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    Kind Country


    Since the founding of Kind Campaign in 2009, the organization has made its way into hundreds of schools, organizations and communities across the country. Each of the pink Kind Girls above represents a community that has found kind. Scroll over each Kind Girl to see info and pictures from Kind Campaign clubs, assemblies, screenings and events across America!


    We want to fill this map with as many Kind Girls as possible to continue our movement toward a KINDer country. If you started a Kind Club, held a screening of Finding Kind, experienced a Kind Campaign assembly or created your own Kind Campaign fundraiser or event, please email and provide a picture with the info listed below to get your very own Kind Girl added to the map!

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    Since the founding of Kind Campaign in 2009, the founders have held Kind Campaign assemblies and Finding Kind screenings in hundreds of schools across the country. Being two friends in their mid-twenties, Lauren and Molly are able to connect with young girls on a personal level. They were in the student’s shoes not long ago and because of that, girls listen and relate. Their presentation and interactive activities create a casual and conversational atmosphere that allows girls to feel comfortable about talking about their experiences while opening up to their peers. The Kind Campaign assembly is a life-changing experience that will likely change the social dynamic among the female students within your school.

    If you are interested in having Kind Campaign come to your school, organization or community for an assembly or screening, please visit the Finding Kind website!

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    Kind Clubs


    Many researchers believe that the social struggles students face, often correlate with grades, test scores and overall academic performance. Kind Clubs are designed to offer a safe place for girls to come together to create strong and healthy friendships. This curriculum can be implemented into schools, organizations, or can even be an after-school activity for a group of friends. By simply starting an open and honest dialogue about the numerous struggles girl’s face, girls truly feel empowered to break down social barriers, lean on each other and create change. When your female student body comes together to create a KINDer school environment, you will begin to see the movement ripple through the school halls, classrooms and out into your community. This year-long club curriculum will involve your students with self-empowering activities and will get them out in the community helping others.

    Upon purchasing the Kind Clubs curriculum, you will receive info on how to unlock all of the links below. These downloadable links include the curriculum and all the necessary worksheets, activities and guidelines to start and facilitate your Kind Club!

    The Kind Club Curriculum is free of charge for Title One schools! Please email if you are faculty member at a Title One school who is interested in starting a Kind Club.

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