy: I'm so sorry, if I've ever said anything mean or made you cry. it's just sometimes it makes me feel better to retaliate even if its not against the person who said something to me. I don't mean to hurt you and I want you to know that I hope you'll forgive me and that you understand. It's not even your fault and I know you did nothing wrong and I hope you know that everything I've ever said that was mean is a lie. Your wonderful and beautiful and intelligent and i should've know better than to ever say otherwise.. - Girls in General

    Mariah: I apologies to every one i have ever said or done to do to any girl in my school if u are read ing this and u have ever been bullied by me i am sorry - girls in my school

    Nur Shaqira 9 years old: Actually I wanna have friends like others. That's why,this is the first time I've been to -

    Katy Lund: She hates me, we've been best friends since 1st grade, and she hates me because her ex-boyfriend likes me. I didn't ask him to like me, I don't want him to like me, this isn't my fault and she's telling people that I ruin her day whenever she see's me. What did I do? How can I possibly fix this? I don't understand what I did wrong. -

    demi: i pledge to be kind and ignore people who hurt me because i'm better then that. i know how to be myself without listening to the haters out there. to everyone out there who's being bullied and hurt "KEEP YOUR HEADS HIGH" - lynnwood

    tiara: sorry to my bestie for say i never thought she could work becaues she is to goofy, sorry sissy - aleah

    Erin: I pledge to try my best to treat others the way I want my daughter and myself treated. I accept that I am not perfect, so when I slip up, I will do my best to make ammends. - LaFayette, NY

    Erin: I am an adult, mother of a young girl, PTA member and a Girl Scout leader. All through Elementary, High School and even as an adult in the workplace, I was bullied. The worst agressors were always female. One day they were your bffs, sharing secrets and braiding your hair. The next, your secrets were being whispered as you walked down the hall toward a girl who was waiting to challenge you to a fight or who would later ambush you as you walked home from school.(Or spreading rumors at work to prevent you from getting a promotion.) It is more than 20 years since the abuse began and I still have scars. I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO MY DAUGHTER!!! I have seen girls as young as Kindergarten repeating this pattern. It is no mystery where this is learned, as I have witnessed it among the "mature" Moms of the PTA and have even had "adults" mock other mom's daughters at Girl Scout meetings. The only changes are that there are now MORE and EASIER ways to be mean. It has taken becoming a mother for me to stand up and even at first, it was only as a "Momma Bear." Standing up for myself came much later. I pray that I am a good example for my daughter and my scouts. I hope I can show them how to be good and kind. I wish that "mean girls" were only a cautionary tale and not a harsh reality. -

    Arooj: I pledge 2 think of others before i say anything about them and i pledge to remember what people have taught me when i get bullied - Toronto

    Arooj: Im sorry for making fun of u and never sticking up for u and i just wish i can go in the future and change that. Im really really sorry! - Amna

    Arooj Naghman: ive been bullied before from a girl that i taught was my friend. She made fun of me and called me fat, ugly and also a bitch. The story started when i was in grade 6. She was my best friend but she just used me because she wanted 2 be the popular girl at school. We were in the talent show and she made a mistake and use 2 gossip that i made the mistake all the time. People use 2 call me "the embarrassment". She even told the guy i liked that i liked him and i didnt want her 2. After she told me she didn't want 2 be my friend because she taught i was an embarassment. She would lie 2 my mom saying that she hit me or she punched me in the face when i didnt do anything. My mom yelled at me and after that i wish i were dead. I would cry everyday in my room and even at school. She even lied that my other friends told her not 2 be her friend when they didnt. I was so happy when she moved back 2 Chicago. She still had my number and now she calls me a bitch everyday. I wish i taught her how cruel she can be. Now i feel like i didnt do anything. But now i think of it i dont cry and i let it go. I want her 2 nevercome back ever again and that reason is only cause of this campaign. -

    Dianne: I pledge to stop saying and thinking bad things about other girls. I realize that I only do it because of my own insecurities. I worry my boyfriend is looking at prettier, skinnier, younger, more fun girls and it scares me a lot. - City

    Taylor Chanes: My close friend went after the guy I liked. In return, I convinced him to break up with her and then not even a day later, I hooked up with him. I did everything in my power to get him from her, and in the end neither of us got him, but I was the one with the broken heart, while she had a broken trust. I feel horrible for doing that to her behind her back while EVERYONE around her knew what was going on. - Corissa Burdette

    Taylor Chanes: I have not been the best person, but I do not deserve to be judged by my appearance. In middle school, there were alot of asian kids. They discriminated because I am mexican. They made me feel like I was not good enough. They were very hurtful. When I finally went to a school counselor, I was after made fun of because I told. It wasn't until I lost my mom, that they started to be nice to me. after 3 years of hatred from them, I was afraid to even talk to them when they were "being nice". It wasn't until 4 years had gone by that I finally DIDN'T CARE about them anymore and I was able to recover from that traumatic experience. -

    Asher Herrmann: During the seventh grade (now) I have been called pimple face and zit face and many things similar to that and sometimes even by my own best friend. It makes me feel like everyone would be better if i just left. I have also been called the same things by many boys and that ,makes me feel like i'll never get married or get my first kiss. I know God says that he loves us and we shouldn't care what others think but I doubt that a lot. -

    Adina B.: I Pledge To Forever and Always Be Kind To Every Girl In Sight of My Kind Eyes Even If They Aren't Kind Back To ME - Cupertino

    sammy: i pledge never to start any rumors and to be kind - City

    Fiona N.: I use to always be picked on for the way I feel, I never really had true friends,but I was blind folded by lies. Out of all 4 of my best friends, 2 of them would always talk behind my back and pick on me, They thought it was okay, a few days before my friends confronted one of my best friends for throwing basketballs at me, all she had to reply was " So? I've done that since grade 4 and we're still friends." They'd call me drama queen and emo for trying to kill myself or cry over something that they've done. Now I can fully see who's my true friend, and who's just there to use you. -

    Fiona N.: I use to always be picked on for the way I feel, I never really had true friends,but I was blind folded by lies. Out of all 4 of my best friends, 2 of them would always talk behind my back and pick on me, They thought it was okay, a few days before my friends confronted one of my best friends for throwing basketballs at me, all she had to reply was " So? I've done that since grade 4 and we're still friends." They'd call me drama queen and emo for trying to kill myself or cry over something that they've done. Now I can fully see who's my true friend, and who's just there to use you. -

    katie: when i have a bad day at school with freinds, i will try to not be moody with my family.. it just makes the day worse - City

    katie: im sorry if i have done anything wrong to make you not be a close to me now. i wish we could be bestfreinds again - gen and rachel

    Katie: a few weeks ago i found out my bestfeinds have been talking about me behinde my back and im heartbrocken i thought i could trust them. but also recently they have been leaving me out.(because there is three of us its always awkward) but now they are being all of a sudden bestfriends with this girl and i feel she has replaced me. and they keep on meeting up withought me. i was playing out one day with my sister and all three of them walked past me and completetly ignoreed me. they are a great laugh when im with them but when im not with them they talked about me? i dont want bestfriends who act like that? are they worth the upset? -

    Mariah: My best friend left me because I'm not popular the other popular girls make me look like a complete fool they call me ugly fat loser loner I have felt like I should be dead to make them happy but to have my best friend be taken away do popularity I would come home and cry and cry every night . They would look at me and laugh at me and my teachers wouldent do any thing -

    demi: i've been bullied verbally and emotionally since sixth grade. socially ostacized until seventh. now i am dedicated to finding a way to be kind to everyone -

    Sara: im a brat i admit it i talk about people i comment on everything they do I call them names i tell them what to do i tell them there are nothing im a Bitch i admit it but i know in a couple years i will be the one to pay for it im a horrible person. I made a girls life half hell because shes dating a guy i love. So in a couple years she can put me down!!! -

    Smile: i pledge to be kind - City

    t.: as a teacher, I plan to implement kindness. to make up for the hurt in my past through the future of my students. - oakville

    Julia: I wish, I wish, I wish I could have a chance. A chance to be discovered. -

    Sad Phoebe: I pledge to stop. Stop hating others. Just stop. No one deserves to feel how I feel. Only me. I did something to deserve this pain but no one else. - Green Bay

    Phoebe: In fifth grade when you were in our forth fifth class mix and I was popular I let it get to my head. I called you a follwer and other things. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me. I hate myself too much. - Gayle

    Phoebe: After all these years the truth is now being drilled into my mind. I'm fat. I'm ugly. I'm stupid. I stopped eating for a while. A girl came up to me in the hallway and she said, "I'm doing a project on famines. Could I interveiw you?" No matter what I do I'm not perfect. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. But not the right kind. I know the Barbie doll is supposed to be bad but I want to be like Barbie. She's perfect. We all have scars. I just wear mine on the inside. To protect my family. They don't know half of my life. I hate sports and my dad wants me to do them. I like acting. I wish I could tell him. My friends do sports and want me to join but I don't want to. I HATE SPORTS! I HATE MY FAT, UGLY SELF! I just want to cry sometimes. I do all the time. But then I get made fun of because I'm not wearing mascara or make up. I hate life sometimes. I look at our medicine cabinet sometimes and wonder how long it would take for me to die after putting the pills in my mouth. -

    Phoebe Olderman: I was bullied a lot. I like to express myself through clothes and hair and some people make fun of me. I remember the in the third week of middle school I bought new clothes and wore the outfit. My BEST FRIEND asked if I would change into my gym clothes. It was a sparkly T-shirt and skinny white jeans. I wore a pink velvet bow in my hair. By fourth hour kids were shouting "Hey look it's project runway! I see her outfit, now I want to run-away!" It really hurt. Soon my friend asked if I would change MY LAUGH. She had a problem with THE WAY I LAUGHED. I spent my third hour in the girl's bathroom crying. Now I still haven't toId my friends. I wish I could. I want to. But I'm too scared. -

    Phoebe: I'm sorry to a girl who is now a close friend. She is a year younger than me and was in my fifth fourth grade class mix. I was a popular fifth grader and it went to my head. I called her a follwer behind her back. I'm so sorry Gayle. I hope this won't hurt our friendship. -

    A Broken Heart: I pledge to always stand up for those who have been or who are being bullied so that they can feel the feeling of a strong friendship the way i have. - City

    A Broken Heart: i have been bullied for 6 years. I have been slappedand people have wrote mean notes about me. I have had people crush my dreams. To this day i feel scared and shy and i feel like i can't trust people. Others actions have changed me completely. My mom said i used to be all smiles. Now I feel like im wearing a mask. As time passes i can feel the mask slowly coming off. Kids giggle while i do things and I immediately believe i have done something wrong. i have received notes saying things like "You suck at everything." or "Stop trying to be a know it all." . I once tried to audition for a play and right after my audition a girl asked me "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean there is singing and it doesn't seem like you handle stage fright very well." . I am actress and im not gonna let anyone tell me otherwise. I have amazing friends now who are always there if i need to cry. Even though i feel somewhat worthless i know im a shining pearl in my friends eyes. To everyone else how has been bullied~ Please dont go off killing or cutting yourself! I know how you feel you are NOT alone! there are people who love you. You just gotta find the right person -

    A.Crystal: People make fun of me just because I look different. They say everytime I jump the whole world shakes, they say Im not pretty enough too be a girl. I have a lot of bad things to say everytime they make fun of me but I don't because thats not who I am. My best friends don't stick up for me instead they just laugh along. It really hurts when they do that but I don't show it because I don't want the bullies to know Im scared. I feel sorry for the bullies because they have nothing to do but make fun of pretty girls like me. -

    daisy: i pledge to try not to hurt anyones feelings - middlesbrough

    daisy: i am so sorry for saying monster pie to a monster high fan - tamzin

    daisy cooper: i got bullied because i am ginger and i like harry potter very much but then i told the headteacher and she old them off and i accept im ginger and i like harry potter -

    Katelyn Marie Shawan: My foutth grade year at Langford in Austin, Texas was good in the begining upuntil we got two new students in our class and they mainly ran it bucause they were "so cool" people said. Well that year i lost all my friends no one liked me the two new girls started rumers that made me uncomfortable and cry. And what i hated the mot is my best friends listened to them and not me i heard them say, " so is Katie really going out with Nick" they woudent even go up to me they just asked one of the girls. i still don't know what i did i know that when they frist came is was really nice some people say i was too nice and they too advantage of me so thats why they did that. But i don't know i just don't want it to happen to me again! So after that year we moved to Michigan and of chore i did get some bulling cause in the new kid with weird parents and i talk different. But now that has lessend and im in middle school where i have pretty good friends amoung my clasmates now maybe not all like me but if i can deal they can deal too!! -

    Emma Joy Balllard: I had spred a rumor about my friend. She did not like it she had felt scared and upset. I had told her who had did it and she understood why. She said thank you for telling me. She had understood why i had started it in the first place. I now knew that what they had said hurt her. So i had the guts n started a new rumor about me. To get the old one about her out. I felt good about it. She was happy and so was i. What they had said about me i did not care. Because i knew that it was a good reason why it had gotten started. -

    KatieBeth: I get bullied a LOT. Some people think i am gross, and some think i am mean. This is not true about me, but I cry. I think they are just doing that to suck out my self esteem. -

    Maddie Erickson: I will try to be nice to people, even if they're not my friend and to always be considerate of other people's feelings. - Pacific Grove

    Sydney: I'm so tired of being told I'm nothing; people have told me that since I was old enough to be in school. I was always the weird girl. After a few years; I just got tired of trying to prove them wrong; and I accepted everything they were saying. I still do. I believe I'm ugly, and fat, and just once; I wish I could be beautiful. -

    11 years old: I dress driffrent than outher people and get made fun of it because of it yea they wear pink and stuff and i wear black but that doesnt mean they should think what they want just by looking at how i dress. They see me wear my jacket ALL day i NEVER take it off and it's their fault, they made me so mad and sad and more feelings that i couldn't take it so I have these cuts on my arm, they are from trying to take the feelings away or just trying to kill myself. Yes it's true I have pulled a gun to my head yes i want to die i don't know why i didn't pull the trigger. -

    Anne Marie: I promise to stick up for my friends and never to talk behind someones back - chicago

    Anne Marie: I am always afraid to stand up for myself. I never want to be mean or mad but i get hurt and feel like i cant do anything about it. -

    anon: i am so sorry. for anything i have ever said or done that has ever affect anyone negativly, i am so so sorry. - anyone

    Gabriela: i am so sorry for hurting some of my friends, i hope that you will frogive me -

    Gabriela Age: 8: When my parents got divorced i fell into depression and thought fo suicide but Kind camipghn helped me. -

    kathrina: i just wanna say sorry to every one how i been mean to on purpese or acsedent - to the ones i hurt

    Kathrina: sometimes after school i go in to the bath room and cry,for 30 minuets,less or more. -

    Your Name: Your Pledge - City

    Elyse: I'm sorry for being so upset at you I didn't even want to speak to you. I was just mad, I really just wanted to talk things over. - Melissa

    Lexii: I pledge to make a difference! - Salisbury

    Anon: I pledge to stop using terms like stupid, slut, whore, fat, ugly, and bitch to my friends, me, and my other peers. They are extremely rude. - Toronto

    Anon: I'm sorry I've called you stupid and that I've made you cry so many times. I really want to restart, you are my best-friend and I love you more then you can imagine. - Laura

    Anon: My bestfriend in grade 6 would only talk to me when her 'popular' friends weren't looking. It used to kill me inside. All my true friends used to tell me to give up everytime I would finally decide too, she would catch on and call me up and ask to hang out. We had been best-friends since grade 2 and I didn't want to lose her. I don't understand why I had to go through that, she was supposed to be my best-friend. After when we went to different schools, by choice, we drifted. Now despite how I felt in Grade 6, I treat my best-friend like that. I trick her, and I call her names like stupid. I've made her cry too many times. It makes me feel really bad, but I don't know why I don't stop. -

    Savanna: I'm so sorry I made fun of you and laughed at you just because everyone else did. It's not your fault you have a deformity. Your beautiful inside and out. I'm so sorry. - Lauren

    bethany martin: I'm bullied because I'm short and skinny I'm beat up, yelled at ,insulted and its only because I'm not pretty -

    Ashlee: I am sorry I stopped being your only friend because of what others thought of you. - Lindsay

    S: I appologize for the way I ended our friendship, you did so much for me. - K

    Soo Kyong: I am so sorry for leaving you in 7th grade, even though you were always by my side. I left you because you were not popular and many people told me I should stop being friends with you. Stupidly, I agreed. You tried to make our friendship last, but I cut it off. Now we're juniors in high school and I regret so much. I tried to rekindle our friendship, but you obviously do not want to do that. I completely understand because I know how hurt and angry you are. I wouldn't want to be friends with me either after I left you high and dry. Also, you gave me so many chances before but I never took them. I am so sorry I left you for a group of people who are not even my friends. I really admire you because you were still able to pull it through and now you are even more beautiful than you were before. Comparing myself to you, I feel so embarrassed because you were always the great best friend while I wasn't even a friend. Now, you have tons of friends while I feel so alone and stupid.You are happy (and you deserve to be happy) while I am so miserable right now. I tried to apologize to you before, but because of my pride and fear of rejection, I never was able to do it. I know posting my apology on the web isn't the same thing as telling you in person, but I just need to get it out there. It's really hard to find a true friend, let alone a great true friend. I was stupid to not see that I had one before. Please forgive me. I am not asking you to be my friend immediately. Please let me earn your friendship and trust. I really miss you. - Olivia

    Alex: The Kind campaign came to my school today and it was life changing. A couple years back, in middle school there was this girls I knew. She was fairly popular, well she had friends and Im not sure exactly what happened but her friends turned on her. I tried to really hard to be friends with her, but i we didn't have any classes together so it was difficult. I simply thought that her and her friend had gotten into a little bit of a fight, so I didn't think that much of it. After we watched the documentary Finding Kind she told me, in detail how she was affected by what happened between her and her friends. She told me how they would plan all they ways to embarrass her and how physically hurt her. She was never in any physical pain that i know of, but the things she told me were crazy. I didn't even realize how she was getting bullied, i was right there and apparently the things they said to her were very hurtful. i didn't realize how much words could hurt, i've never been bullied or if people say mean things to me I just laugh it off, because really i don't care what people think. I wish that i could've been there for her because by the end of middle school she had barley one friends, me. i wish that i could've tried hard to be there for her cause she really is a great person. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!!!! It really opened my eyes to so many things. - Nicole

    Courtney: i used to have this friend and she was reeeeealy funny and kind. we used to go shopping together. one day i went to her house to hang out and we talked about stuff in her room. she said that she had to go to the bathroom so she went out and i waited for her. but when she came back, her mum was with her looking really mad. i was going to ask what was wrong when her mum asked why i said mean stuff to my friend and punched her and kicked her. i had no idea what was going on but i didn't have the courage to say that i didn't do those things to my friend. then, my friend's mum called my mum and told her what happened. my mum was so angry that she picked my up early and she told me not to do it again. the next day, my firend spread around so many rumours about me and no-one wanted to be my friend. then, all the other kids made fun of every single detail about me and pushed me around in the playground. they even wrote bad things about mee that wern't true in the girls' bathroom. i stayed home for 1 week and my friend kept saying rude stuff to me on the computer. i cired alot and spent all my spare days in my bedroom. my mum asked what was wrong and i told her all about the teasing and the punching at school. i then got trasported to anoher school and i have really nice friends now. i still don't know why my friend told so many lies about me. -

    Luisa: a few months ago a rumor was spread around my class that i liked this guy who no-one liked much. my class thought that because he liked me even though i didn't like him and he used to talk to me in class and try to get my attention and hang out with me in sport-time. then, the day i found out that rumour, one of my friends came up to me at lunch and asked: "Hey, do you have like, a partner in your class?" from then on, i wanted to keep away from the guy because he was getting annoying. once, me and the guy were walking to the lunch area and he was just talking and talking and talking and i was just trying to get away from him and then one of my friends saw and she came in between us and said: "Oh, you're having a nice chat, are you? So, when's your date?" then all her friends started laughing and i just wanted to run away and cry. i told the teacher about it and she talked about it to the class. she didn't say any names, just saying the situation. then, my class stopped saying the rumour and the guy kind of didn't like me anymore. i'm glad i had the courage to say that to the teacher. i kinda feel proud of myself :) -

    Kathryn : Renate, I know that it has been over 10 years since I wrote that horrible note, and that I have already apologized for the unkind things that I said to you...but sometimes I still think about it and I feel so sad and heartbroken that I was unkind and immature enough to think that something like that note was acceptable. I have searched for you on Facebook to add you as a friend and see how you are doing after all of these years, but it looks like you don't have one. I remember in high school, right before you moved, that you had a notebook for people's contact info. so that you could stay in touch with your friends. I was really happy that you had forgiven me for all of my unkind acts in middle school and Jr. High and that you asked me for my email address and phone number. But then, you were gone. I haven't heard anything about you or your family, and I hope that by posting this online that somehow, some way, you will know that you are still thought of and loved by one of the girls who used to be so horrible to you. Are you doing alright? Are you happy? I truly hope that you are. I am so sorry for how I treated you. I am so happy that we parted on good terms. If you ever find this, please find me and let me know how you're doing. I'm on Facebook and I would love to hear from you - Renate

    Samantha: Im in seventh grade and it is torture to me. This year someone physically hit me. What did I do to them to make them do that to me? I get called fat, ugly, and nobody wants to see my face. The counsler at my school just says to ignore the bullies. I cant ignore somebody if they're physically hitting me. I always sit alone at lunch while everybody else has friends. Apparently, the people in my grade see me as the "weird kid." -

    Jannie: One time I got my period and some stupid slut made fun of me :( -

    Nekisa: I pledge in your honor. I pledge that I will never stand by and watch someone else become a victim. I will never allow myself to be a victim or turn this on another friend. I will be a friend to everyone - no matter their story. I want everyone I ever meet to know that I will always be there for them, even if they just want to say hello. I pledge to be your friend. - Newport Beach

    Nekisa: I wish I could tell you this in person, but because of what happened I will never be able to. You left this world before I had a chance to become the person I am today, the friend I could have been for you. I am so sorry that I wasn't there for you, that I was so oblivious to the world around me and to someone in need. I wish that things could have gone differently and even though it's not much I hope this is a start. I am sorry I didn't tell you any of this any sooner, before it was too late. I'm sorry. But never forget that you were always loved, no matter what. - Stephanie

    Kate: Hey :-) I am almost 50 and i cry still every time I think of my pain in middle school. I don't know if I will ever understand how I became a target. There is no rational, single "reason". Then I went to a very poor, third-world country. I saw big problems. Disease. No sanitation. No food. No education. Death from all sorts of manageable issues. Pain and suffering not limited by age, gender, or quality of character. I knew that the tormentors back home were so SMALL! They did not understand that they could CHOOSE to be kind, instead of causing more pain. The world has too much pain and I choose kindness! I have not always succeeded. But I strive for that mark. I have yet to either confront or forgive my tormentors. It makes me less and I pray someday to be strong enough to shine the light on what they did to me. it will release me. Thank you for letting me share this... Healing comes in steps -

    Ayla: Im sorry about me talking behind your back on facebook I didnt mean for you to take it that way I didnt meen for it to hurt you and I know it still hurts you tell this day every time I see you I know. - Jessa

    Mollie: I thought I had a best friend until I began 6th grade and she decided I wasn't cool enough for her. But instead of just growing apart, she decided to make my life a living hell for 2 years. I was constantly bullied at school and online; told I was hated, a loser, annoying, etc. I believed it for 2 years until I got fed up. I realized that I had other friends but I wasn't utilizing them because I thought I needed to be part of the "cool group." I cut myself off from the girls who bullied me and made friends with girls who WANTED to be my friend. I've never looked back since. I hope younger girls can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you don't like your situation--change it. You have the power to make your life better. -

    April: I was bullied for being short. I had a bff that turned on me and used me as her puppet to show off her friends. She said things to me like midget or an elf, gnome. I moved to a different school a year later and i found greater friends than I ever did. Thank you Mommy and Daddy! Then a new girl also moved in and she....she made dumb rumors about me thinking she was going to be the queen on the school. I simply walked away to hide my tears. Her dad was a business man and moves to places,so the girl moved far far away. After I heard those rumors I didnt say anything because I remembered the Kind Campaign. You helped me, Thank you -

    Lilly: I''m sorry Krystal that we have separated as friends so much. I'm sorry that in middle school and now in high school I told personal information and embarrassing things about you and you're family. I did have my reasons at the time though; my own life and family was falling apart at the time and you're life seemed to be going perfect and I was jealous. I wish we could go back to the way we used to be. I pledge to be KIND. - Krystal

    Chloe Billingsley: im sorry for putting you through a tough time and making you feel worthless i didnt think about it like that - Triniti Clark

    Chloe Billingsley: i have bullied plenty of people and i know that it was wrong and i stopped it myself because i have been on both sides -

    Experienced bullying: I pledge to never ignore anyone - City

    Theresa : I pledge not to betray my friend's secrets. I will be a loyal friend and try not to be a bitch. - Sewell,Nj

    Theresa: My so called best friend betrayed me and told my secrets and told rumors about me in the 3rd grade. She turned the school against me. i became suicidal and a cutter. I was cutting on and off. I recently got help this past year and I've finally started to heal -

    Kate: Me and my sister never get along. she bullies me constantly and has my whole life. she uses her depression as an excuse for everything, but its been years and she is better now. i just want to have a normal family. my parents love her more, she gets everything she wants. i just wish that maybe once someone would notice that IM upset and crying alone in the bathroom. but no one ever does, because im just the stupid little sister. -

    Gwyneth Chelsea Anne: Cousin Viel I'm sorry for being mean to you I realized that i wasn't kind to you not you not being kind to me after I heard a story from my mom about you doing things for me as me only a single child you were like a sister. Sorry again - Viel Mylene

    Gwyneth Chelsea Anne: I am in grade 5 after an incident that I embaressed myself infront of my classmates, they start teasing saying poor,stupid, planking girl those really hurt me its like me trap in a sphere of teasing and bad, I was empty no kindness found, at lunch when I go in they already laugh at me I cant take it anymore. I just make lunch at home and eat it at a private section. But I was crying cant stop the emotion.Then after I watch a video here at I realized that I just need to be myself and with my family with my side I can just fight the bad fearsome of my classmates teasing me. After the next semester I talk to them that even tough you tease me I dont Care I just need to be myself after that they want them to let me eat with them at lunch I was happy to have them back. So some girls out there be yourself. -

    Anonymous: Dear little curly brown-haired girl in grade one, I sincerely apologize for pulling your hair, insulting you and taking away your freedom and childhood happiness for a period of time. Even the little mean things that I did when we were kids. I'm sorry, I truly am sorry for hurting you and I hope with entirety that you are a happy girl right now and you are living the life you always wanted to live. I don't know where you are right now, but if it were possible, I would go back in time to redo the things I've done and said to you that were hurtful. I am sorry. You may not even remember it at all, but I still want to apologize for my behavior towards you. Love, older me now. - Her Name

    Sierra: I pledge to be kind to all people and not to judge a book by its cover - Toronto

    Sierra: i apoligise for what i have done in the past to anyone but i understand now making fun of people does not make you cool it just makes me a mean! - Any one i have made fun of

    Sierra: I have made fun of people in my past but i am really sorry for what i have done! -

    Someone who was greatly touched and inspired by Lauren and Molly : I kindly pledge to be kind to all girls . I kindly pledge to stand up for anyone and everyone getting bullied. I kindly pledge to treat others with love and respect, just the way i would like to be treated. :) - Mississauga, ON , CANADA

    Zainab: I am usually last to have the latest things in clothing and in technology. I also happen to be overweight. I try to not be around the other girls who are slim and have everything they want. A lot of girls get pushed out of the 'in' group for not having cool thing or to not be slim as a stick. That's just how it goes in my school. But now I'm trying to not think of the worst. And I'm gonna try to lose weight so I have more self esteem. Thank You Kind Campaign -

    Lexi: I pledge to treat all my friends equally! - chicago

    Lexi: I am sorry for not paying as much attention to you as I do to my other friends! I will fix it! :( - Allie

    Your Name: I am sorry - Her Name

    Lexi: I am sorry for not being as nice to you at school with my other friends! I would never do anything to hurt you.....:( I realized I do it and must fix it! I LOVE YOU! - Annie

    azriel: im sorry for calling you fat and ugly im just so sorry i feel what you feel - annada

    Gina: I pledge to stop judging people by their looks, to stop making comments about other girls, and to be kind and open-hearted to everyone I meet. I pledge to be a more beautiful person by inspiring others to do the same. - Los Angeles

    liz: I wanted to apologize to my friends for cling them fake and bitches -

    melissa balyk: i am so sorry for starting a rumor about you stating that you were pregnant when you werent please forgive me - sarah clark

    melissa balyk: i am so sorry for starting a rumor about you stating that you were pregnant when you werent please forgive me - sarah clark

    melissa balyk: i am so sorry for starting a rumor about you stating that you were pregnant when you werent please forgive me - sarah clark

    melissa balyk: i started a rumor about my friend saying that she was pregnant, i am very soory sarah for doing that -

    idabelle : i have been hit, kick, push into lockers, but the worst is when they may fun of me for have a dead dad (my dad dead was 9 and know i am 13 i still get made for of for it) i am the littlest in my family and so my mom has to deal with my sister i still have not told my mom i tryed to kill myself and i used to slit my wrist. i have something called Dyslexia and i had ADD i suck have this but it dose not help have to be made fun of all day -

    Tyler: i was bullied since the 2nd grade and im in 6th now.People gave me nicknames that will stick with me forevever!They called me rat,b****,and a s***.I sometimes really dont get people one minute they are nice to you and the next they're trashing you behind your back because of a rumor,boy,or plain nothing.They threatened me in so many ways and on the bus they would throw notes to me saying"go kill yourself","your s***",and "your family is going to die",but ive learned that every time i've cried over what the have said to me,had no sleep over notes they have written me and how many times i said i wish i was dead they kids just want that from you! when people call you fat,tall,skinny,or short dont listen to them they're so all those people those people that have hurt me for life your fake -

    matylda sieja: im sorry for everything all the things i always said to you i didn't really meen if you don't want to be my friend the thats ok but just please accept my apology. Thanx for reading this - chloe tysoe

    Jessica: I was bullied for not having the latest things; but to me i was happy as long as i had my family by my side. A girl picked on me when i was in drama class just because i didn't look my best but when your fourteen you shouldn't care about what you wear just as long as you have close on your back; she didnt really know me so i dont know why she was mean to me. -

    Jessica: I pledge to be kind and treat the people that i am around the way i want to be treated - Flatwoods

    Jessica: I was bullied for not having the latest things; but to me i was happy as long as i had my family by my side. A girl picked on me when i was in drama class just because i didn't look my best but when your fourteen you shouldn't care about what you wear just as long as you have close on your back; she didnt really know me so i dont know why she was mean to me. -

    MAry Dannielle: hey sis Lenny!!! so sorry for being bad at you at times and especially the time when I act like i'm mad but no,,, i wasn't, when I saw ur face while holding my hand, i was ashamed.... I'm really sorry..... Thank you for being a Big sis. for me!!! - Lenny Mae

    Izzy: I'm sorry to everyone I've hurt. we all do it sometimes and its so hard not to talk behind peoples backs or embarress them, but if we all try and realize what we're doing then we can fight hate together. we have to realize we are all on the same level and that if we want to make it through our lives happily, we have to unite and love one another. we can find kind. - everyone I\'ve hurt ever

    Izzy Weinberg: i pledge to always think that there will be a better tomorrow. - Summerset

    Isabelle : Sorry calling you fat and being mean to you i don't really say that to you i wish i can say this to you. -

    alison: I am sorry for hitting you and being mean. I never really meant it. Please stay my friend - andrew

    Roxanne: I'm sorry for yelling and freaking out when I'm stressed - everyone

    Alison: I pledge to ignore the comments of others and to just be myself. - Monticello

    Alison: I'm not popular. I'm a skinny short kid who is smart and wears lots of dark colors. I know I'm not Goth or emo but it hurts when someone talks about you and says that you are. It really hurt my feelings. I'm not okay with it but what could I do. But I am not Goth or Emo I am me. -

    Hannah: I'm just being me, but not everyone likes that. I don't know what I'm doing differently, but some girls on Youtube are really nice to the prettier and more successful people and really rude to me. I've gotten so hurt that I wanted to fire back at them, and I've even wasted time crying over the mean things that they said, but I remind myself that I am God's child and that I can be one fewer mean girl in the world. After all, other girls are looking up to me. I can't let them down by behaving poorly. -

    brittany: i pledge to be kind to my friends and others - new york

    Lea: I go to the school that Molly and Lauren visited today. This is my truth: At the beginning of this year there was a girl I thought I was friends with. Earlier today she turned on me. She called me a di** and a bi*** and it hurts. So if you read this you who said it to me dont in the future. Remember the golden rule. -

    Daphne: Back in Junior High, the girls always call me names like Rikishi (the biggest wrestler in WWE) just because I was bigger and heavier than all the average Junior school girls and the other school mates would just laugh at me. I used to cry alone at my desk and always hopping that one of them would at least understand how hurtful it is to be called names. Until now, I remember clearly every moment they called me names and it gave me bad memories of my Junior high. I never liked my childhood/school days. I often try to forget and forgive but it is so hard. -

    Isabella: I'm sorry I judged you before I met you - Annabelle

    Meg: I'm sorry, Grace. I know we're, like, best friends now. But I'm sorry I talked about you in sixth grade. I was jealous because you're beautiful and sweet and popular. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. And even though we're close now, I'm still sorry that I called you a bitch, because it wasn't true. And it didn't make me look good, despite what I'd thought. - Grace

    Meg: I'm one of those girls who always reaches out to my friends. I'm the one to email them, the one to tell them they're beautiful, the one to check up on them and remember birthdays. I'm the one who invites them over or comforts them when they're down. I'm the one who makes an effort towards my friends. I have so many close friends, and one best friend, and they're all amazing. But someday, I'd like one person to ask ME if I'd like to hang out with them that weekend, instead of the other way around. -

    Marie: That fight that happend in 6th grade, im sorry i was mean to you please forgive me i know we are bffls and bffls should NEVER treat eachother that way.... - Zhanna

    Nathalie Campos : I've been bullied before. I never liked how that felt. It felt horrible. I always wanted ti be dead in this world. I was in 6th grade when the bullied started. I thought i could trust my friend, but that was a lie. I told my friend a screct which was who i liked. My friend told everyone in the school. Everyone started to make fun. Like i wasnt pretty for him, or he would never like me. after I've been wanting to leave and killmyself. But i know that wouldnt ever help. -

    fatimah: My truth is I am nice -

    fatimah: well my school youst to be so kind,but now they are min. -

    Linda: Back in my old school, girls hated each other. They fought over boys.I worried if they were going to spread rumors about me. The fights got bad.The teachers soon found out.My friend was pushed to the floor because she used to date a boy and most girls got mad at her because those girls liked him. I tried to stop it, until I thoght that they would get mad at me. so i stayed away, thinking if they would hit ,kick,orpunch each other.But now im in a different school and they are still fighting! -

    Cindy: Being unkind to one another is not a new thing. 20 years a girl my own age thought because she was twice my size she could punch me in the face. The worst part is everyone who saw it did nothing to help me. -

    Sammy: I always try to be good person and be there for others and most times this means i dont take care of myself, it feels like no one listens to me or cares to hear what i have to say. sometimes i say mean things but i truly dont mean them, i say mean things because im hurt and feel stranded. I wish i was perfict that i didnt feel hurt or lost so i can always suport and protect my friends but sadly i am human and have feelings. But with you girls at my side i will and can be the best me i can be. To my soul sisters Alex, Carmen, Elys and Marissa. so much more then the power of three - To my soul sisters Alex, Carmen, Elys and Marissa. so much more then the power of three

    Sammy: I pledge to never let anyones cruelty hurt me, and if i see bulling i will do my best to stop it. - Melbourne, FL

    Sammy: When i was in Jr high i had a crush on this guy nothing to big but this "friend" of mine told me she had talked to the guy and he said that he really liked me back, well being a brave girl i walked up to him and sat next to him and asked him out. He laughed in my face, i ran out of class and into the girls bathroom and cried a few moments later i heard my "friend" and another girl walk in they where laughing so loudly and i heard my "friend" say "wow how stupid did she look? i can not believe she fell for that." i was crushed i walked out and looked at her her friend looked at me wide eyed, my "friend" looked at me like i was going to kill her honestly i wanted to. but i just told her how mean she was and i walk out. -

    veronica: I talk about ppl behind there backs sometimes and im sorry -

    Veronica: im sorry i talked about u behind ur back - Samantha

    D: I will not be like my evil friend! I will stop using my bffl! - nh

    D: Im so so so sorry that sometimes im mean to u - M

    D: My Best friend's friend is always bossing her around, using her, and threatning her. I used to b better then that, but she pushed me over the edge and im starting 2 b just like her :( -

    Carson: I'm sorry for being mean. I love everyone. Well, not everyone, but I will try. - Everyone

    Carson: I have been mean. I have been nice. It depends. Sometimes I don't know what to do. People are mean to me. They don't want to work with me. Why? Am I mean all the time? -


    no name please: i can be a little sexist, im sorry! -

    Claudia: Sometimes i feel the new girl Alexis is taking my best friend away. -

    Kellly: I am really sorry to my friend Chauntae after getting in an argument. -

    Abbey: I guess lots of girls get bullied in school, but I don't think anyone would have been bullied quite like me. It all started on my first day back at school, when Channelle had told rumors about me again. I was prepared for that though, she always did it. Then even my bestie started believing her! Lianna just randomly turned around and asked me "Did you really do that?" and I replyed "How could you believe that? You know me more than anyone!". She just moved away from my seat. Then when nearly everyone believed Channelle, she sent her friend, Maddison, to pretend they had a fight and I had been there for more than Channelle. I believed her because that's what I was like, naive. I ended up becoming Maddy's best friend. But the next day she put white-out in my hair. And told everyone I had a bad case of dandruff. A few weeks later she told everyone I called her a lesbian, and that she was from hell. I wouldn't do that, I refused to stoop to her level. But when the teacher heard that I may have done that, she told my mum. When my mum heard, she didn't let me go to school for the rest of the week. I never felt more ashamed. When the concert time came, I was over-excited. I had practiced my song over and over again. But when the big night came i had never expected to be sabotaged by Channelle again. When I was ready to sing, she whispered something to Maddy, and then Maddy tripped me over. Well, if I went back in time, I'd know not to introduce myself to Channelle. That's my story. -

    Kelsey: I am so sorry for all the things I did to you .I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for being so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so mean to you Shayne.I am really really really really sorry to you Shayne.I am really sorryand I mean it.I am not lying to you Shayne. - Shayne

    Abbey : I am sorry to my best friend Jessica, I have treated her like dirt and I have no idea what had come over me. I can only hope that she forgives me. I miss her like crazy, but I'm not the only one who went sour. But I want us to put our differences behind and be like we used to. - Jess

    Sarah: I'm sorry for always saying the wrong thing. I don't mean to but it just comes out and if you are upset I take full responsibility and will do everything in my power to make it up to you - Many people

    Sarah: I think I am a very kind person but I have a habit of putting my footing my month a lot and I usually end up hurting people's feelings on accident but my problem is that I am sometimes to proud to apologize. -

    Shayne: I pledge to be nicer to my sisters, lower my temper, and spread kindess to everyone I see, No matter what! - Columbus,NJ

    Shayne: I'm sorry ive been so rude to you and hurt you all of your life. I'm so sorry and I hope you can forgive me! i have something you don't :( - Kelsey

    Madi Mc: im sry i was mean to my friends iv hurt them when people hurt me but thats no excuse so im soooooooo sry the people iv hurt - Brittsny,jesse,asia and others iv hurt

    megan: i'm sorry to the people that i hurt there feels -

    Brittny: Im sorry i punched u :( - Seirra

    Alicia Phantomhive: I pledge to be kind, truthful, a good listener to friends and everyone. - California

    Alicia and Rin Phantomhive: When we were little we told our best friends that they were the ugliest thing in the world, because I thought it would make people like us more but they don't. We hope u the best Vastion, Michelle, Tyler, Keith, Bill, Kimiko, and Vampy........were truly sorry..... -

    Andy: I´m so sorry of hurting you, I didn´t want to hurt my best friend. - Mary

    rachel: i was never a very mean girl, but i do admit i would spread gossip and secrets here and there. so i want to apologize to anyone i've ever hurt verbally. - everyone

    Rachel: my bestfriend is a backstabber. i used to be too, but that was a long time ago and my motto has been for awhile "if you wouldn't say it in their presence don't say it at all." i thought my bestfriend had changed too, but i was wrong. she's constantly telling my secrets and telling people that no one likes me and whenever someone insults me, instead of standing up for me, she agrees. if she hates me that much, why does she pretend that she loves me so much? she doesn't understand how badly it hurts to know your bestfriend since 5th grade (we are in high school now) does that to you. and then she has the nerve to tell everyone that IM a bad friend, when really i keep her secrets and i dont say bad things about her. sure every once and awhile i will spill a secret or say something bad about someone so im not saying she's the only guilty one here. but i just wish she knew how it felt. -

    Lauren: I'm sorry for every girl and boy I hurt. I only do that because I'm bullied a lot. -

    EG: I am truly sorry for anything that I may have done to hurt others when I was younger. I am sorry that I was not strong enough to say no and I am sorry that I let others hurt me as well. I will try as hard as I can to make sure that my daughter has better experiences. It doesn't feel good to be on either side and I have been on both (hurting others and getting hurt). - Girls I have hurt and my younger self

    Your Name: im sorry to everyone i have talked about in a horrible way - Her Name

    Julie: To lead by example and be a source of encouragement for my daughter. - City

    Oli: I'm soooo sorry if I ever made you feel like you didn't matter to me - Aimee

    Samantha - calgary: I am sorry to all the boys I was mean to -

    Hannah: I Want to apologize to my best friend because when we were in fifth grade she was like sometimes sort of mean to me so i started being mean to her but i realised what i did now i just want to say im sorry ghoul - Luna

    Ailish: Sorry for the times I haven't been the nicest friend to you when I know you are just trying your best to fit it. But you don't need to thats what gets to me, you are perfect how you are:) - Renae

    Ailish: We had a little group of friends and we had like a code of honour in some way. One of the rules was everyone has to agree. Three of us wanted to have a new member but the other girl didn't want to. She started to become really mean and we didn't know what to do. We decided to scrap the group and she asked why. We almost lost the friend we wanted in the group because of the other girl. But we sorted it out and we have forgiven her. She NEVER talks to us anymore and we don't know why. -

    laure: to be kind - ln

    Isabelle: i'm sorry for being mean to you, maybe if you change you attitude a little bit, we could be friends again - Patricia

    Isabelle: i had a childhood friend in school, at first we liked each other , but the next day, she started being mean to everyone, including me, but now we are in 6th grade, we still don't like each other, were kind of friendly rivals but she's still being mean to everyone, i mean it's not that i hate her, it's just that, maybe if she changed her attitude, maybe i would like her better -

    J from Colorado: Dear Becky, I'm sorry for teasing you. I thought it would make me cooler by belittling you. 20 years later and it still haunts me that I did that to you. I can't imagine how it must haunt you. Again, I'm sorry. -

    Alexa: I pledge to never become a mean girl as a woman, I pledge to never let my daughters become mean girls, and I pledge to protect them from mean girls, being exposed to that is the worst thing that ever happened to me, if I were to willingly throw my daughters to the wolves I'd be sending them on a road to suicide that I was on too, and more importantly I pledge to never let my daughters become mean girls and send someone ELSE on a road to suicide, I will never let them see either side of that coin, I will teach them what I was taught, I will show them what can happen if they say even one mean thing to someone else, and I will raise them to be better than the people who put me down, that is my pledge - Woodstock

    Your Name: I'm proud to say I was never a mean girl, I had been put down so much by them that I couldn't stand up for myself much less bite back, but that anger and frustration did build up, and I did take it out on someone undeserving, I apologise to my mom who put up with me during that time, I yelled at her alot and said alot of things I didn't mean because I was trying to be "cool" or because I was so frustrated with never being able to scream a defense at the girls that beat me down that everytime anything upset me I absolutely tore my mom's head off, and I am so sorry for that, if I could, I'd go back and time and yell into a pillow, my mom is my best freind, and at some times my only freind, and I love her - Darla

    Calypso: I was allways bullied and pushed aruond at my after program by a girl named Kassy I allways told her that she was so unkind and unfair and that she was the most rude person in the world im in fith grade now im home scholled im ten and lonly please help me see the light I wish could be like you guys -

    Rebecca: I'm sorry I ignored you. I know I don't know you and all and you were just being friendly but I was rude. I'm sorry, I'm even sorrier that I'll probably do it again. I'm sorry I have to take out my want for loneliness on you. - Leah

    sofy: i dont have any girl friends most of my friends are male, i guess girl dont like me because im shy and i like things that girls dont like anime or videogames -

    Kati: I'm sorry for being mean to you and teasing you all through elementary school and Jr. High. I know this is years later, but I hope you can forgive me. - Tara

    Meaghan: be mindful of other's daily struggles and remind them of how beautiful they are. - Boston

    Christina: Dear Raleigh, I am so sorry that I ever talked about you behind your back. I'm so glad that we are still best friends and I love you so much! -

    Mary: I pledge to not be judgmental over people wither other think your "fat, stupid, anorexic, ugly, a nerd, etc" since I have been called some of those. If I were to agree with any of them for some reason I'd keep it to myself. :) - Facotryville

    Mary: Yeah I'm sorry I dreamed of your being eaten by tigers. At least I didn't say "Last night I had a dream about nice, cute tigers. Oh yeah in it they ate you!" to your face unlike the things you said to my face. I can't wait until I attend your High School Graduation and you find out who that girl is. That girl being me and you hopefully apologize to me too. I am truly sorry since I got over you two. The only thing I could ask if to hear "I am sorry" from your lips. Anyway thanks to you, I am nowhere near as judgmental over people nowadays. Sorry, I promise the tiger won't eat you ever again, like they haven't for 2 years. - Sarah and Rachael

    Earlier me: Dearest self, I am sorry that I listened to what the other girls had to say. I am sorry that I tried cutting your wrists, tried to develop an eating disorder, and tried to take your life. I am sorry that it was so important to me to fit it and pull you away from your real friends and family. - Me now

    Mary: I have never made anyone upset but for the time when I was little and I didn't want to play with a girl -

    Natalia: I Pledge to be kind to people who are having a hard time, or need someone by their side, or just plain kindness. I Want to make a difference in people. - Miami

    lauren: i love my friends -

    Maggie: I kindly pledge to give as many compliments I can without overdoing it and to put on a happy face even when I've had the worst day because as my friend Lauren says " mags ur good mood is contagious " :) - Chicago

    amy: I want to be liked -

    brooke: To be kind - los angeles

    Lauren: I pledge to practice what I preach. - Santa Monica

    Kindly, Lauren Parsekian: I’m sorry for leaving that message on your answering machine when we were kids. It's my one regret in life and I wish I could take it back. - Dear Krista Baker,

    Kindly: I am so sorry about the bad things I have done to you. I hope you could find some place in your heart to forgive me. - Dear Amanda,

    Kindly, Helena: I’m sorry for starting a roomer about you. - Dear Lynett,

    Kindly, Lynette: I’m sorry for betraying you and I’m sorry for saying a rumor about you. - Dear Helena,

    Kindly, Alyssa: Sorry that I called you bad names and I really feel bad about that. I hope we can still be friends. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly: I’m sorry that I said mean things to you. - Dear Emily,

    Kindly, Andrea: Even though you have been mean to me too, I’m sorry that I called you things and I feel really really bad. Please forgive me. - Dear Jordin,

    Kindly, Kiri: I'm sorry for judging you before even trying to get to know you. - Dear Emily,

    Kindly: I'm sorry for ruining your senior year of high school and I think you're sorry for ruining mine. I hope that you are ready to forgive me. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Me: I can't imagine what our lives would be like now if we could have stayed friends. I think it would have made the difference that we both needed in middle school and high school - Dear Jen,

    Kindly, abigail: I’m sorry tiffany I didn’t mean to flip u off its just that..... you piss me off somtimes and you have no right to to make rude comments about my mother and my father - Dear tiffany,

    Kindly, Maggie: I’m sorry for the whole Hayes thing and letting that guy get between our friendship. lol. - Dear Megan,

    Kindly, Alyssa: I would just like to say that I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart for the things I have done. I can get so caught up in wanting to be "in" but I am done with it because all it does it hurt people. My friends and I don't want to be like that or have people think we are all mean. - Dear everyone,

    Kindly, Terra Lynn: I am sincerely sorry for hurting you in every way I have. It will stick with me forever and I am so sorry! - Dear everyone I have hurt,

    Kindly, Miriam Awarez: I’m sorry for being mean to you. - Dear Estrella,

    Kindly, Caiden H.: Sorry for hurting you and calling you names. I wish I never said those thing! I will never forgive myself. - Dear Terra,

    Kindly, sarah riggs: I’m sorry for ever making you mad. and I’m sorry for saying the things I did to you at school. Like telling Blaine that you liked him when you told me not to. Sorry!!!! - Dear ashley,

    Kindly, jjtremblers: I’m sorry for being mean to you just because my friends dont like u I hope we can still b frndz k I hope you forgive me !!!!! - Dear Laura,

    Kindly, you know who: I am sorry for hitting you. I realize that my anger toward you and other girls is a result of my own insecurities. I will never hurt you like that again. I’m sorry. - Dear Jessica,

    Kindly, Older, Wiser, Self: I am sorry for not knowing better then. I am sorry that you were formed in a culture where it was more Important to fit in then be KIND to others. I am sorry for allowing other people to get you down when nothing they said should have mattered. I am sorry you still have trouble forgiving those "friends" in sixth grade who stole your shoes because the weren't a name-brand and then played keep-a-way with them, leaving you shoeless during recess. I am sorry that judging others feels like an automatic response. I am sorry you have struggled with eating disorders for 10+ years because your self esteem is lacking too much to feel you are worth healing. I am sorry you have spent so many hours alone, feeling sad, and yearning for closer relationships with others, but not knowing how to form friendships because during your formative years "girls were just being girls" and "kids are cruel". I am sorry suicide has been considered as a coping option too many times to count. I am sorry for not being tougher and finding inspiration sooner. But I promise I will continue trying to live better and spread this KINDness Campaign. - Dear Younger Self,,

    Kindly, Audie: I’m sorry for talking about you behind your back, and not coming directly to you to get the whole story. - Dear Julia,

    Kindly, Alex: Sorry for being so mean to you when you didn't deserve it. - Dear Josh,

    Kindly, Rae: I don't know if you will ever see this, but I am so sorry for not sticking up for you in elementary school. I tried so hard to fit in with the people who made my life miserable, that I did not stick up for my one true friend. - Dear Patty,

    Kindly, Natasha: Sorry for telling you off sophomore year of high school. It was just mean and unnecessary. I take back everything I said and hope you can accept my apology. - Dear Amber,

    Kindly, Kristina: I'm sorry. - Dear Everyone I\'ve hurt befor,

    Kindly,: I'm sorry for my friends cruel acts towards you in middle school calling you a slut and cutting your hair. you did not deserve those things. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Natalie: I dont know why I tell you you're fat. You're not. You're beautiful and I’m sorry for making you feel otherwise. - Dear Emily,

    Kindly, Jasmine-Marie: If in any way have I hurt your feelings, I truly apologize and most likely I didn't mean it if I did. - Dear whomever,

    Kindly, Amber Brown: I apologize for the wrong and hurtful things I've done to you, based off of what others told me that you said about me and what you did to me. - Dear Chris,

    Kindly, Brittany: I’m sorry for dissing you in front of those girls. I’m really sorry because I feel sad about that. - Dear Kamie,

    Kindly, Dominique Loyd: I am sorry for lying to you. I know it's going to be some time for you to trust me again but I know together you and I could get past this. - Dear Keenan,

    Kindly, Jeanell: I apologize if I have done or said anything to make you feel bad about yourself. I’m sorry if I have given a bad look, but it's just a sign of protection. I don't want to feel the way I used to and I simply apologize. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, mayrali: sorry for saying stuff behind your back (mean stuff) - Dear lynette,

    Kindly, jennifer connell: I’m sorry for not trying my best in school. - Dear mom,

    Kindly, Taniesha D.: I’m sorry I kept on telling him those things you say you wanted to do and say. - Dear Khadija,

    Kindly, Naomi: I am so sorry that I turned on you and made you feel bad about yourself. I was a friend that turned. - Dear Aubrey,

    Kindly, Jayla Ancrum: I am very sorry for what I did to you in the past. I hope you forgive me because it is a new me. - Dear old friend,

    Kindly, You x bestfriend, Haley: I’m sorry for everything I have said or did to you. I love you and miss you - Dear Kaylen,

    Kindly, Miracle: I'm sorry for telling you what I said yesterday at lunch time. - Dear All my friends,

    Kindly, Morgan Janson: I am sorry that I called you all those mean things and made everyone hate you. I do not know why I did that I am so sorry. - Dear Miranda,

    Kindly, Blythe: Sorry I got angry while I was doing homework. Love you! - Dear Riley,

    Kindly, Courtney Still: I am sorry for calling you names and mean things. Please forgive me. - Dear Francie,

    Kindly, graciegreyson: just wanted to say whats up to everybody in the forums. name is bryan from LA. cant wait to meet all you interesting people. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Jamia: i am sorry that I nagged you, and hurt your feelings. There really wasn't a reason but I am sorry and I hope you can forgive me. - Dear Timbolyn,

    Kindly, Alexandra Celestin: I apologize for judging people and talking about them by making jokes that could be hurtful or lowering. - Dear Classmates,

    Kindly, Taylor: I am sorry for telling everyone when you ripped your pants and for beating you up in the baseball field. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Dolce Harrison: I apologize for taking the ones you love. I am sorry for acting carelessly towards your feelings and thinking of myself and I’m sorry for doing all this in front of you. - Dear Girls,

    Kindly, Your Friend Sade: I am sorry I laughed at the hair dye on your shirt. I love you friend. - Dear Cierran Wilson,

    Kindly, Kiera: I apologize for calling you fat and calling you names. I also apologize for being so aggressive about the fact that I thought you were talking about be behind my back. - Dear Ciara,

    Kindly, Tieffa Roberts: I am so sorry for embarrassing you in front of my peers. I am also sorry for defaming your name. I sincerely apologize for disrupting the learning environment. - Dear Tech High Administrators,

    Kindly, Carlmesia Gladden: I am apologize for being mad at you when we was at lunch. - Dear Jasmine,

    Kindly: I am sorry for being a hater. I love you!! - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly: I am so sorry for yelling at you for no reason and I love you - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, BS: I am so sorry for teasing you and calling you names. I had no right and no reason for such behavior. I hope you can forgive me, nine years later, for any suffering or hardship I caused you. - Dear CCC,

    Kindly, BS: Please forgive me. I didn't realize how my actions effected you. You should have told me sooner, I would have stopped Immediately. - Dear TG,

    Kindly, BS: I'm sorry I didn't tell you about "Peter." It was idiotic, we were stupid and Immature, and I didn't mean to hurt you. Please know that I’m sorry. - Dear LM,

    Kindly: I am sorry that I call you fat and ugly. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Deundria Smith: I'm truly sorry for hitting you. Hopefully you accept my apology. - Dear Everyone I have hit,

    Kindly, Shirley Jones: I would like to apologize for hurting you in so many ways. I would like you to forgive me for putting you down and making you feel bad. - Dear Shirley S.,

    Kindly, Donisha Lard: I should have never said anything about you. Every though you teased me, I should have never tried to hurt you. - Dear Brandaeia,

    Kindly, Kniya Matthews: I'm sorry you had to get in it with me. - Dear Mellisa,

    Kindly, Alexis: I apologize for talking about you behind your back. - Dear Melissa,

    Kindly, Kniya Matthews: I'm sorry for hitting you for no reason. I'm sorry for not inviting you to my birthday party. I’m sorry for putting you out of my group. - Dear Alexis,

    Kindly, Jaliciia Lake: I apologize for being rude to you on the bus. I wouldn't have been stuck up, so I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. - Dear Brianna,

    Kindly, Jarmine: I'm sorry for calling you names but you be making me mad. I’m so sorry. - Dear Karl (my brother),

    Kindly, Roshell: I am so bad to you. I will not do it again. - Dear MeMe,

    Kindly, Melissa: I am sorry for treating you bad and being mean to you when what you needed was help. I love you sister. - Dear Alexis,

    I am sorry for treating you bad and being mean to you when what you needed was help. I love you sister.: I am sorry for treating you bad and being mean to you when what you needed was help. I love you sister. - Dear Alexis,

    Kindly, Brianna Lakes: I am so sorry that I said some mean words to you in the past, so may you forgive me. xo - Dear Derek,

    Kindly, Brianna Lakes: I am so sorry that I said some mean words to you in the past, so may you forgive me. xo - Dear Derek,

    Kindly, Ben: I’m sorry for kicking you out of our group. - Dear Anthony,

    Kindly,: Sorry I kicked you too. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Mitzi: I’m sorry I kicked you in the shin. - Dear Ben,

    Kindly, Jenna: Sorry about last week with the boy - Dear Sarah,

    Kindly, Beth: I'm sorry I ruined our friendship and compromised your relationship with Mike. You're beautiful and strong. - Dear Angie,

    Kindly, Tess Esquivel: You are the most beautiful, most courageous and loving big sister in the world. As I have grown up, matured and gained a bit more of understanding I have come to know that I am very very blessed by your testimony. I’m sorry that I wasn't the most supportive little sister, I love you and I am looking forward to being by your side as you bring my second niece in to this world. My hope is that she is as lovely and as true as her mother. May you forgive the mistakes I've made ~ I love you Hermann. - Dear Elizabeth,

    Kindly, Ava: I am so sorry that I lied to you. I just wanted you to like me and I went too far. I hope that you can forgive me because your friendship means a lot to me. - Dear Tory,

    Kindly, EY: I'm so sorry for being so jealous of you and the things you have accomplished through dance. You deserve them. - Dear CA,

    Kindly, Elise: I'm so sorry for excluding you when we were younger just because I thought you were better than me. - Dear Kalyssa,

    Kindly, Elizabeth: I apologize to everybody who I have been mean too and I understand that you've done the same thing and I will accept your apology if you apologize to me in the future. - Dear Everybody,

    Kindly, Caitlin: I'm sorry for all the drama I participated in during middle school. You deserved better friends. I’m truly sorry for everything. - Dear Taylor,

    Kindly, Crystal Torres: I'm sorry Norma for everything. For going up to you and probably guiding you away from God. - Dear Norma,

    Kindly, Crystal Torres: I'm sorry for everything I did from the beginning and till now. - Dear Jeanette,

    Kindly, Chantell Gallegos: I am sorry we prank called you because I was the one to give them your phone number. - Dear Nancy,

    Kindly, Clara: I'm sorry if I have said anything that really hurt you. Please forgive me. - Dear Anyone,

    Kindly, Emeline: I'm sorry for saying you have no brain. You're really one of my best friends. Beautiful Excellent Lots of fun Awesome - Dear Bela,

    Kindly, Ameera: I'm sorry for fighting with you in the past. I really shouldn't have did it. I’m sorry. - Dear Someone,

    Kindly, Bela: I'm sorry I've always been mean to you. I’m going to try not to be mean to you. You are really nice. - Dear Kaitlin,

    Kindly, Sarah: I'm sorry for sometimes taking my grumpiness out on you. Please forgive me. Sorry! - Dear Clara,

    Kindly, Michelle Gabbert: I'm so sorry if I have done this to you: Gossip, lie, or say any hurtful thing about you. If you know I hurt you, please forgive me. - Dear anyone,

    Kindly, Hannah W.: I'm so sorry for being rude to you in Volleyball. I will try to do better. Can you try too? - Dear Nicole,

    Kindly, Taylor: I'm sorry that I was jealous because I liked Zach. - Dear Ellen,

    Kindly, Tayloe Steele: Even though I do it jokingly and I don't really mean it, I know some of the things I saw may hurt you. I just want you to know hat you are one of my best friends. :) - Dear Shenu Shah,

    Kindly, Nicole Ferriss: I'm deeply sorry for what I did, I know it hurt you and I’m truly sorry. I’m also sorry for all the things I said after. - Dear Karli S.,

    Kindly, Jett Olney: I'm sorry for telling you off for making me mad, talking bad behind your back, getting in a physical fight with you, and for making you cry. - Dear Girls,

    Kindly, Dolby Vincent: I am sorry for making you feel like a punching bag. I know now how much that might hurt you. I will try to be a better friend to you. I love you Shaun. You're a true friend. - Dear Shenu Shah,

    Kindly, Gabby: I am sorry that sometimes I only talk to one person when you want to talk to me and you don't like that I’m leaving you out. - Dear All My Friends,

    Kindly, Chinna: I remember middle school when you were "shunned" from your "group" and people at school talked about how bitchy you were and ugly and I went along with it even though I didn't know you. Now I do and I feel terrible. I’m so sorry. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Serenity: I’m sorry I have been so moody. You're my BFF! :) - Dear Kaile,

    Kindly, Ameera: I'm sorry for fighting with you in the past. I really shouldn't have done it. I’m sorry. - Dear Someone,

    Kindly, me: I am sorry about what happened last year and that we have not gotten back together. But you did wrong to. - Dear An old friend,

    Kindly, kmb: I’m sorry for not sticking up for you when our teammates were cruel. I love you so much and hate that I let that happen to you. - Dear little sister,

    Kindly, Robin: I am SOOO sorry I called you names I know how it feels and I will NEVER I repeat NEVER say mean things to you again!!! I am So SO SO sorry I did not realize you had such a hard life - Dear Alicia,

    Kindly, julia: i'm sorry to those that I have or might hurt with my words and actions - Dear girls,

    Kindly, Me: I'm sorry for how it all turned out. I have moved on now. You have too. This is me letting go and wishing you all the happiness in the world. I will always love you. - Dear you,

    Kindly, Sarah Munsey: I am sorry for all those prank calls my friends and I made. Even if they were not mean, I know they were annoying. I apologize. - Dear Middle School girls,

    Kindly, Sarah Munsey: I forgot to mention.... I know you never knew it was me but I am really sorry for TPing your houses when I was mad at you. Please forgive me. - Dear Middle School girls,

    Kindly, Tassie: I'm sorry that sometimes I get mad at you and walk away. - Dear Samantha,

    Kindly, stephenie: I’m sorry if I have ever put you down, or insulted you because I could not deal with my own insecurities. I’m sorry for ever talking behind your back, or just being plain mean to your face. - Dear Girls throughout my life,

    Kindly, Robin PLZ forgive ME!!: I am sorry for leaving you out and spreading rumors about you! I only did it because Rhett liked you and I liked him and I wanted him to like me!!! I am sorry for being your friend one day and hating you the next! I just knew you were prettier then me so I wanted to make me look good and you look bad! SOSORRY for making you guys look bad!!! - Dear Lily & everyone!,

    Kindly, icallmyselfaslut: I'm sorry for befriending your boyfriend. I’m sorry for flirting with him and falling for him. I’m sorry for sending him 'sexts'. I’m sorry for hanging out with him. I’m sorry about a lot of things I did. But I’m mostly sorry because you never found out. I had to live with regret. And you were played like a fool. I’m sorry. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Jennifer: I'm sorry I can get so jealous towards you and other girls. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m so sorry I put our relationship in jeopardy because of my jealousy. I know jealousy gets you nowhere, and I know I can't control your friendships with other girls and I can't try to control what you do. I’m so sorry if you feel like I am smothering you. I love you more than anything, and I never want to lose you. - Dear Brian,

    Kindly, Kristin: I'm so sorry about trashing your house and leaving you out at Hayley's birthday. We were so very cruel and I’m sorry that I hurt you and embarrassed you in front of your family. I've been on the other side so I know how much it hurts. I hope you have been able to move on and see that we were just Immature girls, and even though I know asking forgiveness is too much, I do hope you will see one day that it was less about you and more about my own insecurities. - Dear Jackie,

    Kindly, Kristin: I'm sorry I turned my back on you when you needed a friend the most. I’m so glad that you became what you always wanted to be, but I hate that you changed so much to get there, because you were already so great and I fear that you changed because I made you feel like you needed to. I love you very much and I am glad that you are happy. - Dear Morgan,

    Kindly, Lauren K.: I am so sorry for always leaving u out I know how it feels and I am sorry - Dear Natilie,

    Kindly,: i am soo sorry for doing that to you. I have no idea why I did it. I hope we can still be friends. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly,: I’m so sorry for ditching you and leaving you out. I’m so sorry for calling you names and starting roomers. I do not know why I did it. I thought I was cool. I’m so sorry though. I truthfully regret it so much - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, karina: I'm sorry for all the bad things I did to you, I really sorry... I’m not the same now - Dear Odett,

    Kindly, alexis: I’m sorry for all the times I have talked behind your back and put you down. I’m sorry for the fact that we lost a friendship that we once had. please forgive me. - Dear taylor,

    Kindly, MeLiNa: am so so so sorry for calling you names and for not being a good classmate to you or help you when you needed me am truly sorry - Dear claudia,

    Kindly, Jacqueline: Sorry for tripping you on accident. - Dear Julia,

    Kindly, Karen P.: sorry for all I did wrong in my life like being mean, but know I learned my lesson. - Dear God,

    Kindly, Alexandra: I am so sorry for ever teasing you or being mean to you. I KINDly pledge to be a better friend. - Dear Rachel,

    Kindly, Jenna Higgins: I am very sorry for all the drama we got in. I think that we could have gotten along much better. - Dear Mellissa,

    Kindly, Malia: I’m really sorry for saying that your face gets red, but we're still BFFs! - Dear Jessie,

    Kindly, Lauren: I’m sorry that I misjudged you and disagreed with you and called you names. - Dear Kyla,

    Kindly, Brianna: I am sorry because I have called you names and insulted you a lot of times. - Dear Malia,

    Kindly, Summer: I’m so so sorry for all the fights we have gotten in in the past that were over nothing. - Dear Shelby,

    Kindly, Cassidy: I’m sorry for judging you and talking behind your back. You are so pretty and sweet and I hope we can be friends. - Dear Danica,

    Kindly, Cass: I’m sorry for always giving you attitude and not being nice to you. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings and make you cry. I love you. - Dear Mom,

    Kindly, Julia.: I’m really sorry that I took my anger and pain out on you. I want to work on forgiving and accepting people. PS. This apology means a lot. - Dear Megan,

    Kindly, Courtney Sherry: I'm sorry for being to harsh to you in elementary school when you never did anything to me. - Dear Brittney F,

    Kindly, Sorry: I'm sorry to any girl I have ever lied to, hurt, put through any hard times because of me , or anyone I hurt without even realizing it. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Courtney Sherry: I apologize for letting our relationship slip away when I give you attitude for no reason. I love you. I’m sorry - Dear Daddy,

    Kindly, Courtney Sherry: I apologize for getting mad at you for getting in my business when all you do is care. - Dear Mommy,

    Kindly, Courtney Sherry: I apologize for jumping on the band wagon and leaving you out of the group when I never had a problem with you. - Dear Grace,

    Kindly, Megan: I'm sorry for beating you up and getting all my friends to hate you too. I never meant to hurt you and I didn’t realize what I was doing so I am so sorry! I hope to see you guys again. I’m sorry. - Dear Kristen and Sam,

    Kindly, Your best friend: I'm sorry for calling you terrible names. I shouldn't do that. You are one of the bravest people I know. - Dear Jazmin,

    Kindly, Jennifer Salgado: I put you down and was part of the drama. I should of been there for you. I’m sorry - Dear Valiera,

    Kindly, Cassidy: Sorry for giving you dirty looks and talking really bad about you. I dont even know you. - Dear Ashton,

    Kindly, Julia Dewees: Im so sorry that as your teacher, I didn’t know what was going on. I kindly pledge to try not to let this happen in my classroom. I am so proud of you! - Dear Lauren,

    Kindly, Lacey: Thank you for doing this for all of us. I think you have changed our lives. - Dear Kind Campaign,

    Kindly, Jillian: Im sorry for calling u a loser and pooring water all over you I’m really sorry and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.and I just wanted to let you know that I love u - Dear Mom,

    Kindly, KF: I know I hurt you by doing why I did. It was selfish and stupid. When I look back I wish it never happened. He wasn't worth it and he never cared. I wish with all of my heart that you could apologize to me too, you hurt me so much. I am truly sorry and miss your friendship. I know you have moved on with your new friends but it is hard for me. Good luck in life. Please see that I am sorry. - Dear Ex Best Friend,

    Kindly, You: I am sorry for forcing you to feel as though it was all your fault - it wasn't your fault, not at all. She was mean, she ostracized you, she made you believe the lies. You are beautiful and wonderful and intelligent. You will go far. I am truly sorry for allowing you to let those feelings follow you. I know you'll always feel the insecurities that have followed you because of her. Be strong, forgive her as much as you possible can. I’m sorry that I couldn't let you know then what you know now - you're better than that. - Dear Me,

    Kindly, friends since 3rd grade: I am sorry for years of drama. It isn't entirely anyone's fault but I did contribute.. I am also sorry for telling you that it was okay and that I forgave you, I didn't and it has forced me to hold a grudge and over react at every tiny little thing you did. Although I don't act on my impulses anymore (I don't talk about you even though you think I still do) I will always have the unresolved feelings and I think it's too late to do anything about it... I am so so so so so sorry. I regret so many things and I am sure you do too. I love you and no matter what, we always will be friends because we can't live without each other! For every bad moment in our relationship there are 2 good ones. - Dear Jessica,

    Kindly, NultDyervelry: I found this site using And I want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you! Sorry for offtopic - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Casey Luis: Sorry for stealing your wallet - Dear Mom,

    Kindly, Violet: Im sorry for calling you gay and I know how much that hurt you. I only did it because I knew Kristin would beat me if I didnt. She gets happiness at others expense. - Dear Rafael,

    Kindly, Robin \"fergy\': I know I was mean to you and was my exuse was that you were mean to be back(which you were) but I should have applogized and now we arent friends and I’m sad! I dont want to lose you after 5 years!! - Dear Lily,

    Kindly, bean!: Im SOOOOOO sorry I kept the rumers going! I knew you wernt really pregnant I just wanted to have a "secret" nobody else knew! I know I hurt you and I want to stay friends! our friendship has slipped away and I intent to get it back! I love you! (in a best friend way!) - Dear bubbly,

    Kindly, Bean: Im sorry for saying your a slut I know your not! I’m SOOO sorry I called you ugly and fat! You are acctually the most beutifel person I know and your skinny and I AH-DORE your hair! I was just jeluos and I am SOOO sorry! - Dear Darci,

    Kindly, Bean: Sorry for spreading around you were anorexic and called you Paris Hilton! I know those things aren true and you are beautiful the way you are! - Dear Audra,

    Kindly, Bean: Sorry for prank calling you and making you afraid to come to school! I ope we can be friends! I TRULY MEAN IT!!!!!! - Dear ____________,

    Kindly, nene: i am sorry for all I did to u - Dear nana,

    Kindly, jennifer: thanks for all your help . I’m sorry I didn’t belive you . - Dear ashly,

    Kindly, Kylie.: I am sorry I kicked the soccer ball in your face. I was just trying to show off for Madi. I meant nothing by it and I am extremely remorseful for my thoughtless act. If in any way you can accept my apology I will be waiting with open arms. - Dear Nicki P.,

    Kindly, Allyn: I'm sorry for calling you ugly. - Dear Amber,

    Kindly, Mom...: I am so sorry I didn't know how to deal with the issues you were dealing with in school. It felt so familiar to my own experience as a teen and I was told I (they) would grow out of it. And that's the story I passed on to you. Truthfully, it does affect you for a lifetime, if you let it. But please don't. You are beautiful, gifted, talented, and intelligent young women. Don't ever believe otherwise. Anyone would be lucky to have you as friends. - Dear Tara and Sara,

    Kindly, Amanda: Im really am sorry. I was so mean to you throughout school. There was no reason for it and I feel terrible. - Dear Sadie,

    Kindly, Joy Roswell: I'm so sorry I stuffed your locker with heavy duty tampons after you started and everyone saw it. I’m sorry my insecurities made you quit school and go kill yourself. - Dear Lowrie Reniger,

    Kindly, Rachael P.: I am sorry for the things I have done to harm you. You are forever scarred for my actions. The scars on my arm and legs, aren't because I hate you. They are there because I hated myself. You aren't fat or ugly. You are beautiful and athletic. The things I heard those girls say to me didn't give me the right to harm you physically. I hope you forgive me for what I did. I can never take back the scars I gave you and I think about every day but tomorrow (January 11, 2009) will have been 6 months since I last harmed you and I don't plan on doing it again. Ever. - Dear My Body,

    Kindly, Rachael P.: I am sorry for the things I have done to harm you. You are forever scarred for my actions. The scars on my arm and legs, aren't because I hate you. They are there because I hated myself. You aren't fat or ugly. You are beautiful and athletic. The things I heard those girls say to me didn't give me the right to harm you physically. I hope you forgive me for what I did. I can never take back the scars I gave you and I think about every day but tomorrow (January 11, 2009) will have been 6 months since I last harmed you and I don't plan on doing it again. Ever. - Dear My Body,

    Kindly, Mary: I'm sorry I didn't cheer for you in the game. I just never get to play because you are so dominant and that sometimes makes me mad. It was nothing to get p-od about and I’m really, truly sorry - Dear Anna K.,

    Kindly,: I'm sorry for ever saying or thinking anything mean about you. You are very kind and beautiful - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Ginna K: I'm sorry I called you ugly. You are my best friend and I didn't want you t think about suicide. You are precious and adorable! : ) - Dear Mary Catherine K.,

    Kindly, M: I'm sorry I was angry to go to the meeting today. It turned out to be OK - Dear Mom,

    Kindly, maddie: i'm so sorry for putting you down-though many of you don't know it-i was just bored and uninterested in my own life, and found it fun to criticize yours. I’m no better than any of you. - Dear everyone,

    Kindly, Grace: I am sorry that I did not understand what it was like to constantly be made fun of. I am sorry for doing nothing about it. I am sorry I got so fed up with being asked why I was friends with you that I distanced myself from you to stop the questions. I am especially sorry that most of my decisions to get away from you were because I thought he might like me better if I did. I am sorry for everything. I miss you. - Dear Kate,

    Kindly, Shelby: I'm sorry I followed what my other friends were doing by hating you and calling you mean names. I have never had a problem with you. I pledge to start being nicer to you and to include you more. I love you and really want to become better friends despite what my other friends think. - Dear Ellie,

    Kindly, Kara: I am truly sorry I talked bad about you behind your each other. I know we had that "confession session" in 4th grade and we apologized to each other, but I just need to make sure you guys know I’m sincerely sorry. I love you both so much. - Dear Michelle and Marilee,

    Kindly, Carolyn: I am so sorry for saying that your face was oily and it was incredibly rude of me to say, and I was just upset that you had been talking about me behind my back even though that is no reason for me to respond with rude insults to you, and just shows how immature I can be - Dear Kimberly,

    Kindly, Edward: I'm sorry for leaving you in fear and breaking your heart. I thought it was right for you to just forget all about me. I now know that it was not. I love you forever. - Dear Bella,

    Kindly, Reagan R.: I am so sorry for taking yor pudding cup,making fun of your boobies and hitting you with a tennis racket when I was working on my back hand. I now know that I went to far....and crossed the line.___________ Thats the line... that I crossed. I am on a better side now because I am finally apologizing to you after 7 years of disappointment. But I am very sorry for that pudding cup, how could I resist.... it was swirl... you know how I like both flavors combined into one. Anyway I am sorry. - Dear Mary Catherine,

    Kindly, Maddie: I am sorry for being mean to you in the third grade. And getting into all of those stupid fights!!!! And saying bad stuff about each other. I am so glad that we are friends now!!!!!!! - Dear Nika,

    Kindly, Shadow/Cassie: I'm sorry I freaked out on you when we were testing each other. It wasn't right to say I hate you. I don't hate you. - Dear Kimmi,

    Kindly, sissy: I love you and you're my sister. And I know that its not right that we fight. I love you - Dear Katie,

    Kindly, Maddie: sorry for gossiping about you when I have plenty of my own insecurities. I’m no better than you and I hope you know that I know that. - Dear everyone,

    Kindly, Lauren: Sorry for talking bad about you and leaving your party - Dear Amy,

    Kindly, Victoria: Im sorry I didn’t invite you over in 2nd grade. - Dear Dominuique,

    Kindly,: Im sorry I ran away from you when you invited me over in 4th grade. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Alex: I apologize for talking bad about you behind your back and not standing up for you when Abby yells as you. - Dear Kristy,

    Kindly, Leah: Im so sorry for having all that drama in 7th grade and saying I didn't want to be your friend and letting other people influence me into saying mean things to you. I know were friends now, but I will alway be sorry for what I did. All those fights over nothing. I’m so sorry. - Dear Yoonji,

    Kindly, caytlin:): im sorry that I spelled your name wrong :( cytlain I think and that I ignored you alot SOERRY:) - Dear catelain,

    Kindly, Stephanie: I'm sorry if I ever did or said anything mean. I DON'T mean it, and I definitely don't mean to hurt you in anyway, you guys are what I have. I love you man - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, A: I'm really sorry about yelling at you and kicking you out of my room on New Years. It was uncalled for and not nice. I hope we can move on from that and still be friends, LOVE YOU! - Dear Gayle,

    Kindly, Kayla: I am really sorry that we fought they way we did. I wish that I could have taken it all back, and that we were still the best of friends that we used to be. I still love you, and I wish nothing but the best for you! - Dear Past Best Friend,

    Kindly, Myself.: I'm sorry for always feeling down. I’m sorry for constantly putting myself down. I’m sorry for constantly spending hours crying over worthless words that should have meant nothing. - Dear Myself,

    Kindly, cindy huch: I'm sorry for being mean to you when you did not deserve it. I was heated with fire. My bad. Can you forgive me please that special someone? love - Dear SOMEONE,

    Kindly, cindy huch: I'm sorry for being mean to you when you did not deserve it. I was heated with fire. My bad. Can you forgive me please that special someone? love - Dear SOMEONE,

    Kindly, tay: I'm sorry, I didn't want you to come to the Jonas concert with me & that I was going to take my other friend. - Dear Robyn,

    Kindly, Anonymous: My own insecurities has led me to hurting other girls feelings, and making their personality go away. I’m so sorry for all the people i've hurt and is willing to make up for everything, in one way or another. I know my actions are to big to forgive. But I know that I have learned a valuable lesson. Be Kind. - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, Alhia: i am sorry for all I have done to you. I do not mean to poison your mind with thoughts of the end.....i wish for help...for you but help is hard to find.....i will find help soon though I promise. - Dear myself,

    Kindly, Me.: I'm sorry I haven't been here mentally to hold all the positive emotions I want to feel. I’m sorry I've been caught up in my own world of self-hate and insecurities. I’m sorry I’m not living up to my full potential. I’m sorry I’m not better at what it is you all want me to be, and that is my old confident self. I’m sorry to those who I have let down in the past, or recent past. I’m sorry to those friends whose bridge to friendship I've burned through self-pity and negative thoughts. I’m sorry to say that the puddle seething with negative emotions sometimes overflows into your beautifully sculpted fountains of positive emotions. I’m sorry I've belittled myself so that I become a person even I don't recognize. I’m sorry that even after all of this I still loathe myself. And most of all, I’m sorry that, even after realizing how much my negativity rubs off on people, I’m still not ready to change. But I am aware. And I’m sorry that this is not the final apology, but rather the apology to those whom I have outwardly hurt, and it is also my apology to myself to say that because I will no longer let my negativity effect others, I am going to have to grow up to accept the person I am and give off a positive glow I know I am capable of exuding, eventually... - Dear Friends,

    Kindly, D: I'm sorry I said I didn't want to be your friend way back in High School. You were immediately devastated and I took back my statement but I imagine you never forgot. I immediately felt bad. I was an insecure twerp myself. Not to excuse my behavior but maybe to explain it. I'll never forget what I did - it's a scar on my soul and I’m so sorry. - Dear Donna,

    Kindly, Jordan: im so sorry I was such a bitch. I never ment to hurt anyone. I was just going along with what all my so called friends were doing. I’m sorry I didn’t have my own mind. I’m sorry mom, that I’m not the perffect daughter you wanted. I’m sorry dad, for being to depressed to be there when you needed me. I’m sorry sister, for you to have to watch what I’m going through and have to think thats what you have to look forward to when you grow up. I’m sorry the rest of my family for having to vent to you because I had no one else. I’m sorry girls that ivve hurt. that wasnt the real me, because the real me, couldnt hurt a fly. I’m sorry everyone for talking behind backs. & I’m sorry **** for always ditching you. I’m so so sorry// - Dear everyone,

    Kindly, Lola: I'm sorry you were a bear that had no hair. I love you so much Mr. Wuzzy, and I’m sorry that I made fun of your male pattern baldness. - Dear Fuzzy Wuzzy

    Kindly, Linds: I'm sorry for being so mean to you in middle school. We were such good friends in sixth grade, but then once we started to like the same guy it all changed. I’m sorry for putting a guy between our friendship. I’m so glad we're friends again and I promise to never let a guy come before you again. Bros before Hoes - Dear Nicky

    Kindly, Molly: I am sorry for drifting apart. I know it was my fault, that I found new friends, but I am terribly sorry. - Dear Natasha

    Kindly, Lauren: I'm sorry for hurting myself and not believing that you loved me the way you all did. I wouldve never pulled through without you guys. - Dear friends,

    Kindly, ex jerk friend.: im sorry for publicly making fun of your facial blemishes, and your name. when we were in middle school. I thought I was being cool and funny, but I was being a disgusting, arrogant, ignorant jerk. its been almost 10 years since then, and I still feel ashamed of myself. I wish I could take it all back, or at least go back in time and punch myself in the face. - Dear old ex friend,

    Kindly, YJ & MZ: i'm very sorry that you didn't realize that the snake we put in your locker was real. I never thought you would pick it up and wear it as a necklace. I’m really sorry that you died after it bit you. we didn't know it was poisenous, either. RIP - Dear Maggie Taylor,

    Kindly, Mikah Zapert: I'm sorry I was an awful teacher. I know you have a hard year ahead of you, and I did not prepare you at all. I also had no idea you all would fail TAKS. Once again, I am very sorry. - Dear Class of 2014,

    Kindly, sophies friend: im sorry I was so mean on facebook. I was mad and I took it out on you. I was a meanie and I’m sorry. - Dear makena,

    Kindly, megeActiste: Greetings I am new to this board I hope I will be able to help out and give something back here because I have learned a huge amount myself. Cheers web design essex - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Me: I am sorry for every unkind word that I have spoken, anything that has ever hurt your feelings or anytime, that I have put you down in order to put me up. I am trying to be better at thinking of others before myself and lifting people up instead of tearing them down. - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, Honey P: Im sorry we've drifted apart. I’m sorry ive changed and we arent friends anymore. I’m sorry I talked badly about you, and then turned around and hung out with you. I’m sorry I made fun of you one day when I was doing your makeup. I’m sorry I’m not like you. I’m sorry we dont like the same things. I’m sorry if you feel that I dont like you. I’m sorry for telling you a guy will come, when I have no idea if he will. I’m sorry. - Dear Jenna,

    Kindly, AppogueQuetle: Hey I’m new on this board I hope I will be able to help and give something back here because iv learned allot myself. Thanks Learn Violin - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, K: I'm sorry my insecurities and selfishness caused me to act in a mean way. I’m sorry I gossiped and talked smack about you. - Dear Women I\'ve Worked With,,

    Kindly, Anna: im sorry that I have talked bad about girls even after taking a part in this campaign. this campaign that I believe in and pray works oneday. The only way I can get that dream to work is if I too be kind - Dear everyone,

    Kindly, Bobbi Young: i apologize if I said or done anything to hurt you or make you feel bad in anyway and I plan to make things better and change how Girls Treat one another - Dear Everyone,

    Your Name: i apologize if I said or done anything to hurt you or make you feel bad in anyway and I plan to make things better and change how Girls Treat one another - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, CARMELA WILDER: I don't believe I have seen this depicted in such a way before. You actually have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you! - Dear Anonymous,


    Kindly, Me: I am sorry for everything I have done. - Dear You,

    Kindly, Ashley: I am sorry for anything that I have ever done in my life that has hurt you. I love you. - Dear Family and Friends,

    Kindly, E: I'm sorry I’m mean to you just to go along with the flow, you are beautiful and I love you! - Dear J,

    Kindly, KBG.: I'm sorry for anything I have done to hurt you. Whether it was done purposely, or accidentally, consciously or unconsciously. I’m sorry. - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, Natalie: You are my best friend and have been since Pre-K. I am sorry I almost ruined our friendship over the stupid aspect of popularity. Thank you for forgiving me. I am so glad I still have you to lean on. - Dear Brooke,

    Kindly, Courtney: i'm sorry for the way I handled the whole issue. We both made mistakes but I should've been the bigger person and either not said anything at all, or atleast have chosen my words better. I let my anger and insecurities get the best of me. I should've been stronger than were just trying to be a good friend and defend yourself. - Dear you,

    Kindly, Courtney: i'm sorry for the way I handled the whole issue. We both made mistakes but I should've been the bigger person and either not said anything at all, or atleast have chosen my words better. I let my anger and insecurities get the best of me. I should've been stronger than were just trying to be a good friend and defend yourself. - Dear you,

    Kindly, dpk: i am sorry we laughed at you and so sorry about the brick. it has haunted me since. - Dear girl in chatsworth 1978is,

    Kindly, Tiffany J.: I'm sorry I flirted with and then stole your boyfriend 10 years ago in High school. It was rude and inappropriate of me to do so. I deeply regret my actions and hope you can forgive me. We've been married now for 4 years and have 2 kids. He beats them both. - Dear Hannah,

    Kindly, Uni-brow: I feel small around you but I’m sorry I think mean things about you, just to make myself feel less threatened. - Dear Pretty and Skinny girls,

    Kindly, kelly: im sorry for telling you I was going to kill myself. I’m not. - Dear mom,

    Kindly, Lauren A: I am truly sorry for the gossip, unkind words, and mean spirited actions in school. Now that I am older I realize that I was projecting all of my insecurities and self hatred onto you. I hope that my actions caused by my own issues did not leave you with any lingering scars. If so, I pray that you will heal. I would take it all back if I could. God Bless. - Dear too many,

    Kindly, me: i'm so sorry for what happened in middle school. though its been 10 years and we're friends, I know it still hurts you and probably always will. I am so sorry that I can never erase it. - Dear c,

    Kindly, m: there was a day when we were 4 years old that I pretended to befriend you so that the other kids could jump out from behind a tree and scare you and chase you away. I haven't seen you in 20 years and don't know anything about you, and you may not even remember that day... but I haven't forgotten how confused and upset you were and I am so sorry. - Dear amanda,

    Kindly, Gillian: I'm sorry that I said that you should just back off because I will tell the principle and maybe I'll Tell your mom. I realize that that was wrong and I’m really sorry. - Dear helana,

    Kindly, Madi: I'm Sorry for calling you a bitch. I didn't mean it and hope we can be better friends in 7th grade. - Dear Tiffany,

    Kindly, rachel: im sorry that something happened between us, we were soooo close and I dont know what happened. I feel whatever it was was my fault and I’m so sorry that I did something to make you feel hostile towards me - Dear michaela,

    Kindly, baybie: i very sorry what I have done to you .. I will study hard and hear what teacher is teaching.. love you s0o much ..! - Dear mum,

    Kindly, Manda: I'm sorry for everything that has happened. I’m sorry that it destroyed our friendship. I miss you. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Gillian: i'm sorry that I said I hate you and I wish that I didn't have a sister - Dear Madi,

    Kindly, tyfani: i am sorry for calling you names and then lying about it to your face I really hope that you can forgive me one day but I just wanted to apologize for calling you shamoo. - Dear Amber,

    Kindly, R: Sorry for sleeping with Bailey. - Dear V,

    Kindly, sara rodriguez: im sorry for hurting you. - Dear anyone whos affected,

    Kindly, H: I'm sorry that I trashed you for years because of my jealousy. - Dear L,

    Kindly, latina escorts: Truly great blog to read it to my mind. BTW, why haven't you you send that article to social bookmarking sites? That might bring much traffic to this page. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Sandy: I am deeply sorry for making fun of your new glasses. - Dear Kelly,

    Kindly, lp: I'm sorry we all split up. I hope I didn't say anything mean. I don't remember. I've missed you guys. - Dear All you guys,

    Kindly, Sarah.: I'm so sorry I said you should never have had your long hair cut. I was just jealous of how great you looked with it short. - Dear Christine,

    Kindly, A.: I am sorry for all the jokes I have made about you and to you. I’m sorry that some of my jokes may have hurt you and most of all I am sorry that I use you as vehicle to make others laugh at the expense of your self esteem. - Dear Jenna,,

    Kindly, Abby.: I am sorry for every nasty word I said, every nasty thing I did, every nasty thing I let others do. I am sorry that I get too wrapped up in myself. I’m sorry. - Dear Everyone.,

    Kindly, Amy: I am sorry for humiliating you and running you out of town after you fucked my boyfriend. I understand it takes two. He was my boyfriend, you were my friend. I did not know how to control my emotions or anger at the both of you. I took most my anger out on you and your belongings. When I look back now, I feel silly and childish. I was and am, far above the level the two of you were at. I should of rose above and moved on. For destroying your reputation and donating all your belonging to charity on your behalf, I am sorry. - Dear Danielle,

    Kindly, laurie: i am sorry I pushed you away when all you wanted to do was help me. more importantly thank you for never leaving me. I am so lucky I love you. - Dear all my gfs,

    Kindly, Camila: Sorry if I ever did or said anything that might have affected you emotionally, mentally, or physically. - Dear girl,

    Kindly, Kelsey: I'm sorry for saying mean things to you Freshman year, I was upset and didn't mean it, I’m sorry. - Dear Taylor,

    Kindly, Madison Chandler: I apologize for everything I've ever said about you. I know it was really wrong and I hope you can forgive me. - Dear Amanda,

    Kindly, Catherine: I apologize for not being able to admit when I was wrong, to give you the feeling that you were inferior. You mean more to me than you will ever know. - Dear Matt,

    Kindly, Nikki: You're my sister and I love you with all my heart and idk why I’m so mean to you sometimes. - Dear Lexie,

    Kindly, Hannah Rose: I'm sorry for everything. I am sorry at times I would turn the classroom around on you. - Dear Zack G.,

    Kindly, Ashley: I'm so sorry for spreading a rumor about you in middle school. I feel so horrible and can't believe how kind hearted you are to still be my best friend. You are the best person in my life. - Dear my best friend,

    Kindly, Richard: I'm sorry for saying something just to be mean or clever, just because the best defense is an offense. - Dear Everyone I\'ve Ever Hurt,

    Kindly, Your \"baby\": I'm sorry for everything negative I've done to you. Counseling will help us and we will rule the world like we dreamed a year and a half ago. Thank you for taking me back. I am so sorry. I love you. - Dear \"Boo\",

    Kindly, Ashley: Sorry that I was always mean to you when we were kids. You got to live with both your parents and I only got to live with one, so I was jealous and angry. I understand now that it did not have anything to do with you. But I had no one to take it out on, so whenever I would come to visit I would direct my frustration of not getting to have our father in my life like you did, on you. For that, I’m sorry. - Dear my 3 younger half sisters,

    Kindly, A: I am truly and deeply sorry for the pain I put you through, for the scars that show on your wrists and for the way I made you feel inferior. I am sorry that I wanted out and tried, too. I am sorry for the long stretches of time without food. I apologize for the lack of confidence I had in you. You are beautiful the way you are. - Dear body,

    Kindly, A: I am so sorry I stood around and let them all hurt you. - Dear a,

    Kindly, Brittany Maree: I'm sorry for everything mean that I have said. The only reason I say it is because it is easier to be mean to some one than to be nice. Once again, I’m very sorry. - Dear Everyone,,

    Kindly, NBH: I did not mean it at all. And with much love I am sorry. Please forgive me. U promise it will never ever happen again. - Dear If I ever hurt you,

    Kindly, Mae: You truly are my best friend in the world. I love you to bits and pieces. And that is why I’m so sorry I hit you when you told me you were cuttting. I had no idea what you were going through. And it kills me because a year later when you found out I was cutting you were the sweetest person in the world to me. I wish I had understood what you were going through,or better yet, I wish it hadn't happened to you. I will always love you. Until the end of time. - Dear Sarah,

    Kindly, Anon.: Im sorry for not judging you. - Dear Ashleigh,

    Kindly, A: I'm sorry for not wanting to be friends anymore because of my own insecurities - Dear E and B,

    Kindly, Rose: I am sorry that I took out my frustration on you when you were just trying to do your job. I feel bad about it all the time. I contemplate calling you just to apologize. Although I haven't seen you in almost two years, I secretly wish I would run into you somewhere so I won't have any excuse for not apologizing. I hope you can forgive me one day... - Dear Kathy,

    Kindly, Ashley: I am sorry I went with the crowd and made fun of you to fit in. I should have stuck up for you. I truly hate myself for not having the courage to do that. - Dear Cindy,

    Kindly, April: I'm sorry that I never knew what was really going on. I’m sorry that I never stopped him. I’m sorry that I never told. - Dear Dear Beckie,

    Kindly, libby: im sorry for having the bad memories implanted in your head for life. the tears, the painful thoughts, the strain on your heart. I’m sorry in the sixth grade I didn’t do anything to stop the hurt and mutilation done to your external and internal self. I’m sorry I never apologized sooner for the pain and trauma you have had to face. - Dear future self,

    Kindly, Emma: I'm sorry for never being kind to you in elementry school. I have always wished I could have the strenght to apologize to you. You are such a beautiful, talented person and I wish more people could see that :) - Dear Marlisa,

    Kindly, Aly: They alwasy left you out, always picked on you and told you lies. I never included you, never stood up for you and never told you the truth. Always doing wrong actions is the same as never doing right ones. I’m so sorry. I hope with every ounce of my heart high schools better for you. - Dear Caroline,

    Kindly, BFF: I Will Try Never To Hurt You We Have Been Friends For Ever And I Love You Your Like The Big Sister I Never Had I Hope Theres Many More Years Of Friendship For Us!!! - Dear Best Friend,

    Kindly, your BFF: I'm sorry for all the times I was unkind! I will be a kinder BFF from now on with the help of the kind campaign! - Dear Ellen,

    Kindly: In elementary school, I was caught up in a fight with my three best friends. Two of them were ganging up on the third for no other reason than that she had a low self-esteem and wouldn't stand up for herself. I was much stronger than she was and could have taken that fight on for her, but I did nothing and let her drift away from us. So Jessy, I’m so sorry. I wish now I had stood up for you so and didn't let you feel like you were so alone, because you never were. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, your baby: i am sorry for the games I played. - Dear \"em\",

    Kindly, Brandie Jo: I'm sorry for all the times I have ruined your day or hurt you in some way. I love you and I never want to lose you. - Dear Kathy,

    Kindly, Jessica Mordan: I'm sorry for thinking bad thoughts about you because I am insecure about myself. I WILL BE BETTER! - Dear All Girls,

    Kindly, Anna: Sorry for going behind your back and leaving you there!! And mixing your hair dye. - Dear Amber,

    Kindly, Megan: I'm sorry for trying to fight oyu over a stupid guy, he was never worth it. Youre a good person. - Dear Krista,

    Kindly, Brittany Ring: I'm sorry for anything I have EVER said to hurt you or put you down, I know how it feels and it makes me feel horrible to think about what I have done. For that I am deeply and truly sorry. - Dear Anyone I have ever hurt,

    Kindly, Jody Fulmer: I'm sorry for treating you like you weren't good enough. You are. - Dear Stormie Bradshaw,

    Kindly, Kristen S.: I've said some pretty nasty things about you. So, whether you know it or not, I’m sorry. - Dear Lisa,

    Kindly, Sarah: Sorry for not being enough time with you, and trying to get away from you. I promisse I'll try to hang out more with yall and not all the time with my boyfriend. I’m sorry... - Dear Best Friends,

    Kindly, yummy: i'm sorry you are a stone cold bitch and I told evryoe u chooked up with shep. ok. be - Dear sammy,

    Kindly, Mark Prime: I am sorry for my contribution, no matter how slight, to that (noise) which would destroy you. - Dear Goodness,

    Kindly, Your BFF, Kass: I am so sorry that I don't spend alot of time with you or pay attention to you as much as I do for Justin. I promise I'll make more time for you in my day. I’m SOO SORRY!!! - Dear Megan,

    Kindly, Liz: I'm sorry that, in response to your actions, I changed the type of person that I am by being rude and talking behind your back. I know better. Sorry. - Dear Paige,

    Kindly, s: I'm so sorry when I ever said anything negatve. I just feel like crap that when I thought about everything ive said in my head about u, even if I didn’t say it aloud. - Dear M,

    Kindly, yourself: i'm sorry about everything that has happened to you in the past. leave all of it in a never visited part of your life. don't worry about what people say and do to there's always someone to talk to. - Dear megan,

    Kindly, Amy P: I'm sorry I left you for other friends. You were always a true friend to me, and the only one I've ever had. It was my loss, and I think about you from time to time, wishing I wasn't so stupid back then. I really hope your life is and will be amazing, because you deserve it the most. - Dear Shauna R,

    Kindly, youself!: I want to apologize for everything that you went through in highschool. Nothing was yourfault and I am happy that after years of abuse and people making fun of you and being mean to you, you are as strong as you are. I love you and I love who you have become! - Dear Saamantha,

    Kindly, Michelle: I know now that in high school you had an eating disorder. I apologize for spreading rumors that you were pregnant and that's why you disappeared during junior year and returned senior year. I apologize for making your life harder than it needed to be. I apologize for not understanding, or even trying to understand, what you were going through. I apologize for finding your ED blog and spreading it around school. I apologize for hurting you. - Dear Rachel,

    Kindly, Nina: Sorry I blamed you. - Dear Laura,

    Kindly, A.D: I have messed up. I screwed up big time. I said mean things about you, and I shouldn't have. I hated your guts because I was jealous, and I had no reason to ditch you like I did. - Dear Girl,

    Kindly, b: I am sorry that your insecurities led you to not value our friendship and for you to take that out on me by way of back-handed compliments that made me feel insecure about myself for years. I forgive you for your actions and hope that you have been able to evolve. I realize now that it was never about me and luckily, have been able to find my voice and love myself. - Dear CPie,

    Kindly, Patsy: Sorry we were all so mean to you when you were younger. You did nothing to deserve our meaness. - Dear Renee,

    Kindly, ga: i am sorry for the way that I have treated you. I took advantage of your kindness and bullied you because you let me. now we rarely talk because you are standing up for yourself. you are a beautiful person and I’m so sorry for any grief I have caused you. you have always been kind to me and you deserve better. I love you. - Dear ss,

    Kindly, Liz: I am sorry I slept with him. I am sorry I lied. You didn't deserve it, and in some ways I’m glad that you've cut us out of your life. But mostly, I miss you. I love you. - Dear Love,

    Kindly, l: I'm sorry that life at home wasn't right for me. I left for me, not because of you. And Shelby- I’m sorry for taking you for granted. I’m sorry that I lost all faith in you as a friend. I admire you and all you've done. And though I know now that our friendship has long since been drained of all it was worth, I know that you'll do amazing things with the life you've been given. - Dear old friends,

    Kindly, Your Friend: Sorry we all give you such a hard time. I love you and you are great! I know we talk about you a lot and judge you, but I don't realize how much it hurts you. Sorry. - Dear Sara,

    Kindly, Annie: Sorry we treated you badly because you were different. Your life is so much harder than all of ours. I feel terribly about it. God bless you. - Dear Stephanie,

    Kindly, stephanie: im sorry I made you feel insecure. I never thought of him as more than a friend, and I’m sorry that he let you think otherwise. when I found out what he was doing, I stopped hanging out with him, and I wish you didn't think I was that type of girl, because every time I see you I can tell you hate me, but I don't know how to tell you, I would never have done that, because I know how bad it hurts. - Dear katy,

    Kindly, Molly: I'm sorry I've turned against you when I thought I could be someone else. I’m sorry I've let others ruin you & break you apart. I’m sorry I've opened up too much & let others eat you away. I’m sorry I haven't healed you yet, it takes time. I’m sorry for treating you like someone else. From now on, I'll try and understand that being yourself in a world where everyone wants you to be someone else; is true strength. I can make it. I'll fix you. - Dear My Heart,

    Kindly, baby: I am sorry I played games. I am sorry I let my friends convince me you were wrong. - Dear em,

    Kindly, Alice: Im sorry for never giving you a chance, for hurting you and the name calling. And more than anything- I’m osrry it affected me so little that I don't even remember your name. - Dear you,

    Kindly, E: I'm sorry that sometimes I get mad at you even when your just trying to help me. - Dear M,

    Kindly, Joi: I'm sorry I let people walk all over you. I’m sorry I tryed to be someone I wasn't. I’m sorry I didn't stick up for you. I will fix eveything by believing in you and sticking up for you. - Dear me,

    Kindly, E: I'm sorry I told those lies and portrayed you as such a horrible person. The truth is, I envy you and would never want to hurt you. I would give anything to make things right. I wish you the best - Dear MM,

    Kindly, ur fav girl: i'm sorry that I thought u were a girl when I first heard u on the radio but now I luv u - Dear justin bieber,

    Kindly, Debi: I'm sorry I told your fiance about the drugs and sex. I was afraid to talk to you directly. - Dear Gay,

    Kindly, from afar: I am so sorry that I was comparing myself to you. - Dear Rona,

    Kindly, N: I am sorry I let you do the stuff you do that I know is going to hurt you. I am sorry your are raised by people who treat you like they do. I am sorry I do the same stuff as you instead of guiding us back on the right path. I am sorry I will not ever tell this to your face, because I do not have the courage. I am sorry I told people your secrets. I am sorry that I get jealous of you and hate you at times. - Dear L,

    Kindly, N: I am sorry for telling people about your eating disorder, even though you may not know that I did yet. - Dear A,

    Kindly, me: I am sorry I struggle with keeping you from making bad decisions. I am sorry I don't have the strength to be happy sometimes. I am sorry that I do stuff for attention. I am sorry you never feel confident in yourself for very long. I am sorry you lie to people. - Dear me,

    Kindly, Emily: I am sorry that I ignored you for such a long time I don't know why I did it's just that you left me for the people who think that they're popular. I don't know why you did but I’m sorry that I was ever mean to you - Dear Jade,

    Kindly, rach: i'm sorry for doing things that I know hurt you. I can say what I want to justify myself but there's no excuse for my actions. you are one of my best friends. I love you so much and I never want to lose you for anything. - Dear nat,

    Kindly: im really sorry for doing a bad job keeping our secret last summer. I love you - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, le: i'm sorry for trying to hold you back when you had told me you wanted to be friends with your old friends. I could feel myself losing you and we had shared so much I didn't want you out of my life. I see now that you're happier with them and are still good friends with me. I’m sorry for not trusting you. - Dear mary,

    Kindly, Sarah: I am sorry I called you fat, ugly, or anything else to put you down. I am sorry I thouht just because you were my friend I could say anything no matter how mean and expect you to take it as a joke. I’m sorry I saw you having a bad day and just walked away. I am sorry I ganged up on you just because my friends were doing it even though I had no right in that situation. I am sorry that I took my anger out on you because of what was happening to me. I am sorry if I caused you to have thoughts of suicide because I know what those feel like. I am sorry if I excluded you or hurt your feeling. I am sorry I was mad at you because the guy I liked you liked you more. I am sorry I turned my back on you. I am sorry I lied to you! I am sorry I got your hopes up just to laugh when you fell. I am sorry for so many things and I could just keep writing this... I wish I could take back everything I ever have done: the fighting, the rumors, the lies, the jealousy, and especially the lost friendships... I will remember you all forever and always. - Dear Anyone,

    Kindly, me: I'm sorry if I ever put you down or made you feel left out. I try not to but sometimes I cant help it. I am trying to not do these things and I am getting better but I’m SORRY!!!! - Dear ANYONE,

    Kindly, Cera: I'm sorry about middle school. I was a brat, and we were brats and we were really mean to you. I see that now. I hope you forgive me someday. - Dear Sarah,

    Kindly, DNPOHH: i'm sorry for everything! all of the bad talk, all of the rude jokes that you may not have taken as jokes, the mean words, the judging, the ignoring, the rudeness, and many more things that would make this oh-so long. But the most important thing I am sorry for is me. I am so sorry for everything and anything I ever did to you, directly or not.I am sorry for having thoughts of suicide because I felt bad afterwords but not bad enough to apologize to your faces. I am sorry I won have the strength to do this in person. I am sorry if I never helped you when I should have. I am sorry I get jealous or angry of you. This isn't your fault, it's all mine. None of this is your fault, this is all on me, and I am sorry. I’m also sorry for everything I have ever done and I wish I could take it all back, but I know I cant. I am sorry that I can't take it back. I am sorry for hurting our friendships and making you feel bad, trust me I never intentionally thought of doing that. I am sorry for not realizing earlier I needed to apologize. Mostly I am sorry because you dont deserve any of the crap I give you, yet you still put up with me. I’m SORRY!!! - Dear Friends!,

    Kindly: I am sorry. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Khadijah: I am truly sorry for causing you pain. I really hope that even if I never see you again in my life, I hope that one day you can forgive me. In middle school,I am sorry for spreading rumors and causing drama. I wish that I could re-do all of it! In elementary school, I am sorry for not being friends with everyone. I feel bad for the people that I singled out to be mean to. In high school,which I have just recently started, I am sorry for anything that I did wrong! Overall, I am sorry and hope that I will someday be forgiven by all of the people that I have affected badly - Dear the people I have hurt,

    Kindly, AF: I am so sorry I doubted your friendship with her. She is so insanely nice and I promise that I will never doubt your decisions again and that I will get to know her better, as I promised a while back! - Dear ML,

    Kindly, ur frend ml: i'm sorry after the memorable year of being your friend and after our trust exercises that when the new girl came into ur life I though she'd take over. the only that took over was my jealousy and it caused a lot of pain to the both of us. I never really got a chance to really tell you I’m sorry.... mostly cos we never got around to talking about the time we had our hugemongous fight. but I’m still sorry. though I’m glad it happened because I feel like we're tighter than before - Dear my frend af,

    Kindly, jenny: I'm sorry that even in our mid twenty's we still face the same issues/fights as middle school girls. It's sad that our stubbornness has gotten the best of us and we still haven't talked after 10 months- over something so stupid! it hurts my heart that you won't be at my wedding.... - Dear a

    Kindly, a friend: I am sorry for ever judging you in any way. I am sorry for talking about you behind your back. I’m sorry for calling you names that don't have a positive meaning at all. I am sorry for anything I ever did to make you hate me in any way. I’m hoping this year we can start fresh. - Dear \"those girls\",

    Kindly, \"that\" girl: I am so sorry that I said those things about you. I truly am... and to be honest, I did have that thought in my mind that what I was saying was wrong, but I did nothing about it. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. But of course if you can't, I completely understand. Hope that one day this fresh start can turn into a new friendship(s). - Dear anyone and everyone,

    Kindly, me: im sorry I spread rumors about you. I’m sorry I have been so mean. but dont u think I did it for a reason? I’m just asking for you to be nice, and I hope you do it in return. - Dear casey,

    Kindly, Rumors: I'm sorry for the hate i've put you through, I’m sorry for the tears you've shed, I am sorry for the wrists having bled, Dont worry, you'll get through it, just keep pushing and pushing till you find that light, till you find that inspiration, hope, find hope. - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, MaryGrace: I am sorry that I yelled at you for stealing my food and touching it then giving it to you. - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, KN: I love you and I’m sorry for what I wrote on the truth wall. You are my best friend and thats not going to change! I shouldn't have posted that under ANY circumstances and I shouldn't have said anything to other people. You are seriously like a sister to me and I couldn't live without you in my life! I truly am completely and sincerely sorry and I hope that you don't hate me. - Dear KR,

    Kindly, your current bestie :): i am so sorry how in seventh grade I was part of the group who thought you were annoying. I was so wrong and I knew it all along I just wanted to be friends with those girls that I lost sight of how much you mean to me! just remember I always love and cherish our friendship!!! - Dear ellie,

    Kindly, ann-margaret: please forgive me for being mean to you when I first met you. I know we have joked around about it and everything but I've never actually apologized. you are my best friend and I love you like a sister!!! you are beautiful and SHOO freaking funny. I hope that you can forgive me for being stupid and trying to "fit in" with Italian....i'm really sorry. Sylas. - Dear greg,

    Kindly, me: i am so sorry that I am hurt because of a minor detail. I hope that you will not change your views of me based on it. I am so happy for you and I want you to be aware of that. I am really concerned that you will not understand that I've wanted this for so long. please don't think you took this from me, someone else did. you deserve it. - Dear you,

    Kindly, Older You: I'm sorry for not realizing how beautiful you were then. I’m sorry for all of the suicide attempts and all the tears shed over stupid things. I’m sorry for waking up every morning with a beautiful outfit in mind, then changing it to a baggy sweatshirt because I thought you were fat. I’m sorry I couldn't let you see the light that was there and for dragging you down in pain and torture. I’m sorry... - Dear Younger Me,

    Kindly, ;): I'm sorry I decided to hate you for no reason. I’m sorry I deliberately tried to make your life miserable for a year. I’m sorry for the things I said to you and the things I called you. I’m sorry I hurt you. Thank you for forgiving me for my actions. Thank you for letting me be your friend. Thank you for dealing with me and all that we've been through. I know you were kidding when you mentioned this apology, but you deserve one. - Dear Julie,

    Kindly, Ritty: Sorry for not eating the food you gave me when I was younger. I shouldn't ever tried to be like the other thin and rich girls... Now I know that being anorectic isn't the solution, now I know that I should love myself the way I am. - Dear Mommy,

    Kindly, Erica: I am sorry that we are such vicious people. I’m sorry that we don't all always get along. And I’m sorry that we do things to each other just to be mean and to destroy each other. We're better people than that. And I hope that we can overcome this and create a new life for young girls. - Dear every girl,

    Kindly, Meghan: I am very sorry that I have seemed more distant this semester. I still love you both very much and you are still my very best friends. - Dear Catie and Erin,

    Kindly, Margaret: Sorry I hate you. I’m just jealous. - Dear COURTANDNIC,

    Kindly, your SISTER: I am sorry for the things I do that hurt you. I know you want me to just be your sister and I haven't been too sisterly. I’m also sorry that you are going up in such a cruel world known as high school. Keep your head up. you'll get through it. - Dear blood sister,

    Kindly, Elyse: I am sorry for all the times I have been rude to you. Smart remarks, name calling, picking on you. I love you two so much and I would do anything for you - Dear Sisters,,

    Kindly, Shannon: You are a pretty girl. Stop holding yourself down and being depressed.Im your Sister and I care, so pleaase stop being jelous. - Dear Ally,

    Kindly, Me: I am so sorry for the words I have said...i said them to make myself feel better by putting you down. I once was put down so often and I promised myself I would never do that to someone else and here I am doing it. - Dear everyone

    Kindly, Lisa: I'm sorry for not always being the best friend I could have been to you. You truly are an amazing & strong person. You are beautiful, inside & out. You are my role model, I mean that. We aren't as close as we used to be but I will always consider you one of my good friends because you are, & waay more than that. Whenever I hug you I start to cry. Not because of any other reason than love. I love you more than you'll ever know. I know you won't ever see this but I don’t need you to, it's what you deserve. You are my best friend. You’ve always been there for me. & I’ll always be here for you. You've given me something to be happy about. You gave me the meaning of what it's like to know that someone actually cares & have a real friend. You mean the world to me- I love you, more than you'll ever know. I’m sorry if I haven't shown you enough or ever hurt you in any way. I love you so much. - Dear Ellie Murphy,

    Kindly, Lew: I'm sorry for the rude comment I made. I’m sorry for not thinking about your feelings. I’m sorry that you were hurt. You are a good person and despite all of our disagreements, I still care about you. I still want everything to work out for you. I want you to be happy. - Dear Cal

    Kindly, me :): i am SO sorry for judging you, criticizing you and speaking badly of you. I have no right to do these cruel things to you and you do not deserve it. I will work harder from now on to avoid these negative behaviors and habits and treat you with all the love, respect and KINDness that you are so worthy of. - Dear friends/sisters/strangers,

    Kindly: i'm sorry - Dear riley,

    Kindly, amanda: I'm sorry for something that I probably did something mean that I can't remember. - Dear abby,

    Kindly, emma: Sorry for being rude and saying mean things to you. - Dear my older sister,

    Kindly, burgendi: I'm sorry for sending that photo of you to everyone wish we could be friends. - Dear ashley,

    Kindly, your roomies/friends: I'm sorry that you think that we're attacking you when we address your eating habits/use of diet pills. We care about you, and we don't want you to get sick again/go through it alone. We all love you, and are here for you 100% of the time. - Dear roommate,,

    Kindly, Rachel: I am so sorry for all the abuse that I gave in 4th grade. I know that we made you fell miserable, and like no one liked you. I am sorry that we made fun of your weight, hair, clothes, and medical condition. I am standing where you were before, and I understand what we did to you. I feel awful, and even though you go to a different school now, and I haven't talked to you in years, I am really sorry. - Dear Emily,

    Kindly, Kaleigh Lane: I am sorry for being mean to you. You are a great friend! I am so happy to have you! - Dear Jessie,

    Kindly, learning to be confident: I apologize for all of the mean thoughts, the whispers shared, and the mean looks. I know they hurt, and often were only an expression my own insecurities. You are all beautiful inside and out! - Dear everyone ever judged,

    Kindly, Katie M: I'm sorry for making fun of you in 4th grade. It was wrong and I know it was. I am still upset to this day for how I treated you. You didn't deserve it. Thank you for being strong and forgiving me, even though I didn't actually apologize to you. I will make it up to you. - Dear Katie U,

    Kindly, me: I'm sorry for sending that photo of you around, I was just hurt and took it out on you. I was not acting like myself and I’m sorry I hope one day we can be friends and you can trust me again. - Dear you,,

    Kindly, Victoria: I'm sorry, sister, that I told you that your skirt was to short, I don't think I deserved to get punched in the face for that though. I hope you're sorry too. - Dear Hailey,

    Kindly, Your daughter: I'm sorry I became anorexic and couldn't even touch food. I had to have hospital care and it caused you to sell the house to pay for my care. I’m so sorry I wasn't comfortable with who I was. - Dear Mom,

    Kindly, Anonymous: I'm sorry for everything I said or did to you in middle school. I know it can't change how you felt and what you did because of how you were hurt, but I hope that this apology can be the start of a path to kindness. - Dear Rachel,

    Kindly, Lissie: I am extremely sorry for what I put you through in middle school. It was unacceptable, and the only reason I made fun of you was that it made me feel better about myself. That is no excuse. I have been thinking about things I have regretted in my past, and being mean was one of them. I know you may never see this, but in case you do, please forgive me. - Dear Madeline,

    Kindly, Diana: i am sorry I did not let you hangout with me and my friends in Elementary school. I realize I was very cruel and I regret it with all my heart. Know I know how you felt and I am sorry. - Dear Tiffani

    Kindly, Maria: We've been friends since Kindergarten and we have always gotten along we've had our ups and down's and we've had our fights but I have never talked behind your back. Your like my sister that's how close we are - Dear Tanairis,

    Kindly, kyla: i am so sorry that I called you a bad word 5 years ago hope were friends - Dear rebbeca

    Kindly, me: Im sorry I allowed you to go through all of this. I’m sorry for thinking the only way to keep a boy or get a boy is to do slutty things that you really regret after. I’m sorry you lost innocence before you had to. - Dear Me

    Kindly, francesca: i'm sorry about the horrible things that have gone on between us over something as stupid as a boy. I’m sorry for ever making you feel the way I did and I’m sorry for all the things i've done wrong to you. - Dear alyssa,

    Kindly: Dear any girl who feels hurt, I’m sorry for your pain, i've experienced it to. We need to forgive and forget and start fresh. WE ARE GIRLS. We have the power to overcome and love. Yet the power of hurtful words and violence take over. Lets replace that crap with our true powers of love. Maybe one day our daughters or grand daughters will experience what it is, to have peace in girl world - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, me: i am sorry that I am letting you get beaten up and thrown around by that mean girl. please try and talk it out with her. you are breaking yourself over it. DO SOMETHING about it. find help, because if you don't, you'll end up like the rest of them. - Dear me

    Kindly, jolelinee: Thanks, nice post. Keep up the good work - Dear Anonymous

    Kindly, Me: I am so sorry for writing hurtful and mean things on your form spring even though they were anonymously written. I said the meanest things to you about how you look and the way you act because I felt bad about my self and I wanted to put someone else down to feel better. - Dear Reilly

    Kindly, Me: I am sorry I have been so insecure and unconfined in you. I have to know that I am pretty on the outside without all that makeup that I use everyday to cover you up. I am sorry that I have gone through numerous eating disorders to the point where I was hospitalized. I am sorry for attempting to take your life when you know your not alone. I am sorry for treating you this way. - Dear Me

    Kindly, me: Im sorry I abandoned you when you told me about what happened to you, I shouldn't have. I promise to be there for any other girl who ever seeks my help. - Dear Anonymous

    Kindly, j: I'm sorry I said what I did yesterday...I know this sounds cliche but I said it because I wanted to make you feel bad because I’m jealous of you. - Dear anonymous,

    Kindly, me: im sorry for getting annoyed at you for the past weeks high school has really changed us and I miss the way we used to be. Hopefully one day we can renew that joy - Dear friends,

    Kindly, Grace: I am sorry for whatever I have said in the past to make you feel bad. - Dear Tuesday,

    Kindly, Old me: I know everything is okay now, but I still feel so embarrassed that I ditched you guys in middle. You were my first friends at a new school. And you were right: I shamelessly ditched you guys when the popular girls wanted to hang out with me. I’m sorry. - Dear Old Friends,

    Kindly, Megan: I'm sorry for the hurtful email I wrote you almost 5 years ago. Although it was a long time ago and we've moved past it, I feel very sorry that I ever did that. It was immature, and I was young and stupid. I wish it never happened. - Dear Lauren,

    Kindly, Megan: I'm sorry for bashing you behind your back. I realize it was long ago, and I realize you provoked the words with you lies, but I should have handled the situation with more maturity and I’m sorry for the pain it caused you. - Dear Olivia,

    Kindly, Elizabeth: I'm really sorry for making fun of your drawing and talking about you, I was just jealous of how much artistic capability you have and I've been meaning to apologize for a long time I no there is no excuse for not saying anything earlier and I’m really sorry. You are a great funny beautiful girl and I hope you can forgive me. - Dear Liz,

    Kindly, Erika: I am truly sorry for any girl, in my grade or in other grades, that I have trash talked about behind their back. You never know what kind of impact you can make on someone, so make it a positive one before it is too late. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, A friend who lost her way: I'm sorry for being two-faced this past semester. I said some mean things about you and chimed in with the "popular" theater girls when they talked smack, and I feel horrible about it. I’m just really insecure and wanted everyone to accept me. In reality, you've been incredibly kind to me, and I’m so grateful for your unconditional friendship to me, especially when I needed you. I hope you can forgive me and we can be even closer friends. - Dear Stephanie,

    Kindly, A friend who lost her way: I'm sorry for being two-faced this past semester. I said some mean things about you and chimed in with the "popular" theater girls when they talked smack, and I feel horrible about it. I’m just really insecure and wanted everyone to accept me. In reality, you've been incredibly kind to me, and I’m so grateful for your unconditional friendship to me, especially when I needed you. I hope you can forgive me and we can be even closer friends. - Dear Stephanie,

    Kindly, Elaon: I'm sorry if I've ever come across as mean, I really didn't mean (pun unintended) to. I hope you can forgive me and anyone I've hurt I’m very sorry. - Dear Everyone,

    Kindly, Riley: i'm sorry I said I hated you. I’m sorry I put you down to my friends. I’m sorry I said horrible words about you and began horrible rumors. your a person,and even though I’m a student I know that things I say can hurt you. - Dear Teacher,

    Kindly: I am so sorry for all the pain and tears Ive cost you I truly didn’t mean it. Ive cost you so much pain,and for what?I only did it to fit in with everyone.I am truly sorry and hope you forgive me.I regret ever calling you names. If I could go back in time I wouldn't have ever did anything to hurt you. And the last thing I am sorry for is for scaring forever. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Erin: I'm sorry I am so hard on myself. I’m sorry I ever looked in the mirror and called myself ugly or stupid or boring. I’m sorry I ever thought I was less than I am. I am great. We all are. :) - Dear Me

    Kindly, marin: sorry for talking about you behind your back - Dear soph

    Kindly, L.S: I'm sorry all the times I have looked in the mirror and pointed out all your flaws and imperfections. You were right, you don't have to look good or have the best clothes to be beautiful. I’m sorry about all the tough times we had together, crying and emotions flying back and fourth. Now that I learned that true beauty comes from within, we can forget all the tough times we had together and look into the future where we can tell our kids the same and not let them suffer all the rumors and hate like we did. - Dear Self

    Kindly, A: sorry for calling you a rat face - Dear marylynn

    Kindly, Antonia: i'm sorry for putting you down. I am sorry if I ever, ever looked in the mirror and said "i hate you." I’m sorry I didn't stand up for you when those girls said what they said and did what they did. I’m sorry I didn't acknowledge this sooner. I’m sorry I made you suffer through the "friendly" teasing that really put u down inside. for trying to isolate you and hurt you because of stupid girls' comments. I am sorry, for all of this, but I am most sorry for not showing you who your real friends are. - Dear current self,

    Kindly,: I am sorry for talking behind your back it was so wrong of me :( - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Tilly: I’m sorry for not caring about what killing I might do to other people. I’m sorry for not knowing better. I’m sorry for not caring about what anybody else thought about what I should have done. I’m sorry for not admitting to my mom that I wanted to take my life till now, 4 years later. I’m sorry for everything bad I’ve done in my life. I’m thankful for what I’ve done well. I’m sorry that I thought I could hide from all the solutions, family, friends, and emotions. I’m sorry for lying. And I’m sorry for not admitting this sooner, making someone hear what I have to say, making a difference in someone else’s life in between life and death. - Dear self and friends,

    Kindly, Ishani: I am sorry for pushing other friendships away because I always thought I was going to lose them (like my friendships before). I am sorry for being grumpy and rude all the time. I am sorry for letting you down constantly. I am sorry for all of my wrong actions. - Dear current self,

    Emma: be nice to people in the hall and smile to them - City

    Justine: view and understand each persons perspective and opinions with respect - Iowa City

    Haley: say something nice to somebody everyday. - New Orleans

    Reina: say something nice to a person about something other than their clothes everyday - New Orleans

    Ben: end each day without anger towards another person. - New Orleans

    Jewell Gurba: give someone a thumbs up everyday. - Gretna

    Madeleine B.: give a compliment to three girls, and a smile. - Metairie

    Mitzi: compliment someone every day on purpose. - Nola

    Erica O\'Neal: give a compliment to a girl or boy any day. - New Orleans

    Jasmine: be kind and be respectful and to be responsible. - Jackson

    Anonymous: smile and treat others the way I want to be treated. - City

    Brianna Lakes: be kind and treat people the way they want to be treated. - City

    Donisha Lard: compliment my friends, smile and laugh with everyone and show respect to everyone I talk to. - Jackson

    Kindly, Bebe Lari: Ever since this campaign today at school, I really opened my eyes to how many girls all around the country have been affected by words. I mean, they’re just words. Yet, every girl gets at least a little affected by it. So, I’ve realized that as much as I’ve been hurt, so have many other girls. I’m sorry for all the pain ive caused to every girl that I disliked. I’m sorry for saying I wish she could die, or hating her for no reason. I’m sorry for misjudging any girl because everyone is kind if you look deep enough. The world needs to be a better place and I should help by not making fun of any girl. It sucks to be made fun of, and no person should be put through the pain. Girls say mean stuff, but no person should bring you down. I’m just sorry. I should of listened to the other side of the stories instead of being stubborn and decided flat out that I hated the person. Hate is a very strong word, so I’m sorry for anyone ive ever used the word hate towards. - Dear every girl I’ve ever hurt,

    Roshell Adams: it is not good to be mad to people. - City

    Kniya Matthews: let people talk and tell people who are talking, tell them to let people talk. - City

    Shirley Jones: be loyal and wise to all my family and friends. Respect myself more and pray daily. - Jackson

    Jacqueline Davis: be a better person and stop hanging around the wrong crowd. - Jackson, Mississippi

    Anonymous: love the girls I don't get along with and show respect. - City

    Melissa Shears: show respect and be nice to my enemies and treat people the way I want to be treated. - Jackson

    Kindly, Mari.: I am so sorry for all the mean things I have said and done. I have let my jelousy get the best of me. You are my best friend and that will never change. - Dear Mariah,

    Anonymous: Be nice, have faith in each other, be trustworthy, and to show respect to every person. - City

    Jaliciia Lake: show respect and let people talk all they want but never let them get to me. - Jackson

    Kindly, Mari.: I am so sorry for all the mean things I have said and done. I have let my jelousy get the best of me. you are my best friend and that will never change. - Dear Mariah,

    Dolored Thomas: say hello to every girl. Be nice to every girl. Show respect. Don't have a temper. - Jackson, MS

    Kindly, your dughter: I apologize for always getting mad at you. all my anger builds up from that day and comes out at you at home. I’m sorry. - Dear mother,

    Kindly, with love sophie shaich: You have been such an amazing friend to me(: and I thank you for that. you r amazin and I need to apologize for not being there for u like how you were there for me - Dear Antonia,

    Nakedra: smile at one girl each day. I will tell a girl a compliment each day. - City

    Alexis Barber: stop getting so angry and also show respect to other girls. - Jackson, Mississippi

    Kindly, Me : I’m sorry for judging you, for calling you unlovable, ugly, and boring. I’m sorry for holding such a high standard that it could never be met, I’m sorry for being addicted to physical perfection. I’m sorry for thinking the only way to feel better is either to have a boy in my bed or drugs in my system. I’m sorry for every cut mark you endured annd hunger pain you felt. I’m especially sorry for, after all, not changing.. I just dont think I can.. - Dear Self,

    Kniya Matthews: let people talk 1 at a time - Jackson

    Kindly, megan: I am sorry for all the times I have put each one of you down or hurt you in any way. I have changed now and I hope you can accept me now. - Dear friends,

    Anonymous: stand up or others who are being bullied, and be kind to all - City

    Kindly, Taylor e: I’m sorry if I have ever put u down or did anything they might have hurt you. I wish gossip would of not taken all of our friendship Gossip is mean - Dear All my friends,

    Taylor: stop speaking negatively about others and when I see someone down, I'll try to bring them up. - Atlanta

    Anonymous: be kind to other girls whether I love them or not. - City

    Kindly, self: I am sorry if I ever neglected your true dreams. I am sorry if I ever doubted the love you have to give. I am sorry if I have ever put you down for the sake of others and ignored your heart when you needed love the most. - Dear self,

    Starkeisha Smith: be kind and have an open heart and be nice to any and every girl no matter what they do or say to me because two wrongs dont make a right. - Atlanta

    Kindly, you daughter: I am sorry if I ever was mad at you. it was only a reflection of my own fear and insecurity and I didn't understand at the time. Thank you for raising me into a sweet girl with all the heart I have to give, I could not have done it without you. - Dear my beautiful mom,

    Taahirah Abdul: never hold a grudge against someone, be honest, caring and support anyone in need and always remain kind. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Lorena: For any of the times that I was not caring, helpful or in some way acted in a condesending manner making you feel judged and hurt, I am sorry. I know how that feels and I apologize for anytime I made you feel that way. - Dear Friends,,

    Quadulyn: be kind, loving and a wonderful person to everyone. - Atlanta

    Kindly,: I'm sorry we told you we wanted you to die, really I was just jealous of you, you we popular and I lost my friends, but we still shouldn't have said that. Sorry - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Someone Who Cares: To friends and people I have hurt, I am sorry for every mean thing I have ever said or done. I take it all back. I don't know why I said any of it, mostly I was just trying to make myself feel better. Usually I am the shoulder to cry on. People tell me everything, and I don't tell anyone their secrets. But I have a few of my own. I just wish that someone would talk to me and care about me. But most of all, I want to apologize to me. I’m sorry I told you that you were horrible. I’m sorry I insisted you were ugly and stupid. I’m sorry for everything. - Dear A Few Poeple,

    Kindly, L.: I know this isn't an apology but I just need to say something. Moonie you really need to take a look at what you have done. You like when people call you a slut or whore and that is not good. Than, when someone isn't as "perfect" as you, you go and judge them and make them feel so insecure. You really just need to be like No I’m Not Going To Be Mean. I heard you saying the assembly was stupid. You know what this changed everyones lives but yours. You need to realize what you have done and become a Kind Girl because I can't stand you anymore. - Dear Moonie,

    Kindly,: I love you. I am sorry I agreed with E and said we shouldn't tell you about our plans. I probably just did that because I have been left out and it was stupid of me. I know that you are a true friend and I love you so much so I will always love you and be honest. Don't change! - Dear Anonymous,

    Sonjomer: smile at a girl every day. - City

    Anonymous: speak to those whom I don't know or like and who are fake. - City

    Kindly, Grace c: I'm sorry. You don't deserve that. I should have never called you a name, gossiped behind your back, gave you dirty looks, or wished bad things for you. If anything, karma should kick me right back in the butt for that. And it eventually will. But know that I am sorry. I don't know what I was thinking, why I did it, or even what drove me to do it. You are beautiful, and don't you dare change anything about you because one person doesn't like it. I’m sorry. I love you. - Dear Anyone I\'ve hurt,,

    Jeanace: smile every day and compliment someone I don't know daily! - Atlanta

    Kindly, Unique, and Special: I am sorry that I have done so much to you to achieve what I thought as perfection. What is perfection? I ask you it every day. Everyone is perfect in their own way and I have to know that. I have been so harmful to you to try to be "perfect" Skinny, smart, healthy, athletic, pretty, I can’t change myself to become all of those things, I have to accept who I am and how I was chosen to be. - Dear Self,

    Nay Tasha T.: be kind and watch what I say to other females and also be careful of other females feelings and emotions. - Atlanta Ga

    Kindly, Elyse: I'm sorry we're not friends anymore. Somedays I wish we still talked. I’m sorry for not being the best friend I could be. - Dear Kayla,

    Tierra: keep negative comments to myself and say the positive ones. - Atlanta

    Kindly, your ex bff ..: I'm sorry that our friendship unraveled in high school. I should have put more time and effort into it before things got ugly. We don't talk but I will always love you. - Dear Jamie,

    Kindly, Filled with Guilt: I'm sorry I turned my back on you when I was your only friend. I’m sorry I didn't trust you when you needed me to most. I’m sorry that I told everyone one of your deepest, darkest secrets. I’m just really sorry that you almost went to take your life because of me. I want to make things right between us...can you ever forgive me? - Dear Mara,

    ShanQuarious: not let any female bring me down and I promise to smile or compliment a female each and every day. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Abbie: I am so sorry, you don't even understand for messing up our friendship. And then waiting for YOU to come and fix it when I should have been there and fixed it as soon as possible. Now, I miss you sososososososo much. There is not a day I dont think about our amazing times. - Dear Friend I Miss,

    Amy Smith: be kind to others, never be mean, and promise to be nice. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Justine: I am so sorry for whatever I have done to hurt you...even thoguh half the stuff was rumors I still feel really bad you were my best friend, I am so happy that we are good friends again I really did miss you! I love you forever and always -taylor swift ;) - Dear ,

    Alisa Strickland: do my best in not talking about anyone. I pledge to say nice things only and if not, then just be quiet. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Me: I'm sorry for ever hurting you at school - Dear Ex-Friends,

    Letecia Sheets: be nice to others. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Kate: I'm sorry that I was cruel to you in middle school. I felt like I had to lash out to make the hurt I was feeling on the inside go away. You are an amazing woman and I admire you. - Dear Devon,

    Tiffany Miller: respect the disrespectful, even though it may be hard to avoid violence. - Atlanta

    Kindly, L: I am sorry I thought for one second you weren't good enough. I am sorry I told you that your ugly or that you look fat in those jeans. I am sorry I hae never been kind to you! You are perfect just way you are....You will show them what you're made of! - Dear me :( ,

    Jamia Charles: not judge a girl before I see or know her! - Atlanta

    Anonymous: be nice no matter the situation. - City

    Kindly, g: Sorry we dont get along, we just keep arguing, so stop getting mad at me because of your idiotic ways. Sorry I said that. - Dear HM,

    Dolce Harrison: send kind looks instead of a dirty or mean look toward other girls. - City

    Kindly, Lauren: I'm sorry I talked about you behind your back. I know now to accept people for who they are and that everyone is different. - Dear Some people,

    Ashley Murphy: give somebody a kind smile or wave every day. - Atlanta, GA

    Jonise Battle: always be honest and confront my problems. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Emily C.: I'm sorry if I said anything about you behind you back. It was not right of me and I realize how hurtful it is. I love you and care so much about you and I will think about what I’m saying from now. I don't even know why I would say such things. - Dear Friend,

    Bianca: be kind to every girl I see throughout the day. - Atlanta

    Kindly, D: I'm sorry for not being there for you in your darkest moments. I should have stuck up for you. I should have led, not followed. I should have been a friend. Thank you for forgiving me...and becoming the greatest friend I could ever ask for. - Dear K,

    KaBrea Jones: speak (say hello) to everyone/every girl that I see and possibly have a conversation with those people. - Atlanta, GA

    Kindly, D: I'm sorry for not being there for you in your darkest moments. I should have stuck up for you. I should have led, not followed. I should have been a friend. Thank you for forgiving me...and becoming the greatest friend I could ever ask for. - Dear K,

    Carlmesia Gladden: say "hey" to people in the hall that I do not know. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Bethh: I'm sorry for anything I've ever done. I've been a jerk, a snob, an egotist...but things will change. You can count on me from now on. I will be here. - Dear everybody I\'ve ever hurt,

    Tieffan R.: do at least 8 "good" deeds to random people in society each week and 3 "GREAT" things each month. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Elizabeth: I'm sorry I was so horrible to you and said all those nasty things behind your back. You're beautiful the way you are and I had no right to bring doubt into your mind. - Dear Jess,

    Jessica: speak to everyone I pass on the street, instead of looking the other day. - Atlanta

    Kindly, Chloe: I'm sorry. And I’m sorry it took me this long to apologize. I was immature. I just needed to grow up to see it. - Dear G,

    Alexandria Celestin: turn my comments into constructive feedback and compliments. - Atlanta

    Lashanda Evans: acknowledge every female I come across with a smile. Also, once out of a week, give encouraging words. - Atlanta

    Kindly, myself: I’m sorry for not viewing you as beautiful and comparing you to every other girl. its hard to see the beauty within yourself when youre surrounded by so many other girls. I can finally say that I love you. I’m sorry for putting you down. ill try not to - Dear myself,

    Kiera Rush: speak my feelings about females on how they talk behind each others backs and tell what a female done mean to me and I want to express my feelings. - Atlanta

    Anonymous: Be kind to other girls, whether I love them or not. - City

    Denise: challenge myself to be the best example I can be to younger girls and show them that it is possible to be kind to one another. - Virginia Beach, Virg

    Kindly, Your old bff: I am not going to say I am sorry for our friendship breaking up because I really do believe that it was for the better....but I am sorry for the way things went. We didn't have to have such a huge fight over a stupid boy that you broke up with a week later! We both said some things to hurt each other and neither of us was big enough to apologize to the other. But I want to say that I am sorry that things got so badly so quickly. - Dear C,

    Rachel Simmons: be confident in myself and not to let a person get to me. If you are not what that person is calling you, then you don't need to worry. - City

    Kindly, Megan: I'm so sorry that I abandoned you due to rummors that I wasn't even sure were true. I’m sorry I was a bad friend when you probably needed me. I've lived with that guilt for two years now... And I truly think its time for an apology. Maybe I was jealous or maybe I was scared, all in all I was wrong. sooo, I’m SORRY! - Dear Katie,

    Miracle: be very nice to other girls - City

    Kindly, am. : I'm sorry I told kyle you waddled in the ninth grade, I know you still carry that comment in your heart because it hurt you very deeply. You are beautiful, and I love you so much. Please forgive me best friend and may your heart feel comfort in our unbreakable friendship knowing that I will always be a trusted mouth when you aren't around. - Dear Aubrey,

    Lanett Washington: try my hardest to be nice and helpful to others as I would want to be treated. - Charleston, SC

    Erica Hogkins: respect others and treat them the way I want to be treated. - Charleston

    Kindly, Kelly and her friends: I’m so sorry how I treated you this year... you didn’t deserve it.... but I also didn’t deserve how you treated me. I can’t stand that way my friends treat u at lunch time how they all point and laugh... so I am also sorry on their parts I’m SOOOOOO SORRY - Dear Carly,

    Nadia Hammonds: not judge people by the way they look. You shouldn't be jealous of someone. Stay confident in yourself. - Charleston, South Ca

    Kindly, Teresa: I’m so sorry for talking badly about you behind your back. I love you and you are one of my best friends and I’m never going to talk badly of you ever againw - Dear Emma,

    Ebony Washington: be as kind as possible to make a change in the world. - Charleston

    Kindly, Melissa: I am so sorry for the way things our friendship ended. I am sorry for talking about you behind your back and not supporting you. We were both in the wrong, and I’m sorry for not taking more responsibility. I’m sorry our friendship is lost because it was a great one and I’m sorry we dont even talk anymore. - Dear Tierney,

    Blythe Boyd: be kind to my peers and other people - Charleston

    Kindly, Zoë: I am so sorry that I am nice to your face but never stick up for you when you aren't there. You deserve so much more, and I promise to help you. - Dear Amanda,

    Grace Wilgus: not make fun of people and to help other people get through their hard times. - Charleston, SC

    Kindly, Your older sister.: We are sisters and I love you with all my heart and I know I have a temper and have said mean and cruel things to you in the past. But I have changed and hope you see that. I love you and nothing with never change that. - Dear Dava,

    Haley Gallagher: no hold a grudge against other girls. - Charleston, SC

    Kindly, Jessica: I'm sorry I made you feel like you couldn't trust me. My intentions weren't to spread rumors about you or to steal your boyfriend. I wish you would have told me how you felt before you decided to ignore me and talk about me behind my back. You hurt me too and I didn't even know I had hurt you. But I’m still sorry for how I made you feel. - Dear Erin,

    Kindly, Alia Mourali: I'm sorry for everything I put you through.. I’m sorry for making you wear all this makeup to feel beautiful. I’m sorry for telling you lies because I didn’t wanna admit the truth. I’m sorry for hurting you physically. I’m sorry for putting thoughts in your head. I’m sorry for making you cry. I’m sorry for making you hurt emotionally. I’m sorry for getting you mad. I’m sorry for doing stupid things. I’m sorry for trying to be cool. I’m sorry for talking shit about people I never thought I would have said anything about. I’m sorry for wearing push up bras. I’m sorry for showing off your body for the wrong reasons. I’m sorry for letting people touch you even when you were uncomfortable. I’m sorry for forcing you to do things. I’m sorry for letting you think that crying or death is the only option out? I’m not saying it'll never happen again, but it wont happen as much this time. I’m sorry for letting you fall in love again ? BUT you’re welcome for allowing you too expertise it.. - Dear Anonymous,

    Luz: not be jealous about other girls and love me for who I am. - Charleston, SC

    Taniesha Donahue: not be mean to my friends and to compliment my family once a day. - City

    Kindly,: I’m sorry for betraying your trust and over reacting to something you said. I should have talked to you about it, but bitched about it. Sorry. - Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly, Anonymous: Megan, I am so so sorry for being rude and mean to you. I made snap judgments, judged your looks, cut out your flaws, I was a monster. - Dear Megan,

    Ashley Hastings: to treat others as I would want to be treated. I KINDLY pledge to spread the message! - Wake Forest, NC

    Kindly, Grace c: I’m sorry I said mean things about you behind your back. I was mad at you for being mean to me, but that doesn’t mean I can be mean back. - Dear Kali/ Jensen/ Grace b,

    Reese Kathryn Hastin: be a good girl to everyone. I love you Cousin Molly! - Wake Forest, NC

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    Aspen Hastings (10): help others learn about Kind Campaign! - Wake Forest, NC

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    Jenna: accept people for who they are and respect everyone's differences. - Iowa City, IA

    Kindly, Lena: I am sorry for saying things behind your back that weren't very nice and for gossiping about you. I was jealous that you were the one that got to hang out with the pooular girls that everybody like. Hayden and Jul. I wanted to be the one to get to be in their group and I was sad that it wasn't me. I guess that by saying that it made me feel better and get all the hurt off my shoulders. I feel really bad about it and I don't know why I should do that. It was wrong and I want to be friends again like we were in 4th grade! It was really fun hanging out with you all the time and you are a great friend to me and other people. You are kinda crazy but I like that about you! - Dear Sabrina,

    Charlotte Hamilton: stop judging other girls and spread the word about Kind Campaign and get the movement going in my community. - Barrington, Illinois

    Kindly, Amanda: I am sorry for fighting in third grade. - Dear Sabrina,

    Jeanell Pankey: be kind to everyone because I wouldn't want anyone to treat me any less than the treatment I give to them. - Philadelphia, PA

    Kindly, Carla: I am so sorry that I hurt your feelings when I chose to be friends with Amy over you. You were the true, authentic friend and I learned that the hard way. I am so lucky to have another chance with you. Thanks for your compassion and forgiveness. - Dear Julie,

    Anonymous: be patient and nice with other females on a daily basis and respect their personality. - Philadelphia

    Kindly, Morgan: I’m sorry for being mean I really think you are agreat brother - Dear Mason,

    Anonymous: not be insecure of myself and not worry what others think. Not to make others feel insecure of themselves too. - Philadelphia

    Kindly, Elinor: I’m sorry for spreading lies about in the 5th grade I didn’t want to hurt you. You didn’t deserve my meanness. Now that I look back on what I did I feel horrible. And I’m also sorry about all the gossip. I hope to be a friend to you and not pull you down - Dear Lena,

    Tiana Bryant: make sure that I don't have anymore hatred toward females and give them a chance! - Philadelphia

    Samantha Lopez: smile to at least one female everyday, to not prejudge and respect them for who they are. - Philadelphia

    Nicole: to not down people (females) to make myself feel good. To this I pledge. - Philadelphia, PA

    Kindly, Your new BFF: I am sorry for being so mean to you. You are actually a great friend. When you told me that I was "awesome" because of the one day that I sat by you,(It was the only place left to sit, which I dreaded because I did not appreciate you) I knew that you really appreciated me. I thought that I should treat you nicer and not talk behind your back. It is hard for me to admit this, but I called you really mean names that I shouldn't have behind your back. I thought that I would be made fun of if people found out that I was your friend. I would like to say I’m sorry and I would like to be your friend- in public:) - Dear Michaela Y.,

    Kindly, Your best friend!!: I'm sorry for being a bad person I should have been more nice and not negative about you. you are actually a great friend to me and I always thought that you hated me and so I was very rood when I should of asked you to be my friend, now we are very good friends and I wish that I could of known you better and known that you where a great friend I’m sorry I called you things for hanging out with the people that you did and I was wrong about that. I hope you know that what I said was wrong about you and that who you hang out with and what you do is not bad!!! now I’m your beat friend and I hope you can say the same about me. - Dear Kenzie,

    Kindly,: I am deeply sorry about how I was cruel and a jerk to you. I only thought about myself and I just wanted to be noticed like all my other friends. I am taking time to write this because I am ashamed for my wrong doings. I hope that you forgive me - Dear Anonymous,

    Siani Robinson: be kind to one another. I will try to get along with anyone and not be picky. - Philadelphia

    Mallory: accept people as they are and don't talk about a person's image, character or traits in a negative way. - Philadelphia

    Kindly, B.: I am sorry for dating your X boyfriend. I honestly couldn't help myself he was so sweet and nice to me. He made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. I had to say yes to him. I am sorry I didn’t relized it hurt you so bad. You made fun of me and him together I thought you didn’t mind it but now since you told me. I feel really bad. Your my best friend. I love you. ....... And I’m sorry I left your nerd glasses and Regans. I will be strong and not to date him again. - Dear Breanna,

    Anonymous: let go all of my anger that my supposed to be friends do to me. Also, give respect to every possible female. - Philadelphia

    Kindly,: I am so sorry for hurting you and starting rumors about you as of now you are the only person in that "group" who really is a good friend to me now. I did accuse you of many things that you didn't do and i am truly sorry. Thank you for still sticking by me. - Dear Anonymous,

    Amber Brown: be respectful to any females that I am surrounded by. Also, to only speak positive words to encourage others. - Philadelphia, PA

    Tiffany Jenkins: compliment, respect, and greet someone with a smile on a daily basis. - Philadelphia

    Kindly, Ellie: I’m sorry i was so mean to you don’t deserve my meanness i was rude. I spread rumors about you and gossiped. I hurt you and will never do this again. I’m sorry - Dear Lena,

    Jasmine Morie: Acknowledge my flaws and not judge anyone by theirs. - Philadelphia

    Shanyce: be polite to people and become more friendly with females. And stop gossiping. - Philadelphia

    Nandira Felder: respect all females and don't let the little things cause drama. Also, to not judge and to make females feel secure because you never know what they are going through. - Philadelphia

    Angel: treat another person, especially a female, with the utmost respect and not prejudge. - Philadelphia

    Kindly, Katie: You are my best friend and though i said things that i didnt mean im sorry. You have been there forever for me and i dont want it to change now. Im sorry. - Dear Alexis,

    Paige Hannigan: try to mediate conflicts I see with other females, and resolve the situation by communication. - Philadelphia

    Maja: be nice and friendly to a girl who could really use some kindness. - Chicago

    Natasha Polanski: be a vessel of kindness - Dana Point, CA

    Rae: be a friend to any girl that wants one, and not to talk bad about any other person. - Chicago

    Audie: reach out to other girls and just be a friend - Berkeley

    Anonymous: make an effort to get along with girls, rather than just the guys - Chicago

    Sarah Kohler: live by the motto: To Treat Others How I want to be Treated, and I want to be treated KIND - Glen Ellyn, IL

    Joy: think KIND thoughts FIRST! - Agoura Hills, CA

    Lily: never make a mean comment again - Gordon

    Andrea: spread love and kindness - Chicago


    Anonymous: Love, Like, Live, Life - City

    Anonymous: be kind to my principle, no matter how angry she makes me. She really isn't a bad person. - City

    Anonymous: say something nice to someone looking sad. - City

    Nicole: not talk bad about other girls and to be nice to everyone. I will help anyone if they have a problem. - Crawford, Nebraska

    Alyssa: try and be more accepting and if there is someone that isn't like my best friend be a friend to them. - Crawford, NE

    Terra: be kind, not fight and start drama and compliment my friends every day. - Crawford, NE

    Caiden: compliment a girl every day. - Crawford, Nebraska

    Laura: be nice to people and help one another. - Watsonville

    Yesenia: never tell others mean stuff. I will never say bad stuff and be helpful. - Watsonville

    Noemi: pledge to people that hate me - Wastsonville

    Abel: Test Truth -

    Kimie: be kind to and respect everyone I meet! - Oxford, UK

    Anonymous: say hello to all females. Also to treat all people well. - City

    Khristal: be kind to every female every day - Watsonville

    Amanda Muckelroy: inspire kindness in others and encourage women/girls to have a positive self image - Houston,TX

    Shannon Stone: Always respect other people and respect myself ! - Beaverton

    Lori B: to treat others the way i DESIRE to be treated an to stand up for what i belie in an no matter what to be someone who CARES an who will listen with an OPEN mind AN open heart!!! - WALLA WALLA

    Danielle P.: have an open heart and mind towards all women. Not to judge but to engage and befriend. Most importantly teaching my children what kindness truly means. - Indio, CA

    Isabella jordan: treat everyone the way i want to be treated and be nice to everyone no matter what the wear or how they look:) - Portland

    Denise Alvarez: IM SO SORRY FOR Everything - Watsonville

    Jamie: treat everyone the way I would hope and expect them to treat me - Iowa City

    Abagail Sojka: Only speak kindly of others and encourage my peers to do the same. - Iowa City

    Lauren: be kind to everyone and greet them with a smile. I pledge to do my part to stop girl-on-girl violence. - Iowa City

    Jeannie: Be kind to everyone I come in contact with. They have their own problems just like I do. - Abilene

    Hannah: be the friend I want to have. To stand up for the downtrodden. To refuse to accept girl-on-girl violence as a way of life, and to do my part to change it. - Abilene, TX

    Florencia: be patient with everyone, but above all, with myself. - Tucson, AZ.

    Taisia Mungia: inspire and encourage - Dallas

    Renee Gomez: treat girls with the same respect i would want to be treated! - Costa Mesa

    Lauren Caldwell: love without limitations - Dallas, TX

    Stephanie: To be kind to everyone who surrounds me. - Canada

    Charli: be nice to everyone around me :) even tho its difficult. - Barstow,Ca

    Danica: be welcoming to all. - Cypress, TX

    Lyndsey: greet everyone with a smile, and to be patient and kind to both strangers and friends because a little positive energy can go a long way. - Barcelona, SP

    Laura: remember that all it can take is a little bit of love to change someone's entire day. - St. Louis

    Jennifer: greet others with a genuine smile and realize they are each very special human beings. - Dalas, Tx

    Tetia stroud: try to smile and show kindness and love to all!!! - Dallas

    Lori: be patient with others. - Toronto

    Amanda: be kind to the people I encounter on a daily basis. - Trenton, NJ

    Kristen: accept people for who they are inside and out & to show everyone the love they deserve. - Scottsdale

    Krystal Gilde: be a true friend and treat others with kindness and respect - South Pasadena

    Danielle: be respectful to my friends and peers even when its not the easiest thing to do. - Dallas, TX

    Debra Parsekian: give love and support to friends and strangers, knowing that what goes around, comes around. - Laguna Niguel, CA

    Natalie: be kind and respectful to all men & women. - Toronto, ON

    Merilyne: give a kind smile to someone that needs one. - Dallas, Texas

    Krista: Carry others' hearts carefully in my hands and their intrinsic beauty on my shoulders! - Dallas, Texas

    Talor pickering: help others and make people feel better about themselves i will never judge i pledge to spread love and happiness and to be kind - England,liverpool

    Claudia: be a good friend and treat others with kindness, just as I like to be treated - New York

    Alexa: Stand up to those who are being closed minded, rude or discriminating to others, greet everyone with a smile and spread the word about this awesome campaign! - Waterloo, ON

    Katherine: remember that everyone has a story before I cast judgement. (So proud of you Lauren!) - Irvine, California

    Maria Lauren Alberic: continue my path in teaching better well-being in body, mind and spirit and strive to walk the talk with the help of God. - West Hills, CA

    Debbi: spread the word about this wonderful organization and documentary! - Laguna Beach, Califo

    Molly Stroud: smile at every person I meet, and compliment as many people as possible during each day. - CA

    Taylor: be kinder to those who are outside of my "circle." - Seattle, Washington

    Olivia: help others in need and be the best friend I could possibly think of. - City

    Samantha Pollmann: Help other girls, to the best of my ability, in any way i can. - Steubenville

    Julie Caldwell: fill a strangers bucket on a daily basis - St. Helen,Michigan

    Nicola byrne: be the friend that i would want others to be to me - St.charles, missouri

    Mandy: Treat others the way I would like to be treated - Sarasota, Florida

    Patti Grandidge: Be a loyal, supportive, positive and genuine friend - from people whom I've known forever to people who I've just recently met... - Malibu, CA

    Hope: Show other women the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, and appreciate each female I meet as they were each individually imagined and dreamed of by the heart and mind of God Himself. - Rochester, MN

    Cassie Selmon: continually affirm and support my fellow females. - Warren, MI

    Mandy: be more patient and understanding and realize that by just smiling at someone I might change their outlook that day. - Frisco, TX

    Mandy: be more patient and understanding and realize that by just smiling at someone I might change their outlook that day. - Frisco, TX

    Alyssa Reyes: Not judge anyone. To try to accept them for who they are, inside and out., and to respect everyone for who and what they believe in. - New Palistine, IN

    Lindsey: Respect all age groups, whether the same, older, or younger than me. - Sacramento, CA, USA

    Alice: set aside all assumptions and pasts in order to love every woman I meet fully, without condition. - City

    Rebecca Bandy: be kinder and sweeter to those around me... and to also treat others as if they are the incredibly amazing people, i know they are! - Brandon,Fl

    Aly: love others and love myself for who God created us to be, showing kindness, respect and compassion to all girls. - Simi Valley

    Annie Jalota: not judge anyone and treat them with kindness, love, and respect :) - Tustin, CA

    Lindee Beery Bryant: Remember that behind smiles are often pain. To treat the person in front of me as though they are the most important person in my life at the moment. Listen/care. - Sahkopee, Minnesota

    Kristin: Put my judgements aside and look at the human inside. I will do my best to love everyone the way God loves them: without condition or exception. - Denton

    Michelle M: give a kind smile to a female who needs a friend. - Hythe Kent UK

    Lauren Parsekian: give one compliment a day to a female I don't know. - Santa Monica

    Kate Gillespie: as far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. - Plainville, CT

    Kat: imagine myself in someone else\'s shoes, stand up for those who cannot do it themselves, and to remember how each one of the women and girls in this world are wonderful in their own way. - Minnetonka, MN

    Natalie Strano: be a role model for my 12 year old daughter on how to be KIND and how not to listen to people that are unkind.. - Albuquerque

    kathy: treat all women and girls with kindness - denver

    Kelli Davis: treat all women and girls with the same respect that I would want me and my daughters to be treated with!! - Lansdale

    Emily: help kids and adults build empathy and find ways to treat each other with care. - Charlestown, NH

    Adair: treat everyone with respect and stand up for girls around me - dallas

    Ayanna: support my daughter and model kindness every day. - Raleigh

    Pualena: be an example of kindness, even when people are being unkind to me. - Hilo, HI

    Megan: not gossip and to stand up for my friends - Houston

    Kniya Matthews: tell the teacher if somebody\'s messing with me - Jackson

    Alexis: let people talk 1 at a time - Jackson

    Tanisha: not gossip - Ohio

    Serenity House: be nice and open to everyone I know - Dallas, TX

    Taylor Hicks: confront my issues and treat other girls as my equal. - Plano, TX

    Lomi Vangruber: be a loyal friend and value all my friends. - Dallas, Tx

    Courtney: not talk about people especially about girls and not be involved with drama. - City

    Amanda Goldstein: be friendly to all groups of people! - Dallas, Tx

    Kaile: not be rude to anyone. I will not spread rumors and I will do my very best to not hurt anyones feelings; - Plano

    Elizabeth: not talk bad about girls and give more compliments to girls. - City

    Sofia: be respectful toward all women and be inclusive - City

    San Johnston: be respectful to all women and not gossip and be nice and include everyone. - Dallas, TX

    Colleen: respect everyone and treat them how I would want to be treated. - Plano

    Lauren: stop trying to put down my friends in anyway, and to stay away from people who do. - Dallas

    Sara Um: try to stop gossiping and starting or being a part of rumors and to not negatively influence other girls. - Plano

    Maya Shishakli: stop talking about other people and try to promote other to do the same. - City

    Nicole Narosov: treat others the way I want to be treated, with respect and be kind to everyone. - Dallas

    Victoria: be nice to all girls, stop gossip and not spread rumors. - City

    Claire Rodgers: not talk bad about other girls. - Plano TX

    Christina: stop starting drama and hurting my friends that I love! - Plano TX

    Mycah: be a trusting, honest friend and stay true to myself. - City

    Clair Biller: not judge people before I even meet them. - City

    Carly Sater: be kind to other girls and be conscious of other peoples feelings - Plano TX

    Haley: not put people others through situations I\'ve been through or heard about. - Plano

    Carly Cox: not judge girls I don\'t know - Plano TX

    Elise Y: be nice to everybody no matter how different we are. - Plano TX

    Riley Harmon: always be kind to everyone, and never treat people badly. - City

    Megan Hill: not treat girls with disrespect - Plano TX

    Carlyn Hunt: treat others like I want to be treated and not say hurtful things to other females - Plano TX

    Giannina Rodriguez: treat other girls with respect and to never spread a rumor about someone - Plano TX

    Emily Shults: help the people and girls around me any way possible. - Dallas

    Jillian Lueders: not be mean and hurt other peoples heart and to not judge and treat girls with respect. - Dallas

    Alex Ramsey: not talk bad about a friend and not judge anyone I dont know - City

    Ellie: make my own opinions about someone and not what other people say about them. - City

    Liliya Abie: make sure I treat everyone the way you would treat yourself. Accept everyone for who they are and be loyal to all - City

    Shila Fitussi: be a true friend and not hurt my other friends feelings in any way or judge them. - Plano TX

    Tally Devuono: avoid taking sides when there is an argument and keep my cool when my friend and I fight. - City

    Anonymous: not talk about people I do not know and to learn about them. - City

    Jessica Song: be kind, loyal and respectful to the people around me and to be positive and not let things bring me down. - City

    Jordan Fike: be nice to other girls and not talk bad about other girls. - Dallas

    Lexi: do all I can to keep a positive attitude for myself and peers all around me through my lifetime. - City

    Caitlin: never call anyone a bitch ever again because I know how it feels. - Houston

    Haley Lockwood: never fail to take the time to show girls in middle and high school they are loved and that friendships should be a blessing, not a burden. - City

    Your Name: not spread rumors or judge other girls based on rumors. Have more respect and love for those around me and myself. - City

    Lilly Foulard: SPREAD KINDNESS - City

    Katherine Drews: stop and stand up against gossiping. - Houston, TX

    Emily: stop judging others. Make an attempt to voice to younger girls that through everything, you\'ll be okay. - Houston

    Christine: make an effort to stop gossiping and judging others. I also pledge to love myself more. - Houston

    Anonymous: not talk about my friends and people I\'m not friends with, even if I dont like them. Dont act on my jealousy- dont make people feel bad so I feel good, even if its behind their back... - City

    Anna Nichols: especially not talk bad about people with a group just to have a conversation and fit myself even around people in scared of and want to fit in with. - City

    Anonymous: try and stop gossiping about people and stop excluding people. - City

    anon: try and stop gossiping about people and stop excluding people. -

    Anonymous: promote sisterhood and stand up for the weak. - City

    Amy: never judge people, specifically girls and to think about their situations or what they are going through...GIRL POWER!!! :) - City

    Devon: not jump to conclusions about people based on what I hear. To not encourage gossip. - Houston

    Aziza Rehmatulla: stop talking about people behind their backs, stop trying to hard to please people, be myself and never lie to make someone else happy. - Houston, TX

    Ellen Thanheiser: be the kindest person I can be to all people, do my best to not put myself in situations where people are talking about others or being mean. - Houston, TX

    Abby Spalding: treat others with respect that they deserve, dont be quick to judge because everyone is unique in their own way. - City

    Elle Flores: reserve all judgements and acknowledge that anger out-lashing are merely submerged indicators of fear. - City

    Clemmie Pierce: be nicer to people, not talk badly about people behind their back, include everyone and never call anyone an offensive name again. - City

    Rachel Feig: not be a bystander and make a difference for girls who felt the same as I did - City

    Lindsey Chew: try not to judge others because I know the pressure to fit in is the hardest part. - Houston, TX

    Liz: think before I speak to not only stop mean words but also to be a better person. - Houston, TX

    Chinna: not talk about people behind their backs or tolerate it. - Houston

    Haley Walker: not be an \"innocent\" bystander - City

    Kyrsti: not talk badly about or gossip about girls behind their backs because no one should be put in that situation or feel that way. - City

    Nicole F.: try and stop all the drama in my life and to be more kind to girls I don\'t know. - Lake Charles

    Anonymous: be a good and loyal friend to everyone and no matter how hard it is. - City

    Anonymous: stop gossiping and stand up for anyone being bullied. -

    Anonymous: be kind to others and say nice things. - City

    Annonymous: stop being mean to the people around me. - City

    Anonymous: be kind to everyone I talk to or see. - City

    Samantha: never start or spread rumors about anyone EVERY because I know how terrible it feels. - Houston

    Your Name: help someone that's being bullied to stop making fun of people. - City

    Dolby Vincent: make everyone I know feel wanted in this world, because people need someone to lean on. - Lake Charles

    Dolby Vincent: make everyone I know feel wanted in this world, because people need someone to lean on. - Lake Charles

    Elizabeth: be a less judgmental person, be more confident and make an effort to be more kind to people. - City

    Molly Stroud: smile at every person I encounter, and look past any differences to meet them on even ground. - City

    Lauren Parsekian: practice what I preach. - City

    Abel: Test Apology - Deep

    Chantell Gallegos: not to fight this year and to not be mean to people. - Houston

    Rikki Gilmore: stop and think before I say something that might hurt a girls feelings. - Lake Charles

    Your Name: be a good and loyal friend to everyone I know! - City

    Taylor: smile in the hall and to do a random act of kindness! To think about what I say before I say it. - City

    Taylor Steele: do a random act of kindness for somebody every day - City

    Britney Streeter: to smile to be kind and to stop gossiping! - City

    Ellen: smile at all of my friends when I see them in the hall. And try to treat all my peers equally so no one feels left out. - City

    Corinne: be nicer to our friends. If someone is sad I will say it\'s okay. And not to spread rumors and gossip. - Lake Charles

    Sydney LeBoeuf: stop talking behind my friends backs and treat them with respect rather than disrespect. - City

    Your Name: be kind to people I dont like - City

    Your Name: be nice to whoever is being bullied - City

    Clara Wade: stop thinking about other people so badly. - City

    Emeline: be nice to each and every one of my friends. Also to try to stop and not get into fights. - City

    Pela: be nice to everybody and to try not to get into fights. - City

    Sarah: try not to fight or argue as much (especially with my friends) - City

    Emily: never exclude anyone in conversations and games. Also, be a better listener. - Lake Charles, LA

    Gabby: stop being sarcastic and just say something nice! - Lake Charles

    Eveline: not judge and to think the best of everybody - Waterloo

    Tassie Hammond: spread kindness - Wake Forest,NC

    Aspen Hastings: support kind people in following there dreams!I LOVE AND MISS YOU COIN MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 - Wake Forest,NC

    LiMD: smile and be polite to my customers in the grocery store, even if it kills me cause they are so grumpy. I will also do one nice thing for a random person during my day - City

    Kimber Bergo : to always stand up for girls being bullied, even if i have no idea who they are, and to be a friend to anyone who needs one - Las Vegas

    Your Name: Not gossip about other girls, what they choose to do is their own business. - City

    Aly: I Kindly pledge to: try and see every girl as a sister in Christ and not as competitor or a rival. - Capistrano Beach, CA

    stepheniemarie: to see every girl to be equal to myself, and stand up for others. i will be less judgmental and try harder everyday to be a little more confident, and make this world a safer happier place. - City

    Brooke: Stop judging other girls by whats on the outside. I pledge to look at people from the inside. I also pledge to not be a gossiper and not participate in any rumors i might hear. - San Clemente, CA

    Robin Ferguson : Try My HARDEST to never hurt another female or male again because I know how it feels! To accept others to who they are and to keep a positive attitude and to help other girls who are being! - Gordon Nebraska

    Robin R F : Never treat people baby because I know how it feels and i NEVER want to go back to the days when I was bullied and i don\'t want others to feel the pain I felt - Gordon NE

    mary conner: smile at every girl I see in the hall or on the playground - lake charles

    megaan: never make fun of anyone, treat others the way YOU want to be treated. - orange county, ca

    Your Name: treat everyone equally no matter who you are, because I no the way it feels and I don't want anyone to fell the same way I did. - samantha

    Jordyn: not be mean to anyone and not talk about girls behind their back, i promise to stand up for my friends - ladera ranch

    erin: stop perpetuating the kind of nasty comments and actions that inspire movies like \"mean girls\" and make other girls so upset that they turn to unhealthy ways of gaining control in their lives - Nj

    Jennifer: see all women as friends. to be the best I can be and behind to each and every female I come in contact with. - Los Angeles

    DesaRae, Morehead: to stand up for someone - City

    Courtney Wilkerson: being a better, and nicer person, to treating others how I want to be treated, with respect & Kindness, to not make rude comments, to not be so quick to judge, to stand up for what i believe in. - Bradenton, FI

    Lauren K.: Stand out and reach out to other girls who need it and always lend a hand - San Clemente

    Summer T.: Be nice and loyal to EVERYONE, and try to stop girl to girl crimes. - San Clemente

    Taylor B.: Connect with others who are victimized and let them know that they are not alone and stand up for what I believe - Mansfield

    Houston: I kindly pledge to be honest, caring, helpful, and KIND to other girls. - City

    Aspen Hastings: spread the word of kindness by for giving people that have done stuff to me and start a new friendship and try to make a new friendship by telling people sorry for what i have done. I MISS YOU COIN! - Wake Forest,NC

    Lizzy Brook: continue to inspire people and always show kindness and warm-hardheartedness that everyone needs. - Costa Mesa

    Madison: treat people the way I would like to be treated - Aliso Viejo, CA

    Ashley Johnson: smile and greet every girl I walk by. - Long Beach/San Diego

    Joana: I pledge to smile to some other girl. - San DIego

    Jay Beaver: Never treat anyone like girls have treated me in the past. - San Diego

    Jennifer Salgado: help other girls feel good about themselves and not put anyone down. - San Diego

    Kennesha Thomas: be more kind and sweet to others. - Imperial Beach

    Caren: not be mean to other girls - Spring Valley

    Kristi Culp: stick up for people that are getting made fun of. - Laguna Niguel, CA

    Sarah Munsey: Change my view of girls and to see them as the victim and not another enemy of the vicious circle. - Mission Viejo

    Jen: really try to not talk about anyone behind their backs and be nice to people I don\'t know - Trabuco Canyon

    Jade Amdor: not talk behind a girl\'s back and to compliment someone I don\'t know. - Mission Viejo

    Kelly Veron: stop talking bad about people behind their backs or tell people to stop when I hear it. I want to try to include everyone. - Coto De Caza, CA

    Mackenzie Campbell: stick up for at least 5 people everyday when they are being talked about. - Mission Viejo

    Elise Revetta: not care what other girls think of me anymore or to smile at the girls who need a friend. - Mission Viejo, CA

    Cassidy Revetta: not to chine in when I hear people saying hurtful things about other people and stick up for them instead. - Mission Viejo, CA

    Camilla: accept and embrace every female for who they truly are. Looking from the inside out! - Irvine, CA

    Lundy: not give any girl a mean stare and to compliment a girl I don't know every day. And to stop spreading rumors. - Coto De Caza, CA

    Megan Datte: mend old friendships and tell people to stop talking behind peoples backs if I hear someone talking bad. - Trabuco Canyon

    Kelsey Carlson: stop gossiping and be more trustworthy. - Trabuco Canyon, CA

    Scarlett Ritch: be less sarcastic to my friends. - Mission Viejo, CA

    Julia: give every girl a chance. - Trabuco Canyon, CA

    Courtney Sherry: be a more trustworthy friend. - RSM, CA

    Haily Morrell: try to be as nice to every girls as possible - Rancho Santa Margari

    Bridgette: help girls that don't feel like they can stick up for themselves. - San Clemente, CA

    Shaina: smile at girls when I pass by them. - San Clemente

    Rachel Blidell: help other females and end a feud when i ever can. - San Clemente

    Ashley T.: cheer up a girl when she is sad. - Aliso Viejo, CA

    Katelyn Brown: not start rumors about any girl and to help girls getting bullied. - San Clemente

    Kelley Clinkenbeard: stop as many rumors as I can. - San Clemente

    Amanda Jacobi: never start a rumor or tell anybody they are less than beautiful. - San Clemente

    AJ: stop gossiping, even if its true. - San Clemente

    Emily Murphy: be nicer and go out of my way to stop judging people based on loose claims. - San Clemente

    Bailey Peterson: smile at girls and not judge their appearances - San Clemente

    Bailey Peterson: smile at girls and not judge their appearances - City

    Kendall: not talk behind peoples backs and to be kind. - San Clemente

    Gabrielle M.: think before I act and not isolate anyone for whatever reason. - San Clemente

    Natalie: not gossip about others. I also pledge to not be two-faced. - San Clemente

    Melody Forstie: make sure to say hi to everyone that walks by me. - San Clemente

    Suprena: compliment every female that walks by. - San Clemente, CA

    Lauren Kelly: reach out to every girl with a smile and never to use violence in a situation. - City

    Alyson Wazny: work as hard as I can to try to be friends with others an even people that are new I shall welcome. - San clemente, CA

    Haley Youkin: stop gossiping and spreading secrets! - San Clemente

    Cambrid: think about what I say before I say it! - San Clemente

    Jacqueline L.: stick up for all especially my friends. - San Clemente

    Maddy Russell: help unite the kindness inside every girl. - San Clemente

    Cara Kitts: appreciate one another. If I don't have anything nice to say, I wont say it. - City

    Tori: say hi to every girl I see and treat girls with respect. - San Clemente, CA

    Brianna White: talk to every girl in a kind way and be nice and treat them the way I want to be treated. - San Clemente, CA

    Autumn Kleinman: not be mean to other girls and treat them the way I would want to be treated. - San Clemente, CA

    Lauren: be kind to every person I can even if they are not my friends and treat others the way they want to be treated. - California

    Brianna: be nice to everyone even the ones that are mean to me. - City

    Alexis Jessee: be nice to people that I know are going through a hard time and to be nice to everyone and not to talk about people. - San Clemente, CA

    Malia: be nice to all girls and treat them the way I want to be treated. - City

    Jenna: I will help a girl when she feels bad and I will help them feel better about their self esteem. - San clemente, CA

    Dayahera: stand up for girls who are being picked on for any reason. - City

    Jovana Palma: smile at everyone and be kind to everyone. Share your feelings and appreciate your friends. I will stick up for my friends. - San clemente, CA

    Samantha Alvarez: positively comment others instead of criticizing - San Clemente, CA

    Audrey Black: not make fun of people or talk about people behind their backs. - City

    Brooke Currier: not bud Maddy about her and Trenton love for each other. - San Clemente

    Alexandra: be a kind friend without all the drama. I will smile and be Kind. I will treat others how I like to be treated. - San Clemente, CA

    Emma Reddington: help end the drama at our school - San Clemente, CA

    Maranda Gutierrez: help any girl who is going through something or being made fun of. - City

    Sabrina: try to help other girls when they are having troubles or situations. - City

    Jillian Lueders: include anyone that wants to play! - Aliso Viejo, CA

    Geneviere: not be mean to my sister and to see if she wants to play with me. - Aliso Viejo, CA

    Kim: to stand up in a way for girls like me, who never had any stand up for her. - La Quinta, CA

    Katherine: stand up for whomever can not gather the courage to do so. I will spread kindness through sticking up for what I believe. I will not settle watching girl-on-girl hate. - Virginia

    Tiffany Nielsen: See all women in Gods image-not mine. - Exeter

    jennifer: not think what others say about me is true - yonkers

    Kasey: try to work it out and become their friend! - Gordon NE

    Violet: Befriend those in need of a friend - Ladera Ranch CA

    Maria F: I Kindly pledge to stop creating drama out of nothing and give anyone a change no matter what people say about them. - London, UK

    Chrislyn: be kind and help girls who are down and depressed! :) - Knoxville, TN

    Danielle: not create drama for no reason. To be kind to anyone and everyone. - New York

    Kasey: ALWAYS treat everyone the way that I\'d like them to treat me. - Omaha, NE

    Lisa B.: teach my daughters to always show respect to others and to treat people the way they would want to be treated themselves. - Clifton, TX

    Jalisa Joseph: Smile at strangers, and hope the smile gives them strength and courage to hold their heads high no matter what others say about them. - Atlanta,GA

    Kathy: support women with kindness - Las Cruces

    Lindsay: stop judging others to make myself feel better. - Tempe, AZ

    Julie Lam: give love and listen to anyone (boy or girl) who needs a friend to lean on. - Sydney

    Ruth: to tell myself and others that we are all beautiful in our own way. That before I judge someone I will walk in their shoes for a mile. - Melbourne, Australia

    Zainab Kadhim: be kind to everyone =) - Sydney, Australia

    Amanda: treat others how I want to be treated and always be there to listen to anyone that needs a shoulder to lean on. - Los Angeles

    Sara: Stop the flow of rumors when people tell them to me. - Plano TX

    Ryane Burke: stand up for ANYONE being bullied or picked on, and encourage others as well as myself to be kind. - Plano

    Mary Catherine K.: Back up anyone that I see being physically or emotionally injured. I should have done this a long time ago - Dallas

    Mary Catherine K.: Back up anyone that I see being physically or emotionally injured. I should have done this a long time ago - Dallas

    Your Name: be kind to everyone even the girls who are unkind to me. - City

    Kara: compliment one girl a day. - Grapevine

    Lauren: not talk bad about people being their backs - Colleyville

    Rachael: never injure my self or hurt anyone else again. - Dallas

    Melanie M.: not feed the monster of this unspoken \"girl war\" of gossip that we tend to call \"friendship\" - Plano, TX

    Triple D: I pledge to stop making fun of other\'s breasts. I now know it is not nice. Also, it is ok if you only a B cup. ;) - NYC babay

    Your Name: To not make any more men fathers. I will try harder not to get pregnant. - City

    Maddie: Be nice to every girl in and out of school. And help girls who don\'t think they are good. And tell the same girls that they are going to be okay!!! - Plano Texas

    JULIA: Hey! What's up? - Aurora, IL

    joy: Not much. How about you? - Scranton, PA

    Sarah: stop feeding the madness that goes on in the halls of high school (and everywhere else) between girls, and I also pledge to stop being on both sides of the \"girl war.\" - Colleyville

    Shadow/Cassie: Stop feeling bad about myself. - Ironton, MO

    Kathleen: smile and make someone day better! - Plano TX

    Paige: be nice to this girl at my school that is not always treated nicely. - Colleyville

    Alicia T.: smile and tell a compliment to a girl in need. - Plano

    Alex S.: smile at everyone in the hallway. - Plano

    Haley: give a compliment as many times as I can. - Plano

    Lauran: say hi to new people, stick up for old friends and to always put a smile on mine and other girls face even through the darkest times. - Colleyville TX

    Ellie Marcus: make other girls feel the best they can matter how I feel. - Dallas

    Eleanor: to give someone that I don\'t like a compliment and smile at them. - Dallas

    Martha Crow: quit gossiping about girls who are constant targets at school and to stand up for them. - City

    Taylor P.: be nice to someone that I may not really like or be friends with. - Colleyville

    Sheridan: give a compliment everyday and not to judge and keep harsh thoughts to myself. - Plano TX

    Your Name: compliment someone often and be kind to everyone I can. - City

    Maddie: stop taking the role of victim - Grapevine

    Lauren: not talk bad about people behind their backs - City

    Madeline: to not judge others, be kind to others and respect myself more. - City

    Sara: say hi to this one girl in the hallway and be nice to her when I see her because a lot of girls are mean to her. - City

    Victoria: compliment people more and make them feel good (which makes me feel good) - City

    Your Name: say hi to more people that aren't my friends and shoot my dazzling smile :) - City

    Paige: be nice to everyone even if they are not nice to me. - City

    Tori Cernan: when I see a girl, not to judge her for any physical attribute but instead give a smile. - City

    Sarah: be kind to everyone on a daily basis rather than just when I feel like it. - City

    Kate: smile more and make less sarcastic jokes because they might be hurtful - City

    Erika Earl: only speak words that build others up. - Dana Point

    victoria dube: be a nicer person - canon city

    mitch: Regan Rouse Denver ,you are really annoying but you rock at the same time - denver

    tiffany kelly: not judge people by what they look like, but get to know them as a person. - dallas tx

    Liz: be kind to everyone and ignore those who aren't kind back to me, to turn the other cheek. - Cleveland

    brooke: make an effort to not speak poorly of anyone - santa monica

    Ariella: stop others from gossiping by reminding them to be kind to others, and to setting a good example by not gossiping myself. - Wilmington

    Kasey: Never talk bad about another girl - Los Angeles

    Taylor: Never back stab or talk bad about a girl. - toronto

    Tamy: Spread the word about the Kind Campaign, and not talk bad about another girl:) - L.A

    Morgan: Be the friend to a girl who really needs one. - Palm Desert

    Emily: have girls feel good about themselves and spread kindness to others - Fort Collins, CO

    amanda: speak up for the people who cant when they are in a corner - san francisco

    jordan: Be myself, stop talking about peoples backs, to stop judging, and to be a better person. - New Jersey

    Anonymous: try my best to be a good role model for younger girls and to encourage them to be kind to each other. - Los Angeles

    Huemac: give girls my Horizon when they ask for it and let them have it until they are satisfied. - Colonia

    Tylaja: I will stop causing drama - Charleston

    Kayla: I WILL STOP TALKING 2 MUCH - Charleston

    Kayleigh: always find the positive in people rather than the negative. - Tempe

    Kate: Stand up for girls being bullied, hurt, or mistreated. - Dallas

    Megan: stand up for girls who are afraid to stand up for themselves and to do my part and be kind to everyone friend or stranger. - Lake Forest

    Ryann: be kind to everyone, even those who are not kind to me. - Seattle

    Kate: make an effort to support kindness, make it girls-for-girls instead of girls-against girls, and do all I can to make the next girl feel special. - Franklin Lakes

    Daisy: never let anyone eat alone - Desert Hot Springs

    Mykhayla: I Kindly pledge to: stop gossiping about others and keeping other peoples secrets to myself. - Dale City

    Deborah: Be kind to others and encourage students to be kind to others. - Palm Springs

    Your Name: take consideration in others - Dallas

    Audra: never hurt anyone the way I have allowed others to hurt me. - Dallas

    Paula: be encouraging to others and stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves - Santa Monica

    Jacque Magner: set a good example and be an advocate for the middle school girls I teach. - Scien, Tustin, CA

    melinda: take this campaign and its message to every girl i know. PS. I cant wait to see the documentary! - Torrance

    Molly: Spread love and kindness to everyone - San Clemente

    mariah: give everyone kindness and to not let not let anyone feel left out or friendless. i pledge to not judge and to set a good example - mission viejo/boise

    Coach Spies: I kindly pledge to act out of love, to help my Aerobic Dance Students learn the dynamics of Physical,Mental and Emotional well being.To be someone that they can look up to. \"Girl Power\" !!!! - Phelan, CA

    Mary: I pledge to think before I speak. I pledge to not accuse or talk behind the backs of other girls. I pledge to make every girl I meet know that they\'re beautiful and that they matter. - Costa Mesa

    Patti Green: be caring, supportive, non judgmental and uplifting to every young girl and women I know and will meet in the future. = 0) - Visalia, CA

    Julie: Assist to bring this program to Palm Springs Unified Failing Middle Schools - Palm Springs, CA

    Mikayla: to give a compliment to every girl i meet. It makes their day and mine! - Boston

    Hailey: speak up for those who are afraid to speak up for themselves. - Denver

    JP: Include all women in all things I can. - Huntington Beach, CA

    Justine: I pledge to think before I speak. I pledge to not accuse or talk behind the backs of other girls. I pledge to make every girl I meet know that they\'re beautiful and that they matter. - San Antonio

    Alexandra: think before i say things - Rancho Santa Margari

    Jessy Jones: not get easily frustrated at woman who are rude to me and instead show them grace and love. - Oregon

    Kylee: be kind to everyone and think before I open my big mouth :) - CT

    Carolyn Himes: Forgive myself for all the ways and days I have dishonored myself by minimizing. - Costa Mesa

    Lisa Gay: I pledge to stand up for anyone I see being treated UN-Kindly. - Atlanta

    Grace: think and count to 10 in my head to cool off before saying anything that could hurt another person - Malaysia

    Kristin: Stop gossiping about other females. - Minnesota

    Bree Anderson: stop and think before i say hurtful things to another person. - hobbs

    Melissa T: Myself, my sisters, friends and all the strangers I come across. - Phoenix

    Olivia: be the best person I can be to other girls - Plainfield

    Amy: Not be so critical of myself and others, stop trying to compete with the world and just accept accept accept who we are.... - San Francisco

    Missy Sykes : find peace within myself and spread this peace to all I encounter. I pledge to live a life of kindness, love, and compassion and encourage others to do so, as well. I pledge to love. - Chesapeake

    Bree Anderson: stop and help someone in need with confidence. - Hobbs

    Lauren: Stand up and take control of girls in need of it and never leave there side. - La Quinta

    Jada & Marlee: Always be kind, stand up for others and encourage girls. - Alexandria, LA

    Your NameCaitlin: Respect myself and all others while keeping an open mind and lending a helping hand. - Denver

    Your Name: Stop being fake towards other girls. - City

    Michelle Dickson: Help roll this program out in my community. This touches my soul. - Bettendorf, Iowa

    Stephanie: make everyone I meet feel like they are special and a good person - Beiseker

    Jana: Stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves - Corona

    Allison: Nicole Tanovitz - San Clemente

    Bebe: express kindness to every person I encounter; kindness in my words, kindness in my smile, kindness in my eyes. I only wish happiness and good things for those around me. - Laguna Beach

    Your NameAshley Wells: show kindness to everyone I encounter, regardless of the circumstances. - San Diego

    Amy R: support my sisters, to teach our daughters compassion, and to lead by example. - Los Angeles

    Esther: Treat everyone with kindness, respect, see the good in everyone rather than the bad - Boston

    Sherry Duarte: listen to my friends and support them when they need me. - San Jose

    Jessica: end female to female gossiping personally - Issaquah

    Katherine: Stand up for others - Philadelphia

    Chanterelle Butler: be confident and stand up for what is right. - Topsham, Maine

    Leslie: stand up for others who can\'t or won\'t stand up for themselves. - Raleigh, NC

    Emily: always be inclusive of others - Baton Rouge, LA

    Jen: always be kind to others and to confront people face to face with issues instead of talking about them behind their backs - St. Louis

    JL: I KINDly pledge to: always listen first and really try to understand what others are saying, and not jump to wrong conclusions, but most of all, I pledge to be slow to anger and quick to forgive - Syracuse

    Sierra Stevens: educate all women I know to stand up for themselves and others, and show that being mean is ugly, being KIND is beautiful. - Orange, CA

    firdaus eska: i kindly pledge to kind of others that friendly - singapore

    nurul natasha: respect to teacher and friends everyday and to every person big or small.. - (baybie, singapore

    lylia nadhirah: l pledge to:myself,on every day,to try to be honest,in every everyone,and be nice and kind,we will help them if they injured.when we care our self and others too,that is the good thing that we - singapore

    nurul natasha: hear what teachers are teaching ..and hear the instruction .. - baybie, singapore

    SyAhIrAn: We team of the Dragon pledge to respect people. - Singapore

    KongYuanLe: respect teacher and friends.i will be kind as least once a day. - singapore

    Wh: be kind and gracious in my dealings with people. Hope they will be happy and free from worries. Smile! - Singapore

    nurul natasha: kind towards someone who care for us .. - singapore

    G.SATHIS: kind to other people and respect to other at least once a day - SINGAPORE

    nur jahani: I pledge our self,from now onwards that we will respect our teacher and friends and our handsome or pretty principle. - singapore

    WH: we our team of the dragon pledge,our self to be kind,we will help needy people,to every person,big and small we will help them if they need help,help and that is a good thing to help people. - singpore

    Hamisyah: We pledge to our self,From this days onwards,We will be kind and honest in everything we do,We will be kind to many different people,we will always love our self,That is the perfect thing we can do. - Singapore

    WH: be kind and gracious in my dealings with people. Hope they will be happy and free from worries. Smile! - Singapore

    Your Name: myself from this day onwards, i will be kind and honest in everything. - nurul natasha

    irda katekk(ROHAI), : we pledge,from now onward that we will be kind and respect our teacher and Wezen. - singapore

    sharil: educate all women i know to stand up for themselves and other,and show that being mean is ugly,being KIND is beautiful. - boon lay drive


    jaz: i kindly to be friend forever and dont want to fight with my friend - singapore

    chow won how: teach my student so that they can improved their work .. - singapore

    wh: we the pledge of our team,and we pledge another people. - singapore

    iqah cutie: we pledge ourself,to be kind we will help needy people,to every person,big or small we will help if they need help. - singapore

    iqah cutie: i can't be selfish when syahidah ask me for things - singapore

    idah cutie: we the people of our dragon,we pledge our self in our people. syahidah - singpore

    idah: Hello everybody, i will help people and my friend. - singpore

    WH: we must to be helpful to everybody,so everybody will willing to help us - singapore

    iqah cutie: hello our president,teacher\'s and friends.hope we live long and have fun together - singapore

    iqah cutie: hello and bye bye - singapore

    Your Name: i love my mother because she is helpful. - City

    Kelly: spread the word about this campaign and be kind to all women and girls in my life - Athens, GA

    Megan: stick up for and stand with those who have no one else to do so. - Boston

    Lauren: do unto others as I would have them do unto me; see others through the eyes and love of Christ; be a source of God\'s love to the world - Scottsdale

    Mikala: make everyone feel wanted, make everyone feel welcome, treat everyone who i would want to be treated, judge only after knowing, and make this world a better place for all by being kind! :] - Taunton

    Ashley: forget the past and start anew with my fellow cheer captain. We have had our ups and downs, but I think its time that we burry the hatchet and move forward. - Boise

    GillianGillian: Be kind forever and be a lover not a hater - Bellevue

    kayla roberts: not gossip about my spirit family - emmett

    Jessica: Be nice and not say any hurtful or gossip things about other girls - Emmett

    kayla peterson: put myself in other people\'s shoes and try to understand their problems. - EMMETT

    Emmett: understand and accept people for who they are. Also, to not gossip and spread untrue statements when I am hurt or angry. - Idaho

    Alesha Wise: understand and accept people for who they are. Also, to not gossip and spread untrue statements when I am hurt or angry. - Emmett, Idaho

    Taylor Green: be nice to EVERYONE! No matter how much i like or dislike someone. Everybody needs to be treated EQUALY! Also, if i see someone in need of a help or a \"hero\" of some sort, I will make sure to be tha - Emmett, Idaho

    Heather nikole: not spread rumors, and be more accepting to people i don\'t like. I also pledge to stand by people who need a friend and be a good example for my piers. - emmett, Idaho

    Your Name: not talk bad about anyone anymore, be a nicer person, and appologize to everybody i have hurt in the past - City

    Tyfani Ague: not talk bad about anyone anymore, be a nicer person, and appologize to everybody i have hurt in the past - Emmett

    ES: be more open minded and put myself in someone else\'s shoes and to always do the right thing even if it is the hardest. - Ohio

    sara rodriguez: help stop the miss treament of other that i may recieve - diamond bar

    Stephanie Miller: Create instead of compete - Glendale, CA

    Sandy Luper: continue.... \"We are not at the fringes, we are at the frontiers.\" (Clarissa Pinkola Estes) - Leominster, MA

    Rachel: Say at least one heartfelt truly meaningful compliment to at least 10 people everyday for the rest of my life...Maybe I\'ll start a revolution..Maybe my words can be anothers salvation - E. Bridgewater (PCC)

    Nell: Let the people I come into contact with know how much I appreciate them. - McLean

    Abby: treat every woman whose path I cross with such burning kindness their hearts will be aflame with the same kindness for everyone else - Guilderland, NY

    Amy: To All Women - San Bruno, CA


    Leah: hold onto kindness as a value with which to approach and relate with all women. - Metung, Australia

    Aimee: stop categorizing myself and other women - Jacksonville

    Leyna: be sweeter and less violent - Arlington

    heather: think pretty thoughts and let people know how much I love and appreciate them. - puerto natales

    Your Name: Never put other girls down, and except everyone for who they are. Everyone is beautiful. - Olivia

    Madison Chandler: stop making fun of people that don\'t \"fit in\" - Virginia Beach

    Kelsey Carlson: give hope to those girls who dont have any and let them know they are beautiful - Wilton, CT

    Your Name: help my sister become more confident about herself - City

    Haley: speak up when i see someone bullied and love everyone unconditionally. Tell more people how beautiful they are - VA Beach

    catherine: be kinder to those who arent nice to me and turn the other cheek by refusing to stoop to their level - ann arbor mi

    Betty: refrain from open and/or critical judgements of others especially when it is hurtful - Santa Monica, CA

    Steph: still be there for my best friend, even if shes not there for me - VA Beach

    Peter: make sure people dont feel left out - Westfield, NJ

    Heema: make sure nobody feels alienated in a group - Westfield, NJ

    Ryan Avalos: never let another woman friend of mine be hurt and feel that pain alone. - Miami

    Ryan Avalos: never let another woman friend of mine be hurt and feel that pain alone. - Miami

    Laura: never let a girl cry alone. - Virginia Beach

    Frannie Coxe: make girls at my school feel comfortable in their own skin and okay with who they are - San Clemente, CA

    Caryn: always be optimistic and kind to everyone - Norfolk

    Megan: not talk about other people behind their backs no matter what its about - RSM, CA

    Karina Gadea: to make an effort to quit judging people (girls) before I meet them - San Clemente, CA

    Grace: stop judging other because we\'re all equal and unique - Dublin, Ireland

    Your Name: be nicer to everyone who is not in my \"group of friends - City

    Kate: be nicer to everyone who is not in my \"group of friends\" and try to make friends with more people - Tipperary, Ireland

    Your Name: make a bigger effort to include more people in my circle of friends - City

    Your Name: try my best not to be bitchy and talk about anyone behind their back - City

    jasmine barta: not judge anyone based on preconceptions an stereotype. I pledge to not assume I know or understand those I dont and treat everyone well and love the beautiful people they are - alburquerqie

    Jessica Sofia: remind others that each individual in our world has human dignity and to help inform others that the lack of respect, the lack of empathy and the lack of compassion is the cause for many of our hurts - New York

    Brooke: include more people who dont feel wanted. Be open and friendly to everyone - New Mexico

    J. Park: be a nice person - Wayne

    Your Name: not let anybody eat alone at lunch - City

    Nikki: try and understand others and not judge or jump to conclusions. - Albuquerque

    Camila: help girls who are bullied and make them feel more confident about themselves, let them know they\'re not alone. - Paraguay

    Kevin Thomas: never talk negatively behind a person\'s back and to always be kind to others. - Greenville, SC

    Saif Haddad: Be nicer to those who are mean to me - Amman, Jordan

    Andios: be a better person - Bolivia

    Tharushi: smile at everybody I see - Montville, NJ

    Ben Strozier: to create a loving environment by reaching out to others who just need a kind friend - Albuquerque, New Mex

    Hannah Rose: not take part in gossiping, judging, malicious conversation even if its with my friends. - Greensboro, NC

    Kelsey Smith: take time to talk to anyone, boy or girl, if they look alone, sad or upset. Just Hi can make their day. - Suffolk, VA

    Elizabeth: realize that mean things people say may not affect me, but they affect others, thus be sensitive in these situations. - Chesapeake, VA

    Lisa: give everyone a chance. and a second one. - Bountiful, Utah

    Stephanie: I will always support my friends and make an effort to include others. - Virginia Beach

    Jolysa Gallegos: see something beautiful in everyone, and not be afraid to tell them what it is. - Swink, CO

    Charlotte Fisher: make sure my little sister has a positive experience with her friends and that she spreads her kindness throughout her school. - Corvallis, OR

    Your Name: Make all girls and women know that they are all beautiful and us men couldn\'t live without them. - City

    Gabriela Caceres: think twice before saying a hurtful comment to someone and STOP criticizing. - Tegucigalpa, Hondura

    Leanna: step inside someone\'s shoes before I make any type of assumption. - Lawrenceville

    Caoimhe: never again accept the medias false idea of beauty and sincerity and to see these traits in every girl and woman. - Lawrenceville

    Carol: love myself so I can love others. - Honduras

    Zane: consider and review before forming an idea about someone. - Denver, Colorado

    Lauren: treat everyone I meet with respect and love. I will learn to trust them, so that they can trust me and will have a friend in me. - Albuquerque

    Shelby: Be more accepting to others and there differences and to stop prejudging people based on their physical persona. - Lafayette, LA

    Allie: surround myself with people that treat me like a friend and not a doormat. - Lafayette, LA

    Kendall: be open and nice even to those people who have treated me badly. - Virginia Beach

    Ashley: not let any of my siblings be bullied and do whatever it takes to put a stop to it. - Coeur d\\\'Alene

    Jenna: stop judging others, including myself, and stop assuming - but to know stories and be an example of love and kindness. - Virginia Beach, VA

    James: stop pretending to be someone Im not so I can learn to make real connections with others. - Boston, MA

    Macha Einbender: I kindly pledge to spread love in any way I can - manhasset

    Lori Fields: serve as an example of kindness. shine my light for other women to step boldly into their most beautiful, their most powerful their most KIND selves. Lori Fields - founder of - NYC

    Summer: That I will not envy others, instead I will admire - Vancouver

    amanda: stop being the bystander and voice out against others. - NJ

    Brittany Maree: treat everyone I meet with love and respect, and be more open to others. - Spencerport, NY

    Carleigh: do a nice thing for a stranger at least once a day, We all deserve someone to help - Los Angeles

    Carleigh: do a nice thing for a stranger at least once a day, We all deserve someone to help - Los Angeles

    Your Name: Not talk about anyone behind there backs - City

    Sarah B: educate as many girls as I can on the importance of trusting each other and being each other\'s ally rather than enemy. - Westminster, MD

    Erin: never let any of my peers walk or be alone with no one to talk to. - Nashville, TN

    Renae: sit at a lunch table with that girl everyone whispers about and laughs at. - San Angelo, TX

    Mae Merrill: Always let people cry on my shoulder, even if we\'re not friends. - Rowley, MA

    Kelly: spread the word about this campaign and be kind to all women and girls in my life - Athens, GA

    Lindsay: be a friend to the friendless and stick up for people no matter what - Chicago, IL

    Erin Casey: Never judge a girl based on looks or otherwise - Columbus

    Ashley McGrogan: NEVER make fun another girls insecurities, because I know exactly how it feels to be hurt and betrayed by those around you. - Philadelphia

    laura gilb: never hate the people i work with no matter how much they put me down - cincinnati

    Marissa Valdez: always be kind to girls and defend girls from being hut by them forever and support them and always always away be kind - Santa Barbrar

    karen arellano: to be kind to over people - City

    Emma Rebein: NOT talk behind other girls\' backs EVEN if they\'re truly wretched. Laugh. Ignore it when people start rumors.Stick up for people when I see them being bullied.clear my heart. BE ME!! - Kansas City, MO

    Lucia Thomas: help me and other girls express themselves by speaking our truth and standing in our power without feeling like we need to be different or change ourselves to fit in. - Albuquerque, New Mex

    Anna Parrish: Teach my daughter to be kind. I pledge to show her the right way to treat people by the way I treat people. I pledge to instill in her the concept of treating others as you want to be treated. - Richardson

    Abigail Mauro: end my ways of talking about other girls. We cause each other so much drama, when in reality we all want to avoid that very thing. I pledge to teach others the messages of the Kind Campaign. - Macungie, Pennsylvan

    Molly: treat others the way I wish to be treated - City

    Erin: teach my daughter to be kind. I kindly pledge to teach other young girls to be kind. I kindly pledge to live this out in my life as well. - Raleigh, NC

    Lani: look for and create more kindness where ever I am! - City

    Ellie: consciously engage the values of the Kind Campaign in my daily life. - Nashville, TN

    Kindly, morgan: im sorry for thinking wrong about you, i was selfish and i wanted to be in that popular crowd. i thought i could do that by saying things about you. IM SO SORRY. i hope by me saying this doesnt mean that we cant be friends. you are a cool person. - Dear juliana,

    Rose Houchen: go on with my goal in working in Africa helping families (: - Calabasas

    Your Name: make a conscious effort to treat everyone kindly and not judge others based on their outwards appearance - Seattle

    Maggie: make girls feel good about themselves. - New Orleans

    Cleo: give others the benefit of the doubt, even if it means swallowing my pride - New Orleans

    Julia: recognize that no one person is more important than another person. & express kindness in everything I do. - Texas

    Sarah: give everyone a chance, and love them no matter what - Ellicott City

    Kristen: be respectful of all people and listen when they need a friend. - San Jose, CA

    Carli M: stop the gossip!!! - New Orleans

    Maria S-Z: make a real effort not to judge people and give everyone a chance because everyone deserves it. - New Orleans

    Brittany Ring: Be way nicer to everyone I know, I don\'t know their stories. i can't judge someone i don\'t know one thing about. - Grants Pass, OR

    Rachael Ringe: Not judge anyone, or talk down or bad about any girl. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Megan: To make my friends and family feel good about themselves and always offer help. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Shelby: Let go of the grudges I've held against people and learn to forgive as hard as that may be. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Amanda: To try and compliment at least one female everyday, and to be more nice. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Brandie: To be nicer to my friends and help out more around the house. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Lexii Mclane: To be nice to my sister. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Jessica: Not let insecure girls change my mind about how I view myself. - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Grants Pass: Not to judge girls by how they look and to be more nice. - Oregon

    Haley: Not to put people down because of my own insecurities - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Helena: Not talk about girls behind their back - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Anna Kellim: Not to go back to my meth head boyfriend and stay away from drugs! - Grants Pass, Oregon

    Chelsea: Not call girls hoes and talk crap about Matt\'s girlfriend and not when I get called a hoe. - Grants Pass

    Kindly, Amanda: I am sorry for making fun of you just because you have Beiber fever. - Dear Brook,

    Kindly, Emily: I am so sorry that i was mean to you the first part of the year, now i see that you are not to blame and that everything was a story made up by someone else. I now know that you are a true friend to me and that what i did was unacceptable. You stood by me no matter how mean i was to you and i thank you for that. I don;t want to be mean any more to anybody, and i thank you for not staying mad at me. - Dear Micheala,

    Shelby Cowden: Accept everyone for who they are and cherish all the beauty in the world. :) - Grants Pass

    Kristen S.: shed my preconceived notions of other peoples lives and spread the word of sisterhood. - Grants Pass, OR

    Michelle: Stop gossiping about others and assume that others are doing the same for me. - Manti, UT

    Kindly, Sabrina: I am sorry for being on haydens and juls side when u were talking behind their backs i kno i shouldnt but i did so i feel like i made the wrong disision to not like u. u truly are a great friend so when we get in fights i dont like it becuz when i am hurt u r there so i am SOOOOOOO sorry for treating u like u r nothing in the world becuz u r a true friend even though we get into fights alot but if we cn quit thn i would love to becuz i want to be BFF agian like we were before sorry!!!!!!! i wish i have never done tht 2 u i feel like a big JERK now!!!!! sorry i really mean it so if we cn be BFF's again i would be glad 2 if u want to just tll me plz!!!! - Dear Lena,

    Kindly, Lena Atwood: Im not appoligizing but thanking you. At the beginnning of the year i thouht that you were a scary person that did bad things....i found out that you aren't. you are a really nice and sweet girl and a great friend. i want to thank you for being my friend when i was a loner and for being my friend at all. I feel left out sometimes and you sweet brooklyn have always been there for me! I love you and hope to be friends for a REALLY long time! - Dear Brooklyn Hall,

    Rebecca Jung: do my part to empower the females around me and spread kindness and positivity. :) - Waco, Texas

    Kindly,: Hey, I am sorry for all of the times I treated you like dirt. I never really new what great friend you are. You are always there for me when I need help. You show compassion for everyone around you even when they aren't your BFF. I left you sitting alone while I walked away. I want to thank you for still being a caring friend to me even when I am crabby. I will be a better friend to you from no on. Thanks and I'm sorry. - Dear Anonymous,

    Mark Prime: not contribute to the noise, to be kind and allow goodness to take its place at the forefront of humanity. - Bentonville

    Claire: not talk about other girls to make myself feel better, instead I will be positive towards myself and others. - Pittsburgh, PA

    SJ: Not judge anybody by the way they look or act. And I am going to do my best to help others not go through the things i have been through - norfolk

    Kindly, Laneia: I am sorry for talking behind your back and I was always doing that becuase no one liked you and I thought that I would be one of the popular girls that everyone liked. I felt that I had so many popular friends (which wasnt true) that I could just be a jerk to you and say cruel things about you. Then one day all my friends abandoned me and i had to sit by you in class becuase i was forgotten. I thought that my life would end now becuase i sat by you, but once I started to talk to you I relized that what other people say about you isnt true. Once i figured that out I had so much fun spending most of my time with you, which made me forget about the other people that abandoned me. - Dear Lena,

    Morgan: make an effort every day to smile at everyone and not judge a single person. - Lawrence

    Marcy: Never judge or stereotype another person again - City

    Maggie Goslin: never judge anyone - Glenview, Illinois

    Allison: hold out my hand to others - Rome

    Valerie: Do something every day to make someone feel better about themselves - Albany

    Deirdre: raise my daughter to be kind to others. - Portland

    Lindsay: not say anything to put anyone down, and try to make people feel good about themselves. - Valley Center, CA

    Jessica J: \"not turn the other cheek\" and put a STOP to girl-on-girl crime if I see it happening in front of me. - Denton, TX

    Kindly, Laneia: I am sorry for talking behind your back and I was always doing that becuase no one liked you and I thought that I would be one of the popular girls that everyone liked. I felt that I had so many popular friends (which wasnt true) that I could just be a jerk to you and say cruel things about you. Then one day all my friends abandoned me and i had to sit by you in class becuase i was forgotten. I thought that my life would end now becuase i sat by you, but once I started to talk to you I relized that what other people say about you isnt true. Once i figured that out I had so much fun spending most of my time with you, which made me forget about the other people that abandoned me. - Dear Lena,

    Kindly, macayla f: I'm sorry for being so mean to you.I'm just going through some really hard times right now. I hope you can forgive me - Dear michaela y,

    Amy: always be positive and encouraging to everyone, because you never know how much harm a single negative word can bring. - Denver

    Samantha: love my self for who i am, and to accept others for who they are. - monroe

    Jewls: to help stop the hate because hate can hurt more than anything else in the world. - Ohio

    Michelle: tell every girl she is beautiful. As often as possible. - Eugene, Oregon

    Emily: Stand up for the people we talk about even if they are not around to hear. - Swartz Creek, MI

    Sarah: help girls to spread light instead of darkness, and model the behavior I expect of others. - Indianapolis

    sarah: ensure i help spread that inner beauty leads to true happiness. Every single person deserves happiness. - dublin

    Amanda Marquez: help and support the youth of today that is going threw this. To be someone they can come talk to when ever they need it. - La Mirada

    Mirna Mikhail: show love, not hate. To not judge, but to empower females. And to be a positive role model through my actions, my words, and my heart. - Corona, Ca

    Christine White: treat other girls how I want to be treated - Lancaster, CA

    Sarah White: to treat girls that are tall, small, big or just different like they are my bast friends. Maybe they feel different but there aren't we are all the same girls growing up \"humans\" - Lancaster, CA

    Krystal DeJager: treat others how I would want to be treated!!! - Aliso Viejo

    Bethany: love each and every person for who they are. - Long Beach, CA

    Meredith Whitney: stand up for myself and others who are being bullied and abused and to encourage and motivate others - R.P.V

    Susanne Renner: treat each encounter with kindness and love - Clayton CA

    Ramina Morgan: Encourage, empower, motivate, and love unconditionally - Diamond Bar, Ca

    Kristen: Spread love and acceptance - Riverside

    Minarda Metra: All woman contain the beauty of God - New York City

    Desiree Beimler: be there for and support anyone who needs a should to cry on - Ontario,CA

    Patsy Tanner: Try to be nicer and intervene when I see others not. - Braselton, GA

    Allie: stop anyone I witness hurting others and be careful about how I treat those around me. - Southbury

    Georgia Perry: be conscious of what i say to others and how it will make them feel. - Atlanta, GA

    Diane Hince: Be patient and understanding of women\'s differences, not compare or judge, and to raise my son to respect women from all walks of life. - Winnipeg, CA

    Kindly, Emily C.: I am so sorry for all of the things i have said or done to you. I do not like being that girl but growing up with boys i had to be tough and mean, and it is not easy being nice and sweet all the time. I have tried to work on it but haven't had much progress made and i thank you for teaching me the right way to be. THANK YOU!!!! - Dear Ellie,

    Allie: Stick up for girls being treated bad by other girls on the playground - Phoenix

    Kristen: not only stick up for myself, but to also stick up for others and not be a bystander. :) - PA

    Kindly, Emily C.: Sorry i was mean to you a lot and i am glad i have a friend like you. - Dear Sabrina,

    Jeanne: stop spreading gossip about people, especially when I realize how much my words may hurt someone else. - NJ

    Mackenzie: encourage kindness to others and to stick up for others around me. - Seattle, WA

    Hannah: stop gossiping and to treat others the way I would want to be treated - CT

    Laura P.: be an advocate for the women in my life and to push the message that kindness starts with me/each one of us and to be a role model for kindness. - Lancaster

    Kristen: encourage my sorority sisters that we may not always like each other but we have a strong bond of sisterhood. I want to help people realize in order to feel tall you don't need to make someone small. - City

    Amanda: treat all women and girls with the respect they deserve. - Atlanta

    Regan: love and be sweet to girls even if they are not the same way to me. - Trophy Club

    Kindly, Your Sister: I'm really sorry for being mean to you, I know you are going through a tough time and I'm really not helping. I will try my hardest to be the best sister possible. I am really sorry. - Dear Frances,

    Regan: love and be sweet to girls even if they are not the same way to me. - Trophy Club

    Kindly, Brook: I'm sorry for what ever I did to you. To dislike me. I dont know what I did but Im sorry! Whatever I did I didnt mean it. Please be my friend. - Dear Amanda,

    Karina Alvarez: be kind and reach out to those in need :) - NE

    Michaell Burnett: to be kind, not judge, and to honor all of those in need - Old Westbury, New Yo

    Kindly, extexywar: People, tell me please, I am now in China, ??and my parents are in Moscow how to make so we could talk when they wanted and have not thought about the price? I found just such a an article, maybe someone tried a similar service, or heard of him? Tell me please is it real? - Dear Anonymous,

    KINDly, Your Sister: I'm really sorry for being mean to you, I know you are going through a tough time and I'm really not helping. I will try my hardest to be the best sister possible. I am really sorry. - Dear Frances,

    Becca Beato: Conquer my enemies with love(: - Peachtree City

    Sami: LIFT YOU UP - Arlington

    Ellie: stick up for anyone that\'s bullied, weather I know them or not! - Peachtree City

    Jaims: reach out to those who need it most! - Howell

    Lori: remember that everyone is always doing their best, even when they clearly are not. - Los Angeles

    kennedy turner: stop making fun of the new kids at school - bieberland

    Emily: to stop rumors no matter how much people make fun of me for doing it. - Nashville

    Emma: try to brighten at least one persons day, everyday! - Columbus

    Melissa: to not be a bystander, to passionately share the kindness I have with everyone I meet, and to resist the urge to negatively talk about other girls - Palo Alto

    Arianna: stop and never communicate feelings toward people using form spring, whether it be good or bad. - Nashville

    Hannah: really think before I speak - Nashville

    Conleigh: Not judge others and to not put them down because of who they ARE - Nashville

    Sarah: not put others down to make myself better, to not judge someone until i honestly know them, to not take things going on in my life out on other, i pledge to be a kinder person. - Nashville

    Cera: not be a part of the vicious cycle and to try to stop it whenever I see it happening around me - Nashville

    Liza: love everyone no matter who they are and where they come from, try to keep away from gossip, not follow the trend that is on TV, and to be a genuine person who someone can come and talk to! - Nashville

    Sarah: not speak badly of others and to stand up for people in need - Nashville

    Your Name: Stop being mean to all girls, and be kinder - City

    MaryKathryn: not join in if some of my peers start to gossip and to encourage them to follow my example. I will be nice to EVERYONE and not judge someone before I get to know them. - Nashville

    Khadijah: stop getting involved in the drama and start helping instead of hurting - Nashville

    Brittany: spread kindness instead of hate - Pasadena

    N. Strano: be liar, a cheater, treat family like they mean nothing and be a horrible mother but pretend to be truthful, loving and a good role model for my kids. - OH

    Nancy: be the best mom I can be for my sons and show them how to be ethical and a good member of society - PA

    Yvonne: not let dead beat moms get to me - FL

    KS: to be the best mom in the world - City

    Elyse: treat everyone with kindness no matter how different or unique they may be. - Oh

    Your Name: Start talking to the people who are made fun of and shy - City

    KASEY KRUEGER: Stop and think about what i might say to others! and to treat people the way i want to be treated! - Emmett

    claire: be aware of those around me who need hope and try to provide it - nashvagas

    Kharissa: be aware that with each hateful word that I have said to others, others have said to me. End the cycle. - Riverside

    Ashley Thomas: Everyone I come in contact with - Los Angeles

    Your Name: Be the change that we want to see in the world today, respect each other despite differences, and show love towards every person. - City

    Amber Bosten: encourage women to see the positive in someone they may not like - Glendale

    Kaedi: give compassion and love to friends, enemies, and strangers alike - Tulsa

    Kayla: Think before I speak, never judge, and find at least 1 positive characteristic of everyone I meet. - Irving

    Amelia Airhat: Stick up for Alex Hess he can\'t help that he wants to fit in and can't! - Denver

    burgendi: to always be kind to people that are kind to me - west milton

    J: try my best not to be a friendliness and to judge people less and love people more - Nashville

    Alexis: Think before I speak and to be the kindest person I can be - Brooklyn

    Lindsey: stand by my fellow females instead of tearing them down. - Nashville

    Your Name: support your cause financially if you file for 501c3 tax exemption... - City

    Molly: lift other females up with my words - Waco

    Shannon: Be KIND and not spread Rumors - Mt. Morris

    Lisa: Be KIND by spreading love & care to everyone I come in contact with showing them they are loved & there is hope. - Overland Park, KS

    Anna A: love others with all my heart, keep no record of wrongs against me, forgive myself, speak only words that bring joy and peace, think only thoughts that will uplift, and act in kindness always - Houston

    Maggie: stop judging girls especially when i don\'t even know them - Chicago

    Lura: look for the best in others, to try to show others the best part of myself, and to remember that everyone is human, we all have faults and that is what makes us beautiful. I pledge to be kind - Omaha

    Carmen: stop judging other girls because they are who I want to be and give up the grudges that I don\'t even remember what they were about. - Omaha

    Marissa: look for the best in others - Kansas City

    Sabrins Solis: Not judge anyone on how they look or act. And to treat others like how you want to be treated! - Clovis

    emma: Compliment others rather than talking about their flaws - kouston

    emma: compliment others rather than talking about their flaws - houston

    Kate: to spread kindness by treating every girl with the respect she deserves and appreciate others\' strengths instead of envying them - Omaha

    Christina: be the first to love someone, and the last to give up on them - CO

    Rachel: To respect, and accept my self and my body for who I am - PO

    Julia: treat others with the dignity and respect that i expect to be treated with, to love others without judging, and to be KIND always... - Mississippi

    Kaleigh Lane: be nice to people! - San Diego

    Nikki: not be the bystander, to see the beauty in everyone, and to spread kindness. - Des Moines

    Sarah: look for the beauty in others and complement the little things to spread love and kindness - Des Moines

    Allie: Always stick up for others and give people the benefit of the doubt. - Des Moines

    Sarah M: love EVERYONE without judging eyes. - Des Moines

    Kierra: accept myself for who I am and other people for who they are and encourage others around me to do the same. - Baltimore, MD

    Megan: love myself and others without restraint and refuse to let feelings of inadequacy hinder kindness. - Des Moines

    Lauren: do good for myself and others by showing love to everyone - Burnsville

    Your Name: seek the truth that lies beneath simple perception and celebrate the beautiful simplicity of soul that lives within. - City

    Ana Nazari: accept people the way the are, stand up for people whenever they are being bullied and finally be a kind soul. - San Diego

    Erin Welcome: see people in God\'s - Rancho Santa Margari

    Carrisa Chang: be there for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and let them know they are not alone =) - San Diego

    Jenn: not judge anyone by their appearance, but to get to know the person, no matter what their reputation is like. Then I can decide whether a friendship with that person is right for me or her. - San Diego

    Ilsa Lamberti: not to judge anyone without knowing who they really are. - San Diego

    Ilsa Lamberti: not to judge anyone without knowing who they really are or their story. - San Diego

    Katelin: forgive those who have wronged me and lift others up instead of bringing them down - Los Angeles


    Michele: not judge someone the minute they walk through the door--to stop that thought the minute it starts. I don\'t know their story and they don\'t know mine. I\'m going to give everyone a chance - Brooklyn

    kristen roeckle: make the uconn campus a more accepting and welcoming place for young women. - storrs, ct

    Meredith: help other girls and young women feel good about themselves. - Newark, DE

    Molly: be the one to stand up for those in need of friend. I pledge to be there and help other young women be KIND to one another, even when it\'s most difficult - Newark, DE

    monica aben: never let anyone think or feel that they are alone in this world becuase im here to tell them that they are worth something and that they are beautiful and loved. - venice

    Jessica: Protect friends and acquaintances from girl-against-girl crime. Accept women for who they are and recognize what they have the potential to do in life - Des Moines, IA

    Kelsey O\\\'Toole: be a good freind, role model, and daughter, and always treat people the way I would like to be treated and to love with a big heart - storrs

    Gaby Levesque: always be kind and friendly to people I don\'t know well, and to be the best friend I can be to those who I am lucky enough to have as family, friends, and sisters. - Storrs

    Samantha: remember that everyone has tough times and might just need someone, to be the best friend that I would want, and to stop blaming myself for how I was treated - Newark, Delaware

    Felicity: be a loyal and caring friend, to stand up for people even if they are not my close friends, and accept people for who they are. - Newark, DE

    Taylor Peak: Think before I speak and always be myself - Los Angeles, Ca

    Alexa: Always be there for my friends in need. The pressures and stresses in life can get to people and I want them to know I will be by their side to help them because they truely mean something to me. - calabasas, ca

    Kaitlynn Long: bring peace to the greek houses on our campus but not talking bad about them or encouraging other members to - Topeka

    Christa Purdy: Always treat others how I want to be treated. To always be there when someone needs me and to not judge others. - Medina,Ohio

    colleen monaghan: To be nice to everybody - lawrence

    Emma: stand up for what is right, to stand up for myself and others. - Cape Town

    Emma: be a friend to everyone - Cape Town

    Maria: Not talk behind my friends back and think twice before i speak - San Clemente

    kyla: oh dear kindess has blown my mind always kindness is the meaning of friendship love,peace and justice i think every should make a kindness club to show repect to everyone in the world. - miami florida

    kyla: i going to have a kindness club in my school - miami florida

    Kristen: help spread the word about this group, and bring to girls attentions that \"any act of kindness, no matter how small, is always appreciated" - Laguna Hills

    Jessica: end all rumors i hear and to not speak badly of anyone. if i hear anyone else speaking such things i will end it. - Laguna Niguel

    Ellen: end rumors, stand up for what is right, be true, be loving, be kind, and put an end to drama in girl world. - Toronto

    Your Name: promote kindness and end all the useless girl drama - City

    Kimberly: love with every ounce of my heart so that there isn\'t even room for hate - Chicago, IL

    Alexis: never give up - Chicago, IL

    Eric: support the women who deeply impact my life, and help them to love each other as fully as possible - Omaha

    Alyssa: be as nice as I can, as much as I can - Cedar Falls

    Paige burla: Stand up and make a change, to everyone I encounter in my life. - Grimsby, ON

    Bethany: love with all my heart, and not to stand for friends saying bad things about one another . - Gardner, KS

    jada: To be the best friend i can ever be - Georgia

    telia: help and be a good friend - nyny

    Marybeth Garner: be nice to EVERYBODY! - Nashville,Georgia

    pilar: Take a stand - City

    Ingrid: find and share kind - Washington, D.C

    lucy: be a better sister, friend, and person to all kinds of people from all walks of life, and find kind in all that I do. - Topeka, KS

    Jessica: respect and accept every individual for who they are, and spread my KINDness to hopefully touch at least one life and help promote this effort - Columbia, CT

    Tasha: work toward a KIND environment in my school and be there for anyone who needs a KIND shoulder to cry on. - Toledo

    Griffin: I kindly pledge to ensuring anyone a shoulder to cry on! And be there for anyone who needs love or a friend! - Telluride

    Sophie: I KINDly pledge to:Not only be nice but to be there for other girls that are going threw tough times,i pledge to be nice and caring and respectful - City

    Kati: go out of my way to pick a girl up and raise her up with kindness everday - Wichita falls

    Holly: stop hanging around negative people, and go out of my way to be with those like me, confident and kind for all the world to see. - NRH, Texas

    Adrienne: disregard all those who try to bring me or anyone else down, and continue to smile even when no one may be noticing. - City

    Heather Leane: stop the cycle. When you retaliate you not only hurt the other person but also yourself. - Atlanta

    Taryn Falcetti: live a selfless life by giving all the good I have to offer to those around me. I aim to inspire others to learn more, do more, and become more by always paying it forward and always being KIND - Long Beach

    Mel: play my part in increasing kindness and decreasing hatred. - Miami

    Annastasia: always be kind to those around me and stay true to myself whenever I need the most help - Baltimore

    Kayla Smoot: Stop being involved with mean girls, stop being a mean girl and help those who are hurting. - Phoenix, Az

    Brianna: stop being sarcastic, and start being grateful and more respectful of others. And also to stick up for those who are being mis-treated, and keep from gettinng involved with girls of drama! - Minnetonka

    Gillian: Forget my insecurities from being bullied myself and stop putting others down. I will be kind to those I meet in my life and help those who need it - Golden, CO

    Megan: stop talking negatively about those who I don\'t like. Even though I have my reasons not to like them, it is not necessary or *kind* to press those opinions upon others and spread my negative feelings - Dana Point

    Lily Ebel: stop hanging around with mean people, and to stop talking negatively about girls I may not even know that well, just because I am insecure about myself. - Wheaton

    Lily Ebel: stop hanging around with mean people, and to stop talking negatively about girls I may not even know that well, just because I am insecure about myself. - Wheaton

    Your Name: go out of my way everyday to make someone else\'s day brighter and to be less sarcastic and more aware of how my words can affect others - City

    Genna: be a better, more supportive sorority sister and make a goal to show a different person everyday that I care about them - Bowling Green

    jackie: : live life with out causing problems and to not be put down so fast and to be kind to girls even if they do not like me and even if they talk about me.. stop the fire in other worlds stop the cat fight - City

    Sophia: NEVER talk behind someone\'s back, stay away from toxic, hateful people, and go out of my way to treat others as kind as possible. - San Diego, CA

    Alyssa: stick up for myself and others and to be nicer to alot of ppl cause i wouldnt be here with out them - San Jacinto

    Kristina: Accept everyone the way they are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - San Jacinto

    Erin: leave the room when my friends are gossiping or disparaging another person. - Wichita

    Jennifer: Model Kindness, Positivity, Inclusivity, and Confidence! - Kansas City

    Carlie: to stand up for everyone and anyone?? - Kamsas City

    Caroline: be kinder to people and to become a champion! - Kansas City

    Andrea: avoid gossip and always stay true to my friends - Kansas City

    Serena: be confident, not gossip and spread kindness! - Kansas City

    Isabella: not pass on gossip or rumors and stand up for people being bullied - Kansas City

    Allie: not spread gossip and not talk about people behind their backs! - Kansas City

    siomara de dios: be kind and help thous who need my help - palm springs

    Maura: stand up for what is right and when someone is being mean to one of my friends i will stand up for them and have their back - Kansas City

    Peyton: not talk about people behind their backs - Kansas City

    Sara: not critisize others - Kansas City

    cheyenne: be who I am and not give a care to what other people think of me - Kansas City

    Ana: to value myself enough so that it becomes a chain affect on other girls who face the same emotional ruins that I have gone through. - Lake Dallas

    Ana: to value myself enough so that it becomes a chain affect on other girls who face the same emotional ruins that I have gone through. - Lake Dallas

    Your Name: not tell other peoples secrets and not to repeat what I\'ve heard to others - City

    antonia fuller: never follow the mean girls - los angeles

    Your Name: be as mean as possible - City

    Santa Monica: to not talk behind peoples back and not start or spread rummors that you dont know are true - City

    Your Name: never judge people because everyone is beautiful - City

    Santa Barbara: Be Kind -Michelle Pacheco - City

    Kate Giannini: To be nice - Santa Barbara

    Kate: not fall under peer pressure and always be true to myself and to not tell rumors, spill secrets and to stand up for those being bullied - City

    Riley Hammond: Not be mean - Santa Barbara

    Your Name: Not to be a bitch - City

    Marilynn Ibarra: Be as nice as i can - Santa Barbara

    Your Name: woman suck - City

    Your Name: sorry that last thing was an accident - City

    Your Name: not make mistakes that that again - City

    Alice Upton+Eve: always think before i speak and never say anything thats hurtful because i know how it feels to be on the other end of a hurtful comment. I also pledge to know the whole story before I judge people. - Santa Barbara

    Your Name: i pledge to be nice to people and always think before i speak - City

    Alice Upton + Eve: always think before i speak and never say anything thats hurtful because i know how it feels to be on the other end of a hurtful comment. I also pledge to know the whole story before I judge people. - Santa Barbara

    Your Name: i will stop being a sassy man - City

    Your Name: be nice to everyone, and always give someone a second chance - City

    Scilla Andreen: never speak ill of anyone without deep compassion - Seattle , WA

    Sabrina O: To never judge someone on their appearence but on the inside for who they truly are. - City

    Rachel Inman: stop judging others and stop letting hate be apart of who I am. - Fort Lupton

    Ashley: stand up for my friends because it sucks when friends don\'t stand up for you - Palos Verdes Estates

    Kayleigh: brighten someone\'s day one compliment and smile at a time - Palos Verdes Estates

    Jessica: be more psitive - Palos Verdes Estates

    Jessica: and to not talk about my friends behind their backs - Palos Verdes

    Taylor: to give everyone a hug eachday no matter how much i dont want to i pledge to think before i talk - agoura hills CA

    Michaela: treat everyone as though they are me. Live by the Golden rule! - Los Angeles

    Lorena Bathey: To treat others with love and respect putting aside my opinions and judgements and simply loving them as the human beings they are! - Livermore

    lauren: treat others and myself with respect - City

    Your Name: Tell my friends when their friend is seriously not a true friend and is spreading rumors about them even if they won\'t believe me they still need to know it. - City

    Ashley: To try my hardest to be nice to everyone, and make them feel good on a daily basis - City

    Betsy: not be a bystander when someone is being treated unkindly and to raise my children to be kind people through my words and my example. - Arlington

    Stephanie: teach my students to be KIND to one another, and to stand up for those who are being bullied. I also pledge to be a model of Kindness to my students. - Harrisburg

    Cassandra: assist anyone who are being bullied and treat everyone kindly - Desert Hot Springs

    Margaret Anne: make a difference, one person at a time. - Midlothian

    Ashley Herrmann: not talk about girls behind their back, and to stick up for girls that this is happening to - Mankato

    kayla: not talk ill of anyone - iowa city

    Kelsey: Stop talking badly about people behind their backs. - Greeley

    Taylor Goodrich: Not Gossip about girls or text bad to other girls - Corvallis

    Amanda: Be ME, and to help others be themselves as well! We\'re not alone - City

    Becky: to not get too jealous and to absolutely never gossip about others. Middle school is hard. - CA, Irvine

    Taylor Kellner: To stand up for people if they are being bullied by somebody else. People shouldn\'t be bystandes!!! - Irvine, CA Vista Ver

    Jennifer White: be a role model for kindness, exclusivity, and positive relationships! - Kansas City

    Meredith: try to be the best friend that I can be, and remember what\'s good about me and not about the bad stuff - Kansas City

    Allysa Lisbon: Remeber to be the best friend I know how to be and give confidence to others ny having confidence in myself - Kansas City

    Alexandra: I pledge to always be nice to people even if they are having a bad day and being mean and no matter what they have done in the past. - Kansas City

    Audrey: not exclude anyone and make sure everyone is happy. I will also have confidence in my self in tough situations. - Kansas City

    Sara: have more self confidence because that effects how you treat others! - Kansas City

    Mikaela: to be a better friend to everyone and let people know how appreciated they are - Kansas City

    Tammy: have more self confidence and be nice to people even when they aren\'t to me - Kansas City

    mary: love. all. - corvallis, or

    Justine: to not sit and watch while others get bullied - Irvine

    Autumn: to help people with their problems, not matter who they are, and to truly and genuily compliment people daily! - Irvine

    Brittany Jensen: not talk about others behind their backs. If a problem occurs, I will go directly to that person. I will my do my best to include everyone. I will be a more genuine and loyal friend. - Greeley

    Taylor Kellner: Think about what i am about to do before i do them - Irvine

    Abby mass: I KINDly pledge to: think about what i am going to and then also treat people with respect - cuncil bluff

    Abby mass: I KINDly pledge to: think about what i am going to and then o it also treat people with respect - cuncil bluffs

    Your Name: Compliment everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis - City

    Mariah: not let stereotypes guide what I say and do. And to make my own decisions about people as opposed to listen and following others blindly. - Merced

    rknfe: wekjnrjwenrjmnwejnrjwe - 1jwenfkjwen

    Madzi: Not talk about girls in a mean way behind their back - Dc

    Lauren: never talk about another girl behind their backs, unless in a nice way - Dc

    Emily Hall: Not talk behind a friend\'s back - Washington

    char: be jolly - cats

    Tessa: stop talking behind people\'s backs and to intervene when I hear/see something that I know is mean - DC

    Grace: not talk about other people behind their backs - DC

    Beth: be my own woman. Nobody can influence me...I can be the different the world needs. - Kansas

    Jessi: think carefully before I speak, respect every single person around me even if they don\'t respect me, and be my own person. - Sheboygan

    Erika Rolufs: be a better, all-around kinder person to everyone I encounter from here on out. - Sacramento, CA

    Rosie: to stand up for what is right and stand up for all people when they are in need. - Sacramento

    Katlyn Lewis: not be a bystander and to always try and change everyone who I see with a thought or symbol of kindness. I pledge to start fresh and to walk a mile in someone\'s shoes before I even think unkindly - Danville, California

    Melissa Davidson: be a support for any and every girl that needs me, to hold myself accountable for the things i have said in the past, and to never talk badly about another girl. - Sacramento

    Taylor: be more aware of my words, thoughts, or actions towards other women, to stand up for those in times of trouble, and to leave each person I encounter with words or actions of kindness. - Pleasanton, CA

    Gianna: never give another dirty look - Stockton

    Hellxia: seek understanding over spitting judgment - Sacramento

    Josh Bradus: Treat women with respect. Show that chivalry is alive and well, be the exception not the rule! - Sacramento

    Jessica Thomas: be kind to others and to not be a bystander when people are hurting others. I promise to make every girl feel that she is beautiful and brings meaning to this world. - Manteca, CA

    Alex: not be so quick to judge - Sacramento

    Aneece: Smile more often at people, and to think before i say things - Sacramento

    Daina Vargas: be a friend to those who need one - Castro Valley

    Melissa: Respect others and to treat them as I would want to be treated - California

    Caity Heim: Reach out to those I don\'t not know, especially when in times of need - Sacramento

    Bianca: to think before I speak and to seek understanding of someone before I judge them. I pledge to reach out to all my sisters and create a sisterhood instead of just a chapter of acquaintances.ITB. - Sacramento

    Your Name: Have respect and consideration towards others. And be the one KIND woman I am meant to be. - City

    Samantha: stand up for what is right, to not be anyone but myself, to be honest, and to spread kindness through every person I know. - Folsom, CA

    Gabrielle Edwards: love and respect others so i may love myself. - Sacramento, CA

    Paul: Stop forcing them to make me sandwiches as often - Dublin

    Kira: stop judging before I understand the situation and to try and put a true smile on as many faces as I can. - Sacramento

    Sandra: stop cutting down others to make myself feel better and try to keep my judgemental comments to myself. - Sacramento

    Priscilla Silva: realize the consequences of each of my words, and understand that whether it\'s a sorority sister, a best friend, or someone that I\'ve never talked to before, EVERYONE deserves to be treated kindly. - Sacramento

    Jessica Williams: To go out of my way to brighten a sister\'s (or fellows person\'s) day. - Sacramento

    Natalie V: help someone and not stand by. - Sacramento

    Bridget Peterson: Respect and love everyone for who they are. - Sacramento

    ugxyptoy: Qt596 - New York

    Ashley Waibel: stop pointing fingers at others and take a look at myself. To be kind and accepting - Beaverton

    Amelia: be a voice for those who can\'t speak for themselves - Atlanta

    Brittanie Haberthur: stop and think before I speak and most importantly, stand up for those in need of a friend. - Sacramento

    Your Name: judge a person at first sight because I think i am better than them - City

    Your Name: Stop talking behind peoples backs, stand up for them, and not judge anyone - City

    Teresa Ross: Stop talking behind peoples backs, stand up for them, and not judge anyone - City

    Melissa: stop talking about people behind their backs, not be judgemental of others and myself. - Raleigh

    Kaylin: Continue to be a good person and to help others, to not talk behind someones back or to bring them down in a time of distress. To always respect myself and others around me, no matter what. - Las Vegas

    Megan: stop judging people that are different. - City

    Haley Lundberg: confront others who are being mean to another Kindly - Los Angeles

    Lauren Pegues: stick up for myself and others. Also to stop with all the rumors and insults - Palos Verdes

    Maxie: be tolerant always and treat everyone with the respect they deserve - Chicago

    Carolyn: smile at everyone i see and treat them with nothing but respect and always be accepting - Chicago

    Travis: not participate in gossiping/judging or anything unkind towards other women - Chicago

    Blair: follow up this pledge with real action; to stop using negative and hurtful language towards other women and myself, and by encouraging my friends to do the same. - Chicago

    Alonna: take full responsibility for my actions and to make sure that everyone feels included and is treated with respect - Chicago

    Olivia: judging girls based on their apperance - Chicago

    Michelle: be kind, courteous, and respectful to all who I encounter, regardless of any rumors I\'ve heard or past negative experiences I\'ve had with that person - Chicago

    Alyson M: Stop forming preconcieved notions before i get to know a person - Chicago

    Jenni: not be so quick to judge others - Chicago

    Ali R: stop wronging girls because I felt they have wronged me, its a horrible viscous cycle - Chicago

    Hope: look for the beauty in everyone I see, instead of noticing their flaws, and to be generous with compliments - Chicago

    Caitlin: be an honest, sincere, true person to all that I encounter, and encourage others to do the same. - Chicago

    Tylar: be kind - City

    Ana: stop judging others by appearance and see the true person inside. - Plano

    Zoë: make everyone feel like they are worth it - Toledo

    amanda: to complement a girl when about to say bad things about her - toronto

    Mariam: I kindly pledge to treat other girls the way I want to be treated - Toronto

    Shayla: to stop the way they treat each other, and to stop the way they treat me - Columbus

    olga: always think about other people\'s feelings before i say something i might regret - toronto

    amjliyvtscm: U39bvb - New York

    Sarah: stop negative and mean thoughts about others before they start! - West Palm Beach, FL

    Amy: treat everyone equally and with as much kindness as I can give. - Laguna Niguel

    Tara R: Show compassion for all and refuse to pass snap judgement or opinions on others. - Seattle

    Carla Braddy: think about my words - Canon City

    morgan mcclaugherty: be compasionate and kind - canon city

    Laneia Rae Lundquist: think about what i say to others, always apologize for my mistakes, take responibility for my wrong actions, and be compasionate. - Canon City

    Ellie: be a bettter friend when i have not been - canon

    Hayden Cushman: stick with the friends i have and not ever leave them for someone else - Canon city

    Juliana Bufmack: I kindly pledge to be nice and not exclude people and make them feel like they belong in this world and not say mean things about other people. I want to make this a nice world for everyone! - Canon City

    amanda: be more kind in what i say & do - cañon city

    Rhiannon: I will be a better person!...... and not bite people!!! - Canon City

    Brooklyn: I will not hold a gr, Brooklyn\'s World - Canon City

    Katie Till: Not talk behind peoples\' backs and not judge them on how they look or act or how expensive their clothes are. - Canon City

    Hayden Cushman: kepp everyone involved in everything - Canon City

    Rhiannon Phegley: Not to be rood and to give thought about things that i say when they are not positive... also I will not be negitive!!! - Canon City

    Michaela Yeoman: I kindly pledge to:people to be kind to different people like blind people and deaf people they need love - Canon City

    Hayden cushman: not let things people say bother me in a way that they did a few weeks ago. - Canon city

    Hayden cushman: not let things people say bother me in a way that they did a few weeks ago. - Canon city

    Michaela Yeoman: I kindly pledge to:people to be kind to different people like blind people and deaf people they need love - Canon City

    Kathryn Cummings: To forgive and forget so they wont ruin my life and make me think only bad things. - Swartz Creek

    Angelica: Be kind to others, and forgive those who havent been kind to me.. - Riverside CA

    Michaela Yeoman: katie till for being a good kind friend and makes me smile - Canon City

    morgan: sammi and ellie for always being their for me andletting me know that im not alone. - canon city

    Emily: Not be mean to anybo - Canon City

    Lena: All my friends to be a nice person who accepts everybody in a special way in my heart - Canon City

    Breezy: give help, support, hope, and a smile to all that need me. - Missoula

    Breezy: give help, support, hope, and a smile to all that need me. - Missoula

    Your Name: To only speak kindly of the people I know - City

    Katherine: recognise what other girls are going through and try to cheer them up. - Phoenix

    Vaishu: I will be a kind girl and i don't use bad words...I will true always..I will not hurt or cheat anyone..I love everyone always...I will help everyone...I respect my parents. - Chennai

    Daphne: Never say anything about anyone that I would not want them to overhear - Rockwall

    Daphne Lemonis: Never say anything about anyone that I would not want them to overhear - Dallas, TX

    vnjxbd: fAj2tp - New York

    Kendra: Stand up for other women who are being bullied. - El Paso

    Jennifer: Model Kindness, Positivity, Inclusive, and Confidence! - Kansas City

    Lizzie: a friend for those who need one - Kans

    Angela: be the best friend someone could have (be nice, inclusive, etc) ans stand up for those being bullied - Kansas City, MO

    Emily: accept, support, and be the shoulder for all girls to lean on - Kansas City

    Paige: try my best to be the kindest person that I can be. - Kansas City

    Amanda: Include people who are new or feel left out. - Kansas City, MO

    Claudia: not judge people, and not talk about people behind their back. - Kansas City, MO

    Emily: not be exclusive, and be nice to everyone - Kansas City, MO

    Alexandria: be kind, not gossip, not be jealous of prettier girls and to ultimately be myself - Kansas City, MO

    Claire: stand up for others, be the one that includes people and be myself. - Kansas City, MO

    anne marie andrews: i will stop judging people before i meet/know them. I will try to not leave anyone out of a group. i will listen and try to be nice to everyone, not talk about my friends and forgive people. - Kansas City, MO

    Emily: be inclusive and not gossip about people - Kansas City

    Janie Grimes: Be a friend to someone who needs one - IL

    Julia: take the high road and always be my own person - Los Angeles

    lexi: Stick up for my friends just like Brianna(below) I will always be there for you when u need me the most - chicago

    Brianna: Also, always be there for my friends, especially Lexi! She has helped me threw it all and we will always be best friends threw thick and thin. I LOVE YOU LEXI! - Chicago

    morgan holley: not to bullie - sac,ca

    Lexi: Always be there. No matter what. - chicago

    Kelsi: Not just be a bystander but to always make sure that I stand up for the person that being bullied. Also I will try not to gossip. - Seattle

    Hailey: Never be jealous of any of my friends and alway include everyone - Portland

    McCall Phillips: Not spread rumors or gossip about ANY of my friends or classmates. - Portland

    Lauren: stop talking about people - Columbia

    Joy: spread love not hate. - Los Angeles

    Sarah: Do unto others as I would have them do unto me. - Georgia

    Mia: I kindly pledge to stand up for someone who is being harassed or bullied becasue I\'ve been there and I know what it\'s lke to feel like there is no one in your corner. - Bothell, Washington

    Lauren Hagen: stand up for anyone being bullied, and be a KINDer person to/for other girls - Seattle

    Carolyn: Not be a bystander and to stand up for the person being bullied. I pledge to become a Kinder person because now I realize that we are not alone in these trials. - Seattle

    Karlie: only improve myself further, as a female, in this often cruel female society; to be more kind and compassionate. - Seattle

    Caroline DeLoreto: Stand up for others when they are being bullied and to not participate in hurting others. - Santa Barbara

    Ashley: Stand Up For Those Being Bullied. - Everett

    Madison: always stick up for people i see being bullied & also talk to the people no one else talks too . - Everett

    Camille: not spread rumors about others and to stand up for others being talked poorly about. - Seattle

    Alexa: not gossip about people and to stand up for anybody (even if i dont know them) if i see them being bullied - Seattle

    Daniela: To NOT judge someone by how they look or how they are. - Seattle

    Stephanie: Stand up for and protect anyone who is being bullied and make sure they are not bullied again I also pledge to talk to someone and get to know them before I judge them.Nobody should have to be bullied - Seattle,WA Nathan Ha

    Emma: keep an open mind when it comes to all people. i will remember what it felt like to be ostracized like that, and ill reach out a hand. ill say hello. ill try to hrlp in any way i possibly can. - Seattle

    Kyra: be kind to all new people and do my best to maintain the friendships I already have - Everett, WA

    Taylor R: think about what i\'m about to say or think even - Seattle

    Your Name: Just keep pushing on. I want to make my and other\'s lives better. IFC - City

    Tannis: never judge anyone for the things they say, instead to ask questions and find out why. - Kelowna. Canada

    Haley R: Focus on other people in my life. Instead of focusing only on me. I want to make a difference in this world, and this could be one way. - Seattle

    Cheslea: Help every girl and women see their beauty, and inspire others to do the same! - Wenatchee Wa

    Kerry: learn about people before I judge - Edmonds, WA

    Kiara: I promise to inspire others around me to be themselves,not caring what others think,and accept others for who they r.And to dream big,\'cuz,no matter what others think,if u can dream it,u can do it. - Portland

    Megan: respecting others and know them for who they are. To show great appreciation for them and to be there through tough and lonely times. i kindly pledge to understand and know their pain. - City

    Michael: I kindly pledge to stand up to women when they gossip about other women, and not let my own interest in friendship/sex/love stop me from taking the fallout. - Marysville, WA

    Amanda: stand up for those that don\'t have the mental or emotional strength to stand up for themselves, and to not let some friendships I have get in the way of others - Everett

    ybxaoqfj: WVJPQ - New York

    caitlin russo: never talk about my friends behind there back, and stick up for them when someone else does - laguna niguel

    Your Name: be nice to every girl and always stick up for ANY one being bullied - City

    Jeff Snyder: 100.00 - Chicago, IL

    Sarah: Defend Kindness in a KIND way - Chicago, IL

    Heather: be kind to everyone! - Davenport, IA

    Sonya: Look for the best in others, believe the best about others, and offer kindness to all - Lake City, FL

    Sonya: Look for the best in others, believe the best about others, and offer kindness to all - Lake City, FL

    Sonya: Look for the best in others, believe the best about others, and offer kindness to all - Lake City, FL

    Kate: make all girls feel welcome and wanted - Chicago

    kfetzzywrmg: SumTGhmtwKgbC - fgNguuvYUdaNbBY

    Lauren: do whatever I can to help those being bullied and to stop others from gossiping. - Arlington Heights

    Lauren: look past appearances - Arlington Heights, I

    Lauren: do whatever I can to help those being bullied and to stop others from gossiping. - Arlington Heights

    Lauren: do whatever I can to help those being bullied and to stop others from gossiping. - Arlington Heights

    Tricia Kornegay: stop the seemingly unhurtful comments made by young women. - Las Vegas

    Natalie S: Stick up for and not cause hurt and sarrow - City

    Megan Vrcic: SPEAK UP! - Pittsburgh

    Abby B: be a good friend to all the girls in my school, and be a shoulder to lean on for eveyone - Highland Park, IL

    Alli B: not judge others and them them the benefit of the doubt. I will try to stop gossip. - Milwaukee, WI

    Liat W: be myself. I kindly pledge to be a creative and unique individual. I kindly pledge to search for beauty in my surroundings. - Chicago

    Natalie C: make newcomers feel welcome and make one random act of kindness every day - St. Louis, MO

    Hannah F: always be a friend to someone in need. I kindly pledge to never be a bystander when someone is being bullied. I will always react quickly and help out. - St. Louis, MO

    Leah P: be a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk to, and someone to lean on - Columbus, OH

    Marnina G: welcome everyone for who they are - Kentucky

    Beth L: help any girl when they\'re down - Skokie, IL

    Elle K: be there for all girls and respect all and be respected - Jerusalem

    Leah S: treat everyone the same and not judge by people\'s appearances - Kansas City

    Sarah: do my best to be kind, not judge, be polite, and be respectful. I kindly pledge to apologize and then move on when I am not. I kindly pledge to stick up for myself and others. I will be kind to myself - Milwaukee

    Noa O.: be supportive to all my friends from now on and I will make them feel good about themselves when they\'re down - Skokie, IL

    Danielle K: respect everyone who respects me. I also pledge to help my friends when they need it. - Evanston

    Your Name: be original even when others are telling me not to - City

    Ellen: be original and unique - Madison

    Rebecca G: help girls live to the fullest - Chicago

    Eliana K: treat everyone as an equal - Chicago

    Becca: not take anything for granted and to always respect others and myself - City

    Talia B: love my body and myself and not judge others on their appearance - Louisville, KY

    Lauren S: be confident in myself and to ensure the confidence of others with love and acceptance - Chicago

    Zoe T: be myself, help others who are alone, don\'t judge people, and act with kindness to everyone - Minnesota

    Abigail G: respect my friends and family. Also to share love with people that don\'t have love - Lousiville, KY

    Sarah V: respect everyone. I kindly pledge to not judge people. I kindly pledge to be kind to everyone. - City

    Dina P: care for all the people around me. I kindly pledge to respect everyone I know. - Chicago

    Annonymous: stop people from gossiping about others. - Chicago

    Maya L: be open minded and kind to everyone who is kind to me. I kindly pledge to respect everything and everyone. - Minnesota

    Amira S: respect those who respect me, stay positive and open minded towards new situations. I kind pledge to put myself in others shoes before judging. I kindly pledge to remind people that I love them. - Minnesota

    Arielle: keep every environment safe for every girl, every age - Chicago

    qpdvdbev: itSvOe - New York

    KMA: speak out if it happens to me or I see it happen.I also will encourage my friends to speak out when they are bullied - City

    Alexa: speak out if it happens to me or I see it happen.I also will encourage my friends to speak out when they are bullied. - Torrance

    Doris: Be nice to every women I meet, stranger or not..... - Shamokin

    Joy A.: to speak out in favor of showing kindness to others, express kindness in my own life as an example and to encourage girls be kind to each other. - Winder, GA

    Kyla C.N.: be a good example of how to treat other women, to recognize that everyone is dealing with something, and a simple smile is sometimes the first step, but a grimace can ruin even the brightest day! - Rockford, IL

    pie: patricia branner - pumphrey, md

    Kim L.: teach my children that kindness always wins. To support kindness at schools and on the playground. - St. Charles, IL

    Heidi: Say something kind or do something kind for at least one woman or girl every day. - New Fairfield, CT

    Mackenzie: to speak up for the women who can\'t speak up for themselves and to support the ones that can. - Winona, MN

    Colleen: to be empathtic and kind to everyone. I also pledge to know when to stick up for myself if I am being treated poorly and to not be afraid to step in if someone else is being treated poorly - Le Sueur

    Rebecca: keep malicious commentary to myself; give everyone a fair shake; not let my emotions get the better of me; stop being jealous, hateful and mean. I will still defend myself, but in a positive way - Keizer

    Alison Forsyth: To make a change with the young girls I work with at school and help them be kind to others! - Falkirk, Scotland

    Your Name: Your Pledge - City

    Jennifer Lynch: to raise my 2 daughters to always be kind to others by setting a good example of kindness every day myself - Clarendon Hills, IL

    Lisa: as a future teacher I want to inspire others to be kind and have them pass it on! - Arizona

    Your Name: be nice to grace a girl thats autistic at mky dance - City

    Elizabeth: pledge to: raise my daughter to be strong and to be kind and hopefully to inspire others to do the same. - Murfreesboro, TN

    Annonymous: be nice to grace a girl thats autistic at mky dance - City

    Anonymous: In eighth grade everyone was worried about what high school would be like. I was worried that once we got to high school i'd be replaced or disregarded. My friend M* and I were getting very close and I was concerned that her other best friend L* that I was not very close with would try and destroy that. In middle school I constantly felt isolated even though I had people all around me. M*, L*, and I were all in the same math class when L* noticed I had some type of scar on my arm. After lunch people started coming up to me asking me why I cut myself, etc. I thought to myself "What the hell are they talking about?" I then found out that L* saw a burn that I had on my arm and decided to start a rumor that I cut myself just to make me look like a Looney. - City

    Cassy : I have bullied girls before but mostly just for self protection and I am not sorry for most of the stuff I did back to them cause they deserved it all of it ! - City

    Nicole : A specific group of girls has been mean to me for the last two years at school. We used to play tennis together on our high school team. I quit the team last week after I found out one of the girls told our whole team that I do drugs and sleep around...the truth? I've smoked one cigarette in my life and I’m a virgin. Everyone on the team listens to her though so they all believe the things she says about me. I am tired of the looks I get every day and the way they make me feel so I told my mom I hate tennis now so that she won’t ask questions as to why I quit the team. I love tennis and I wish I was still playing. I don’t even know why they don't like me. I just hope it gets better one day. - City

    Casey : I am scared to go to school. I tell my mom I’m sick a lot so that I won't have to go. I just hate trying to look a certain way to try and fit in. When I don’t try, these girls make fun of me like "oo casey looks like a boy! and her name is a boy’s name too" and when I do put on make-up and look cute they still make fun of me and say "oo casey decided to play dress up today!" I can't win. - City

    Michelle : I say the meanest things about my friends and I don't know why I do it. Sometimes I say mean things to their face. I can't believe I’m admitting this right now but like a month ago I told one of my friends that she should get a nose job if she wants any guys to like her. I duno. It’s like I can't help it or something. - City

    Mya: People think I’m the meanest girl in school. May be I am. But people judge me. They don't know what I go through on a daily basis. My life sucks. People don’t know that. so I’m sorry if I’ve learned to take my aggression out of other people. If you walked a day in my shoes maybe you would understand. Ill forgives you all for not understanding because you don't know any better. You just see this black dot at your school who likes to act really tough. Well, I’m not so tough and I’m told that on a daily basis. - City

    Anonymous : The things she says to me make me not want to be alive. - City

    Stephanie: Girls made fun of my nose my entire school life and even after. It ruined any confidence I may have ever had. It was torturous! - City

    Barbie : I was a child who was raised with teasing and a lot of laughter. I then learn from my father who was a pro. Here is one example: He use to ask me, when we were at the beach,"Which bathroom stall is your mother seated?" I would point it out to him a bit confused why he entered the woman's bathroom. Then I just watched him in action as he showed me a frog and then tossed it under the stall at his wife. She then screamed and yelled, "Oh Bill?" Then my dad ran out of the women's bathroom laughing. Well, I then thought it was funny and followed in his footsteps. I had a nice friend down the street who I invited over and we went down to the canal. I had my plan of finding a frog and having my fun. We went floating down the canal in our swimsuits and I was looking for a frog. She had no idea of what I thought was funny. So anyways, I found the frog and I stuck it down the front of her swimsuit. It was jumping uncontrollably that she could not get it out. I was rolling on the ground laughing. Then she started crying and that is when I tried to help her get it out. My stomach hurt so bad from laughing. She was mad at me, but I did not really think it was all that bad. I just thought it was funny. My mom then pointed out to me, "How would you feel ,Barbie, if someone did that to you?" I said," I would not like it." She then said, "I know you think it is harmless, but you are really being cruel." So to this day, I am still very sorry for what I did and that I was only doing it for a laugh, but in turn I hurt my friend and she think I was much of a friend. - City

    Madeline : A group of girls my freshman year decided that I looked like a duck. They used to quack at me in the hallways. I don’t think they realized how self conscious that made me. I hated walking to class. - City

    Id rather not say... : I heard about this campaign from a friend of mine and I decided to check it out. I have to say, after reading all of these stories within this website and thinking about this issue, I have realized that I am the girl causing the drama within my group of friends. I always talk behind my friends backs and gossip about "what she's wearing" or "who she hooked up with last weekend" I know that a lot of the fights that go on with my girl group are because of the things I say and do. I’m sure I have made some people feel pretty bad about themselves too. I have said some things to some of my friends that I wish I could take back. It’s true- insecurities can get the best of us girls. I don’t know why we are like this but I am going to try my best to change. I don’t want to be like this. I am a good person. I guess for any girl reading this that likes to start the drama and rumors in her school- I want you know that I have been there...I am there. But It’s not worth it. Lets stop this cycle together. - City

    Brooke : Every day when I go to school it's a reminder to myself that I don't fit in. I feel like no one likes me. I sit by myself sometimes at lunch because there's know one that I feel can be a friend to me. People don't take me seriously because they think I’m "to nice". I can't stand up for myself to mean girls or boys and I have a very hard time saying no to people when they ask me for things. I feel so alone. I just want to be liked. - City

    Natalie : Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to wake up in the morning because my girls friends are always ganging up on me. It doesn’t seem like a huge deal--girls being like this to each other-- but it matters. It matters a lot and I feel the effects of girl-against-girl "crime" every day. - City

    Shandy : I told my friend that she was a slut and that she would never amount to anything and that everyone hates her and talks about her behind her back. I told her this because she hooked up with a guy that I like. I still feel like I had a right to be upset with her because she was my friend and she knew that I liked him. But I will never forget how gross I felt after I said that to her. In my mind it all made sense and I felt justified for saying it but as those words came out of my mouth I immediately realized the weight of the words I was using against her. I have always felt bad about saying that to her but I still feel frustrated that she did that with the boy I like. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong but I don’t think that matters. At the end of the day, we both hurt each others feelings and that is the problem right there--that as girls, we were so quick to turn on each was so easy for us to do. I don’t understand why we are like that. - City

    Taylor : Sometimes I don't even wanna go to school, cause of my so called friends they pick on me for the littlest things. - City

    Joy Roswell : I was walking to the library. There was this girl. She's a little strange. She said I looked horrible. I thought 'wow. I love you too'. I went home and cried for 2 days - City

    Roxy : I had a best friend in 6th grade. We did everything together and we were so different yet so alike. I had another friend from the boys and girls club I went to, named Anna. Anna didn't like Savanna (my 6th grade beastie) so she started talking trash about her in front of me. I didn't want to stand up for Savanna since I was scared of rejection and the possibility of Anna saying things about me too. So I agreed and added on to the things she said about Savanna. Soon I was convinced that Savanna was all of those things that we have said behind her back. So one day me and my other friends decided to ditch her, I still felt unsure about that decision though, and she caught up and asked why we were leaving her. So we returned to where we had left her, the playground, and we sat her down on the swings and said nasty things to her face. I didn't say much since I still cared about her. Instead I ended up taking her wallet, which I was supposed to hold for her, from my backpack and came up with the genius plan to hide it(sarcasm). We buried it in the sand near the slide but a random girl that we didn't like for some reason saw us and told the crying Savanna what we had done. Savanna was still sitting on the swings crying when the girl came back with her sandy wallet. I know what happened after we buried it because once we left I told my other friends that I needed to go to the restroom but instead I darted for the playground. I was going to secretly give her back wallet back, but I was still contemplating, scared that the other girls might see me and turn on me as well. That’s when I saw what the random girl we didn't like had done....I wish I was the random girl no one liked, because I know that I'd be doing the right thing. It was really immature of us to do and say such things but because of that she ceased coming to the boys and girls club. We were such good friends that she first came to the girls and boys club, although she didn't need it at all, just so she could spend more time with me. I truly regret those things that I had done. I used to see her in high school, until I switched do different schools, and I always avoided her out of guilt. I wished that I had asked for her forgiveness because I know that if I hadn't done what I had done, then we would still be best friends. But I’m kind a happy for her that she's not my friend anymore because if I had done such a thing then I wouldn't deserve a friend like her and I wouldn't want her to be with a bad friend like me. The even sadder thing is that if it came down to it, I would probably end up doing something like that again, that's why I’m making an effort to change that. I will no longer act as a double agent friend, talking behind everyone's back just to please everyone. And hopefully I will be successful in achieving that. Hopefully I will truly be worthy of the good friends I have now. - City

    Alhia: I had a rumor spread about me that said I was a lesbian and I’m not the only reason it was spread because we were playing spin the bottle and even though it landed on a girl I still had to kiss her (worst experience ever for me) so all of us in the group promised we would not tell anyone well guess what happened one of the girls spread that horrible rumor about me......*sigh* - City

    Anonymous: When I was in 6th grade I was so hurt by false rumors that were spread about me that I transferred middle schools. The only problem was that mean girls are at every school so new rumors were started about me there as well. - City

    Patty Petelin: Hello. I am twenty-eight years old and while I no longer experience much of what is being written here, it is not foreign to me either. I am a teacher and I work with young women every day, and sometimes I still feel like I am fifteen again. I have not yet seen the film, but if I could just share something with the wonderful young women who created it and those who are writing their stories here: Girls are not born in conflict with each other, as men are not natural born comrades. When each one of you reflects on your experiences with other girls in your lives, I would ask you to consider these experiences and how they might relate to power. Consider that women are in conflict/competition with each other because they are taught that personal power must be bestowed upon them, that it is something outside of them. When you live in a world where ANY man -- handsome, ugly, old, young, smart, idiotic, etc... -- has the power to judge a woman's worth, it is not hard to see why girls compete for power: because they still believe it is something someone else gives to them. Fortunately, I came to understand this truth as I grew older and I can say that the best relationships in my life right now are my friendships with other women. This is because women, when they are not competing for some make-believe source of power, are the most amazing creatures on this planet. Yes, be kind to each other. This is simple. But most importantly, know that the ONLY TRUE SOURCE of confidence, respect, power and worth comes from within. This is scary because it means that we are responsible for how we feel about ourselves. But it is also freeing. It will free you as it has freed me. - City

    Kate : I have been a victim of girls starting rumors and saying hurtful things. More than once, little personal things about myself (which, I might add, was irresponsible of me to tell) were spread around the school. I’ve been called fat by certain girls more than once, and am sometimes told that I "take up the whole hallway." This is obviously just a silly hyperbole, but that really hurt me when I found out about it. Another form of girl-against-girl abuse which I have witnessed was just this year. In the middle months of school, I began to really like this guy. I told my friends about it, in the excitement of the realization. They, in turn, told me in one night that they liked him as well. That was not the worst of it. A week or so later, one of the friends asked the guy out. I was crushed and cried when I got home because my friend actually rubbed it in my face after the closing hours of school. I cannot believe I just said that, but it is present that girl-against-girl crime can be found in many ways. I think the Kind Campaign is a great way to get girls to realize that people are people, and we all have feelings as humans. Whether a person likes you or not, opinions should be kept to themselves. Thanks to this campaign, there is hope for girls everywhere! xoxoxoxo ~Kate - City

    Rachel: I am in a time where I can't help. My frind's mom just started hitting her. She lives in CA and I can't do anything. Her mom took her phone away and she never answers her email. All I can do is PRAY. - City

    Anonymous : This girl started dating my best friend and at first I thought she was so nice and friendly. But after a while, I found out that she had been talking about me to my best friend and trying to turn him against me who really hurts because, we've been friends for so long and she just came into this equation. I can totally understand why she'd be uncomfortable [even though there is no reason for it], but I don’t think she went about it the right way. Pretending to be okay with this friendship and then turning against me behind my back when I tried so hard to make her feel welcomed into the group. She still gives me that uncomfortable feeling but i've refused to stoop to that level. I'd regret being a bitch, I'll never regret being kind. - City

    Anonymous : Jealousy. Jealousy is what stems this hate. Jealousy stems this insecurity in girls to lash out to others. Begin to love yourself and realize others are going through the same struggles. - City

    Anonymous: I have very much been hated by all girls my entire life I never knew why, EVER in 1st grade I had one girl come up to me and say "No one likes you go home". ...that's exactly what I did I stayed home, for 2 weeks I locked myself in my bed room and wouldn't come out ...that was just 1st grade now that I am in high school I have been called so many names, had so many rumors spread about me I don't listen.As I walk down the halls, the girls whispering to one another I hear them say slut, whore , hoe but I do what I have to, just keep walking, paying no attention to their mean remarks. I just wait until lunch where I have my friends with me ...i guess you could say I have a lot of friends but there ONLY guys Ive never had a best friend that's a girl NEVER. I never knew what it felt like to have a sleep over or go shopping with my girlfriends. Some girls say It’s because I steal their boyfriend others because I am perfect, but good grades is not perfect. I can’t seem to get any girl to even talk to me with out them already thinking I am a bitch thats not perfect at all in my eyes. People say boy friends come and go but you always have your girlfriends. BIGGEST LIE EVER - City

    QWERTY : I bullied a girl and she tells her mom everything. I feel bad. I don't know why I do it. I feel bad but she is kind a a bitch. and a snob - City

    Jackie : The reason why I pick on others is because myself confidence is low. I’m SORRY THAT THEY HAVE PROBLEMS TOO - City

    Anonymous: All my life I never really got along with girls. It wasn’t that I ignored them and wanted nothing to do with them, but I did like to hang out with the guys because that was the only place I felt accepted. When I went to high school, playing pickup basketball was deemed as me trying to steal their boyfriends. In truth, I just loved the sport and the guys were the only ones that would play. Because of that I was shut out from the girls and therefore from their guys too. not only was I not wanted by the girls, but the guys weren’t allowed to hang out with me either. after that the girls tried to befriend me, because "friends don’t steal friends boyfriends." the fact that I didn’t really want to be their friend only made things worse and gossip started to spread. To this day I still don’t trust girls, and won’t let myself have one for a best friend. - City

    Melissa T: My own mother was unkind to me my whole life. I wanted a hug from her and she'd push me away. She said she hated that I always got attention. She said she hated that I was always smiling. My whole life, I hated the way I looked. How can a mother be so unkind? - City

    Jill : I hate that it's so hard to find a female friend. A real one. I don't want to compete with you, I just want to be with you. - City

    Anonymous : I got in a fight with my best friend, now I feel like killing myself. She has been saying the rudest thing a person can say to another. I WANT TO DIE. - City

    lauren: As I’m writing this I’m going through a rough day with my supposed best friend who I've been friends with my whole life. I honestly can't even remember the last time we were actually "good" friends none the less "best" friends... It’s possible that we were 5 and under because once school started our friendship was never the same. I’m almost 18 now. And I know how pathetic on my part it may look that I’m still friends with someone who treats me as badly as she does... My 'friend' uses people, especially me because I've been around the longest and I guess she thinks I'll always be there. When we make plans she conveniently ends up bringing other people into what we had planned and I get left out. She realizes the faults in other girls that have gotten between her and a guy she liked but when it comes to guys I like she talks to them non-stop and even talks badly about me to them just so she can ruin my relationships. She's a constant bragger and meanwhile has everyone either making fun of her or them talking gossip about her...these same people she'll be "best friends" with a week after the gossiping stops because she's dying to be accepted by these people. Only two people have ever really hurt me and that was my first boyfriend and her. He's not in my life anymore and I just wish it was as easy to kick her out of my life like I did him. In the end, I guess it is easy but I’m too afraid. I’ve been doing this same game with her my whole life. I don't know anything else. And although I've cried because of how she's treated me today, I'll be fine with her tomorrow....and I hate it. More than anything I hate the fact that I can easily stand up for myself to anyone and everyone else but her. - City

    Anonymous: My post is a response to this: I got in a fight with my best friend, now I feel like killing myself. She has been saying the rudest thing a person can say to another. I WANT TO DIE. You are not alone. I’ve been there and so have millions of other girls. I understand the hurt you are feeling and I hope you can try to see past the situation with your friend. There is so much to live for. I know when you are in these situations it feels like your whole world, but your whole world is waiting for you. The girls who were mean to me in middle school-- I don't even know where they are in the world right now... And one of them is a good friend of mine now... at 23, I can say that I have an amazing support system of girl friends and that is because I have been through what you are going through right now. You are full of worth and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. If you want to email me directly, please do: I am one of the founders of this organization and I read through the posts frequently and this one caught my eye. Smile today...even if It’s a bad day. And