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    Many researchers believe that the bullying and social anxiety students face, often correlate with grades, test scores and an academic experience overall. The widely praised 19-week Kind Club Curriculum is designed to offer a safe place for girls to come together to create strong and healthy friendships. This curriculum can be implemented into schools, organizations, or can even be an after-school activity for a group of friends. Kind Clubs were designed to be led by a mentor, which includes but is not limited to a faculty member, college student, parent, or a local community member. The curriculum was written based on a school that is able to meet every other week, but can be adjusted to meet the schools needs and time restrictions. Kind Campaign’s hope is that by simply starting an open and honest dialogue about the numerous struggles girl’s face, they truly feel empowered to break down social barriers, lean on each other and create change in their hallways and community. Kind Club was written by the Kind Campaign co-founders, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson and is endorsed by self-esteem expert and author, Jessica Weiner. Upon purchasing the Kind Club Curriculum, you will receive a downloadable link which includes all the activities and guidelines to start and facilitate your Kind Club! The Kind Club Curriculum is free of charge for Title One schools! Please email for more information.

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