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Pay it Forward

With our busy lives, we often forget to let people know how much they mean to us. The Kind Card is designed to give you the opportunity to write something kind to someone in your life, whether it be a close friend or an acquaintance. We encourage you to share your Kind Card with the person you are writing it to.

Kind Card
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  • Kind Card

    A and N: I love how you care about me and you are my best friends, even sometimes we feud. I really want to say that you are really great! Thanks for being awesome. --M

    jojo: you\'ve always been a kewl and awesome friend ;) we have lots in common (or stories) and it\'s fun spending time with you and jandy and hongie :) WE\'LL BE BFFS FOREVER (maybe) ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THANK YOU!!!! <3 -phiphi

    Alex: You really nice and i have\'nt really relized it. You are really funny. . . calling you fat is the menest thing i called you. I always be mean to you. i hope you always smile and be glad as ever!!!! ;D. --I

    jamie: im so sorry for being so mean i just got angry now im in the kind campaign by my self from the person to then ext we can find kind -casey

    Mary: I am really sorry for promising something that I didn\'t do. I hope I can make it up to you by helping you with your homework **wink wink**!!! Hopefully, we can get along better in the future, and I hope we can be better friends now! -Louisa

    Lauren: This is some good stuff on here! -love mom

    Mayan: you always make me feel better, even though it can be hard to talk to one another sometimes. even when i don\'t have the courage to come up and talk you do. Your the one smiling, the one everyone stares at, i\'m truly in debt to you for making my life so wonderful and helping me out in 7th and 8th grade. I love you so much and please stay smiling, and if you can\'t i want to help you like you\'ve helped me. -H

    my homie: It\'s true. I haven\'t been the nicest person to you, and I\'m beginning to regret that. I\'ll cherish your friendship forever. Thanks for being there for me even when I might not have been there for you. -my housey

    Everyone: Thank you so much for being so kind and wonderful when I had my surgery. I never before noticed how much you cared about me and I never really thanked you. -Emma

    My self: Your the beast! -me

    Simon: I hope you are feeling better and i really love you, you are loved in every way and no matter what i am here for you step by step -Marchesa

    Chase and Quinn: I thank God every day for blessing me with such beautiful, wonderful daughters! You both are truly my Sunshines! Always know I will love you. -Mom (Kelly)

    laruen and all : laruen you are a awsome freind and my awsome neigbors you all are the awsomes neigbors and laruen your awsome see you guys soon - from shea

    my youth group: i love you all so much your like my sisters and brothers see you soon -love shea

    cate: you are such a awsome friend i miss you so much -love shea

    emily: you are a great friend i miss you see you soon -love shea

    shelby caron : I want you to know how proud i am of you. Don;t forget to climb I know you can do it . I LOVE YOU !!!! -Teila Caron

    Taylor: I think you are the best cousin ever. When we are together you take the time to play the games I like to play and never get bored. I love you! -Kylie

    Noelle: Noelle even though I met you this year you are one of the most nicest people I know! Every time I say you can go to class when I am still in lunch you feel bad leaving me alone. No one has felt bad leaving me alone at lunch before. You are really sweet!!! <3 -Isabel

    ella: im... im so sorry (bursts into tears) U R THE BEST FRIEND ANYONE COULD ASK 4!!!!!!! -lori

    Morgan: Thank u 4 being an awesome bffl! Im so sorry i get mad when u dont invite me over or call me, and i hope u can 4give me. u r so nice and its amaziin that u can tolerate me. i luv u like a sister. -Veronica

    Kalia and Key: Thanks for always being there for me in my happy sad and crazy moments. I know sometimes I can be a burden but you never let me alone. I just want to say thank you guys I LOVE the two of you and more than friends you two are my sisters from other mamas. You two can always count on me! -Amber

    Kalia and Key: Thanks for always being there for me in my happy sad and crazy moments. I know sometimes I can be a burden but you never let me alone. I just want to say thank you guys I LOVE the two of you and more than friends you two are my sisters from other mamas. You two can always count on me! -Amber

    Emma S.: I just met you at my new school, but I can tell you the the personality of a perfect best friend. Now, I know you aren\'t my BEST friend and we\'re not that close, but you still are a great friend. -Emily

    Hannah Burrell: You have been my bff since 1st grade. I never want that to change. You mean so much to me. Although we don\'t go to the same school anymore and make new friends, you\'ll ALWAYS be my best friend FOREVER! -Emily

    Stephanie: I know we fight but you should know how much I love you. I love you so, so much. And I just want you to know... You\'re an inspiration to me. love ya sis! -Gardenia

    diana: you rock,you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! -gaby

    Danielle: You are the best sister a ghoul friend could ask for i am so sorry for all those times i have mean to you -Mads

    Mum: Mum, you\'re a wonderful mother, So gentle, yet so strong. The many ways you show you care Always make me feel I belong. You\'re patient when I\'m foolish; You give guidance when I ask; It seems you can do most anything; You\'re the master of every task. You\'re a dependable source of comfort; You\'re my cushion when I fall. You help in times of trouble; You support me whenever I call. I love you more than you know; You have my total respect. -Georgia

    Caroline H.: I love you and I am very proud that you are my daughter. You have the best heart of anyone I know! -Love, Mom

    Casey: You are a beautiful, amazing, athletic, kind and loving daughter. I couldn\'t be prouder of you. Keep working hard on the field, in the classrooms, and in life, and you will go far. I know middle school isn\'t easy, but it\'s not forever, and you have such a bright future. Love you so much -Mom

    Ciara: I forgive you for hitting me in the eye with a tennis ball:) you are still an amazing sister<3 -Ailish

    Hannah: You\'re the best friend i could have, thank\'s for being there for me when i needed you -Isabelle

    caitlin: deepest gratitude for being my ROCK solid best friend in the world. i love u! -ann

    Jessica: You may probably never see this, but you are the best sister in the world. Through and through, you have stuck by my side no matter what, and I will be forever grateful <3 -Your little sis

    Jessica: You may probably never see this, but you are the best sister in the world. Through and through, you have stuck by my side no matter what, and I will be forever grateful <3 -Your little sis

    Eva: I am proud to be your mother. I love YOU!!! MOm -Mom

    Dear Judi,: Even though we\'ve had some really really rough times I\'m so glad you are my daughter! I wouldn\'t trade you for anyone else! I love you SOOOO much!!! I hope someday we can be friends bound by God\'s grace and love. -With Much Love,

    Krystal: I love you -Regina

    Raychell Pantas: Raychell, your a great friend and your really nice to me. I met you in 7th grade and i thought you were mean, but you werent and you been nice to me. And we been good friends since then. Your a kind, friendly (when you wanna be), and cool person to hang out with. -Paulo Maugaoteg

    Kallie: Hey. I just want to say thank you -Mary

    Tyler Davis: Heii...beach boy...Heii:) I wanted to say thnak you for being my lovely and a good boyfriend to me and i also miss you a lot but i hope i see you again...Thanks fore everything that you did for me and i like it and appreciate it we\'re a good bopyfriend thuogh, But hope you enjoy your day their with your new girlfriend but i also wanted to tell you something...Are we done? Because it look like it over but if you answer yes that i\'m absolutely agree with that and sorry for what i did and my family did to you and i know that you felt upset about it but it\'s okay now...Everything look good while you we\'re gone....Anyway thanks agian and i luv you:)Hope you do great there! -Angeline.bird

    Kamakani Woodwa: Hi:) umm...I just wanna say thanks for being a good friend to me and i know that your a good friend but yes i would like to be your friend in class and on facebook:)WOW...It\'s like when the first time we say hi to each other, you we\'re a good person and kind, smart, and respectfully and i like that of you but Jus t wanna know that i was bored in calss everytime:)Anyway thanks again and good luck if you go back to samoa on friday...We\'re gonna miss you! That\'s all i wanna say. -Angeline.Bird

    Sacaja Meaole: He>ii:) i jsut wanted to say thank you for being my little pretty sister and i luv yuo too but if there\'s anything that you wanna talk talk about and i\'m saying this to you that i will always here for all of you and thanks foe everything that you guys did for us and we really appreciate that. But i\'m happy that we live with you guys and it\'s good to be with you guys...It\'s fun, you know that.WOW:)But i luv you guys all so much:) That\'s all i wanna say and god bless you. -angeline.bird

    matthew carrill: you are the bomb youth leader, haaaaa\' love you big bro, you are the brother I never had. -zeeeeeeejaaay:)


    tazeen khalid: visit this............ its for all about everything about monster high -hania khalid

    Angie: Angie! You\'re so nice. I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are, and you\'re a real great friend. I\'m so happy to have met you :D -Tina C.

    anyone out ther: You\'re have struggles now, but remember, it gets better! You\'re not a bad person, you\'re loved, I promise you, someone out there loves you. Don\'t give up & do it for them, let them have a chance to love you, if you\'re gone how can they express their love, remember IT.GETS.BETTER. -im here for you

    To Leah: You\'re determination and hard work is incredible! You are a wonderful woman of God, and I admire you for that. -From Becka